Why You Should Become An Accountant

We get it. You're worried about hunching over a desk counting up an endless string of numbers.

Accounting BadgeYes, accounting has a stigma.

Let's bust that stereotype right now.

The field of accounting isn't narrow—nor is it boring. Professionals do everything from interpret cutting-edge tax law to expose tax evaders, cheats, and would-be Bernie Madoffs.

As an accountant, you can be assured that your work will involve innovative problem solving, dynamic critical thinking, and constant opportunities for growth.

Accounting is a fascinating field. But there are a whole bunch of other reasons to go into it. Let's take a look at three of them: high salaries, skyrocketing demand, and long-term job satisfaction.

First, high salaries.

The median salary for all accountants and auditors is over $68,000 per year. That's almost double the national average salary.

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And this number includes accountants without certification as a CPA or without higher-level degrees like a master's.

Getting licensed as a CPA means you can earn upwards of $70,000.

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And accounting presents lots of room for climbing the ladder—with experience, you can become a Finance Manager, Controller, or even a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). These higher-level positions can easily command six-figure salaries.

Second, the accounting profession is seeing strong demand.

Relatively few careers remain unaffected by all the flux and movement of the national economy. However, accountants are a shining exception to the rule. Always needed in every industry, accountants are a vital cornerstone of our national and global landscape.

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Growth estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) peg accounting at 11%, which the BLS calls "faster than average." According to The Wall Street Journalthe unemployment rate for accountants is a tiny 2.5%—compared to a national average of 4.2%. "There aren't enough accountants to go around," writes Vipal Monga.

Finally, accountants self-report very high job satisfaction.

The job recently made Forbes list of the "Happiest Jobs." The high pay and high job satisfaction probably explain why 7 out of 10 accountants say that they wouldn't choose any other job.

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If you can manage occasional periods of heavy workload and high-stress, then you will be equipped to thrive in this field.

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