About Us

What We Do

College Choice wants to help students and their families as they research and compare colleges to find one that fits their interests and needs.

To craft our rankings, we've always used our own proprietary methodology, based on metadata aggregation and analysis. The ways in which students use rankings to research and assess schools is evolving, and we want our methodology to reflect that. You can learn more about our current methodology and upcoming changes to it here.

How Our Site Operates

At College Choice, we want to be transparent when it comes to the way we make money. Some of the information on our site comes directly from client schools. When students opt to learn more information about one of our partner schools, we may be compensated. These schools will always be clearly marked throughout our pages as being "Sponsored," "Featured," or something similar.

That being said, while we are happy to work with any college to promote a ranking that it has appeared on, we never accept payment to bump up a college or change a ranking.

We believe that our rankings should be a resource for students as they begin the process of researching and comparing college programs, and in no way do we claim that any of our rankings are comprehensive or inclusive of all schools in the United States that offer a certain program or service.

Why We Do It

The world is awash in data. Everyone seems to have their own set of statistics to justify or promote something. This includes college rankings.

Studying, going to class, and getting a degree is hard enough. Choosing where to go to college shouldn't be. That's why we exist—to make choosing a college easy, fun, and worthwhile.

Updated April 2019