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Students interested in pursuing their online masters in psychology can enjoy many exciting career opportunities after graduation. There are several programs that offer degrees in specialized areas of psychology, such as sports psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and school psychology. Depending on the student’s interests for their career, they can research programs that best suit what they are looking for. For general psychology masters programs, students often have the opportunity to pursue a concentration to tailor their degree more toward their specific area of interest.

There are a variety of psychology masters programs offered online to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals looking to advance their careers. Some programs even include practicum requirements that can lead graduates into a professional licensure program. Additionally, there are psychology programs that allow students to transfer their practicum and coursework credits into another masters program for counseling, leading them to another avenue for professional licensure.

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University of Georgia

CC New: 100

Average Net Price: $13,280

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Designed to offer students secondary options for focus areas, the online master of education in educational psychology, applied cognition and development at the University of Georgia prepares students for successful careers in a variety of settings. Students can tailor their degree to their career goals and personal interests by pursuing a concentration in one of the following areas: learning across the lifespan, learning with technology, development of high intellectual capability, or qualitative approaches to education. The 34-credit curriculum covers a variety of topics including cognition for education, applied statistical methods in education, and human development for education.


California Baptist University

CC New: 99.73

Average Net Price: $26,548

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The largest and oldest master’s program at California Baptist University, the master of science in counseling psychology program was founded more than 35 years ago. Students can pursue concentrations in forensic psychology or professional counselor depending on their career goals and interests. The 62-credit curriculum reviews several relevant topics including human communications in group process and diversity issues in counseling psychology. Focusing on equipping students with the ability to demonstrate knowledge of family systems theories, the online program prepares them to apply the lessons they learn to clinical practice and a variety of other careers in the psychology field.


Arizona State University - Tempe

CC New: 98.55

Average Net Price: $13,175

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Featuring 7.5 week-long classes, the online master of science in psychology program at Arizona State University comprises a 36-credit curriculum and 12 classes. The university aims to provide a flexible program for working professionals to gain an understanding of empirical research findings and psychological theory in regards to cognition, emotion, attitudes, and human behavior. Core coursework focuses on teaching students about the variety of roles that psychologists take on in today’s society. Elective courses include more specialized areas of psychology such as behavior analysis, developmental psychology, and abnormal psychology. Full-time students can complete the program in as few as 18 months, while part-time students will take longer, as long as they complete the program within six years of their first course.


Austin Peay State University

CC New: 96.02

Average Net Price: $12,081

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The online master of science in industrial-organizational psychology (SIOP) program at Austin Peay State University focuses on training master’s students to apply psychological principles to the workplace as they build upon their foundational science and research skills. Online courses are taught by the same esteemed instructors that teach on campus and students enjoy live video recordings, messenger, discussion boards, and phone or email access to their instructors. Courses teach students to use various research methods to study specific areas of SIOP such as training and development, performance management, and personnel selection and assessment.


Ball State University

CC New: 94.04

Average Net Price: $12,847

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Combining social science with statistics and numbers, the online master of science in quantitative psychology program at Ball State University prepares students for a variety of career opportunities. Coursework focuses on techniques and study methods to measure human attributes, designing research studies, analyzing psychological data, and how to understand the mathematical and statistical modeling of psychological processes. The 33-credit program requires students to complete 21 credits of core coursework as well as six credits from a concentration (either mixed methods or quantitative). A thesis requirement is also featured in the program.


Angelo State University

CC New: 92.25

Average Net Price: $12,751

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Angelo State University offers an online master of science in applied psychology program that enables students to study a wide cross-section of coursework that takes a deeper look at both applied and basic areas of psychology. Though the program is available online, students are able to take elective courses that count toward their degree in a face-to-face setting. Applicants do not have to have an undergraduate degree related to the program to be accepted. The curriculum focuses on important issues facing professionals in the psychology field today including improving health and education, increasing safety, and enhancing decision-making.


Grand Canyon University

CC New: 91.52

Average Net Price: $19,775

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Focusing on contemporary issues, the online master of science in psychology with an emphasis in general psychology program at Grand Canyon University offers a non-thesis curriculum that is designed to provide advanced academic exposure to the psychology field. Coursework explores many different areas of psychology, allowing students to study why people behave in certain ways and how to understand topics including research methods, statistics, human development, and psychopathology. Graduates are well prepared to pursue careers in behavior health, education, social services, and mental health, although many careers in those fields do require additional licensure.


Nova Southeastern University

CC New: 91.48

Average Net Price: $23,638

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The online master of science in general psychology program at Nova Southeastern University features specialty tracks that allow students to tailor their degree to their career area or area of expertise in order to advance their psychological knowledge in their particular field. Delivered completely online, the program allows students to participate in their courses from anywhere in the word as long as they have internet access. Online students have NSU computer accounts including Blackboard and email, but they are required to use their own technology. Discussion boards, chat rooms, multimedia presentations, and email all support student-to-student and student-to-faculty interactions.


Sacred Heart University

CC New: 89.43

Average Net Price: $38,313

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Focused on providing students with a fundamental understanding of people and their behavior, the online master of science in applied psychology promotes the use of resources to research various behavioral issues. Sacred Heart offers three career-focused concentration opportunities, enabling students to tailor their degree to their particular career goals. Concentrations include industrial-organizational psychology, general applied psychology, and community psychology. Since the program is research-based and does not lead to clinical licensure, there is no clinical component at Sacred Heart. Students can enjoy maximum flexibility with six different start dates each year. For final capstone options, students can choose to compose an essay or exam, complete a role immersion experience, applying their knowledge to carry out field work, or they can complete a thesis.


LeTourneau University

CC New: 88.12

Average Net Price: $23,024

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A master’s degree that prepares students to provide Christ-centered, holistic care to allow others to live more fulfilling lives, the online master of arts in psychology program at LeTourneau University allows students to explore how the foundations from their undergraduate studies can be used to develop their knowledge in more specialized areas. Students participate in practicum experience to gain in-depth face-to-face experience in counseling settings and they can pursue professional licensure as a licensed professional counselor if they transfer their hours into the university’s master or arts in counseling program. The curriculum also consists of 14 credit hours of electives in leadership, religion, education, or business.


Carlos Albizu University-Miami

CC New: 86.21

Average Net Price: $20,511

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The completely online master of science in industrial and organizational psychology program at Carlos Albizu University prepares students to be culturally competent industrial and organizational practitioners who tactfully apply scientific knowledge The curriculum focus on the areas of quality of work life, organizational development, training and development, selection and placement, and performance management. 42 credits of coursework and 6 credits of applied research/capstone projects credits comprise the program. Students must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA to successfully complete the program and go on to pursue careers in a variety of fields including government, education, human resources, and research.


American Public U

CC New: 85.91

Average Net Price: $10,265

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Blending academic research and applicable skills with scientific principles and theories, the online master of arts in psychology program at the American Public University supports the factors relative to human behavior such as social and cultural diversity, personality, assessment, psychopathology, and lifespan development. Online classrooms allow students to interact with their instructors and peers and the curriculum is designed to encourage and prepare students to pursue a doctoral degree or further graduate studies. Students complete 39 credits of coursework and can transfer in a maximum of 15 credits. Two years is the average length of the program for full-time students.


Fort Hays State University

CC New: 85.25

Average Net Price: $11,890

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Created to prepare students for successful careers in school psychology, the online master of science in school psychology program at Fort Hays State University requires students to complete the 30-credit master’s program as well as the 36-credit education specialist in school psychology program. Graduates enjoy excellent job placement rates and after they complete the education specialist program, they become eligible for conditional licensure as a school psychologist in the state of Kansas and other states as they complete their supervised, 1,200 hour internship. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or education with at least 12 credit hours of psychology coursework, one undergraduate course in research methods or statistics, and a minimum 3.0 GPA.


University of Southern California

CC New: 84.08

Average Net Price: $31,384

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At the University of Southern California, students can pursue an online master of science in applied psychology if they are interested in learning about psychology theory, practice, and research in business settings. The 16-month curriculum allows students to advance their careers in a flexible, accelerated format. Students can choose to concentrate their degree in a specific area in order to gear their program toward their career goals and interests. Concentrations include both consumer psychology and organizational psychology, focusing on successfully managing workforce environments. Coursework exposes students to a variety of topics such as research methods in applied social psychology, psychology of interactive media, and strategic business relationships.


University of Alabama

CC New: 76.39

Average Net Price: $18,814

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With graduates including education professionals, business managers, and youth ministers and counselors, the online master of arts in educational psychology program at the University of Alabama enables students to become experts with the educational evaluation and assessment proves. The 30-credit curriculum covers a variety of topics including social and cultural foundations of behavior, evaluation of classroom learning, self-regulation and motivation, and life-span development. Students complete a capstone project during the final semester of the program instead of completing an examination. The program is offered both online and in a hybrid format, allowing students to choose the level of flexibility that works for them.


Bellevue University

CC New: 76.37

Average Net Price: $8,727

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Students interested in studying human behavior in the workplace can pursue the online master of science in industrial and organizational psychology program at Bellevue University. Combining the practice and theory of psychology to improve the motivation, jobs satisfaction, performance, health, well-being, and safety of employees, the curriculum prepares students to excel in employee engagement and human resource development. Classes follow an online, accelerated cohort format allowing students to register for their courses only once and progress through their program with a group of peers. Members of the cohort enjoy the shared experiences and the unique, diverse perspectives of their peers in the group.


Regent University

CC New: 73.56

Average Net Price: $17,986

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Regent University offers an online master of science in general psychology through their school of psychology and counseling. Providing students with the opportunity to further specialize their degree in accordance with their career goals and areas of expertise, Regent offers six concentration options: marriage and family, industrial-organizational psychology, leadership coaching, addictions, doctoral preparation, and cyberpsychology and cybersecurity. The fully online curriculum features 8-week course sessions that explore the core areas of psychology including the dynamics of human social interactions and cognitive neuroscience. All courses are taught from a Christian worldview by the same esteemed instructors who teach the on-campus courses.


Ashford University

CC New: 72.48

Average Net Price: $16,078

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Featuring a unique, one course at a time format, the online master of arts in psychology program at Ashford University provides students with an in-depth exploration of the psychology field. The program operates on a generalist model with conceptual framework that promotes an understanding of the processes that support human behavior and experience as well as theories, core knowledge, and research methods in the field. Coursework prepares students to explain various psychological concepts effectively by using the professional standards of discipline and analyze the major theories, concepts, historical trends, and methodologies in psychology. Comprising 36 total credits, the curriculum focuses on one three-credit course at a time with each class lasting six weeks.


The University of Tennessee - Knoxville

CC New: 72.32

Average Net Price: $8,288

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The online master of science in educational psychology program at the University of Tennessee features two concentration options that allow students to tailor their degree to their career goals and personal interests: applied educational psychology or adult education. Both concentrations are designed for professionals who work in school settings, business and government, and colleges and universities. Courses follow a synchronous format, meaning students are online with their instructor and fellow students at a designated time, no matter what time zone they live in (log on times are based on Eastern Standard time). The curriculum includes 36 credit hours of non-thesis coursework and a comprehensive final examination.


Franklin University

CC New: 71.85

Average Net Price: $24,764

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Designed to equip students with the ability to resolve demanding managerial issues, motivate behavior, and leverage the leading psychological and neuroscience research for success. The 36-credit hour curriculum features a variety of courses covering topics such as creating behaviorally-based measures of economic performance, assessing the value of a neuroscience tool to use in the workplace, and applying psychological principles in new product marketing. The key skill areas students focus on developing during the program are marketing psychology, human resource development, innovation and change management, organizational intelligence, and individual and organizational coaching.


University of Idaho

CC New: 69.98

Average Net Price: $13,709

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The online master of science in psychology: human factors program at the University of Idaho teaches students to analyze, enhance, and understand how people interact with products, computers, technology, facilities and other environments, and equipment in order to help businesses, government, and other industries improve efficiency and safety. The degree is offered both on-campus and online, with online students enjoying in-state tuition rates no matter where they live. The curriculum covers a broad variety of applied topics including human-machine and human-computer interaction, safety and ergonomics, and human performance and human error. Graduates have gone on to successful careers in fields like product development, public safety, and aviation systems and research.


Medaille College

CC New: 69.33

Average Net Price: $12,984

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Medaille College offers an online master of arts in psychology program to students interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the advanced principles of psychology. Featuring a brand new sports psychology concentration, the program allows students to build careers in coaching, sports psychology, sports management, education, human services, community-based agencies, and business. Additionally, pursuing a concentration in sports psychology’s strengthens graduates’ credentials as they apply for Phd. programs or the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Medaille. Students can finish the program in as little as one year if they take the maximum of four courses each semester with each course lasting seven weeks.


University of Memphis

CC New: 67.99

Average Net Price: $13,154

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Formatted to meet the demands of individuals and professionals who want and need to earn a graduate degree but are not able to attend on-campus classes, the online master of science in educational psychology program at the University of Memphis prepare leaders in education for basic and applied research, teaching, and other professional roles that require a deeper understanding of psychology. Courses encourage an understanding of human development, research and statistics, and learning and cognition. Applicants must submit their GRE scores by sending them directly to the university once they complete their test. Additionally, they have to complete two applications: one for the university and one for the program. Applications are reviewed twice each year to admit new students.


Saint Leo University

CC New: 67.26

Average Net Price: $21,377

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A fully asynchronous, online program, the online masters in psychology degree at Saint Leo University provides student with a general, broad-based psychology degree. A comprehensive curriculum promotes the global understanding of human behavior and emphasizes a variety of psychological theories and practices. General psychology coursework exposes students to topics such as physiological, social, and developmental psychology. Coursework also focuses on developing students’ practical skills in regards to research, teaching, and data analysis. Students must complete a final capstone project in which they choose a specific area that interests them within the field and conduct research design and analysis while highlighting ethical decision making as well as excellent writing skills.


University of Hartford

CC New: 66.60

Average Net Price: $30,328

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Offering three different start dates throughout the year, the online master of science in organizational psychology program at the University of Hartford dedicates itself to addressing the critical leadership skills needed to enhance organizational effectiveness. Coursework focuses on developing students’ abilities to manage transitions, restructure organizations, and promote teamwork. The curriculum features a theoretical framework of organizational psychology, allowing students to improve their research, facilitation, interpersonal, and communication skills. The 36-credit curriculum allows for a maximum of 6 transfer credits and requires students to complete 15 credits of required foundational coursework including a capstone project.