Best Business Schools in Michigan

Colleges and universities offer undergraduates several degrees. Why should anyone study business administration when there are so many other options?

best-business-schools-in-michiganTypically, business majors learn organizational proficiency, leadership skills, and ethical practices that they can apply in all aspects of their lives. In most cases, the best undergraduate business programs are flexible, allowing you to major in business administration and a minor in other fields like music or psychology.

Typically, business majors learn organizational proficiencies, leadership skills, and ethical practices that they can apply in all aspects of their lives. In most cases, undergraduate business programs are flexible, allowing you to major in business administration and a minor in other fields like music or psychology.

Some of the highest paying jobs in the state of Michigan have a background in business administration. To be sure, 20% of the top 20 jobs in the state have are connected to business administration degree. Furthermore, the unemployment rate in Michigan has decreased from last year’s 5.1% to an unemployment rate of 4.5%.

Michigan is one of the best states to put your BBA degree to work. Forbes ranks Michigan as the seventh best state to make a living in the United States. The median income for the state is $35,000. Students who graduate from College Choice’s top undergraduate business program in Michigan earn an approximate average salary of $57,400 per year.

Bachelor’s of Administration programs give you the unique opportunity to work with and learn from business leaders, corporate executives, and financial managers. Many undergraduate programs bring in numerous business leaders as career coaches, speakers, and sometimes as professors.

College Choice’s rankings help you to decide which school will propel your future. The following schools are the top undergraduate business programs in the state of Michigan.

2018 Ranking

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University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

College Choice Score: 100

Tuition: $13,856

Program Website

If you are looking for an undergraduate business program with a history of success, then you should look at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. Ross School of Business is College Choice’s top-ranked undergraduate business program in the state of Michigan.

Ross believes that students learn by doing. The hands-on approach is central to the school’s BBA program. Students take courses like “Action Learning Projects,” and also engage in some of the five project initiatives offered by the school. For example, the OCH Initiative for Women in Finance gives opportunities for undergraduate women through hands-on learning projects, trips to companies in New York and Chicago, and workshops.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at Ross has a 96% job placement rate. On top of that, alumni from Ross School of Business’ BBA program have the highest paying starting salaries among undergraduate BBA programs in Michigan. With a BBA degree from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, you may start with a salary around $57,400.


University of Detroit Mercy

College Choice Score: 86.76

Tuition: $38,626

Program Website

The University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) is the largest Roman Catholic university in the state of Michigan. The school’s College of Business Administration is a highly ranked, AACSB—accredited institution. Because the school is in the Motor City of Detroit, it is in proximity to 20 Fortune 500 companies.

The school offers the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students major in one of nine of the school’s concentrations that include Business Law, Finance, Marketing, and Sports Management U.S. World News and World Report has ranked the BBA program at the University of Detroit Mercy as one of the top business schools in the nation.

What can you do with a BBA degree from Detroit Mercy? Did you know that the president and CEO of Wendy’s Restaurants is a graduate of the business school at UDM? The school also has alumni working as vice presidents at CBS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank.



Michigan State University

College Choice Score: 84.06

Tuition: $13,560

Program Website

Michigan State University (MSU) is a public university established in 1855. The Eli Broad College of Business is one of the top undergraduate business schools in the state of Michigan. The school has 6,224 undergraduate students and 134 full-time faculty members.

Undergrad business students at MSU don’t just attend any school, but they attend an institution that has national recognition. U.S. News & World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek have ranked MSU’s undergrad business programs as one of the top programs in the nation. Broad College of Business is recognized for its public program and supply chain management/logistics.

MSU’s College of Business students has the second highest early career paying salaries in the state of Michigan. Graduates of the school earn approximately $54,900 per year. Because Broad’s in-state tuition is only $13,560 a year, enrolling in Broad School of Business’ BBA program would be a tremendous investment in your future.


Western Michigan University

College Choice Score: 66.68

Tuition: $11,029

Program Website

Do you have a passion for studying business across the world? The Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has one of the best study abroad programs in Michigan. The school’s Haenicke Institute for Global Education affords business students the chance to study in 15 countries on three continents.

At the Haworth College of Business, you will not have to worry about limitations when it comes to your curriculum. Although some schools only have a few areas of study within their BBA program, this is not the case at the Haworth College of Business. The school gives undergraduate students a vast selection of degree options to work toward the BBA. The undergraduate program has 18 majors and 14 minors.

Service-learning programs, case competitions, industry projects, simulations, and internships are some of the ways that the Haworth College of Business makes the business learning experience a hands-on, practical experience. WMU business students are known for their success in national business competitions.


Wayne State University

College Choice Score: 64.53

Tuition: $11,814

Program Website

Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business is in Detroit, Michigan. Its mission is to prepare students “for challenging and rewarding careers, advance the boundaries of scholarly and practitioner knowledge, and enhance the economic vitality of the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and beyond through its programs, research and community engagement.”

Students pursue either the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration or the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The differentiating factor between the BA and the BS degrees is that the BA has a foreign language requirement. As an undergraduate business student, you may take courses like “Business Finance,” “Global Supply Chain Management,” or “Marketing.”

Mike Ilitch School of Business offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. Even though you will receive a top-tier education, you will pay a bottom price for the degree. The in-state tuition is $11,814 annually.


Central Michigan University

College Choice Score: 63.10

Tuition: $11,850

Program Website

Central Michigan University, known as CMU, is in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. There are numerous BS and BA business majors at CMU’s College of Business Administration. Some students major in Law and Economics, Personal Financial Planning, or even Real Estate: Development and Finance.

The undergrad business program has four different pathways towards the bachelor’s degree. Students can major in 16 areas under the BS in Business Administration Degree. The BA in Administration degree offers a major in Entrepreneurship. Business majors on the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees can major in Economics or Law and Economics.

If you are looking to gain expertise in your career interests, build your network, and engage in meaningful learning experiences, then you should join one of CMU’s business organizations. The business school has 18 student organizations. While some of the student organizations are particular to the business school at CMU, other student organizations like Business Professionals of America, have a national membership.


University of Michigan—Dearborn

College Choice Score: 62.91

Tuition: $11,304

Program Website

Do you want to be a CEO of a successful business? Perhaps you have an interest in starting your own business and creating your brand? Whatever goals you have, the University of Michigan—Dearborn’s College of Business can help you achieve your aspirations.

At the University of Michigan—Dearborn, you do not have to wait to be an MBA student to engage in meaningful research with your professors. Undergraduate BBA students get to work on research with their professors and grad students. The Business Experiential Learning Lab (BELL) at Dearborn, helps facilitate high-tech, hands-on research and learning.

iLabs is another way that BBA undergrads get to participate in research with faculty members. Not only do students study with faculty, but iLabs also connects students with businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. With so many high-quality resources, you will be well on your way to a successful business career with a degree from the University of Michigan—Dearborn.


Eastern Michigan University

College Choice Score: 60.98

Tuition: $10,417

Program Website

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is a public university established in 1849. The school is approximately 35 miles from Detroit in the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan. EMU’s College of Business awards the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

The undergraduate business program at Emu is AACSB—accredited and is named one of the best business schools by the Princeton Review. You can rest assured that you will receive a top-notched education at Eastern Michigan University. Its BBA program has 13 majors and 10 International Business areas of focus.

The College of Business’ Center For Entrepreneurship is a valuable resource for students and the city’s business community. The Center has six entrepreneurship programs for students. Some of the programs include business plan competitions, conferences, field studies, and research. The center also houses the Michigan Small Business Development Center.


University of Michigan—Flint

College Choice Score: 60.86

Tuition: $9,936

Program Website

The School of Management at the University of Michigan-Flint has areas of study in Finance, General business, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. High quality and well-accomplished professors teach future business leaders at the University of Michigan—Flint. The school offers the BBA degree in person or the BBA online.

If you are looking for an inexpensive Bachelor of Business program in the state of Michigan, then you are in luck. The annual tuition for Michigan residents is only $9,936. Undergrad students are not only getting a great deal at the School of Management, but they are also getting an AACSB International-accredited education.

The University of Michigan—Flint School of Management is a great place to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit. The Hagerman Center for Entrepreneurship encourages students to think innovatively through a series of projects and competitions. The center also has a Summer Entrepreneurship Institute.


Grand Valley State University

College Choice Score: 60.81

Tuition: $11,363

Program Website

Grand Valley State University is a public liberal arts university in Allendale, Michigan. Grand Valley’s Seidman College of Business “provides students with a business education that blends liberal arts and professional courses with practical application.” At Seidman, you will have the advantage of having the interdisciplinary nature of the liberal arts institution with your BBA courses.

The school provides majors in accounting, international business, business economics, management, marketing, finance, and more. Because Seidman is not a large university, it gives undergrad students the ability to interact and engage with faculty members. You will know your professors and your professors will know you.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University is a great set way into the school’s MBA program. For those who have different career goals, the BBA has prepared many Grand Valley students for successful careers in the business sector. Seidman’s undergrad business degree can propel your career in the academy or in an organization.