What We Do

College Choice is the leading authority on college rankings and resources. We want to help students and their families find the best colleges to fit their interests and needs, so they can get into, pay for, and thrive at the college of their choice.

To craft our rankings, we use our own proprietary methodology, based on advanced metadata aggregation and analysis. You can learn more about our five-part methodology here.

While we are happy to work with any college to promote a ranking that they have appeared on, we never accept payment to bump up a college or change a ranking.

Why We Do It

The world is awash in data. Everyone seems to have their own set of statistics to justify or promote something.

This includes college rankings. Who should you trust?

College Choice does college rankings differently (and we think, better) than anyone else. We combine stats from the most reliable national databases with metadata aggregation from a wide array of other college ranking and review sites. That way, you can see what educational scholars think of a school, what employers think of a school, and what students think of their school.

Studying, going to class, and getting a degree is hard enough. Choosing where to go to college shouldn't be. That's why we exist—to make choosing a college easy, fun, and worthwhile.


Meet the Team

Alyssa Koh
Managing Editor

As the Managing Editor for College Choice, Alyssa oversees all the operations of the publication and coordinates with the other editors and writers. Her background is in journalism and news, though she has done some college admissions-related work in the past. When not working, she enjoys rock climbing, being a foodie, and reading poetry—especially anything by Emily Dickinson.

Riley Thwaite
Assistant Editor

Riley coordinates all of the writing that appears on College Choice, making sure that it's top-quality and on-time. It's a responsibility Riley's familiar with from having worked previously in publishing as a copyeditor. When not creating the best college rankings in the world, Riley can usually be found watching film adaptations of his favorite books, judging them for not being faithful enough to the original.

Emma Berkowitz
Associate Editor

Emma is excited to be getting a start in producing excellent online content. She is responsible for proofreading College Choice content, assists in marketing efforts, and unofficially, responsible for keeping her co-workers as hopped up on caffeine as she is. Additionally, Emma is interested in the intersection of online media and data journalism. She's from New England, and did crew in college, something she hopes to continue post-graduation.

Daniel Johnston
Director of Data

Back in high school, Daniel happened upon the book The Accidental Theorist by Paul Krugman. That book got him interested in economics and statistical analysis, or in other words, got Daniel to think of spreadsheets as exciting. He's pursued this interest into big data analysis, and as Director of Data, he runs all the statistical aggregation and analysis at College Choice.

Lauren Bilty
Data Intern

From Van Nuys, CA, Lauren is working as the Data Intern for College Choice. She's really happy to have an opportunity to apply what she's been studying into real-world applications to help improve College Choice's rankings and help students find the right college fit! Her friends, her dog Princess, and the Los Angeles Clippers are her life.