Best Online MBA Programs in Texas


CNBC ranks Texas as the second best state for business in the United States. [1]

Best Online MBA Programs in TexasProfessionals and prospective students looking to make their mark in the business world are looking more at online education. The convenience and flexibility to continue working and advancing in your career may fit your life too.  Perhaps it’s time to consider getting an online MBA degree. With tuition on the rise and technological advances, online MBA programs are better than ever.

Not only is Texas an excellent place for business, but the state also has some of the best online Master of Business Administration programs. However, like traditional MBA programs, all online MBA programs are not equal.

Students should aim to enroll into AACSB-accredited schools. [2] Although not all online MBA programs are  AACSB-accredited, many online programs are moving in that direction. [3] Excluding one school, all of College Choices’ top ten online MBA programs in the state of Texas are AACSB-accredited.

What can you do with an online MBA degree?

Online MBA students study the same material as traditional MBA programs (with the same professors in many cases), you can expect for online MBAs to have the same jobs as traditional MBA graduates.

With your MBA you can obtain some of the highest paying jobs in the nation. Business Insider rates the occupations of a business operations manager, sales manager, financial manager, and marketing manager as some of the highest salaries in the U.S. [4]

Online programs give you the flexibility that you need to complete your MBA at a comfortable pace. You do not have to worry about fighting through traffic, taking off of work, or not making it to class on time as an online student.

College Choice has compiled its top online MBA programs in Texas so that you can make the best decision about your future online MBA.

2018 Ranking

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University of Texas at Dallas

College Choice Score: 100.00

Tuition: $663 Per Credit

Program Website

If you are looking for a competitive online MBA program in the state of Texas, then you should check out the University of Texas at Dallas’ program. The Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas offers the Professional Masters of Business Administration (PMBA) entirely online.  The PMBA Flex is also online. Both programs offer great flexibility for professionals who want to gain an advantage in the marketplace.

The online MBA at UT Dallas is AACSB—accredited. This accreditation is one of the most prestigious certifications for business schools in the nation. As an online student, you can expect to take many courses that you would on campus. Core MBA classes include “Financial Accounting,” “Strategic Management,” “Global Business,” and “Business Economics.”

Students in Jindal’s PMBA degree program a required to complete 53 credits to graduate. The school offers plenty of options and flexibility for professionals and students who already hold jobs. The PMBA has approximately 69 credit-granting courses.


Baylor University

College Choice Score: 96.30

Tuition: $1,027 Per Credit

Program Website

Baylor’s Master of Business Administration degree is 100% online.   The AACSB-accredited degree offers the same resources and rigor that students encounter at the school’s on-campus location in Waco, TX.   With multiple enrollment dates, the opportunity to start a program that can be life changing is at your fingertips.

Although the program is online, you will be entering a community that will broaden your professional network. As a graduate student at Hankamer School of Business, you will have access to over 25,000 alumni. Hankamer’s nationally acclaimed professors, distinguish the online MBA program from others.

As a faith-based institution, the program presents a curriculum that focuses on principled leadership. With leadership skills, the school hopes to prepare students who “learn how to approach complex business problems with faith-based integrity.” This nationally ranked MBA program brings together academic rigor, creativity, flexibility, and a legacy of successful professionals.


University of North Texas

College Choice Score: 80.17

Tuition: $303 Per Credit

Program Website

If you are looking for multiple MBA options online, then you should take a look at the program at the University of North Texas’ (UNT) College of Business. Unlike other online programs with limited degree options, UNT’s online MBA degree offers four programs.   The school offers the MBA in Marketing or Finance and an Accelerate MBA in Strategic Management or Organizational Behavior.

With an MBA from UNT, the sky is the limit regarding career opportunities. Students prepare for professions as account managers, brand managers, sales managers, product managers, research analysts, and more. Students considering an online Master of Business Administration at UNT should know that the program is AACSB-accredited.

UNT’s online program has a high retention rate for first-year students. At 93% the school demonstrates its ability to attract and motivate some of the best students in the nation. With access to academic advising, career placement assistance, and mentoring, you could complete your MBA at North Texas in no time.


Texas Southern University

College Choice Score: 76.87

Tuition: $1,000 Per Credit

Program Website

Texas Southern University offers one of the best online MBA programs in Texas. The 36-credit degree, totaling twelve classes, offers one of two concentrations: energy finance or general business — each with their own list of concentration-specific requirements. The program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International and offers a curriculum that is quality-checked by businesses local to the institution. Program benefits include learning how to lead and manage organizations, travel experience to an economically growing country, textbook and travel expenses “packaged into the cost of tuition,” and the credentials to hold upper-management positions at organizations.


West Texas A&M University

College Choice Score: 71.61

Tuition: $335 Per Credit

Program Website

If you are looking for an online MBA program with a record of success, then you should check out West Texas A&M’s Online MBA. The program is consistently ranked as a top online program by U.S. News & World ReportOnline MBA, and others. At West Texas A&M College of Business, you will be getting an online education that matters.

Students take MBA courses during the spring, summer, fall, and winter. After taking foundation courses, students take core courses and then courses for emphasis area. Areas of emphases include general business, management, marketing, and healthcare management.

The online Master of Business program at West Texas is AACSB-accredited. The MBA program is 100% online. However, students have the opportunity to choose if they want to take some of their classes on campus along with their courses online. A&M can give you the skills, competence, and experience that you need to advance in your career.


Texas A&M University-Kingsville

College Choice Score: 64.34

Tuition: $694 Per Credit

Program Website

The College of Business Administration at Texas A&M—Kingsville prides itself as an institution that provides “accessible, quality education that empowers both working and full-time students of all ages and diverse backgrounds.” If you are a young student looking to build on your BBA or a business professional looking to increase your skills, Texas A&M—Kingsville could be the place for you.

The courses are taught exclusively online.  After completing all required program prerequisites, it is possible to finish the online MBA in 12 months. Affordable pricing, convenience, and experienced faculty make A&M’s program stand out.

Top Management Degrees names Kingsville’s online Master of Business Administration program as one of the most affordable programs in the nation. However, students applying to Texas A&M University—Kingsville’s online MBA program should know that the program is in the process of being AACSB-accredited. If the process goes according to the school’s plans, the program should be AACSB-accredited in 2017-2018.


University of Houston-Clear Lake

College Choice Score: 63.52

Tuition: $416 Per Credit

Program Website

The University of Houston—Clear Lake (UCHL) College of Business is an AACSB International-accredited institution. Not only is UCHL’s online MBA program accredited by the highest standard for business schools, but it is the only online MBA program in Houston that is AACSB International-accredited.

UCHL College of Business offers four concentrations for the online MBA program. Students can take 12 elective credits in the concentration areas of Environmental Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, or Management of Technology-Leadership. The concentrations prepare MBA grads to specialize in areas relevant to their career interest.

With an MBA degree from UHCL, you can look forward to making more and having more job opportunities. As a student, you will even have the chance to get practical experience and develop connections through UCHL’s internships and co-op programs. At an affordable rate and access to vast resources, UCHL College of business will help you to achieve your goals toward success in no time.


Sam Houston State University

College Choice Score: 63.51

Tuition: $285 Per Credit

Program Website

If you are looking for an online MBA program with flexibility, quality, simplicity, and value, Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is an excellent candidate. SHSU Online gives you the same academic rigor and attention that you would receive in an in-person classroom. The difference between SHSU’s online and in-person courses is that you have the opportunity to control your learning environment when you pursue the MBA degree online.

U.S. News and World Report ranks SHSU’s online MBA program as one of the best in the nation. The MBA is also AACSB-accredited. The Executive MBA (EMBA) program and the MBA program are two 100% online degrees that students can pursue at Sam Houston.

The EMBA in Banking and Financial Institutions is a two-year cohort program designed for students with experience in financial institutions. The MBA program aims to prepare students for leadership in business organizations or doctoral studies.


University of Texas at Tyler

College Choice Score: 55.74

Tuition: $773 Per Credit

Program Website

The University of Texas (UT) at Tyler’s College of Business and Technology offers three online MBA program options. Students can enroll in UT Tyler’s Master of Business Administration program, the Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management, or the Nursing MSN-MBA Coordinated program. Although all of these degrees are offered entirely online, the Master of Business Administration degree allows students to take classes online and in person.

Students pursue the Business Administration degree in 16-week terms focusing on Quality Management, Organizational Development, Oil, Gas & Energy, and Engineering Management. UT Tyler also offers accelerated, seven-week term courses.

You can complete the coursework for the MBA in Healthcare Management in as few as 12 months. The program integrates general management principles with a healthcare focus.   The MSN-MBA degree is for working nurse professionals who seek to find careers in healthcare management and administration. Students who want to take part in the MSN-MBA program need to apply to UT Tyler’s School of Nursing and the College of Business.


University of Texas of the Permian Basin

College Choice Score: 51.56

Tuition: $168 Per Credit

Program Website

The University of Texas at Permian Basin (UTPB) is located in Odessa, Texas. UTPB’s College of Business and Engineering offers one of the most affordable online MBA degrees in the nation. ranks the UTPB’s online MBA as one of the most affordable online degrees. The program is also AACSB-accredited.

Students can complete the online MBA degree in a few months. The degree necessitates 30 credit hours for BBA majors and 36 hours for non-BBA majors. The MBA with an emphasis in Finance requires 33 credit ours for BBAs and 42 hours for students who don’t have BBAs.

Courses come at the affordable rate of $261 per credit hour. The total program cost is about $9,396. With six start dates through the year, there are multiple times to begin your journey toward success. UTPB allows you to get ahead by reducing the time and cost of the MBA program without reducing its quality.