Spark an interest in math in the lives of young people. Start by earning one of the Best Online Math Education degrees in the nation.

Best Online Math Education Degrees

Have you always had a knack for numbers? Do you love the beautiful intricacies of trigonometry, geometry, and number theory? Do you want to share your passion with others?

For being such an integral part of our lives, math sometimes unfairly gets a bad rap. You could change that! Be an ambassador for the field of mathematics and earn an Online Math Education degree.   

What kind of Online Math Education degree should you get?

Each of these 15 programs takes a different angle on math education. For instance, some programs set you on the path to becoming a math teacher. Others give you a broader base in order for you to pursue math at the graduate level. Some programs are designed specifically for K-8 students. Others are aimed toward secondary math education.

Here’s one thing they all have in common: all of the programs are delivered online! You can breathe easy knowing that you’ll be able to finish this degree on your own terms. Basically, it boils down to knowing your career goals and finding a program that meets them. If you’re still not sure if you’re ready for math education, check out some other online degrees through College Choice’s Best Online Colleges and Universities.

How much money do people make with an Online Math Education degree?

There is a pressing need for solid educators in this country – especially ones who are skilled in a particular subject area. The baseline salaries for K-12 educators are as follows, but keep in mind that these figures go up exponentially when you earn endorsements and further education in your area:

Good news for you, employment rates for teachers are projected to increase by a solid 8 percent over the years. Keep in mind that in some states, there is actually a teacher shortage. You’ll be able to easily land a job – and maybe even added perks like loan forgiveness – in these states.

What can you do with an Online Math Education degree?

Earning an online Math Education degree sets you up for a clear career path: a math teacher in a K-12 setting. But that’s not necessarily where your career needs to stop.  

You could work your way up the chain and eventually be a school administrator. Or you could earn your master’s or doctorate in math and become a college professor in mathematics. Or you could even work outside of the education sector and apply your skills elsewhere. This degree can be a versatile as your dreams will let them!

What are the requirements for an Online Math Education degree?

Since you’ll be earning an undergraduate degree, your required credit-hours will look similar – around 120 credits in total. This means you can expect to be in school for around four years. However, some programs offer an accelerated track that slims down the program length.  

A few of the programs offer a hybrid format with some online courses and some on-campus learning. All in all, you’ll be required to complete a range of core math courses as well as some upper-level instructional and curriculum courses. Some schools also require a student teaching or practicum experience. When it comes to choosing a program, it’s all about what works best for you.     

What are the best Online Math Education degrees?

The College Choice data team created a unique methodology to come up with this list. They first  narrowed down all of the math education programs in the nation to only the ones who offer online learning. After that, they prioritized affordability. Finally, they factored in reputation, retention rates, and student salaries post-graduation. Beyond the data team, our figures come from the excellent resources at U.S. News & World Report and

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


Mayville State University

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: $12,105

School Website


Mayville State University hits all the marks of what you want in an undergraduate degree: affordable, flexible, and quality. That’s why it’s #1 on our list! Mayville State University is a small university located in North Dakota. With a student body of around 1,100, it maintains an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Program Features

The online Bachelor of Science in Education for Mathematics at Mayville State University is hard to beat. It features a rolling acceptance policy, so you can start in the fall, summer, or spring semester. The minimum required credits is 128. Some of your core mathematics classes will cover:

  • Trigonometry
  • Differential Equations
  • Theory of Numbers
  • Algebraic Structures with Programming


In addition to your upper-level coursework, Mayville State University requires you to add on a minor to your degree. You can choose from some of the following: general science, accounting, business administration, special needs, or library media and information science.


University of Illinois at Springfield

College Choice Score: 95.57

Average Net Price: $12,054

School Website


Home to around 5,700 students, the University of Illinois Springfield is one of the youngest members of the University of Illinois system. It joined the state system in 1995. Four years later, in 1999, it began offering online degrees. The University of Illinois Springfield has been recognized for “Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Teaching and Learning.”

Program Features

The University of Illinois Springfield is home to a strong online BA in Mathematical Sciences. Other than the prerequisite courses, this curriculum requires 60 additional credit-hours in upper-level courses. Despite it being an online degree, most students still finish in around four years. Some of the highlight coursework includes:

  • Finite Mathematics and Its Applications
  • Business Calculus
  • Contemporary Statistics
  • Abstract Algebra


The mathematics degree at the University of Illinois Springfield is designed to meet a variety of career end-goals. For example, the curriculum can be customized in a way that fits students who want to go into teaching, research, insurance, management, engineering, and more. It also prepares you for more schooling.


Western Governors University

College Choice Score: 91.33

Average Net Price: $13,940

School Website


Western Governors University is a private university with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. It is designed to deliver classes completely online and has a 20-year legacy in a competency-based learning model. WGU caters its programs toward working adults – the average age of the student body is 37.

Program Features

Western Governors University will set you on the path to becoming a math teacher with its online BA in Mathematics. The online format lets you finish your degree at your own pace. The curriculum blends together math content areas with pedagogy. Your upper-level courses might look like this for a semester:

  • Educational Assessment
  • Trigonometry and Precalculus
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applications
  • Foundational Perspectives of Education


This degree program is mostly online, but you’ll also get in on some hands-on aspects. Your Preclinical Experience requirement has you observing in a math classroom for at least 75 hours. The Demonstration Teaching requirement gives you a chance to take over a classroom for 12 to 20 weeks. You will be supervised by a host teacher.


Midway University

College Choice Score: 91.22

Average Net Price: $24,895

School Website


Up until 2016, Midway University was an all-women’s college, and Kentucky’s only female college. Now a coeducational liberal arts university, the school delivers a variety of options: on-campus degrees, distance education for adult learners through Midway Online, and evening/weekend courses through the School for Career Development.

Program Features

The Bachelor of Education Studies in Math at Midway University is an online degree. It is designed for students who are not aiming to gain a teacher certification but who still want to be in the classroom setting. The curriculum reflects this, with a combination of education classes and core mathematics classes. Here’s a peek:

  • Technology in the Educational Setting
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Mathematics for Teachers
  • Finite Mathematics


Midway University is very generous when it comes to accepting outside academic credit. In fact through the Credit for Prior Learning program, you can earn college credit-hours for previous work experience too! Midway University accepts up to 21 hours in military credit, credit by examination, and portfolio assessment.


Daytona State College

College Choice Score: 90.78

Average Net Price: $6,064

School Website


Daytona State College began as a junior college in 1957. It only recently began offering four-year bachelor’s degrees in 2006. The school now offers a wide variety of programs that last between one and four years. Close to 2,000 students use Daytona State’s online platform for both individual courses and full degree programs.

Program Features

Daytona State College provides a 120-credit-hour BS in Secondary Mathematics Education. This prepares you to teach mathematics to students from grades 6-12. Your upper-level coursework integrates a wide range of mathematical areas as well as educational principles. The degree ends in a culminating internship. Some courses include:

  • Classroom Assessment
  • Number Theory
  • Integrating Technology into Math and Science
  • Mathematics Instructional Analysis


In addition to this degree, Daytona State University features the Educator Preparation Institute. This is a chance for students who have a four-year undergraduate degree to become certified teachers. This program incorporates 20 credit-hours of classes, field experience, mentorship, and more.


University of Massachusetts Lowell

College Choice Score: 89.82

Average Net Price: $18,375

School Website


The University of Massachusetts Lowell is one of the five campuses in the state system. The school serves around 18,000 students between its six schools and colleges, as well as its online services. UMass Lowell is known for having one of the largest selections of online programs that are delivered through a traditional university – 45 degree programs in total.

Program Features

At the University of Massachusetts Lowell, you’ll complete a BS in Mathematics with a Teacher Concentration. This degree is offered through a hybrid format, which means you’ll take some classes online and some in-person. The curriculum covers a total of 126 credit-hours. Here’s a look into the degree:

  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Structures
  • Technical Physics


The University of Massachusetts Lowell prides itself on being up front about tuition costs from the very beginning. That’s why tuition is priced per credit-hour and operates under a pay-as-you-go model. Even more, tuition is the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.


Nova Southeastern University

College Choice Score: 89.33

Average Net Price: $26,740

School Website


Founded as a graduate school for the physical and social sciences, Nova Southeastern University has since expanded in its academic reach to offer over 150 degrees. It is based in Davie, FL, and enrolls around 24,000 students per year. The school is classified as a “high research” university by the Carnegie Foundation.

Program Features

You’ll find a BS in Secondary Mathematics Education at Nova Southeastern University that can be delivered fully online. Through a curriculum that spans 122 credit-hours, you’ll cover educational foundations, mathematic specialty courses, and a number of electives. This degree will qualify you to teach in Florida for grades 6-12. Here’s a look at the degree:

  • Principles of Instruction
  • Methods of Teaching Math in Secondary School
  • Number Theory
  • Euclidean Geometry  


As a final requirement, you’ll be asked to complete both a number of field experiences and a 12-week internship. The field experiences require 10 hours of observation in a classroom per education course. The internship lets you put all the pieces together in a supervised setting.


Ottawa University-Online

College Choice Score: 89.11

Average Net Price: $11,976

School Website


Originally founded in 1865 through the American Baptist Church, Ottawa University is Christian liberal arts school. Its main campus in Ottawa, KS, houses around 600 students. Total enrollment, however, is closer to 7,000 including the school’s online population. Ottawa also operates adult campuses throughout Kansas, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Program Features

At Ottawa University, you’ll jump into an online Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. Your curriculum will blend together theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics. This makes it fully relevant to the classroom. You will also experience specific instruction for classroom teaching. Here’s a look:

  • Foundations of Schools in a Diverse Society
  • Secondary Education Methods and RICA
  • Transition to Higher Mathematics
  • Inferential Statistics


Ottawa University works hard to include the easily forgotten details to your online experience. For example, each student is assigned their own academic advisor to help them traverse their specific needs. The Online Education Database recognized Ottawa University in its Top 100 “Best Online Universities.”


Granite State College

College Choice Score: 87.71

Average Net Price: $12,905

School Website


Granite State College is perfect for adult learners or students returning to their education. Based in Conrad, NH, the school is primarily a distance-learning program. Over 84 percent of its student body are transfer students. That makes the staff at Granite State College experts in helping students finish their degrees.

Program Features

Granite State College excels at providing you options. Through the online BA in Math Studies, you have the choice to either pair the degree with a teacher certification or wait to add that until later. Either way, you’re set up perfectly to teach math in schools at the end of it all. This is a 120 credit-hour program with engaging classes like:

  • Middle School Mathematics Methods
  • Aspects of Mathematics Learning
  • Mathematical Proof
  • Pre-Calculus


Granite State College gets even more specific with its curriculum. You can cater your math degree to a specific demographic. The school delivers the following specifications: Mathematics for Grade 5-8, Mathematics for Special Education, Mathematics for Grade 7-12, and more.


Chadron State College

College Choice Score: 87.24

Average Net Price: $13,740

School Website


A four-year public college located in Chadron, NE, Chadron State College was founded in 1911 as part of the Nebraska State College system. The small, 280-acre campus houses over 50 majors for undergraduates and graduates. It holds the distinction of being the only four-year, graduate-degree granting college in western Nebraska.

Program Features

Chadron State College provides a number of avenues to take your math pursuits. For one, you could earn an online BS in Mathematics. You could also add a few Math Education Endorsements onto the degree that are partially online – either a field endorsement for grades 6-12 or a middle level endorsement for grades 5-9. Here are some classes:

  • Advanced Mathematics Education Perspectives
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Math for the Elementary Teacher
  • Discrete Mathematics


Chadron State College has an online platform that is ready to meet your every need. You always have the option of attending online or in-person. A number of courses are also available in an accelerated format of 8-week cycles. Even more, the in-state and out-of-state tuition is exactly the same!


National University

College Choice Score: 86.40

Average Net Price: $23,232

School Website


Adult learners find a home at National University. The school is based in La Jolla, CA, but offers most of its classes and degree programs online. In fact, you can choose from over 1,500 online courses at National University. Close to 24,000 students attend in some capacity – either online or on-campus.

Program Features

At National University, you’ll jump into a rigorous BS in Mathematics with a Preliminary Single Subject Credential for California. This means you’ll be prepared to teach math at the middle and secondary levels. Your curriculum involves a mix of core math classes, education theory and methodology, and student teaching. Take a look:

  • Mathematics Teaching Methods
  • Fundamentals of Education
  • Technology in Math Education
  • Number Theory


National University includes a very involved student teaching process. You’ll complete a full year of supervised teaching. This means you’ll be placed in a classroom at the grade level of your choice and apply your mathematics teaching skills. Alongside these teaching experiences, you’ll take a student teaching seminar which allows you to integrate your knowledge.


Stephen F. Austin State University

College Choice Score: 85.67

Average Net Price: $11,650

School Website


One of the few independent public universities in Texas, Stephen F. Austin State University was started as a teacher’s college. It now offers over 120 degree programs through its six academic colleges. The school excels at affordability and offers on average $12,677 to each student in financial aid per year.

Program Features

Stephen F. Austin State University fully equips you to change the lives of young people through its BS in Mathematics Education degree. This gives you a degree in mathematics with a minor in secondary education. You’ll complete 40 upper-level credits in math, and 21 required credits in secondary education. It might look like this:

  • Curriculum and Instructional Design for All Learners
  • Intermediate Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
  • Math In Society
  • Linear Algebra


If you’re interested in adding on some classroom experience to your degree, Stephen F. Austin State University has got you covered. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a job-shadowing program. The school also partners with Talented Teachers in Training for Texas to integrate future teachers into the classroom.


Mercy College

College Choice Score: 82.37

Average Net Price: $16,246

School Website


A private university in Dobbs Ferry, NY, Mercy College began as a Roman Catholic institution. It is no longer officially affiliated, but holds on to some of the core tenets of the faith.

Program Features

You can earn an online BS in Mathematics at Mercy College. This curriculum takes on a technology focus and integrates applied math and computer language into the coursework. Most of the classes are delivered online, but this degree also includes a 15-credit residency requirement. Your classes along the way will include:

  • Statistics: Theory/Application
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Algebraic Structures
  • Mathematical Modeling


One of the most unique features of the program at Mercy College is the BS/MS Teacher Education Program. This is a five-year program that lets you fast-track your career to becoming a math teacher. It also includes certificates for you to specialize in Secondary Education, Childhood Education, or Early Childhood Education.


Southern New Hampshire University

College Choice Score: 82.31

Average Net Price: $39,638

School Website


One of the fastest growing universities in the nation, Southern New Hampshire University is a private institution based in Hooksett, NH. It is one of the leaders in online education and models its courses on competency-based learning. The College of Online & Continuing Education houses over 90,000 students.

Program Features

Southern New Hampshire University not only gives you the hard skills in math, but also the tools to apply them in tangible ways. The online BA in Applied Mathematics is a 120 credit-hour program that covers every end of the spectrum. Your curriculum also leaves a generous 30 credits for you to deepen your study. Here’s a sampling:

  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Applied Linear Algebra
  • The Heart of Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics for STEM  


Southern New Hampshire University knows the ins-and-outs of online education. You can access practically anything online that you could in person. For example, SNHU provides an online writing center, tutoring services, career services, academic advising, libraries, bookstore, and more.


Indian River State College

College Choice Score: 82.25

Average Net Price: $1,064

School Website


Based in Fort Pierce, FL, Indian River State College began as a junior college in 1959. For the last ten years, it has been slowly transitioning into a four-year institution. Today, Indian River State College offers over 100 different programs. The school is often recognized nationally for its affordability.

Program Features

You’ll earn an online BS in Middle Grades Mathematics at Indian River State College. This degree brings you up to speed with all of the latest educational trends and regulations in Florida. It also lets you dig into the heart of mathematics. You’ll cover 120 credit-hours of coursework that integrates theory with application:

  • Middle School/Secondary School Mathematics Methods
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Elements of Geometry
  • Seminar of Mathematics Education


Indian River State College established its Virtual Campus in 2013. It has grown to now offer 12 unique distance learning programs, as well as over 100 individualized courses. The school uses Blackboard as its learning management system. The entire Virtual Campus is nationally certified through Quality Matters.