Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Florida

Studying in Florida offers a host of benefits and opportunities for ambitious business students.

Best Business Schools in FloridaRecognized for its robust economy, technology-driven business climate, tropical weather, and thriving hospitality industry, Florida occupies a central position as a global logistics and transportation hub. Many Florida schools offer world-renowned study and internship opportunities for students interested in international business. Schools in Florida provide a multitude of opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in close proximity to multinational companies, government agencies, and financial districts. You may also reap exceptional value and return on your educational investment, as Florida’s top business schools offer a first-rate education with tuition rates set at a fraction of those at comparable schools elsewhere. If you aspire to gain a competitive edge in an internationally esteemed and culturally diverse educational environment, review our list of the top undergraduate business schools in Florida to help you explore your options.

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At College Choice, we aggregate data about the best business colleges from the Higher Education Research Institute at, U.S. News & World Report, and the National Center for Education Statistics. College Choice’s rankings of the best business schools will help you better understand the sea of choices before you.

2018 Ranking

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University of Miami

College Choice Score: 100.00

Net Cost: $33,284

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Recognized for its excellence in health sector management and policy, real estate, and entrepreneurship, the Miami Business School offers business education with a global focus. The undergraduate business administration curriculum incorporates case studies and mentorship to teach cultural competence and critical analysis; students engage in hands-on experiential learning from the first day of classes. Business students can select from 14 majors and nine minors, including real estate, finance, and business analytics. The school also offers a women in business organization, an entrepreneurs club, and an investing association. Miami business school is accredited by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.



Rollins College

College Choice Score: 93.78

Net Cost: $33,191

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As a recognized leader in study abroad programs, Rollins provides education for global leadership and sustainability. Founded in 1885, Rollins offers three business programs: social entrepreneurship; international business; and business management with a concentration in finance, marketing, or family business. Students may opt for an accelerated program to complete both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA within five years. Rollins also offers a collaborative dual degree program with Reutlingen University in Germany in international business, leading to two degrees and fluency in German within four years. The business school is accredited by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.



3. University of Florida

College Choice Score: 81.65

Net Cost: $14,786

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Known as one of the top undergraduate business schools in Florida, UF boasts a strong focus on leadership development, global impact, and making a difference. The school’s respected international study and internship programs send hundreds of business students abroad for service learning opportunities. Students select from five majors: accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, or operations management. UF also maintains one of the nation’s only free-standing accounting schools. Accelerated study options include a 3/2 program leading to both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in five years, and a combined option permitting undergraduate students to complete select master’s-level courses for the bachelor’s degree.



Stetson University

College Choice Score: 80.41

Net Cost: $24,220

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Founded in 1897, Stetson boasts the longest-standing business program of higher education in Florida. Majors offered for undergraduate students include sports business, entrepreneurship, and a rigorous flexible option for high-performing students to pursue a course of self-directed learning outside the bounds of the existing majors. Stetson also offers a variety of special programs, including study abroad opportunities, immersive corporate education experiences, and a student-directed investment portfolio management program. Stetson is accredited by the esteemed Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and attracts many students seeking to earn a degree from one of the top undergraduate business schools in Florida.



Barry University

College Choice Score: 74.38

Net Cost: $24,610

Program Website

Located in Miami Shores, Barry offers an educational environment distinguished by diversity, inclusivity, and small class sizes offering personalized attention. Established in 1976 in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the school equips students to foster positive change locally and globally. Undergraduate students select from six challenging majors: management, marketing, accounting, finance, sport management, or international business. Sport management students may complete a seamless 150-credit B.S. to M.S. program within five years. Available minors include economics, management, and marketing. Other available offerings include international study and internship placement options, a student-managed investment fund, and an institute for community economic development.



University of Tampa

College Choice Score: 74.07

Net Cost: $27,391

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Founded in 1931 and renowned for its international reputation and high-tech facilities, UT ranks among the top undergraduate business schools in Florida and in the world, according to the Princeton Review. With affordable tuition rates, small class sizes, and strong connections to industry, the school provides a wealth of opportunities for students seeking success in the global marketplace. Students choose from 12 rigorous majors, including financial enterprise systems, leadership studies, and business information technology. Ambitious students with a minimum 3.25 GPA may apply to complete an accelerated program leading to both an undergraduate business degree and an MBA.



Florida State University

College Choice Score: 70.72

Net Cost: $16,737

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Established in 1950 in Tallahassee, FSU combines affordable higher education and academic rigor. The school’s respected business programs comprise 10 majors, including risk management/insurance, retail management, and professional sales; students may also elect one of three minors, including business ethics and business analytics. FSU operates limited-access competitive programs requiring students to maintain a minimum 2.9 GPA. In keeping with its ongoing commitment to academic excellence, the school provides structured academic monitoring, requires nine credits of summer coursework in residency, and encourages students to pursue internship opportunities. FSU is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.



Florida Southern College

College Choice Score: 66.89

Net Cost: $23,395

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Acclaimed for its innovative small-college environment and people-focused perspective, Florida Southern specializes in serving students with an entrepreneurial and service-oriented mindset. In addition to the school’s majors in marketing, management, finance, and international business, Florida Southern offers a flexible program allowing students to develop their own individualized business specialization track. Other distinguishing features of Florida Southern’s business school include guaranteed international travel opportunities for juniors and seniors and a guaranteed internship with personal access to executives-in-residence. Extracurricular organizations providing leadership development for business students include a sport management club, an elite business students group, and a community entrepreneurs group.



University of Central Florida

College Choice Score: 65.72

Net Cost: $14,745

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Located in Orlando, UCF’s preeminent business school specializes in innovation, leadership, and developing competitive advantage for success. UCF offers seven 27-credit business majors, including real estate and integrated business. All students complete four secondary business core courses, including supply chain management and a capstone in strategic management. Additional requirements include three courses in a career professionalism series to provide up-to-date skills in career development, interviewing, and financial planning. UCF maintains all business majors as restricted-access competitive programs; admission requirements include evidence of a minimum 2.0 or 3.0 GPA in primary core coursework to receive approval for certain majors.



Florida International University

College Choice Score: 63.23

Net Cost: $11,552

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As a premier institution renowned for its specialized programs in international business, FIU takes pride in its commitment to diversity and leadership skill development. With progressive technology, civic engagement, and reasonable tuition rates, the Miami-based school ranks among the top undergraduate business schools in Florida. Available majors include accounting, international business, and a dual degree program in partnership with 30 international institutions. Other benefits available to FIU business students include a business career management center and a student learning center offering workshops, small group sessions, and individualized assistance. FIU is accredited by the esteemed Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.