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Engineering careers require at least a bachelor’s degree. Students can pursue an electrical engineering degree online and complete coursework from anywhere. Applicants need a high school or GED diploma. Some programs require standardized test scores. Enrollees complete general education courses and electives.

Graduates can pursue all types of engineering jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects jobs for engineers to grow about as fast as average from 2020-2030.

Prospective students can use this page to research the most affordable electrical engineering degrees online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Engineering Degrees

true Q. Can you become an electrical engineer online?

Yes. Many top colleges offer engineering degrees entirely online. Students buy a lab kit to complete lab requirements at home. However, some schools require learners to complete labs on campus.

true Q. How long does it take to get an electrical engineering degree online?

Most learners can complete an electrical engineering degree in four years. Students with an associate degree can finish faster.

true Q. How fast can I become an electrical engineer?

The answer depends on the employer and career. Some positions require a master’s in electrical engineering or several years of experience.

Why Get an Electrical Engineering Degree?

The BLS projects the need for electrical engineers to grow 7% from 2020-2030. Graduates can pursue diverse engineering careers. They may work at professional or scientific firms.

Students who pursue an electrical engineering degree online can view lectures and complete coursework when it fits their schedule. This flexibility allows learners to keep up with work and family responsibilities. Online learners receive the same student support services as their on-campus peers.

How Much Does an Electrical Engineering Degree Cost?

Tuition varies among colleges. Learners enrolled at in-state, public schools pay the most affordable tuition. However, some public schools charge a flat tuition rate to all learners, regardless of residency.

All types of engineering degrees require labs. Students pursuing an electrical engineering degree online pay lab fees. Enrollees may pay other fees depending on their program or school.

Additional Online Student Fees

Online students should budget for expenses such as textbooks and course materials. Many schools charge a per-course technology fee. Learners may also pay a graduation fee. Online learners need a reliable computer and a fast internet connection. Students can save money by researching computer discounts for college students.

Engineering students should also budget for certification fees. Many engineering careers require professional certification.

How Much Do Electrical Engineering Majors Make?

Electrical and electronics engineers earn a median $103,390 annual salary, according to the BLS. This salary exceeds the median wage for all engineers by about $7,000. Engineers working in the District of Columbia, California, and New Jersey earn more than their peers in other states. Electrical engineers in Vermont and Washington also earn high salaries. However, the cost of living in these states exceeds the national average.

Electrical engineers can increase their salary potential by earning a master’s degree. Graduates with an advanced degree can work in research and development. They may also teach at the college level. Professionals can boost their salary by getting a professional engineering (PE) license.

Courses in an Electrical Engineering Program

Learners pursuing an electrical engineering degree online study different engineering theories. They also explore the field’s latest technology. Degree-seekers learn how to communicate effectively and lead teams. Students complete major and general education courses. In some programs, learners customize their degree through electives or a minor.

See below for common electrical engineering courses. Keep in mind that course titles and descriptions vary by school.

  • The Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

    This course explains how heat transfer and thermodynamics affect physical and electrical systems. Students analyze technical problems and energy systems. They also study power transmission. Learners examine how mechanical and electrical engineers collaborate to solve problems.
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory

    Students learn how power transmission and other electrical systems work. Coursework covers magnetic forces and materials. Coursework also emphasizes the fundamental equations James Clerk Maxwell developed in the 19th century. Students must complete at least two higher-level math courses before enrolling.
  • Communication Systems

    This course explores modern communication technology. Learners study electrical noise and pulse modulation. Students also learn how analog and digital transmissions differ. Some courses require a lab that learners complete on campus or at home.

How to Become an Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers need a bachelor’s or master’s degree, depending on their career goals. The best online electrical engineering programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Graduates from an ABET-accredited program can pursue a PE license after working for at least four years. Professional engineers certify engineering plans. They work for state and federal government agencies.

These engineers perform calculations and collaborate with project managers. They also design new products. Tasks vary by job title and employer. Experienced professionals with a PE license may qualify for management roles. They may also serve as mentors to new employees.

Most Affordable Online Electrical Engineering Degrees

  1. Daytona State College

    Daytona Beach, FL




    Daytona State College offers over 100 different certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs on-campus and online. This award-winning school offers an exceptional Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. The ABET-accredited program is highly flexible and prepares students to work in any technical industry, including manufacturing or construction. Courses are designed to suit the schedule of a working professional and are taught by a full faculty of nationally-recognized instructors.

    Program Features

    The Electrical Engineering program is designed in a 2+2 model, with an associate’s degree required for entry into the program. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of career-readiness and professionalism, requiring students to take hands-on classes such as:

    • Digital Systems
    • Network Analysis
    • Linear Integrated Circuits
    • Feedback Control Systems
    • Programmable Logic Applications and Device and Lab


    This university is ranked among the 50 Most Affordable by the U.S. Department of Education’s College Affordability and Transparency Center. Tuition starts at just $79 for in-state students and only $311 for out-of-state enrollees. Extensive scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available, especially for students studying in a STEM-related degree. Each year, for example, the S-STARS Scholarship awards over a hundred scholarships ranging from $5,500 to $6,800 to baccalaureate students.

  2. Eastern New Mexico University

    Portales, NM




    Eastern New Mexico University, located in idyllic Portales, New Mexico, offers a multitude of online degrees. Courses are offered via live and recorded lectures, and all students are given access to advising, writing centers, library services, and tutoring – even online. Each class includes a full-time teacher’s assistant and trained faculty member, educating students in small class sizes of just 20 or so students.

    Program Features

    Eastern New Mexico offers small classes taught by interactive, highly skilled and reputable faculty members. Each student is guided in his or her course development by instructors who help them work toward their professional and personal goals. Required classes include:

    • Semiconductor Devices
    • Renewable Energy Technology
    • Circuit Design with PLDs
    • Control Systems
    • Electronic Communications


    This program is top-rated for its military-friendly services and easy transferability, allowing students to study from anywhere and with any previous training or background. Students are connected with paid internships and work experiences at top companies like Lockheed Martin and organizations such as the United States Air Force while enjoying a low tuition rate. Furthermore, the university offers multiple scholarships, grants, and other financial aid opportunities to make this education feasible for anyone.

  3. Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, IN




    Indiana State University is located in Terre Haute, Indiana, and enrolls just over 11,000 students. This school is a great choice for an affordable online degree, offering small class sizes and dozens of distance learning programs. The undergraduate Electronics Engineering Technology degree prepares students through hands-on laboratory experiences, allowing them to apply theory to real-world settings and problems.

    Program Features

    This program has one of the broadest curriculums of all the schools on this list. It allows students to take classes in basic technological concepts as well as management, with 80 total credit-hours required for degree completion. Students may pursue additional electives, such as robotics or manufacturing, to give them extra marketability in the job search. Coursework will include studies in topics such as:

    • Circuit Analysis
    • Electronic Devices and Instrumentation Design
    • Industrial Electronic Pulse Circuits
    • Computer Systems Management
    • Industrial Supervision


    This program is excellent at providing students with valuable professional connections. Online students receive access to exceptional advising, tutoring, and career services to help them make the most of their time in school. As a result, graduates are highly successful upon finishing their studies, working for companies such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, and others. This school is highly affordable, with $14.5 million in scholarships awarded every year.

  4. American Public University

    Charles Town, WV




    American Public University was originally designed to provide distance learning programs to veteran and active-duty military members. Currently, the university offers distance education to military and civilian student alike. The university is known for its quality faculty members and small student-to-faculty ratio, and features over 40 different online degree programs. The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is just one of many career-focused degree options offered at American Public.

    Program Features

    The program requires online coursework and hands-on experiences to give students training in all aspects of Electrical Engineering. The program was modeled around feedback from industry experts, giving students an extra, real-world boost as they begin their professional lives. Sample classes include:

    • Antennas – Theory and Application
    • Wireless Communications
    • Advanced Power Electronics
    • Microcontroller Based Systems


    This program comes equipped with three different concentration options: General Concentration, Communications, and Mechatronic Systems. This versatility is remarkable when you consider the overall affordability of this program. Students can create a degree that is personally tailored toward their own interests and career goals while enjoying tuition rates as low as $250 per credit-hour.

  5. Grantham University

    Lenexa, KS




    Grantham University is a relatively young university, founded only in 1951, and offers high-quality online degrees. With a total of 8,750 students, Grantham’s online programs offer flexibility, convenience, and affordability. The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology is no exception. It helps to develop students’ skills in advanced circuit theory, design, and other topics while giving them the option to customize their education with various electives, such as power systems and communications.

    Program Features

    This degree can be completed in roughly three years, requiring only 129 credit-hours to completion. Grantham is unique in that it offers students college credit for prior coursework and life experiences, allowing students to complete their degrees up to 75 percent faster than traditional candidates. Required classes include:

    • Programming Essentials
    • Digital Electronics
    • Fundamental Properties of DC Circuits and Lab
    • Analog Integrated Circuits and Lab


    Grantham’s programs are ideal in that they can be started at any time throughout the year. Courses start monthly, so students don’t have to wait before beginning their studies. Tuition starts at just $250 per-credit-hour, with substantial scholarship and financial aid options available as well. The university has been ranked a Top Military Friendly school multiple times by publications such as Military Times and Military Advanced Education and Transition.

  6. Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook, NY




    Long Island’s Stony Brook University is part of the New York State University system and offers a variety of programs to over 25,000 students. Among these is a fledgling – yet high-quality – program in Electrical Engineering. Developed only in 2014, this program is offered entirely online and convenient for students who are already working full-time.

    Program Features

    This ABET-accredited degree has zero on-campus requirements and moves students through the curriculum in a cohort-based model. Coursework, leading to a minimum of 120 credit-hours, includes studies in the following:

    • C Programming for Electrical Engineers
    • Digital Logic Design
    • Electrical Circuit Analysis
    • Object-Oriented Programming for Electrical and Computer Engineers
    • Signals and Systems


    In addition to the bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Stony Brook also offers graduate certificate programs in topics such as wireless communications and engineering machine learning systems. These additional certificates can help talented undergraduate students launch their careers immediately upon graduation. This program is designed for working professionals and is highly affordable, offering extensive financial aid and student support services to online undergraduate students.

  7. University of North Dakota

    Grand Forks, ND




    Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the University of North Dakota offers an exceptional Electrical Engineering degree both online and on campus. The school is home to 11,255 students and offers degrees in over 200 different disciplines. The online Electrical Engineering degree offers three different start dates and can be completed part-time, allowing students to chip away at their courses if they’re already working full-time.

    Program Features

    This program is designed for students who are currently employed, requiring 125 credit-hours for completion. All course material is delivered asynchronously, mostly through pre-recorded lectures, so that students can complete their studies at their own pace, and on their own schedules. An additional combined BS/MS program is also available. Required courses for the stand-alone baccalaureate degree include:

    • Circuit Analysis
    • Electronics
    • Engineering Data Analysis
    • Electric and Magnetic Fields


    The University of North Dakota has one of the greatest commitments to student success out of any school we ranked. The school’s freshman retention rate is nearly 80 percent – much higher than many other schools as a result of the numerous extracurricular opportunities, student support services, and outstanding academic advising offered in these online programs.

  8. Old Dominion University

    Norfolk, VA




    Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion is a highly respected public university with over 100 different academic majors. The school’s online Electrical and Computer Engineering program is available at multiple levels of study and helps students develop the leadership skills necessary to be successful in any work setting. Students receive extensive hands-on training in engineering theory and practical application from faculty members who are active in cutting-edge research projects.

    Program Features

    With a total of 120 credit-hours required for degree completion, this program prepares graduates to take engineering certification examinations in the state of Virginia and beyond. This program is in the top 25 percent in the country for the National Science Foundation for federally funded research, giving students ample opportunity to practice their newly acquired learning. Required classes include:

    • Information Literacy and Research for Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Circuit Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
    • Linear System Analysis


    This school comes in with one of the most affordable price tags of all. The university is dedicated to student services and overall success, with 97 percent of current students and recent graduates claiming in a survey that they were “very satisfied” with their experiences studying online at Old Dominion.

  9. Morgan State University

    Baltimore, MD




    Morgan State University is a historically black college in Baltimore, Maryland. This college, successfully enrolling roughly 6,000 students per year since its inception over 150 years ago, offers a dynamic 2+2 program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This degree is designed for students who already possess an associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering and enables them to complete their final two years of study entirely online.

    Program Features

    This program presents students with the option of completing some courses on campus, as well as to choose whether to pursue classes full- or part-time. Including 70 credits that may have been earned elsewhere, degree completion requires 133 credit-hours of study. Sample classes include:

    • Electronic Materials and Devices
    • Introduction to Digital Logic
    • Signals and Systems
    • Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers
    • Electronic Circuits


    This school is top-ranked among Historically Black Colleges and Universities by U.S. News and World Report. It allows electrical engineering students to complete all of their hands-on laboratory courses online, a unique offering among online colleges. Career services, networking opportunities, and advising are also available to help students launch their careers immediately upon graduation.

  10. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

    Carbondale, IL




    Located in Carbondale, Illinois, Southern Illinois University was founded in 1869 and offers an exceptional program in Electrical Engineering Technology. This flexible program combines the analytical approach of engineering with practical, technology-based skills. Students gain access to laboratory experiments in this well-rounded program, gaining the leadership skills necessary for supervisory and technical management positions in a variety of industries.

    Program Features

    Designed for the working adult, this program can be completed in just a couple of years after all general education requirements have been satisfied. A total of 120 semester hours are required, including a capstone project and elective courses. Required courses include studies in:

    • Digital System Fundamentals
    • AC/DC Circuit Theory
    • Electronic Circuit Analysis
    • Telecom Systems Fundamentals


    Southern Illinois University has a small, close-knit feel even in its online programs. This program has been around for fifty years and provides students with the hands-on learning experiences necessary to be successful in the real work environment. Students have access to a medley of portable test instruments, software simulation projects, and online lectures. This affordable program starts at just $396 per credit-hour.

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