How Much Can I Earn With a Degree in Computers and Technology?

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A degree in Computers and Technology can lead to a hefty paycheck. For example, a senior staff software engineer at Google made an average annual salary of $227,263 in 2017 – and that’s without bonuses, stock options and other perks.

Of course, not everyone is going to work in a senior role at a top tech company. But when you have a major with such high demand across multiple industries, you are in a great position to earn a competitive salary. This is especially true when you have a few years of work experience on your resume.

We gathered info about some of the tech job titles with the highest salaries and biggest demand. Read on to learn about some of the great career paths you could choose with a degree in Computers and Technology!

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High Paying Jobs

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Are you interested in working at the leading edge of technology? Computer and information research scientists work in specialties like data science, robotics, and programming to solve problems and develop new, more efficient processes.

To work as a computer and information research scientist, you will probably have to a master’s degree in computer science, although some positions may be open to applicants who have only a bachelor’s degree.

In this job, you’ll be compensated very well to apply your skills to technology like machine learning systems and cloud computing. The median annual salary in 2016 was $111,840, with the highest ten percent of earners making close to $170,000.

Computer Network Architects

Are you just as interested in computer hardware and infrastructure as you are in code and software? If so, you might enjoy working as a computer network architect.

Like the architects who design buildings, these information technology professionals are responsible for designing the structure and layout of information networks.

To work in this role, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, and any work experience in a related position will also help you land the job. And when you do, you can make a great salary – the median for 2016 was $101,210 per year.

Fastest Growing Jobs

Software Developers

Software developers combine math and analytical skills with creative problem solving. They create the computer programs that perform specific tasks, or design the operating systems that run devices.

And with more and more products using software, from appliances to vehicles the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an employment increase of 24 percent over the next decade for this job title.

Since software development is such a rapidly growing field, it’s a good thing that it’s also very well compensated. The median annual salary for this role was $102,280 per year in 2016, according to the BLS.

Information Security Analyst

If you want to use your analytical skills to outsmart cyber criminals, working as an information security analyst could be a fulfilling career.

These professionals use their expertise in information systems to find and eliminate vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems. They are also responsible for helping organizations recover from disasters that impact their information systems.

With cyberattacks on the rise, the BLS predicts a huge increase in demand for information security analysts. In fact, they are expected to see an employment increase of nearly 30 percent over the next decade! And the typical compensation is another good reason to consider this career path – in 2016, the median salary was $92,600 per year.

Degrees in Technology and Computers

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