From sports to forensics, psychologists can specialize in a variety of areas. Check out the Best Online Master’s in Psychology today!

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People with an online master’s in psychology can now be found in the most unexpected work environments. Psychologists now work in tandem with experts of all different industries. They work with athletes, business executives, advertisers, students, and more. We now rely on the expertise of psychologists to not only help us make crucial decisions, but to get us in the proper mindset to do so as well.

What kind of Psychology degree should you get?

As the demand for psychologists rises, more and more programs continue to pop up. It can be difficult to figure out what kind of degree you should get–should you attend online? Or on-campus? If you’re already working and flexibility is key for you, an online program may be your best bet.

How much money do people make with a Master’s in Psychology degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a psychologist is $75,230 per year. Of course, the more advanced training you have in the field, the higher earning potential you’ll have going forward. Luckily, the employment outlook is very strong for psychologists. In fact, employment is expected to grow 19% from now to 2024.

Salaries will also vary depending on if you have an area of specialty, if you have a private practice, etc.

What can you do with a Master’s in Psychology?

While psychologists can’t write prescriptions as they are not medical doctors, they often work alongside doctors to treat patients collaboratively. Psychologists are licensed by state boards to practice psychotherapy and have high ethical standards and confidentiality agreements to which they must adhere to while treating patients.

There are a variety of avenues you can explore as a psychologist, including forensic psychology, sports psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and more. From helping athletes achieve balance alongside their professional goals in a high-pressure job, to determining whether or not criminals are mentally fit to stand trial, there are so many options for psychologists today!

What are the requirements for obtaining a Master’s in Psychology?

Some programs will require students to have had some background in psychology or a related field, whereas many do not. Obtaining a Master’s in Psychology doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have licensure in that state. Typically, you’ll have to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology and pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology to get a license.

Students can expect to take courses like Group Counseling Methods, Applied Research Methods, and Educational Psychology—of course, classes will vary depending on your concentration (if you choose one). Many programs also require students to complete an internship or thesis.

What are the best Psychology degrees?

There are so many psychology degrees out there. So how do you choose the best?! If you’re looking to earn an advanced degree with the flexibility to learn on your own time, these online Psychology Master’s programs below are a great starting point.

If you hope to go on to earn a doctoral degree in the field as well, many of the below programs offer excellent courses to prepare you for the road ahead.


University of Georgia

CC New: 100

Average Net Price: $13,280

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Located in Athens, Georgia, this public research university is currently ranked #54 in the nation by US News & World Report. With 23 students named Rhodes Scholars in its history, the university is a hot spot for intellectuals. Since 1785, the University of Georgia has grown significantly and now offers a number of top-ranked online graduate degrees. If you’re looking for flexibility in obtaining a psychology degree, the University of Georgia has a few great options!

Program Features

The University of Georgia offers several advanced online degrees in Psychology, including:

  • Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development
  • Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education
  • Specialist of Education in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education

These programs are unique in that you will earn a Master of Education rather than an MS or MA in Psychology; if you’re interested in psychology, but your true passion is teaching, then these programs were made for you.


University of Georgia online graduate education programs are ranked #6 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Graduates of these programs will be prepared for a variety of careers in teaching, lifespan development settings, research in schools and industry, institutional research, educational technology, and more!


California Baptist University

CC New: 99.73

Average Net Price: $26,548

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California Baptist University is one of the top private Christian schools in Southern California. With 30 master’s degree programs, over 45 concentrations, and two doctoral programs, CBU is a hot spot for those looking to obtain an advanced degree. CBU Online is now an excellent way to earn a degree from a highly-acclaimed university while cutting both costs and time. With 13 online Master’s programs, including Counseling Psychology, CBU should definitely be on your list to consider.

Program Features

The online Master of Science in Counseling Psychology degree program at CBU is specifically designed for those looking to enter the professional field of marriage and family therapy, or professional clinical counseling. Classes in this program are offered in two unique formats:

  • Virtual Hybrid Format – involving synchronous high definition online interactions
  • Asynchronous Online Format – allows students to work at their own pace

Students in this program will take courses including: human sexuality, psychodiagnostics, and addictions counseling. Choosing to obtain your MS in Counseling Psychology at CBU allows you the flexibility to live your life while mastering skills in something you’re passionate about.


Students graduating from the online Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) degree program at CBU are required to successfully complete a written comprehensive examination, which includes the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE) and several questions that address law/ethics, diagnosing, and treatment planning.


Arizona State University - Tempe

CC New: 98.55

Average Net Price: $13,175

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Located in Tempe, AZ, ASU is a public research university founded in 1885 that has been ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation, dedicated to accessibility and excellence. If you’re an environmentalist, you’ll be happy to know the folks at ASU have an unrivaled commitment to sustainability; in fact, the campus is the most solar-powered of any in the U.S. Now, with a variety of online programs, students around the globe can enjoy ASU’s innovative spirit from the comfort of their own homes!

Program Features

Arizona State University offers two unique online Master’s programs in Psychology, including:

  • Online Master of Science in Psychology – designed for individuals looking to pursue a career in mental health, nonprofit, or marketing.
  • Online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology – designed for those who want to learn how mental health and human behavior intersect with the law and the criminal justice system.

Both programs include 11 total classes, each of which is to be completed in 7.5 weeks for a combined total of 33 credit hours. Full-time students can earn a degree in as little as 18 months, while part-time students must fulfill all requirements within six years from the date of their first course.


It’s important to note that neither online psychology program will make its graduates eligible for licensure for clinical practice. However, ASU is known for being ranked #4 in the nation for online undergraduate degree programs and is a great for those looking for a more affordable and flexible advanced degree option.


Austin Peay State University

CC New: 96.02

Average Net Price: $12,081

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Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, APSU is named after former Tennessee Governor Austin Peay, a Clarksville native. Now, students can enjoy all the perks of this university without being confined to the physical boundaries of a classroom. With 11 online Master’s degrees– including psychology!– you’ll have the flexibility to complete your classes from virtually anywhere.

Program Features

APSU offers a variety of online degrees, including a Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MSIO). The program includes 34 hours and can be completed in less than 2 years. Courses may include:

  • Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Cross-Cultural I-O Psychology

Students may also choose to complete an optional six-hour thesis. With access to the same peer and faculty support through virtual classrooms, discussion boards, live video recordings, and more, students will not feel as if they’re missing out on anything in this unique distance-learning program.


Through the MSIO program at Austin Peay, students can develop their expertise in a variety of areas, including: personnel selection and assessment, training and development, performance management, motivation, team performance, and leadership. The program’s flexibility is perfect for those who are unsure if they want to pursue a terminal degree or go on to pursue doctoral level work in the field.


Ball State University

CC New: 94.04

Average Net Price: $12,847

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This public university is located in Muncie, Indiana; a city with a population of just over 69,000. Ball State is home to nearly 22,000 students and offers eight academic colleges and top-of-the-line research facilities for students to take advantage of. The university also offers more than 20 online master’s degrees (including psychology) for those looking to get an advanced degree in a more flexible fashion.

Program Features

Ball State offers two unique online masters programs in psychology which include:

  • Master of Science in Quantitative Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology

The degree in Educational Psychology is to be completed all online, while the MS in Quantitative Psychology is offered online, on-campus, or as a blend of both. If you’re interested in an MS in Educational Psychology, Ball State offers an on-campus-only option for that.


Graduates of the online MA in educational psychology will be prepared for a variety of career options, including: training and development specialist, early childhood educator, and educational researcher. For those pursuing an MS in Quantitative Psychology, job outlooks are equally as good. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor, reports a projected job growth of 32 percent through 2022.


Angelo State University

CC New: 92.25

Average Net Price: $12,751

School Website


Located in San Angelo, Texas, Angelo State is a public university that was founded in 1928. With over 6,000 students and six colleges offering over 100 majors and concentrations, there is no shortage of academic excellence at Angelo State. Now, the school offers several degrees online– including an Applied Psychology Master’s Degree.

Program Features

The Applied Psychology Master’s Degree (M.S.) at Angelo State can be taken with or without a thesis; no matter the option, all students are expected to complete 36 semester credit hours. The online psychology program at Angelo State exposes students to a cross-section of courses covering both basic and applied areas of psychology. Students may take the following courses:

  • Applied Economic Psychology
  • Health and Wellness Psychology
  • Applications of Psychological Research
  • Psychology of Human Performance
  • Motivation, Emotion, and Stress

Students in this program can also choose to take courses in a face-to-face format, but all required courses and electives are conveniently offered online.


All our core graduate courses are taught by ASU faculty with doctoral degrees and students have the flexibility to really tailor the program to suit their needs and take courses that align with their specific career goals. Students also get plenty of opportunities to work closely with faculty members on research.


Grand Canyon University

CC New: 91.52

Average Net Price: $19,775

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Canyon University’s student body is largely made up of online students. With so many online students, GCU has mastered the art of delivering an incredible campus experience in a virtual setting. Among its popular online graduate programs is a 36-credit Master of Science in Psychology.

Program Features

The online MS In Psychology at GCU is offered by their College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the program includes an emphasis in Health Psychology. Students in this program will study:

  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Pain management
  • Social and cultural psychology
  • Future of health psychology
  • Psychology of death and dying
  • And much more!

This online program is made up of 36 course credits and is typically completed in 8 weeks. All students must participate in a capstone seminar prior to completion.


This health psychology degree allows graduates to better understand how past and current data can impact future generations. With this kind of knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to provide recommendations and implement programs toward improving the future of healthcare treatments. Graduates can find work in a variety of places including hospitals, universities, private corporations, government settings, nonprofit agencies and healthcare clinics.


Nova Southeastern University

CC New: 91.48

Average Net Price: $23,638

School Website


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nova Southeastern University is a research university that was originally established in 1964. Now, the university offers full-degree online programs with access to Nova’s Electronic Library and extensive online databases. Students looking to earn an advanced degree in psychology with the ease of online accessibility should definitely consider Nova Southeastern.

Program Features

Nova Southeastern University offers two online Master’s in psychology degrees:

  • Master of Science in General Psychology  
  • Master of Science in Forensic Psychology

The Master’s in General Psychology is a 30-credit online program, while the M.S. in Forensic Psychology requires 36 credits. Students in the General Track can choose to write a Master’s thesis (6 credits) instead of two of the courses in the track. The Forensic Psychology degree is perfect for those looking to work in the courts, law enforcement, criminal justice, national security offices, prisons, and a variety of other forensic settings.


Students in the Forensic Psychology program can choose from one of two specialization tracks: forensic psychology in the legal system or forensic psychology for mental health workers, first responders, and disaster teams. Those in the General Psychology program can choose the general track, applied health science track, or the diversity studies track. Student are expected to complete their program and graduate within five years from the date of first enrollment.


Sacred Heart University

CC New: 89.43

Average Net Price: $38,313

School Website


Located in Fairfield, Connecticut, Sacred Heart University was founded in 1963 and is ranked the #4 Most Innovative University, according to U.S. News & World Report. The university continues to expand and innovate, now offering a variety of flexible, online degree programs. In the online Master’s program in Applied Psychology, students can learn from professors who are licensed psychologists, active researchers and published authors. Over 90 percent of faculty members even hold doctorate degrees.

Program Features

Sacred Heart’s MSAP program is research-based program and doesn’t lead directly to clinical licensure– there is no clinical component. Students are required to complete 38 credit hours and can choose one of three concentrations, including:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Community Psychology
  • General Applied Psychology

I-O Psychology focuses on studying and resolving problems in the workplace, while the Community Psychology concentration is designed to face issues within communities and nonprofit organizations. The General Applied Psychology concentration gives students the flexibility to choose freely among courses in the program in order to tailor the degree to their needs.


For the final capstone courses, there are two two-course options that students can choose from: Complete an exam/essay, or participate in a role immersion project. No matter the choice, graduates are sure to leave the program with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In fact, SHU has been ranked among the Best Colleges in the North by U.S. News & World Report for three consecutive years.


LeTourneau University

CC New: 88.12

Average Net Price: $23,024

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Located in Longview, Texas, LeTourneau University is a small, private, Christian college that offers many online degrees. LeTourneau University’s Master of Arts in Psychology degree program is not a licensure program, but will appeal to those looking for a program which combines clinical psychological theory with Christian theology and spirituality.

Program Features

The Master of Arts in Psychology is a non-licensure program for counseling ministries, designed for those looking to build a basic counseling skill set yet not interested in pursuing professional counseling or marriage and family therapy licensure. Courses may include:

  • Integrative Theology for Counselors
  • Group Counseling Methods
  • Theological & Spiritual Dynamics in Counseling
  • Addictions Counseling

Students will complete a total of 36 credit hours and will also participate in a practicum experience in which they will gain extensive face-to-face experience in counseling settings.


LeTourneau University’s School of Psychology & Counseling faculty members are industry experts with years of counseling and psychology experience. Graduates of this program can look forward to a variety of fulfilling careers, including: Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, School Psychologist, Behavior Analyst, and more.


California University of Pennsylvania

CC New: 87.83

Average Net Price: $17,233

School Website


Not to be confused by this school’s name, California University of Pennsylvania is located in the state of Pennsylvania…in a town called California! Founded in 1852, Cal U offers over 100 graduate programs and is consistently ranked among the best colleges in the Northeast by The Princeton Review. If you’re interested in obtaining a flexible advanced psychology degree that’s rooted in athletics, Cal U is the perfect option for you.

Program Features

Cal U offers a variety of 100% online Master’s degree programs, including a Master of Science, Exercise Science & Health Promotions in:

  • Sport Psychology  
  • Performance Enhancing drugs and Injury Prevention and Sport Psychology
  • Rehab Science and Sport Psychology
  • Sport Psychology and Wellness Coaching
  • Wellness and Fitness and Sport Psychology  

These programs are designed for health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, educators, coaches, and others who wish to gain knowledge from the psychological perspective to enhance their current practice behavior and use an all-inclusive approach to recovery.


Students can look forward to a variety of interesting courses, including: Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation, Research in Sport Psychology, and Nutrition for Peak Performance. Full-time students can complete the exercise science and health promotion online program in 12 consecutive months, or 17 consecutive months if attending part-time.


Carlos Albizu University-Miami

CC New: 86.21

Average Net Price: $20,511

School Website


Located in Doral, Florida, Carlos Albizu University-Miami was founded in 1966 and is the first institution specializing in graduate studies in psychology in the Caribbean and North America. The university is named after the first president of the National Hispanic Psychological Association, Carlos Albizu. While the school offers a variety of psychology degrees, they only offer one online: a Master of Science (M.S) in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Program Features

Students in the MS I-O Psychology program are expected to complete 42 academic credits, 6 applied research/capstone projects credits, and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. Graduates can expect to find careers in the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Government
  • Research
  • Education

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in industrial and organizational psychology are expected to increase by 53.4% from 2012 to 2022! Not a bad start if you’re looking to invest in your future.


While graduates of the program will not have licensure requirements in the United States, an online I-O Psychology degree from Carlos Albizu University will provide you with a working understanding of theories, research, and practice in the field of I/O. Students of this program have gone on to publish their research findings in prestigious, professional journals.


American Public U

CC New: 85.91

Average Net Price: $10,265

School Website


Located in Charles Town, West Virginia, this is an online-only school that is comprised of both American Public University and American Military University. One of the school’s most popular majors is in psychology. In fact, the university offers a 39-credit Master of Arts in Psychology that can be completed in 2 years for full-time students.

Program Features

The Master of Arts in Psychology offers a solid foundation in the essentials of the subject with classes such as:

  • Learning and Cognition
  • Crisis and Emergency Intervention
  • Personality and Counseling Theories
  • Research and Statistical Methods of Psychology

As an online school, American Public U offers monthly program starting dates and completely asynchronous learning formats–meaning students and teachers don’t have to be online at the same time. This makes for exceptional flexibility for those students who need it. Students will interact with both peers and instructors who are passionate about the field of psychology and excited to enhance human mental health and well-being.


This online psychology program should not be considered a terminal degree in the field, but is designed rather to students for doctoral or other graduate studies. Graduates of this program have become employed in some of the following fields: school psychologists, industrial-organizational psychologists, and neuropsychologists.


Fort Hays State University

CC New: 85.25

Average Net Price: $11,890

School Website


Located in Hays, Kansas, Fort Hays State University specializes in affordable online education; in fact, a sizable number of their student body (~6000) is comprised of online students. FHSU was ranked as one of the Most Affordable Online Colleges for Social Sciences Degrees in 2017. The school’s virtual college offers two excellent school psychology programs: a Master’s (M.S.) in Psychology (school emphasis) and an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in School Psychology.

Program Features

The M.S. in Psychology requires students to take 30 credits, while the Ed.S. degree in School Psychology requires 36. Upon completion of the Ed.S. program a 1,200-hour supervised internship is completed as well. Depending on your program of choice, you will take classes which may include:

  • Psychological Consultation in Schools
  • Advanced Child Psychopathology
  • Theories of Exceptionality

Candidates of either program are allowed a maximum of 3 years to complete it. While both programs are online, there is an exception; students will be required to attend one week of on-campus instruction when enrolled in a course called Appraisal of Children.


Students in the virtual programs will not be able to complete a field study or thesis, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for an advanced degree that includes a thesis. The M.S./Ed.S. program in school psychology leads to licensure in Kansas.


University of Southern California

CC New: 84.08

Average Net Price: $31,384

School Website


This private research university located in Los Angeles, California is home to nearly 45,000 students. Founded in 1880, the University of Southern California is also the oldest private research university in California. USC currently offers over 80 online programs to more than 7,000 graduate students. With an online Master of Science in Applied Psychology, students can now obtain an advanced psychology degree from a highly-ranked institution in a flexible fashion.

Program Features

The MS in Applied Psychology at USC can be completed in as few as 16 months and is designed for employed professionals who are looking to utilize the psychological sciences to further innovate in their respective fields. The degree provides two concentrations:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology– Focuses on the psychological dimension of workplace related issues.
  • Consumer Psychology– Studies psychological phenomena related to advertising and consumption.

While this program is to be completed online, there is a required internship component so that students can really implement what they are learning.


Sample courses include: Psychology of Interactive Media, Psychology of Organizational Change, and Research Methods in Applied Social Psychology. Graduates will have completed 34 unit credits and can look forward to a variety of career options, including those in: advertising, public relations, market research, career counseling, and more!


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

CC New: 83.36

Average Net Price: $14,089

School Website


Located in Edinboro, a town in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Edinboro University is a small public university that offers a variety of online graduate degrees. In fact, the university’s online programs have received a top-tier ranking by US News and World Report. Among its excellent graduate programs is a 30-credit Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology.

Program Features

All classes in this program are offered online and can be completed part-time over two-years. Course offerings include:

  • Learning Theories
  • Crisis Management and Violence Prevention
  • Statistical Methods in Education
  • Foundations of Literacy

To complete the program students must pass a comprehensive evaluation which covers five key courses. There are 25 multiple-choice questions related to each course and students have two hours to complete the exam. Edinboro also offers an Educational Specialist in School Psychology graduate program where classes can be taken online paired with Saturday face-to-face classes once a month.


Edinboro’s online psychology program is rated 6th in the nation by Best Counseling Degrees in its “Top 10 Accredited Online School Counseling Master’s Degrees Ranked By Affordability” and 8th in the nation by Nonprofit Colleges Online’s new “Students Before Profits Award.”


Seton Hall University

CC New: 80.47

Average Net Price: $27,404

School Website


Located in South Orange, New Jersey, Seton Hall University is home to nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Founded in 1856 by Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, Seton Hall is a leading Catholic university which now offers a variety of online degree options. Their unique online Professional Counseling program is a combined, 60-credit, Master’s and Education Specialist program.  

Program Features

The online M.A./Ed.S in Counseling program offers several interesting courses, including:

  • Psychology of Human Development
  • Multicultural Counseling and Psychology
  • Counselor Ethics in Practice

The program also requires two on-site residencies, allowing students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with professors and with others who are enrolled in the program. Residency expenses are included in the cost of tuition, except for transportation to and from the residency.


Faculty in the College of Education and Human Services are expert researchers and practitioners in teacher and leader preparation as well as professional psychology and family therapy. Collaboration within departments is encouraged with the recognition that supporting and improving the lives of families and communities can be quite a complex process.


University of Alabama

CC New: 76.39

Average Net Price: $18,814

School Website


Located in Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama was founded in 1820, making it the oldest and largest of the public universities in Alabama. Its distance learning school, Bama by Distance, offers 42 different online graduate programs, among which is a 30-credit MA in Educational Psychology Learning and Assessment. If you’re looking for affordability, flexibility and a stellar online psychology degree, Bama by Distance is a great option to consider.

Program Features

The MA in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning and Assessment, is a program focused both on developing education practices based on the latest psychological research as well as the most effective ways to measure educational success. Required courses include:

  • Statistical Methods in Education
  • Development of Self-Regulation
  • Social and Cultural Foundations of Behavior

All students are expected to complete a capstone project during their final semester in lieu of a comprehensive examination.


For those hoping to use their Master’s degree as a stepping stone for further advancement in the field, Bama by Distance also offers a 69-credit joint MA in Educational Psychology/EdS in Educational Psychology. An EdS (Education Specialist) degree is an advanced professional degree, one step below a doctorate, that can open doors to further advancement in the field of education.


Bellevue University

CC New: 76.37

Average Net Price: $8,727

School Website


Founded in 1966, Bellevue University is located in Bellevue, Nebraska, and has a student population of over 10,000. Bellevue also has many online degree programs; in fact, students online represent all 50 United States and the District of Columbia. For those interested in pursuing a career in psychology, Bellevue offers a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Degree.

Program Features

The Industrial Organizational Psychology Program at Bellevue is designed for those who are interested in the function of this field of study in corporate settings, combining theory and practice. Students are required to take 36 credit hours and courses may include:

  • Applied Organizational Psychology
  • Applied Research Methods
  • Social Psychology

Students will also have the opportunity to concentrate on a specific area of interest within I-O in a practicum experience. In addition, students will complete an applied research capstone project  to learn how to apply their research to the workplace.


Graduates of this psychology program will be well-equipped to bring a strategic, thoughtful approach to employee engagement, personnel selection, talent management, measurement and design, and succession planning. They will also be equipped with statistical and analytical tools to tackle the most complex organizational challenges.


Regent University

CC New: 73.56

Average Net Price: $17,986

School Website


Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Regent University is one of the nation’s top Christian colleges. Regent also ranked #3 among the top Yellow Ribbon online schools in 2017. Through its School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent offers two Master of Science in Psychology degrees online, one intended as a terminal (M.S. in General Psychology) and the other as a professional degree (M.S. in General Psychology – Doctoral Preparation).

Program Features

The M.S. in General Psychology at Regent requires 39 credit hours and the program does not lead to licensure. Courses may include:

  • Contemporary Psychology
  • Affect, Cognition, and Motivation
  • Lifespan Psychology

The doctoral preparation degree requires a thesis, while the terminal degree does not. Both programs are taught through the lens of a Christian worldview and will equip graduates with highly sought after skills like analytical thinking, quantitative research, communication and problem-solving. Both programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.


If your goal is to pursue doctoral studies in applied psychology, you should opt for the M.S. in General Psychology with a concentration in Doctoral Preparation. The program will also prepare you for careers that include: Organizational Consulting, Research Director, Human Services, Market Research, and more.


Ashford University

CC New: 72.48

Average Net Price: $16,078

School Website


Ashford University is an online university that is headquartered in San Diego, California. As its programs are offered online only, total enrollment is quite high–nearing 75,000 students! The university provides a 36-credit online Master of Arts in Psychology. The program prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, including mental health, education, business, health care, counseling, and social and human services.

Program Features

The MA in Psychology at Ashford requires students to take 36 credits. Among the classes offered are:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Learning and Cognition
  • Psychopharmacology
  • The Biological Bases of Behavior

Graduates of this program will be able to analyze the major concepts, theories, methodologies, and historical trends in psychology, as well as integrate psychological theory and research.


What’s great about courses at Ashford University is their length; each course is just six weeks and students can even choose to take just one course at a time. Each course is 3 credits; so if you took one at a time, you could complete the program in just over 16 months time. It’s perfectly accessible those who are working full time as well as those who need to finish their degree more quickly.


The University of Tennessee - Knoxville

CC New: 72.32

Average Net Price: $8,288

School Website


Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, UT Knoxville was founded in 1794 as Blount College and today is home to over 6,000 graduate students. The students of this university are well known for their valiant volunteer efforts and spirit. The school continues to grow and evolve as more online degree programs are offered, including a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology.

Program Features

The Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology at UT Knoxville offers two concentrations:

  • Adult Education
  • Applied Educational Psychology

Faculty deliver courses in this program through synchronous methodology– meaning students need to be online with the instructor and other students at the designated evening and time (which is currently Eastern Standard Time). The program requires 36 hours of non-thesis coursework and a comprehensive examination. The degree can be earned in two years by taking two online courses every semester, for six semesters.


The Adult Education concentration includes coursework in areas such as adult learning and development, program planning, reflective practice, and teaching adults. The Applied Educational Psychology track is geared toward those who may want to enter a doctoral program in educational or school psychology.


Franklin University

CC New: 71.85

Average Net Price: $24,764

School Website


Located in Columbus, Ohio, this private university was founded in 1902 and is known for their online learning degrees. In fact, Franklin University is ranked the Best Online School in Ohio. With a Master’s program in Business Psychology, Franklin University offers students the ability to combine the latest psychological and neuroscience research, with the skills needed to resolve demanding managerial issues.

Program Features

The online M.S. in Business Psychology from Franklin University is a unique program that can be completed in as few as 14 months. Students will have to complete 36 semester hours and courses may include:

  • Managerial Psychology
  • Individual and Organizational Intelligence
  • Psychology of Creativity, Innovation and Change

Graduates of this program will possess an understanding of human behavior as well as knowledge of business principles, and the know-how to leverage them into workplace success. Not to mention, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business psychology jobs are projected to grow at a rate that’s faster than the national average through 2025!


Franklin offers competitive tuition rates and multiple program start dates as well as evening classes and a number of student services that cater to working adults. Graduates of this program can look forward to a variety of career options and classes are taught by faculty with years of industry experience.


University of Idaho

CC New: 69.98

Average Net Price: $13,709

School Website


Located in Moscow, Idaho, the University of Idaho is home to nearly 12,000 students. For a school that was founded in the late 1800’s, the University of Idaho has sure evolved to meet the demands of our current tech-crazed society. In fact, many of the university’s degree programs are offered in an online format; one of which is a Master of Science in Psychology: Human Factors.

Program Features

The M.S. in Psychology: Human Factors is offered through University of Idaho’s College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. Human factors psychology studies how people interact with objects in their environment. It is especially useful for those hoping to work in the fields of product/software design and engineering. Students can expect to take the following courses:

  • Engineering Psychology
  • Human Factors in Engineering Design
  • Ergonomics & Biomechanics
  • Human-Computer Interaction

While this program can be completed online, students will have access to a number of on-campus laboratory facilities if they wish to use them.


Admission into this degree program requires either an undergraduate degree in psychology, design, computer science, or engineering. All students will complete the degree through a comprehensive examination and a faculty-directed thesis. Graduates can expect diverse employment options, including product development, consulting, nuclear power, surface transportation, aviation systems and research.


Medaille College

CC New: 69.33

Average Net Price: $12,984

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A private liberal arts college located in Buffalo, New York, Medaille initiated its online degree programs in 2010. Now, the number of online programs offered continues to increase, providing  tremendous flexibility for students who already have a lot on their plates. Medaille’s online Master’s in Psychology is a two-year program that may be the perfect fit for you!

Program Features

The online Master of Arts in Psychology degree through Medaille is a full-time 36-credit program that can be completed in two years. Each course is three credit hours, and students take one course every two months. Now, the school also offers an optional concentration in sports psychology. Courses may include:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychopathologies

In addition to this coursework, students must also successfully complete either a thesis or an internship in order to earn the M.A. degree.


The new concentration in Sport Psychology is designed to focus on fundamental principles in the area of sport psychology, sport counseling and intervention, as well as psychological factors in rehabilitation and coaching and performance. This advanced study will also serve professionals in the field of sport performance, coaching, health, fitness and wellness. Students can declare this concentration upon entering the program or at the end of their first semester.


University of Memphis

CC New: 67.99

Average Net Price: $13,154

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Founded in 1912, the University of Memphis is home to more than 20,000 students who are enrolled in traditional and online programs. Academic offerings include an online Master’s in Educational Psychology that was developed to appeal to a wide range of professional aspirations, including teaching, research, consulting, and others. However, this program isn’t designed for those seeking licensure for K-12 schools or wanting to become counselors.

Program Features

The online MS degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Memphis is an asynchronous program that can only be taken full-time and can typically be completed in two years. Students are expected to complete 33 credit hours in subjects that include:

  • Statistical Methods
  • Life-span Human Development
  • Adolescent Psychology

Graduates of this program will have also completed a thesis or research project.


While the program is online, students can take advantage of plenty of resources like statistics tutoring, assistance with using Blackboard, introductions to influential practitioners of educational psychology, a digital research library, and advice on which classes best suit their particular career goals. Those seeking admission will need to provide GRE scores as part of the school’s graduate application requirements.


Saint Leo University

CC New: 67.26

Average Net Price: $21,377

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This Catholic liberal arts university is located in St. Leo, Florida and has more than 15,000 enrolled students. The university boasts one of the oldest distance learning programs in the country; among the many graduate degrees offered is its online MS in Psychology. Saint Leo’s psychology degree combines a broad-based approach to psychological topics with a focus on practical application.

Program Features

The online Master of Science in Psychology is an asynchronous 36 graduate-credit-hour program where students take one course per eight-week term. Degree requirements include some of the following courses:

  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Ethics and Diversity
  • Psychology of Teaching and Practice

Graduate students will also have to complete a two-semester capstone project in which they’ll choose an area of interest in the field and engage in research design and analysis, emphasizing ethical decision making and writing excellence.


This degree from Saint Leo University will prepare graduates for positions as data analysts, market and survey researchers, program evaluators, research analysts, project managers, human resource analysts, college-level psychology instructors and many other management-level jobs.


University of Hartford

CC New: 66.60

Average Net Price: $30,328

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Located in West Hartford, Connecticut, this university is home to beloved mascot Howie the Hawk and boasts a variety of advanced degree programs. For those interested in psychology, the University of Hartford offers an online 36-credit Master of Science in Organizational Psychology. Both flexible and affordable, this program may be the perfect fit for you!

Program Features

Students can complete this online psychology program in as few as two years by taking no more than two courses per session. The Master of Science in Organizational Psychology requires students to take 36 credits which include the following:

  • Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Experimental Design
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Capstone Project
  • Seven electives (21 credits)

To make it even easier for students of this program, there are no required class or login times. Courses can be taken at your convenience as you work towards this degree.


The Department of Psychology at the University of Hartford is one of the largest academic units on campus, thereby offering a plethora of resources for students both on and off campus. The department promotes self-awareness and lifelong learning aimed at developing well-rounded, resourceful, ethical, competent, and compassionate graduates.


Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

CC New: 66.22

Average Net Price: $23,220

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Penn State World Campus or “Penn State Online” is the online campus of The Pennsylvania State University. The World Campus launched in 1998 and has been gaining ground ever since. Now, with over 17,000 enrolled students, Penn State Online offers more than 125 degree and certificate programs. Students can now pursue a rather unique degree: an Online Master of Professional Studies in the Psychology of Leadership.

Program Features

The MPS in the Psychology of Leadership examines the nature and role of leadership across varied organizational settings. Unlike any other program on this list so far, this one focuses on the relationships between leaders and followers. The 33-credit curriculum includes the following required courses:

  • Psychological Foundations of Leadership
  • Ethics and Leadership: Psychological and Social Processes
  • Foundations of Behavior, Motivation, and Attitudes at Work

Students will also take a variety of electives as well as a supervised Capstone Experience.


If you currently work in a leadership position or if you aspire to move into a leadership role, the MPS in the Psychology of Leadership is the perfect choice for you. This program isn’t intended for those seeking to improve business strategy skills, but rather to help graduates understand people and social situations in work settings where more effective leadership can make a positive impact.


Indiana Institute of Technology

CC New: 66.06

Average Net Price: $23,649

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Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Indiana Institute of Technology was founded in 1930 and specializes in tech, business, education, and criminal justice. However, Indiana Tech also offers a great online Master of Science in Psychology through its College of General Studies. With a dedication to prepare students for the real world, Indiana Tech may offer the ideal psychology program to suit your needs.

Program Features

The online Master of Science in Psychology at Indiana Tech provides a solid foundation in psychological theory and research. Students must complete 33 credits and required courses include:

  • Writing in Psychology
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Advanced Biopsychology

Prospective students should note that this program does not lead to licensure for independent practice in psychology.


Most online graduate courses at Indiana Tech span six weeks and, although classes do have specific start and end dates, students aren’t required to be logged in at any particular dates or times. With the ability to access material at your convenience, this is a great degree for those looking for career promotions or enhanced employment opportunities. Students will also have ample opportunities to interact with both faculty and classmates online.


University of North Dakota

CC New: 65.95

Average Net Price: $16,001

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Located in the city of Grand Forks, the University of North Dakota was established in 1883 and is both the largest and oldest university in the state. With over 200 fields of study, psychology remains one of their Top 10 Degrees. Now, UND offers an online distance learning program with a Master’s in Forensic Psychology.

Program Features

The University of North Dakota’s online Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology program applies psychological theory to problems within the fields of criminal and civil justice. Students are expected to complete 35 credits in a little over two years. Courses may include:

  • Psychology and Law
  • Readings in Psychology
  • Child Psychopathology and Treatment
  • Psychological Profiling and Criminal Behavior

While the program is offered online, all students will be expected to travel to the UND campus for one week to attend a culminating experience for the master’s degree program. During this time, you will meet with local professionals who deal with forensic issues, including: a county judge, an FBI agent, a forensic psychologist, and more!


Students from every state are eligible to receive in-state tuition for this online program. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, no matter what state you’re in, there is a one-week required on-campus component in order to complete the program. Working professionals should consider UND as an alternative to a full-time, on-campus psychology program.


Capella University

CC New: 63.20

Average Net Price: $12,918

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Capella University is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and offers most of its education online. Ideal for working adults who are looking to obtain an advanced degree that is both flexible and affordable, Capella now has two excellent online psychology programs. If you’re interested in an MS in Psychology or an MS in Clinical Psychology, learn more about Capella University below.

Program Features

Capella’s Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Science offers a Master of Science in Psychology with the following specializations:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Educational Psychology
  • Evaluation, Research, and Measurement
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Leadership Coaching Psychology
  • Sport Psychology

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from at Capella! And that’s not all–the MS in Clinical Psychology program also offers a variety of specializations, including: Applied Research, Clinical Counseling, Forensic Psychology, and Sex Therapy.


As an online-only school, Capella has frequent start dates and asynchronous content so that students can learn at their own pace. The university also offers a variety of ways to save on tuition; from military discounts and transfer credits, to employer and association discounts, investing in your future may be easier than you thought!


Southern New Hampshire University

CC New: 61.83

Average Net Price: $34,256

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Southern New Hampshire University is a private school located in Hooksett, New Hampshire. While the university only has an on-campus population of roughly 3,000 students, it boasts an incredible 60,000 distance learners! Its innovative online learning platform has been recognized by US News & World Report and continues to grow. Southern New Hampshire University now offers highly-ranked Psychology & Counseling Master’s Programs Online.

Program Features

Southern New Hampshire University online offers two advanced psychology degree programs:

  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • MS in Psychology

The MS in Psychology also offers three concentrations which include: Child & Adolescent Development Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Industrial Organizational Psychology. The MS in Psychology program does not prepare students for state licensure.


The Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to prepare students to meet the educational requirements for licensure in most states. However, prospective students should note that the program currently doesn’t meet the requirements for licensure in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin. Students from these states cannot enroll in the program.


University of Louisiana at Monroe

CC New: 57.93

Average Net Price: $7,912

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The University of Louisiana at Monroe is a small public university whose mascot is Ace the Warhawk. Students looking to obtain an advanced degree in psychology should look into the university’s eULM distance learning program. U of L Monroe offers a 36-credit Master of Science in Psychology that boasts three different specialization tracks: a general track,  a psychometrics track and a forensic psychology track.

Program Features

U of L Monroe’s online psychology program has been ranked among the top online programs, as well as one of the most affordable. The online MS in Psychology does not require a thesis, but students who plan to pursue a PhD are encouraged to complete one. For those interested in the forensic psychology track, you can expect to take the following courses:

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Advanced Theories of Crime and Delinquency
  • Counseling in Criminal Justice
  • Sociology of Law
  • Minorities, Crime, and Criminal Justice

The Psychometric Track is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals and includes some of the following courses: Intelligence Testing, Theories of Learning, Behavior Modification, and Basic Psychotherapy.


The University of Louisiana at Monroe’s online division, eULM, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, specialist, and doctorate degrees.


National University

CC New: 57.36

Average Net Price: $22,149

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This private, nonprofit school was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in La Jolla, California. National University has a total enrollment of over 17,000 students and boasts an extensive listing of online degree programs. One such program is a unique Master’s-level degree in Performance Psychology. The program covers theory, research, and applied techniques across the fields of business, exercise physiology, the fine arts, military and combat psychology, and sport psychology.

Program Features

The online Master of Arts in Performance Psychology degree at NU is made up of 15 courses (67.5 quarter units), including:

  • Stages of Adult Development
  • Theories of Behavior Change
  • Performance Psy Corporate Pops
  • Motor Behavior
  • Psychopathology

Students are also expected to participate in a fieldwork experience or internship. A thesis consisting of the written report of an investigation or of a successful fieldwork project is also required.


Also within the psychology department at NU, is a Master of Arts in Gerontology that is offered online, as well as a Master of Arts in Human Behavior. While the MA in Gerontology focuses on physical change and aging, the MA in Human Behavior is geared towards those who desire a greater understanding of the behavioral sciences. Both programs require at least 54 quarter units of graduate work.

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