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Nursing has been called the toughest job you’ll ever love for good reason: the hours can be long and the work strenuous, but the rewards are incalculable.

And recently, the demand for highly qualified nurses has been burgeoning due to both demographic realities like an aging population, as well as the changing role of nurses themselves.

This demand has led to a huge increase in the number of Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs available, many delivered exclusively digitally, in fact affordable online learning may be a perfect fit for you!

Of course, you don’t need to have a BSN degree to be a nurse, but there are several good reasons for investing your time and money in the qualification:

  • Nurses with a BSN are eligible for higher salaries.
  • A BSN is necessary for leadership positions, graduate education, or nurse practitioner programs.
  • Hospitals with Magnet Recognition prefer to hire nurses with a BSN.

The BSN is becoming so prominent that the American Association of Colleges of Nursing recommends it as minimal preparation for professional practice.

In the future, the degree may well be mandatory for practicing nurses. Luckily, schools are designing online RN-to-BSN programs for working nurses, with flexible scheduling and affordable tuition.

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Recommended Online Programs

The sheer volume of available online RN to BSN programs makes the task of wading through program websites a time-consuming and daunting task, though, so we at College Choice have done it for you. Our ranking features 20 of the cheapest RN to BSN programs available. It is important to note that the tuition rates we’ve listed are based on out-of-state per-credit tuition. Before you apply to a program be sure to look carefully at any additional fees the school may charge – these vary widely from school to school. There may also be face-to-face or practicum requirements that necessitate travel, so be sure to look into that before applying.

It is important to note that the tuition rates we’ve listed are based on out-of-state per-credit tuition. Before you apply to a program be sure to look carefully at any additional fees the school may charge—these vary widely from school to school. There may also be face-to-face or practicum requirements that necessitate travel, so be sure to look into that before applying.

While online education tends to be cheaper than its traditional class-based counterpart, it is still a hefty investment of both time and resources.

Therefore, paying attention to accreditation is imperative. We have only listed programs at schools with regional accreditation, and all programs have further credentials from either the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (NNCE).

We hope this ranking helps you find the BSN program that is right for you!

Top 10 Most Affordable Online BSN Degrees

See our rankings methodology page.

  1. Georgia Southern University

    Statesboro, GA



    Classified as a doctoral/research institution, Georgia Southern University is a member of the Georgia university system located in Statesboro, GA. Founded in 1906, the school has developed a robust online program which has recently been ranked among the best in the nation by US News and World Report.

    Georgia Southern’s College of Health and Human Sciences offers an affordable CCNE accredited RN to BSN for individuals who are currently Registered Nurses. The program is flexible, and students can enroll part-time or full-time to fulfill course requirements. Coursework is both synchronous (occurring at scheduled times) and asynchronous (on students’ own time), and students generally complete the program in 3-4 semesters. Student learning outcomes include:

    • Incorporate caring, compassion, and empathy in all aspects of nursing practice.
    • Develop collaborative partnerships to promote, maintain, and restore health.
    • Apply leadership principles in nursing practice.

    Students take a total of 8 nursing courses, which total 28 hours, and can take advantage of a variety of supports for online learning. Georgia Southern’s online RN-BSN Program is a participant in the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Model for registered nurses returning for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

  2. Fort Hays State University

    Hays, KS



    Located on the plains of western Kansas, Fort Hays State University is a public institution that was founded in 1902. The school is regarded as a leader in online learning and was nationally ranked as having one of the best online bachelor’s programs in 2016 by U.S. News and World Report.

    Fort Hays State University is a leader in nursing education and offers an affordable, CCNE accredited online RN to BSN degree which is flexible enough to meet the needs of working professionals. Students may complete this innovative program in as little as a year after all pre-requisite and general education requirements have been met. The course work is 100% online and is designed to:

    • Prepare students for graduate nursing study
    • Create opportunities for better career options
    • Open doors to additional management responsibilities

    With this program, students can receive credit for prior educational experience, and attend the clinical course in their local area. Fort Hays has been offering online courses since 2000, and with tuition in the lowest 2% in the U.S, they also demonstrate their commitment to keeping education accessible.

  3. Georgia College and State University

    Milledgeville, GA



    Georgia’s designated public liberal arts university, Georgia College and State University (known colloquially as Georgia College or GCSU) is situated in the city of Milledgeville, GA. The school has a relatively small student population but ranks highly among regional colleges in the south, and its online programs have garnered national acclaim as well (US News and World Report 2016).

    Georgia College’s School of Nursing offers an affordable, ACEN accredited RN to BSN designed for practicing registered professional nurses holding an associate degree or diploma degree in nursing. In line with their liberal arts ethos, the School of Nursing of Georgia College is committed to:

    • Forming nurse leader that engage in evidence-based practice and civic participation
    • The development of clinical reasoning and professional nursing skills and values

    Students may complete the program in three semesters (or longer if needed), with program start dates in the fall and spring semesters. Of the 23 credit hours that students will complete as part of the program, three courses include clinical practice experience components that are facilitated by a mentor and supervised and evaluated by the course faculty.

  4. Ohio University

    Athens, OH



    Situated in the Appalachian town of Athens, OH, Ohio University is a public institution that has ranked highly as a national university (US News and World Report). Originally founded in 1804, the school currently has a strong online presence which makes their high-quality programs accessible to non-traditional students nationally.

    The College of Health Sciences and Professions at Ohio University offers an affordable, CCNE accredited RN to BSN program that combines rigorous standards with flexible delivery. The program has eight start dates throughout the year, and most classes are five weeks long. Of the total 31 credits that students complete, courses offered include:

    • Leadership in Nursing
    • Evidence-based Nursing Practice
    • Health Assessment and Promotion

    The program was designed for individuals with an active nursing license and builds on a foundation of previous nursing experience. Students in the program benefit from a variety of learning supports, including the RN to BSN Nursing Knowledge Center which provides a nexus of support for online students. Students will also receive daily support from a facilitator.

  5. Western Illinois University

    Macomb, IL



    Founded in 1899 in the town of Macomb, IL, Western Illinois University is a public institution that has ranked highly among regional schools in the Midwest. Their robust online presence has extended the reach of their programs, and the school was recently ranked among the top 100 online Bachelor’s programs in the country (US News and World Report 2016).

    Western Illinois University School of Arts and Sciences offers an affordable, CCNE accredited RN to BSN degree. The program is designed for working nurses who have either an Associate degree or diploma in nursing and who are currently licensed to practice nursing. Of the 36 required program credits, coursework includes:

    • Genetics and Healthcare
    • Nursing and Community
    • Transcultural Nursing

    Western Illinois’ online RN to BSN takes two years to complete (this is not an accelerated program) and requires that students complete all general education and nursing support course work before starting nursing courses. Additionally, prospective students should note that, while all courses are in an online format, clinical practice/project is a requirement for the community health course.

  6. University of North Georgia

    Dahlonega, GA



    Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the University of North Georgia is a public institution with a history that reaches back to 1873. Designated as the Military College of Georgia, the school ranks highly as a regional university (US News and World Report) and has an online presence that is making its high-quality programs available nationally.

    The Nursing Department at UNG offers an affordable, ACEN accredited RN to BSN program for current registered nurses who desire to further their career with a BSN. The program is designed for students to complete over three semesters with a total of 27 credits of coursework. Graduates will be ready for:

    • Professional nursing practice in primary, secondary and tertiary settings
    • Care for individuals, families, and communities as clients

    Unlike many RN to BSN programs, UNG’s program allows students the option of either taking core courses along with required RN-BSN nursing courses or following completion of the nursing course work. Like many programs, there is a clinical component to this degree program. Prospective students should also be aware that some face-to-face time is a requirement for online classes.

  7. Colorado Technical University

    Colorado Springs, CO



    Founded in 1965 in Colorado Springs, CO, Colorado Technical University is one of a few regionally accredited, for-profit universities whose high-quality programs have been garnering recognition in the educational world. With an initial focus on training former military personnel, Colorado Technical University has recently earned particular acclaim for their Online Bachelor’s Programs (US News and World Report).

    Colorado Tech offers a very affordable, CCNE accredited online RN to BSN program that students can complete in as little as nine months. The program has a flexible delivery format (with eight different start dates) and features an innovative curriculum and student-centered teaching. The BSN prepares students to:

    • Care for complex needs of patients in a variety of healthcare settings
    • Be a leader in the profession of nursing

    This is a focused, rigorous program that is built on a foundation of general education and core coursework, covering topics like Healthcare Ethics and Innovation in Nursing. The program then culminates in a capstone project that synthesizes and applies learning.

    Of the 180 credits required for the BSN, Colorado Tech accepts up to 90 quarter credits as transfer credit with the required incoming Associate Degree in Nursing, Diploma Registered Nurse, or an educational transition program preparing students to become licensed as an RN.

  8. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi

    Delhi, NY



    Founded in rural New York State in 1913, SUNY College of Technology at Delhi is a public institution that focuses on providing a seamless, technology- based education. The school has earned both state and national reputations for their innovative, high-quality programs and US News and World Report currently lists their online Bachelor’s program as one of the top in the country.

    SUNY Delhi’s School of Nursing offers a flexible, affordable, ACEN accredited RN to BSN degree that is specifically designed to be manageable for working nurses. The program’s emphasis is on attaining the critical thinking and practice skills necessary for clinical management of patients within a constantly changing healthcare environment. Of the 61 credits required for this program, coursework includes:

    • Ethics in Healthcare
    • Principles of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
    • Leadership & Management

    Students in the RN to BSN program at SUNY Delhi are required to complete three practicum courses consisting of 45 hours in practicum-related activities. Students typically complete these hours at a hospital or agency near their hometown. Students also have the option of taking courses on a full-time or part-time basis, beginning in the Fall or Spring semesters.

  9. Governors State University

    Chicago, IL



    Established near Chicago as one of the original “universities without walls”, Governors State University has had innovation and accessibility at the center of its ethos since its inception. In recent years the school has been awarded with the AACSU’s Student Success and College Achievement award, as well as the 2010 Governor’s Sustainability Award.

    Governors State’s College of Health and Human Services offers an affordable, ACEN accredited RN to BSN that promises to expand your knowledge of the art, science and practice of nursing. This program is for nurses with an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing and an active RN license, and students can complete it on either a full or part-time basis. The program will address:

    • Local, regional, national and global healthcare reform
    • Providing quality, holistic care
    • Creating healing environments and building caring communities

    Governors State’s RN to BSN Completion Program is compatible with the needs of the working nurse – nursing courses begin in Fall and Spring semesters and students can complete the entire program in three terms. In addition, two program study plan options are available for those who have completed all pre-requisites, and those who have pre-requisites outstanding.

  10. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

    Edinburg, TX



    Created from a recent merger of two schools: the University of Texas at Brownsville, and the University of Texas–Pan American, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) aims to become a research and education powerhouse in the South Texas Region. Currently, the school has a robust online presence, expanding the reach of its programs.

    The School of Nursing at UT Rio Grande Valley offers an affordable, CCNE accredited RN to BSN program that is geared towards practicing nurses who want to take their careers to the next level. This is an accelerated, online, 27 credit program that students can complete in as little as 12 months. Students in the program will:

    • Learn nursing leadership theories, organizational structures, and health-care management
    • Advance their professional nursing practice
    • Prepare for graduate study

    This flexible program offers two start dates in January and March. And for a limited time, students have the opportunity to receive a $1,000 nursing scholarship, which will be pro-rated over the duration of the program.

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