Best MBA Programs in Boston

Choosing the right MBA program can be a challenging quest. But if you live in Boston, you have a huge selection of great options.

Business Insider suggests that prospective students should research the MBA curriculum and professors. [1]  The more you know about MBA programs, the more your decision will be informed.

We’ve done some of that work for you! College Choice’s careful selection of the best schools to earn your MBA in the Boston area will aid you in choosing the best MBA program for you. If online MBA degrees are what you’re looking for we ranked those as well!

What kind of MBA can you get in Boston?

Boston is the largest city in New England and is considered to be an academic, economic, and cultural center of the area. Forbes ranks the city as one of the best places for business and careers. [2]  Many of the top-25 jobs in Boston require an MBA degree. [3]

Many of Boston’s MBA programs include the option to attend on a part-time or full-time basis. This is intended to accommodate folks who are attending while they maintain their full-time job.

Other programs immerse students into hands-on global experiences. A unique part of elite MBA programs is that you get an opportunity to study abroad and network with business executives in other countries. These international experiences distinguish your resume and give you a broader perspective about business. Then again, perhaps the convenience of online learning suits you best right now. All of these options are out there—it’s up to you to decide what works best for you! 

How much money can you make with an MBA in Boston?

Good news for you, Bostonians! MBA degree holders in Boston are among the highest paid salaries in the nation. Within College Choice’s top-ten MBA programs in Boston, the highest new salary pay (0 – 5 years experience) is $131,000 per year. The salaries, of course, range depending on what role you occupy and where you work.

More good news! The Bureau for Labor Statistics foresees all business and financial occupations to increase in demand by around 10 percent between now and 2026. That means you’re in the optimal window to get your MBA now.

What are the Best MBA Programs in Boston?

From Boston to Cambridge, to Chestnut Hill, to Waltham, the Boston area has some of the best business schools in the nation and throughout the world. According to the New York Times, if you want to be an entrepreneur, Boston has some of the best schools for that. [4]

College Choice wholeheartedly agrees. This list of the 10 Best MBA Programs in Boston was comprised of only the best data out there. We’ve gleaned facts and figures directly from the programs’ websites, U.S. News & World Report,, and more. Get out there and makes some business deals, starting with your MBA degree!

2018 Ranking

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 100.00

Tuition: $68,250

Program Website


Alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management have founded more than 650 companies. Some of the companies founded by MIT Sloan alumni include E*Trade, Genentech, HubSpot, and Zipcar. MIT Sloan’s MBA has proven to be successful among thousands of grads in more than 90 countries.


The two-year program brings together coursework, collaboration, student organization participation, and global learning to shape the MBA program experience. MIT also focuses on Action Learning to emphasize hands-on learning. Sloan features three MBA tracks:

  • Enterprise Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance


Students in the MBA program intern and work with Boston Consulting Group, IBM, McKinsey, and Nike. Graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MBA program are highly successful. The average starting salary for MIT Sloan MBAs is $131,000. This salary the highest pay for MBA salaries in the Boston area.


Harvard University

College Choice Score: 98.33

Tuition: $63,675

Program Website


Harvard Business School is one of the best schools to earn your MBA in the nation and throughout the world. Harvard encourages MBA students to not only learn about leadership through the program’s curriculum but also to demonstrate leadership throughout the program. The MBA program pulls together “theory, practice, experience, and talent to one sharp point.”


The two-year Master of Business Administration program encompasses leadership activities, reflection, and small team projects. In the second year, students choose elective courses along their career path. HBS prepares students to have a global mindset through the Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD). Highlight electives include:

  • Business Analysis and Valuation Using Financial Statements
  • Mastering Strategy Execution
  • Reimagining Capitalism: Business and Big Problems
  • Globalization and Emerging Markets


The MBA program requires global studies and a trip abroad. HBS has eight global research centers in places like Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Almost half of the faculty members were born outside of the United States. Additionally, Harvard MBA students receive some of the best career development resources including one-on-one career coaching, programs and workshops, career team support and more.


Boston College

College Choice Score: 60.10

Tuition: $45,520

Program Website


Boston College Carroll School of Management was established in 1938. The Full-Time MBA and the Part-Time MBA degree programs are available at Boston College. Students get to choose from a series of MBA concentrations.


BC MBA students gain leadership opportunities in some of the school’s student organizations. The Graduate Management Association, Graduate Women in Business, Graduate Student Association, and the Graduate Finance Association are avenues that provide students professional and practical business experience. Highlight classes include:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Money & Capital Markets
  • Hedge Funds


Alumni of Carroll’s MBA program are making powerful strides in the business industry. Some alumni have prominent leadership roles in companies like Fidelity Investments, ExxonMobil, and even the United States Air Force. BC Carroll Alumni demonstrate that advantages that come with the Carroll MBA degree.


Boston University

College Choice Score: 57.12

Tuition: $47,422

Program Website


Boston University’s Questrom School of Business is an elite institution that gives students a solid MBA foundation with the freedom to customize their paths. The school has world-class professors, over 100 electives, some clubs and organizations, and resources for career advancement.


Questrom School of Business has eight a Full-Time, Part-Time, and Executive MBA. Students move through the program with a cohort of 50 to 55 other students. The curriculum includes over 100 unique elective courses. MBA concentrations include some of the following options:

  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Management


Not only does BU provide numerous degree concentrations for its MBA students, but it also offers a number of MBA joint degree programs. Imagine getting an MBA degree and a master’s degree in Digital Innovation, International Relations, or Manufacturing Engineering. Questrom has eight joint MBA programs. Students with joint MBA degree from Boston University make themselves even more marketable in the competitiveness of the business industry.


Northeastern University

College Choice Score: 55.38

Tuition: $36,312

Program Website


Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business has a reputation for helping MBA students reach their career goals. Close to 95 percent of the students in the Full-Time MBA cohort started jobs within three months of graduation. The school has been ranked as a top institution for its online MBA program and its Full-Time MBA program.


The MBA program is a 24-month program with a total of 60-semester credits. The first year of the program students takes foundational courses within the core curriculum. In the last year of the program, students do their corporate residencies and electives. Courses include:

  • Managing Operations & Supply Chain
  • Customer Value and the Enterprise
  • Innovating & Creating Futures
  • Social Impact of Business


D’Amore-McKim’s corporate residency program is a feature that makes the MBA program distinct. The program is a six-month, paid corporate residency. In the past, MBA students have completed their corporate residencies with employers like the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and the Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. The school has a 100 percent corporate residency student placement rate.


Suffolk University

College Choice Score: 47.26

Tuition: $41,490

Program Website


Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University is located in the heart of the city in downtown Boston. The school has a broad range of MBA options, concentrations, and dual degrees. If you are looking for an MBA program that fosters to a particular area of business, Sawyer Business School may have exactly the program you need.


The Suffolk Sawyer MBA is for college graduates and working professionals. The MBA program has 12 degree concentrations. Although the main campus is in Boston, students can earn their MBA online or at the North Campus in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Some of the concentration options include:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Marketing Analytics


Sawyer Business School offers a number of specialized MBA degrees. If you are planning on being an accountant, leading a nonprofit organization, or becoming an attorney, Sawyer has the perfect MBA plan for you. For example, the school offers MBAs in Healthcare, Nonprofit, and Accounting (Certificate). There are also accelerated MBA programs for CPAs and attorneys.


University of Massachusetts--Boston

College Choice Score: 45.77

Tuition: $17,218

Program Website


The University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston is a public university in the University of Massachusetts system.   Boston College of Management at the UMass Boston offers three Master of Business Administration tracks for students pursuing the MBA degree. The school offers the Flex MBA, the Global MBA, and the Professional MBA.


The Global MBA (GMBA) is UMass Boston’s newest MBA program that will be available in 2017.   The GMBA is a full-time, cohort-based program. Throughout the program courses are designed so that students consistently think through a global lens. GMBA students will take courses such as:

  • International Financial Management
  • Managing in the Global Economy
  • International Marketing


UMASS Boston College of Management provides the Master’s Thesis Option (MTO), which allows students to contribute to the business industry and the academy through specified academic research. The MTO program allows students to contribute to business organizations and pursue further studies in their research.


Bentley University

College Choice Score: 45.14

Tuition: $72,730

Program Website


Bentley University Graduate School of Business is just minutes from the city of Boston. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, MBA students at Bentley are in proximity to companies in Boston. Bentley University’s shuttle often takes students to Cambridge, which allows easy access into the city. Companies like Staples, New Balance, and the Boston Celtics often hire Bentley students and let them intern with them.


Faculty members and experienced professionals in business and the arts and sciences designed Bentley’s MBA curriculum. The program has four 10-week themes with courses related to each theme. The four themes are:

  • Innovation
  • Value
  • Environment
  • Leadership


The Graduate School of Business transcends the teaching style of lecture halls with its MBA studio. The MBA Studio has the latest technology, multimedia boards, and other items to create a different learning experience. The space is used to collaborate, debate and share perspectives in small groups. In some ways the MBA Studio is a practical learning space that mirrors the workplace.


Hult International Business School

College Choice Score: 37.06

Tuition: $20,650

Program Website


The Hult International Business School is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Students who enroll in Hult International Business School’s Global MBA program have the opportunity to study in the school’s six other locations. The program allows you to study in up to three places in one year, choosing between London, Dubai, Shanghai, New York, Boston, and San Francisco.


The Global Master of Business Administration program immerses students into the basics of business and leadership. Students learn about business knowledge, business challenges, and leadership skills. Throughout the program, students are advised and coached by a team of advisors and professors. Students choose from six electives to customize their MBA program towards specific careers. Other courses include:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Business & Global Society
  • International Marketing


Hult International Business School prepares MBA students for situations on the job through computer-based simulations. The simulations require students to make decisions about marketing, finance, and management. The simulations give MBA students an edge on their internships and jobs.


Simmons College

College Choice Score: 37.03

Tuition: $32,976

Program Website


Simmons College School of Management is a unique school to earn your Master of Business Administration.   The school has a particular emphasis on women’s leadership. The “[email protected]” is an online degree offered through the School of Management in Boston. Simmons’ School of Management is an AACSB Internationally-accredited institution.


The online format of the course gives students convenience and flexibility. While the courses are on a live, face-to-face format online, there are other components of the program that allows students to self-pace their coursework. Some of the coursework includes:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Strategic Thinking and Analytical Decision Making
  • Economic Analysis for Managers
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management


At Simmons College School of Management, you will experience the “[email protected]” Advantage. The School of Management states that the program is convenient, comprehensive, student-centered, dynamic, and recognized. MBA students get the necessary attention they need to succeed because the classes are small.