Best Online Bachelor’s in Public Health Degrees

Those attending college have their eyes set on three career goals: job satisfaction, a healthy demand for service, and reasonable salaries.

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Not all academic paths are as rewarding as an online bachelor’s degree in Public Health. From child wellness programs to disaster relief, public health workers stand on the front-lines of initiatives that affect us all. 

What kind of online Bachelor’s in Public Health degree should you get?

So how does one pursue a career in Public Health? There are a variety of routes, but most involve some form of higher education. An online bachelor’s degree in Public Health is a wonderful place to start, particularly if a traditional campus is not an option.

An affordable, first-rate education is possible through one of many online programs from an accredited institution. Join millions of students in pursuit of what many experts consider an equally high-quality education option. And if you want to check out other online degree opportunities, take a look at our ranking of the Best Online Colleges and Universities.

How much money does one make with an online Bachelor’s in Public Health degree?

The impact of public health careers on individuals and communities is clear; no wonder, these positions often show high job satisfaction rates. As the U.S. healthcare system continues to evolve one thing is certain, there will not be a lack of public health jobs.

The medical and health services sector will have the fastest employment growth between 2014 and 2024. Boosting these impressive numbers, the federal government calls for an increase in public health experts across the country as part of its Healthy 2020 initiative.

Additionally, those with a degree in public health make nearly $50,000 a year. And that’s just an average! The potential to earn more, which comes with experience and education, can leap to upwards of $105,000 a year, according to PayScale.

What can you do with an online Bachelor’s in Public Health degree?

A degree in public health will open up many vocational doors for you. Upon graduation you will find you have a degree that is not just versatile but in demand. You will equally find yourself ready for graduate school if pursuing an advanced degree is a goal.

Across settings and industries, there are many ways to utilize this degree. From healthcare to non-profit, education to government, graduates from these programs specifically have gone on to attain a wide range of job titles:

  • Management Policy Advisors
  • Public Health Doctors
  • Communications Director
  • Disease Specialist
  • And more

What are the requirements for an online Bachelor’s in Public Health degree?

Like most bachelor’s degrees, you’ll need to allocate two years to general education core courses. This includes your math, science, and humanities course work. All of these programs will allow you to transfer those credits over, if you have them. And many will allow you to start fresh.

Either way, once you’ve finished those, you can dive into your specialized coursework in public health. This will include both foundational classes as well as specialized. You may even be able to add a concentration or minor.

Finally, many of the programs require an internship or capstone project, or both! We’ve been sure to note which programs have which requirements.

What are the best online bachelor’s degrees in public health?

While many schools may offer a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, not all are available online. Our top 20 ranking helps ease the burden for those searching through a list of endless programs. This list of degrees depends on three factors: accreditation, graduate success, and student feedback. Accreditation is gathered from the Council on Education for Public Health and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.

Graduate success is a comparison between financial investment to average salaries of graduates. Student feedback includes topics such as course selection, faculty, and campus. Data is from online sites, the National Center for Education Statistics‘ IPEDS database, U.S. News and World Report, and PayScale.

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


California Baptist University

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: $26,548

School Website


You may not have heard of the private of this Christian, liberal arts university located in Riverside. If you are thinking of pursuing an accredited online Bachelor’s degree in Public Health then you might want to consider their program. The regionally accredited school ranks highly in several categories nationally, including within the top 50 online Bachelor’s programs according to U.S. News and World Report.

Online presence

California Baptist University offers an affordable online Bachelors of Science in Public Health degree. Students advance professionally as effective, innovative and ethical health care leaders. The online curriculum is taught by a highly experienced faculty. Core public health disciplines include:

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Behavioral science
  • Environmental and occupational health
  • Curriculum design in health education


Students in the affordable online Public Health degree program benefit from private school quality at public rates. Graduates are eligible to take the nationally accredited Certified Health Education Specialist offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.


Kent State University at Kent

College Choice Score: 95.41

Average Net Price: $18,531

School Website


Kent State University is a regionally accredited, public research university in Kent, Ohio. The university frequently ranks among the top public schools in the nation and boasts a diverse and highly trained faculty. Kent State is a leader in online learning and has been offering online programs for over 15-years.

Online presence

Kent State University College of Public Health is one of the top public health schools in the nation with accreditation from the Council on Education in Public Health. It is one of only two colleges of public health in Ohio and the first to offer a Bachelor of Science in the field. This online Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree offers concentrations in:

  • Allied Health
  • Health Promotion and Education
  • Health Services Administration


Public Health degree programs integrate theory and practice, equipping graduates with the skills to address health challenges of the 21st century. Students enrolled in Kent State’s Online programs benefit from a wide range of student support, including aid in the search for internships and co-ops.


American Public University

College Choice Score: 85.37

Average Net Price: $10,265

School Website


American Public University and American Military University are part of the American Public University System. The regionally accredited, for-profit system caters to particularly to the American military. It may seem strange to have a for-profit university ranked so highly on our list, but the American Public University System makes great strides in the reputability of their programs. In fact, their online Bachelor’s programs ranked in the top 100 of US News and World Report’s 2016 ranking.

Online presence

The American Public University system offers a cheap online B.S. in Public Health providing a professionally-focused understanding of public health around the world. The program is intended for professionals seeking entry or advancement in the field of public health. Course topics include:

  • Public healthcare administration
  • The U.S. healthcare system
  • Quarantine theory, history, and contemporary issues
  • Epidemiology, biology, and chemistry
  • Emergency and disaster management


This broad-based online degree provides the foundation for a career as a community health worker, educator, dietitian, nutritionist, health services manager, or occupational health and safety technician. The school offers affordable online courses including further discounts for members of the U.S. Military and their families.


Brigham Young University - Idaho

College Choice Score: 82.05

Average Net Price: $8,624

School Website


Ranked as one of the top ten Western Regional Universities (US News and World Report),  Brigham Young University – Idaho is a private university located in Rexburg, Idaho. The school is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the vast majority of its students are members of the LDS church, though admission is open to non-members as well.

Online Presence

Brigham Young – Idaho offers an affordable online BS in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Education and Promotion. Importantly, this is one of only four online Bachelor in Public Health programs which prepares students to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination offered through the National Committee on Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC). Those who complete the degree will be able to pursue a career in a variety of Public Health positions, including:

  • Epidemiologist
  • Research Coordinator
  • International Health Specialist
  • Environmental Health Specialist


The program prepares students to plan, implement and assess Health Education, as well as administer and manage research related to Health Education. The flexible online format allows students to work at their own pace and allows for frequent interaction between students and instructors.


University of South Florida

College Choice Score: 78.60

Average Net Price: $11,514

School Website


As one of the top public schools in the nation, the institution prides itself on inspiring innovation and creativity. The school is based in Tampa, Florida and is regionally accredited with a College of Public Health program that is one of the best in the U.S.

Online presence

Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, the school offers an online B.S. in Applied Science with a concentration in Public Health. The program offers a broad understanding of the field of Public Health. All students begin with core courses in Public Health Policies, Epidemiology, and a History of Human Diseases. Participants choose from 18 elective courses including:

  • Women’s Health: A Public Health Perspective
  • Health, Behavior, and Society
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Foundations of Public Health Immunology


Course material ranges pertain to local to the international spheres, including historical to current public health issues. Students who complete this online Bachelor’s degree are prepared to begin a career in a wide variety of Public Health areas or pursue graduate work.


University of Arizona

College Choice Score: 76.72

Average Net Price: $15,591

School Website


Located in Tucson, the University of Arizona is a regionally accredited public research university with over 42,000 students. The school ranks highly as one of the top public schools in the nation by investing in high quality, interactive online courses, and programs. The Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is one of a select number of which have obtained accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health.

Online presence

The school offers an affordable online Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health helping students meet their health professional aspirations. The program takes a proactive, population-based approach to many public health topics. Areas of study include:

  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Health disparities
  • Community education


Students who pursue this affordable online B.S. in public health typically enter the degree having with their general education and prerequisite coursework completed. Prior studies allow students to finish degrees in as little as two academic years.


University of South Dakota

College Choice Score: 75.90

Average Net Price: $15,898

School Website


Founded in 1862, the University of South Dakota is the oldest university in the state. The Vermillion-based institution is one of a growing group of rurally-based schools extending its reach through remote learning. The regionally accredited public university prides itself on innovative technology combined with a long-standing tradition.

Online presence

The School of Health Sciences at the University of South Dakota offers a cheap online B.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration in Public Health. Coursework provides a pathway for either a public health career or graduate studies in public health. This affordable online program is interdisciplinary including work in:

  • Public health principles
  • Epidemiology
  • Global health issues


The faculty is committed to training scholars, practitioners, and leaders in health and human services. Students in the Health Sciences program benefit from the ability to explore the many options in the sectors. In addition to high-quality instruction and flexibility of online format, the school offers an affordable online tuition at the same cost to in-state and out-of-state students.


Northern Arizona University

College Choice Score: 72.84

Average Net Price: $14,615

School Website


Northern Arizona University, situated in Flagstaff, is a leader in online learning since 1998. The online Bachelor’s degree programs are ranked among the top in the nation. Regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the school was the first public university to offer a competency-based online degree program that offers credit for experience.

Online presence

The online B.S. in Health Sciences gives students a broad understanding of the field, preparing them for multiple health-related jobs or graduate studies programs. Students may transfer up to 62-credits into the program which combines a liberal arts education with specific Health Sciences and Public Health content. Course offerings include:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Foundations of Public Health
  • Human Diseases
  • Prevention Concepts for Risky Health Behaviors


This affordable online Public Health degree is flexible enough for working students and accommodates students with work experience in the field. Students benefit from a mandatory internship in a professional community. The experience adds depth to knowledge and skills developed through coursework.


University of Missouri

College Choice Score: 72.38

Average Net Price: $16,026

School Website


Located in Columbia, the University of Missouri is the first public university established west of the Mississippi. The regionally accredited school is now a member institution of the prestigious Association of American Universities. The school has a robust online presence, with over 95 degree and certificate options. Mizzou’s online bachelor’s programs have earned acclaim.

Online presence

Based out of the School of Health Professions, an affordable online Bachelor’s in Health Sciences is geared toward students interested in non-clinical occupations. Additionally, the program prepares students for public health graduate or professional programs. This affordable online program is interdisciplinary in nature and includes courses on:

  • Public Health Principles & Practice
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Healthcare Leadership & Organization


It is important to note that this is a completion degree, meaning students entering the program should meet all general education requirements. A strength of the program includes a mandatory internship that students complete during their junior or senior year. The flexible internship encourages participation in service learning project, study abroad program, or work in a health-related field.


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

College Choice Score: 68.14

Average Net Price: $9,875

School Website


Originally established 1891, the University of North Carolina Greensboro is a regionally accredited public, liberal arts university. UNC Greensboro ranks as one of the top public schools in the nation and has an extensive list of remote learning opportunities. Programs combine the quality of on-campus instruction with the affordability of online degrees.

Online presence

The Department of Public Health at the University of North Carolina Greensboro offers an online Bachelors in Public Health focusing on prevention. The online program attends to the development of individual, institutional, and community policy strategies to improve health. Students learn to:

  • Analyze major public health trends and issues impacting populations and communities
  • Compare-contrast population-based approaches to addressing health needs
  • Read and interpret public health data


Potential students should note that the Health Studies online degree program is a completion degree available to students who hold a degree, have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and have completed the public health related courses.


The University of West Florida

College Choice Score: 65.29

Average Net Price: $10,282

School Website


Located in Pensacola, the University of West Florida is a regionally accredited public university dedicated to forward-thinking, innovative student culture. Established in 1962, the school is now offering online Bachelor’s programs that rank among the best in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report.

Online presence

The Department of Health Sciences and Administration offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with specialization in Public Health. This online degree is geared towards undergraduate wishing to pursue health, healthcare, and public health. The program prepares students to work in disease surveillance, community engagement, maternal and child health, and environmental health. Studies include:

  • Diseases in Human Population
  • Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Disaster Management
  • Public Health Planning and Analysis


Course content combines theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure career-ready graduates. The Department of Health Sciences offers affordable certification in Public Health. The certificate supports a broad-based foundation in occupational safety and health that meet the needs of public practitioners.


Monroe College

College Choice Score: 63.89

Average Net Price: $12,032

School Website


Founded in 1933, Monroe College is a for-profit regionally accredited institution headquartered in New York City. The school focuses on a career-oriented education and has been providing online courses since 1998. Recently, those online programs have been garnering national attention. In 2016, U.S. News and World Report ranked the school’s online Bachelor program as one of the best in the nation.

Online presence

Monroe College offers an affordable online Bachelor of Science in Public Health emphasizing education, injury prevention, disease prevention, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The faculty directing the program are public health professionals with experience in a wide range of public health areas. Graduates have the skills and knowledge needed to:

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Identify community needs
  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs that encourage healthy lifestyles


This affordable, online program employs project-based learning which translates public health theory into on-the-ground practice. Students in Monroe College’s online programs benefit from a broad range of student support services. A Student Services Counselor helps guide student’s studies, adding tutoring and encouragement as they progress.


Capella University

College Choice Score: 62.80

Average Net Price: $12,918

School Website


Capella is a for-profit university based in Minneapolis that offers most of its programs online. The institution is available to any lifestyle or budget through innovations in higher education. Two different online formats enable students to find an educational path that works for them. Whether working on their own terms or within a more structured environment, learners have the tools they need to succeed.

Online presence

An online doctorate in Public Health puts students in direct contact with public and private sector professionals. The interdisciplinary program teaches how to improve health outcomes for individuals, communities, and beyond. A Learner Success Lab puts students on course with the tools they need excel in the field. The online degree includes:

  • A competency-based curriculum
  • Essential elements of a public health education
  • Placement within an organization to meet real-world problems
  • A supportive staff and mentor program


Professionally-aligned online programs put students on the path towards becoming leaders in their field. 54 degrees and over 150 concentrations give first-time students and full-time adults an opportunity to excel. $30 million in scholarships enables students of every background to reach new heights.


Southern New Hampshire University

College Choice Score: 61.45

Average Net Price: $34,256

School Website


Southern New Hampshire University is a private, regionally accredited non-profit university leading adult education in the nation. Founded in 1932, the school provides students with three ways to access programs: at their traditional campus in Hookset, New Hampshire, at one of five regional centers, or through an accredited online program.

Online presence

The school’s online Bachelor of Science in Public Health is based on curriculum standards of the Council on Education for Public Health that prepares students to advance in public health. This affordable online program builds a solid foundation in the biological and social sciences, giving students expertise in:

  • Preventing disease
  • Prolonging life
  • Improving the health of a broad spectrum of populations


Those completing the online program are ready for a career as a medical and health services manager, health educator, or community health worker. Students at Southern New Hampshire University enjoy one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation. The school is committed to providing both quality instruction and affordable tuition evident in their comparatively cheap rate of $320 per credit.


Youngstown State University

College Choice Score: 58.90

Average Net Price: $11,135

School Website


Youngstown State takes a creative, integrated approach to education, scholarship, and service. The public university located in Youngstown was founded in 1908 and is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Online service

The Bitonte College of Health and Human Services at Youngstown State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences. The major in Public Health provides mastery at the bachelor’s level of nationally recognized Public Health Core Competencies. An online degree in Public Health addresses each of the five standard areas in public health training:

  • Epidemiology
  • Bio-statistics
  • Health Services
  • Administration
  • Environmental Health


In addition to benefiting from an affordable tuition rate, online students become eligible to take the Certified Health Education Specialist examination offered through the National Committee on Health Education Credentialing. Students in the program take part in an internship tailored to their interests.


National University

College Choice Score: 57.00

Average Net Price: $22,149

School Website


Founded in 1971 with a focus on adult learners, National University is the second-largest private, nonprofit higher education institution in California. The La Jolla, California school is regionally accredited providing undergraduate and graduate degrees to a diverse student population. The school has been offering online undergraduate degrees since 1999.

Online presence

National University takes an ecological perspective on public health through their online Bachelor of Science in Public Health. This broad program is based on the liberal arts and sciences alongside the core public health disciplines to the nation’s health. Upon graduation, students are prepared to begin careers in a variety of health agencies. Courses for the Public Health major include:

  • The Ecology of Public Health
  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Health Behavior
  • Environmental Health
  • Global Health Promotion


In addition to benefiting from an affordable online tuition rate, students who complete an online Bachelor’s in Public Health will be eligible to take the Certified Health Education Specialist. The examination is offered through the National Committee on Health Education Credentialing.


South University

College Choice Score: 55.50

Average Net Price: $25,175

School Website


Based in Savannah, Georgia, South University is a system of non-profit schools focusing on degrees for Business and Health Professions. The school has 13-campuses across several states with their first online bachelor’s degrees becoming available in 2004.

Online presence

An affordable online Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree program provides students with professional knowledge and practical skills. Whether working at a local, national, or international level, graduates have a foundation in core areas of public health. This program’s affordable, broad-based curriculum covers a range of topics including:

  • Health communication
  • Health disparities
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Management of public health systems
  • Policy and research


Faculty prepares students for participation in government and community-based public health or to pursue graduate studies. South University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Trident University International

College Choice Score: 53.99

Average Net Price: $14,110

School Website


One of the only universities on our list without a brick-and-mortar campus, Trident University is the first to be regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Though operating on a for-profit model, the college has maintained affordable tuition costs that enable program accessibility to a variety of learners.

Online presence

Trident University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a concentration in Public Health. The program provides a broad-based foundation necessary for entry into many public health occupations. Graduates of the Trident Public Health program are ready to work in a variety of health-related settings. The program provides several public health concentrations including:

  • Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety
  • Health Care Administration
  • Health Education
  • Emergency and Disaster Management


Trident programs use an active, case-based learning model as opposed to standard testing methods. Faculty work to ensure the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills that ready students to apply their knowledge upon graduation. In addition, the University has formed partnerships with various branches of the military, offering discounts for military personnel and their spouses.


Excelsior College

College Choice Score: 52.95

Average Net Price: $25,350

School Website


Excelsior College is a regionally accredited private, nonprofit, distance learning institution in Albany, New York. Founded in 1971, the school’s commitment to removing obstacles to higher education has made online learning a natural fit for programs such as the School of Health Sciences. Students are given the skills they need to excel and advance in today’s healthcare industry.

Online presence

An affordable Bachelor of Science in Public Health provides remote learners the tools they need. In close accordance with public health experts, all academic materials remain current and relevant. The degree focuses on three pillars to Public Health:

  • Preventing the spread of disease
  • Protecting the health of populations
  • Promotion through policies, programs, and interventions


Excelsior’s affordable online Bachelor’s in Public Health emphasizes the practical skills and knowledge sought by employers. Students benefit from a flexible model and receive academic credit for healthcare professional licenses and certifications, leaving them with fewer courses to complete.