Most Affordable Online Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees

Most Affordable Online Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees

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Earn an Affordable Online Bachelor's in Logistics or Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers coordinate and direct an organization's supply chain. They ensure that products move efficiently from suppliers to customers. The supply chain involves many aspects of business operations, including manufacturing and distribution.

Students pursuing a logistics and supply chain management degree online benefit from flexibility. They can complete coursework from anywhere. Supply chain management programs highlight topics such as inventory procurement, warehousing, and transportation. Graduates can work in logistics, transportation, and management.

This page lists the most affordable online logistics and supply chain management degrees. Read on for information on costs, courses, and career options after graduation.View Our Rankings List Here

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Questions About Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees

What is a supply chain and logistics degree?

These degrees train students to direct and manage a company's supply chain operations. Programs focus on the logistics and transportation of supplies and inventory.

What jobs can I get with a supply chain and logistics degree?

Graduates can pursue many careers. They may work as logisticians, management analysts, or industrial production managers. Professionals with advanced education can pursue upper-level management positions.

Are supply chain managers in demand?

Yes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects jobs for logisticians to grow 30% from 2020-2030, much faster than the national average.

Why Get a Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Earning a logistics and supply chain management degree online prepares students for careers in the logistics field. The degree builds broad knowledge in business. Learners also develop specialized skills in supply chain management.

Logisticians earn a median annual salary of $76,270, according to the BLS. This figure exceeds the median annual salary of $41,950 for all occupations. Earning a master's degree or additional certifications can help professionals increase their salaries.

Pursuing a supply chain degree online gives students the flexibility to complete coursework on their schedule. Many programs run asynchronously, allowing enrollees to continue working while earning a degree.

How Much Does a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degree Cost?

Supply chain management degree costs vary by school, program length, and degree level. Bachelor's degrees take four years to complete, while master's degrees take about two years to finish.

The cost of an online bachelor's degree averages $51,090 as of August 2021, according to Students can save money by enrolling in public, in-state schools. Out-of-state and private institutions charge higher tuition rates.

Additional Online Student Fees

Earning a logistics and supply chain management degree online can help learners lower their expenses. Online bachelor's studentsand graduate students do not pay for campus housing or meal plans. They can also attend the most affordable programs without relocating.

However, online learners should budget for extra fees. Some programs charge graduation fees and technology fees. Distance learners may need to buy a new computer or upgrade their internet.

Some online programs require in-person components. Learners should budget for commuting or travel expenses.

How Much Do Logistics and Supply Chain Management Majors Make?

Supply chain management salary levels vary by professionals' position, employer, and geographic location. Most graduates pursue careers in logistics and business operations. Management analysts earn a median annual salary of $87,660, according to the BLS. The top 10% of logisticians earn an annual salary of $122,580.

Earning an advanced degree such as an MBA can help graduates move into high-paying positions.

Featured Online Management Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management programs cover the processes and practices that make goods and services available to consumers. Learners study topics such as procurement and manufacturing. These programs help build general business knowledge and management skills. Some programs offer concentration options such as transportation management and reverse logistics.

See below for three common courses in supply chain management programs. Keep in mind that course titles and descriptions vary by program.

  • Logistics Management

    This introductory course covers the industry's most commonly used processes and technologies. Students learn about businesses' logistical functions and how supplies move between storage sites. Enrollees also study inventory planning and warehouse management.
  • Supply Chain Management

    This course focuses on global supply chain planning. Businesses depend on supply chain management to decrease their operating costs and minimize purchasing risks. Learners examine supply chain components as part of a coordinated system. Enrollees also study inventory placement and integrated planning.
  • Transportation Management

    Businesses depend on various transportation methods to move supplies, including air, ground, rail, and water. This course offers an overview of transportation strategies and operations. Learners study transportation-related public policy issues. They also explore the pros and cons of various transportation methods.

How to Become a Logistics Manager

Most supply chain management careers require a bachelor's degree. Some positions only require an associate degree. Management positions often require a master's degree. Aspiring logistics managers can increase their career options by earning professional certificates and certifications.

Supply chain managers perform many duties. They oversee activities such as purchasing, warehousing, and transportation. They may also supervise and direct other workers who distribute and transport goods. Supply chain managers handle supply chain issues as they arise, coordinating and updating logistical functions to boost efficiency.

Most Affordable Online Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees

  1. Bellevue University

    Bellevue, NE




    Bellevue University has cornered the market on affordability and flexibility. It doesn’t get much better than that! Founded in 1966, it excels in online education. Bellevue University uses the Our Real Mastery™ approach, which ensures that students master the skills and techniques in their program.

    Program Features

    Bellevue University offers a wildly affordable Bachelor’s of Science in Transportation and Logistics Management that you can complete entirely online. This is an accelerated program that encompasses 127 credits. It is especially appealing for adult students looking to complete their degree. Some of the highlight courses include:

    • Management and the International Organization
    • Global Logistics and Transportation
    • Fiscal Management and Supply Chain Management
    • Decision Making in a Global Environment


    You’ll notice that this curriculum is markedly focused on international business. This is a feature of Bellevue’s curriculum that will set you apart in the working world. You’ll also leave this program understanding the industry strategies, including Radio-Frequency Identification, and Six Sigma.

  2. Florida State College at Jacksonville

    Jacksonville, FL




    Falling in close second, you’ll find Florida State College at Jacksonville. This school features numerous online options at the associate’s and bachelor’s levels. It also offers online certificates. It currently enrolls over 52,000 students between its “traditional” and online services.

    Program Features

    Students at Florida State College at Jacksonville will tackle 120 credit hours through the Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics. Since this is an online and accelerated program, students can complete the degree in just 20 months. Some of the upper-level courses include:

    • Operational Decision Making
    • Strategic Transportation Management
    • Logistics Technology
    • Purchasing Management


    Florida State College at Jacksonville is all about getting you to the finish line. The school is open to accepting alternative ways to earn credit hours. For example, you can pass a Prior Learning Assessment, demonstrate learning through a portfolio, or procure industry certificates.

  3. Arizona State University-West

    Glendale, AZ




    One of the six campuses that comprise Arizona State University, the West campus currently enrolls around 10,400 students. The larger campus houses an impressive fleet of online programs. ASU Online is regularly ranked in the top 5 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

    Program Features

    Offered through the reputable W.P. Carey School of Business, you’ll earn an online BA in Business with a concentration in Global Logistics Management. The degree is comprised of 41 classes (or 120 credit hours). Classes are each 7.5 weeks long, making the degree engaging and fast-paced. Here’s a sampling:

    • Applied Logistics Management
    • Analytics for Logistics
    • Procurement of Services
    • Business and Sustainability


    Arizona State University is no stranger to praise, especially when it comes to the W.P. Carey School of Business. The faculty in this program – same for both on-campus and online courses – include a Nobel Laureate, and other National Academy of Sciences winners. ASU also recently ranked #1 by Technovation for impactful research.

  4. Murray State University

    Murray, KY




    A leader in its region, Murray State University has made the list as one the “Best Colleges in the South” for the last 25 years. It houses four academic colleges and grants degrees for associate, bachelor, and master programs. The school also provides a wide-ranging selection of online programs.

    Program Features

    Murray State University makes it possible for you to earn a BS in Business degree online with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Your upper-level coursework is offered through Murray State. Some of the featured courses include:

    • International Transportation and Logistics
    • Purchasing and Supply Management
    • Quality Control
    • Materials Management


    The Logistics and Supply Chain Management concentration is one of three offered through Murray State University. This online degree is made possible through a partnership with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Students complete the lower-level coursework online through KCTCS.

  5. American Public University

    Charles Town, WV




    American Public University System consists of American Military University and American Public University. Both are private, online universities that are not affiliated with the United States military or government. However, many of its students are active duty military personnel. Combined, the system provides over 200 degree programs, many of which are online.

    Program Features

    This online BA in Transportation and Logistics Management degree is intended for students who are aiming to pursue air, maritime, or ground transportation. All in all, the degree takes four years to complete. Students may transfer 90 of the 120 credits from another institution. Highlight courses include:

    • Distribution Systems
    • Transportation Economics
    • Fundamentals of Intermodal Transportation
    • Packaging


    Beyond the already thorough curriculum, you can choose to specialize even further at American Public University. Students choose between three concentrations in the major: General, Air Cargo, or Reverse Logistics Management. This simply gives you more of a focus to your career path.

  6. University of Southern Mississippi

    Hattiesburg, MS




    Based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the University of Southern Mississippi (or “Southern Miss”) is a public research university. The school delivers nearly 200 unique degree programs. Currently, its faculty members have been granted over $17 million by the National Science Foundation for research.

    Program Features

    The University of Southern Mississippi takes a slightly different approach with its online BS in Industrial Engineering Technology Logistics degree. You’ll notice that the coursework is more specific to the engineering industry. Early classes focus on the technical sciences and applied mathematics. Later on, you’ll take classes like:

    • Plant Layout and Material Handling
    • Motion and Time Study
    • Industrial Automation
    • Product and Inventory Control


    The specificity of this degree and the strong academic reputation of University of Southern Mississippi give students a huge head start when it comes to finding a job. In fact, over 95 percent of graduates reported that they found a job in the industry within a year of graduating.

  7. Florida International University

    Miami, FL




    Florida International University is a research institution that is located in Miami. More than 56,800 students attend annually. Over the years, Florida International University has gained recognition from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and U.S. News & World Report for its status as a “best buy” university.

    Program Features

    You’ll earn an online Bachelors of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Florida International University. This is a 120-credit-hour program that is split down the middle into 60 lower division courses and 60 upper division courses. There is also the opportunity to join the Honors College online. Here are some courses:

    • Export Marketing
    • Logistics Technology
    • Global Logistics
    • Operations Management


    Florida International University makes it easy to succeed in this program. For one, they pair each online undergraduate student with a personal success coach. Students also have chance to earn internship sports through the Ryder Center for Supply Chain Management and FIU Global Logistics Advisory Board.

  8. Trident University International

    Cypress, CA




    Known for being an affordable and military-friendly school, Trident University International is a for-profit university that delivers its degree programs 100 percent online, primarily in business, health sciences, education, and information technology. Around 75 percent of the student body at Trident University International are military personnel.

    Program Features

    At Trident University International, you’ll establish yourself first in the world of business, and then jump into logistics. Here you’ll earn a BS in Business Administration completely online. You can then select Logistics as your area of concentration. This gives both depth and breadth to your degree. Here are some highlight courses:

    • Operations Management Control
    • Global Logistics Management
    • Decision Making for Leaders


    You’ll experience the Trident Learning Model through this program. Essentially, this means that you will engage in case-based learning rather than test-based learning. Additionally, you’ll have access to the Trident Corporate and Career Learning Center, where you’ll find educational resources and job opportunities.

  9. Ball State University

    Muncie, IN




    Ball State University has everything you need to start a meaningful career. The school offers programs that are affordable, reputable, and offered in a flexible format. Ball State University is a public research university based in Muncie, Indiana. Its Miller College of Business is frequently praised for its strong reputation in entrepreneurial management.

    Program Features

    Ball State University offers an online Bachelor’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This program spans the gap between business and distribution. You’ll take nearly an equal amount of classes in both areas. A sampling of a few upper-level courses includes:

    • Simulation, Modeling, and Optimization
    • Global Logistics and Transportation Management
    • Manufacturing Planning and Control
    • Inventory, Warehousing, & Negotiations


    This program ensures that you’ll graduate with all of the necessary skills to jump right into the workforce. You’ll experience a blend of theory and application with your Industry Internship requirement. Students also must complete a Senior Capstone Supply Chain Integration Project.

  10. Portland State University

    Portland, OR




    Known as the most affordable public research university in the state of Oregon, Portland State University is a stand-out institution. It is home to over 27,000 students. The school regularly finds a place on the U.S. News & World Report list of the “Most Innovative” colleges in the nation.

    Program Features

    If you’re looking for a degree completion program, Portland State University might be just the ticket. It offers an online program that takes care of the last two years of a Bachelor’s in Supply and Logistics Management. You’ll take 24 total credits in some of the following areas:

    • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
    • Business Forecasting
    • Transportation and Logistics Management
    • Project Management


    As far as post-graduation employment goes, Portland State University has a near perfect track record. Close to 100 percent of graduates of this program have reported finding work in the industry immediately following graduation. Top companies like Boeing, Nike, and Daimler have be known to recruit students from Portland State University.

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