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Just last year, the Washington Post reported that districts in every US state are reporting teacher shortages. Some of the widest gaps are in middle school math. If you have a gift for numbers and can picture yourself in the classroom setting, then our country has a real need for you.

Top 10 Most Affordable Online Math Education Degrees

#1 Indian River State College Fort Pierce, FL
#2 Daytona State College Daytona Beach, FL
#3 Indiana University East Richmond, IN
#4 Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, TX
#5 University of Illinois at Springfield Springfield, IL
#6 Mayville State University Mayville, ND
#7 Granite State College Concord, NH
#8 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, AR
#9 Chadron State College Chadron, NE
#10 Mercy College Dobbs Ferry, NY
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What kind of affordable online math education degree should you get?

Here’s the good news. We’ve picked out the cream of the crop for you to choose - all of these schools are both affordable and offered online. That’s the constant variable you can rely on.

Otherwise, you’ll find that the programs differ in their specific offerings. Some schools set you on the path to becoming a math teacher. Others give you a broader base in order for you to pursue math at the graduate level. Some schools let you specialize in K-5, 5-8, or secondary education students. If you’re still not sure if you’re ready for math education, check out some other online degrees through College Choice’s Most Affordable Online Colleges.

How much money do people make with an online math education degree?

Since so many school districts are pressed to find quality teachers, you might find that the financial incentives are sweetened. This is especially the case for educators who are skilled in a particular subject area - that means you! Here’s a sense for what you can expect as a baseline salary for K-12 educators:

On average, employment rates for teachers are projected to increase by a solid 8 percent over the years. But keep in mind that in some states, that number is at a 15 to 17 percent increase. Some states even offer loan forgiveness to educators to commit to a certain number of years in the job.


What can you do with an online math education degree?

Most people who earn a master’s in math education start their career as a math teacher in a K-12 setting. But that’s not necessarily where your career needs to stop. After a few years on the job, you’ll have the experience and leverage necessary to work upwards.

Maybe you picture yourself as a school administrator. Or maybe you want to work with a different demographic and become a math interventionist. You could even earn an advanced degree math and work at a community college or university. See this degree as the stepping stone to the rest of your career!

What are the requirements for an online math education degree?

Your required credit-hours will look similar to any other undergraduate degree - around 120 credits in total. This means you can expect to be in school for around four years. However, if you already have your prerequisite courses finished from previous schooling, then some programs let you complete the degree in under two years!

A few of the programs offer a hybrid format with some online courses and some on-campus learning. All in all, you’ll be required to complete a range of core math courses as well as some upper-level instructional and curriculum courses. The programs that pair the math degree with a secondary education minor will likely require a student teaching experience or practicum.

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What are the best online math education degrees?

The College Choice data team created a unique methodology to come up with this list. They first narrowed down all of the math education programs in the nation to only the ones who offer online learning. After that, they prioritized affordability.

Beyond the data team, our figures come from the excellent resources at U.S. News & World Report and Average net tuition comes from The National Center for Education Statistics, which includes school fees and average financial aid.


See our rankings methodology page.

  1. Indian River State College

    Fort Pierce, FL



    OverviewWildly affordable, Indian River State College kicks off our list as the most affordable Online Math Education program in the nation. The school is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Although it began as a junior college in 1959, Indian River State College has slowly transitioned into a four-year institution. Program FeaturesThe program at Indian River State College is designed as an online BS in Education with a focus on Middle Grades Mathematics. This degree sets forth learning outcomes that are specific to the educational trends and regulations in Florida. It also lets you dig into the heart of mathematics. You’ll cover 120 credit-hours of coursework with classes like:

    • Middle School/Secondary School Mathematics Methods
    • Instructional Strategies
    • Elements of Geometry
    • Seminar of Mathematics Education
    NotablesThis online degree is supported by Indian River State College’s Virtual Campus. This distance learning platform – delivered via Blackboard – was developed in 2013. It has grown to now offer 12 unique online associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as over 100 individualized courses.

  2. Daytona State College

    Daytona Beach, FL



    OverviewDaytona State College began offering four-year bachelor’s degrees in 2006. Prior to that, it functioned as a junior college. Located in Daytona Beach, the school now offers a wide variety of programs that last between one and four years. Around 2,000 students use Daytona State’s online platform for both individual courses and full degree programs. Program FeaturesAt Daytona State College, you’ll earn an online BS in Secondary Mathematics Education. This is a 120 credit-hour program that prepares you to teach mathematics to students from grades 6-12. Other than prerequisites, you’ll take upper-level classes in both mathematical content and educational principles. Some courses along the way are:

    • Classroom Assessment
    • Number Theory
    • Integrating Technology into Math and Science
    • Mathematics Instructional Analysis
    NotablesIf you’re coming into Daytona State University without a teaching license, you’re in luck! The school features the Educator Preparation Institute. This is a chance for students who have non-education related undergraduate degree to become certified teachers. This program incorporates 20 credit-hours of classes, field experience, mentorship, and more.

  3. Indiana University East

    Richmond, IN



    OverviewA regional branch campus of Indiana University, Indiana University East is based in Richmond, Indiana. The school enrolls around 4,000 students, both via the traditional setting and through distance learning. Most of the online programs are degree completion programs for students who have already taken care of their prerequisites. Program FeaturesOffering a truly unique degree program, IU East delivers a BA in Natural Science and Mathematics with a Mathematics concentration. This is a fully online degree that you can complete in two years after finishing your prerequisite courses. In addition to classes in mathematics, you’ll need to take two semesters in a foreign language. Here’s a look:

    • Mathematical Modeling
    • Mathematical Foundations of Informatics
    • Calculus
    • Differential Equations
    NotablesIndiana University East is ready to step up to the plate and make sure that money isn’t the biggest barrier to your education. Especially if you’re an active duty military or a veteran, Indiana University East has a number of options available. Some include the Yellow Ribbon Program, VA Benefits, Post 9/11 GI Bill, and more.

  4. Stephen F. Austin State University

    Nacogdoches, TX



    OverviewStephen F. Austin State University began as a teacher’s college in 1923. To this day it still holds on to its foundations in education. The institution also now offers over 120 degree programs through its six academic colleges. It’s no surprise that it made this list for its affordability. The school offers an average of $12,677 to each student in financial aid per year.Program FeaturesYou’ll jump into a BS in Mathematics Education at Stephen F. Austin State University. This curriculum will fully equip you to use math to change the lives of young people. By combining 40 upper-level credits in math with 21 credits for a secondary education minor, you’ll match content with delivery. Here’s a quick example:

    • Curriculum and Instructional Design for All Learners
    • Intermediate Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
    • Math In Society
    • Linear Algebra
    NotablesStephen F. Austin State University makes it possible for you to earn money to go to school. It has set aside scholarships for students in the College of Sciences and Mathematics. You’ll have at least 12 different opportunities to choose from, including Women in STEM Scholarship, University Scholars Scholarship, and more.

  5. University of Illinois at Springfield

    Springfield, IL



    OverviewOne of the most recent additions to the University of Illinois system, the University of Illinois Springfield is also one of the smallest. It is home to around 5,700 students. In 1999, UIS began offering online degrees. It now provides a huge venue for online degree completion programs, licensing programs, and graduate certificates. Program FeaturesOne of the leading online degrees at the University of Illinois Springfield is the BA in Mathematical Sciences. Other than the prerequisite courses, this curriculum requires 60 additional credit-hours in upper-level courses. Despite it being an online degree, most students still finish the full curriculum in about two years. Some of the highlight coursework includes:

    • Finite Mathematics and Its Applications
    • Business Calculus
    • Contemporary Statistics
    • Abstract Algebra
    NotablesOne of the best features of this curriculum is that it doesn’t limit you to just a teaching career. Rather, the program is designed to be customized in a way that fits your career goals. You can apply these classes to research, insurance, management, engineering, and more. Another option is to pursue a master’s program in Data Analytics, for example.

  6. Mayville State University

    Mayville, ND



    OverviewMayville State University is a small university located in North Dakota. Its small student body allows it to maintain an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1. The school has been praised across the board, but especially for affordability, by outlets like the SR Education Group.Program FeaturesEverything about the online Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education at Mayville State University makes it hard to pass up. The program features a rolling acceptance policy, so you can start at any point. It also generously accepts transfer credits. You’ll cover a minimum of 128 credit-hours with classes like:

    • Trigonometry
    • Differential Equations
    • Theory of Numbers
    • Algebraic Structures with Programming
    NotablesMayville State University has the numbers to back up its inclusion on this list for affordability. Using the North Dakota University System Fee Estimator, the school found that its tuition rates were $3,200 lower (per year) than the other larger universities in the state. When everything but tuition is the same, it’s a no brainer to go for the deal!

  7. Granite State College

    Concord, NH



    OverviewThe student body at Granite State College is primarily made up of transfer students – over 84 percent, in fact. Though it is located in Conrad, New Hampshire, the school mostly offers distance-learning programs. This year, U.S. News & World Report ranked them #71 for “Best Online Degree Programs.” Program FeaturesOne of the best things Granite State College offers is options. Within the online BA in Math Studies, you have the option to either become a certified teacher alongside your degree or wait to add that until later. Along the way, you can specialize in teaching a specific grade range. This curriculum covers 120 credit-hours with classes like:

    • Middle School Mathematics Methods
    • Aspects of Mathematics Learning
    • Mathematical Proof
    • Pre-Calculus
    NotablesAt Granite State College, you’ll have all the opportunities as other schools to apply for financial aid and scholarships. But Granite State College goes a step beyond. As a school they set a goal to award tuition, fees, and books for two classes each term for students who are eligible. This is a huge boost as you work through your degree.

  8. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    Little Rock, AR



    OverviewA public research university, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock features over 100 undergraduate degrees and 60 graduate degrees. Students attend both in-person and through alternative platforms like online learning and weekend classes. Around 11,800 students attend each year. Program FeaturesAt the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the Mathematics major takes on two different forms: a BS with a Secondary Education option or a BA with a Secondary Education option. Both require the same amount of credit-hours, but the BA degree gives a little more flexibility with your upper-level courses. Here’s a look at the curriculum:

    • Applied Statistics
    • Teaching in Secondary School
    • Technology in Math Education
    • Linear Algebra
    NotablesThe University of Arkansas at Little Rock features a number of incentives that help clarify your decision to attend. For one, there is a standard rate for all UA Little Rock online programs. No matter what your residency status is, you’ll pay the same amount as your peers. You also won’t be charged for any additional campus fees. This helps keep costs low.

  9. Chadron State College

    Chadron, NE



    OverviewChadron State College joined the Nebraska State College system in 1911 with its founding. This small, public college hosts over 50 majors for undergraduates and graduates. Chadron State College holds the distinction of being the only four-year, graduate-degree granting college in western Nebraska. Program FeaturesChadron State College gives you the chance to earn an online BS in Mathematics. However, if you’re just looking for an add-on to your existing degree, you could complete the Math Education Endorsements. These certificates are split into a field endorsement for grades 6-12 or a middle level endorsement for grades 5-9. Here are some classes:

    • Advanced Mathematics Education Perspectives
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Math for the Elementary Teacher
    • Discrete Mathematics
    NotablesThe online learning platform at Chadron State College has been curated to meet specific needs. For one, the in-state and out-of-state tuition is exactly the same, so you don’t have to worry about paying for not living in Nebraska. Even more, a number of courses are also available in an accelerated format of eight-week cycles so you can finish ahead of the pack.

  10. Mercy College

    Dobbs Ferry, NY



    OverviewOriginally a Roman Catholic school, Mercy College is no longer officially affiliated with a religious denomination. However, this private university still holds on to some of the core tenets of the faith. When it comes to return on investment, Mercy College stands out. Program FeaturesAt Mercy College, you’ll earn an online BS in Mathematics. Unique to this curriculum, you’ll notice that the courses include applied math and computer language to give a technology focus. Most of the classes are delivered online, but this degree also includes a 15-credit residency requirement. Your classes along the way will include:

    • Statistics: Theory/Application
    • Applied Cryptography
    • Algebraic Structures
    • Mathematical Modeling
    NotablesIf you want to take your career one step further in one shot, Mercy College has the perfect solution. Through the BS/MS Teacher Education Program, you can fast-track your career to becoming a state certified math teacher. This is a five-year program that allows you to specialize in Secondary Education, Childhood Education, or Early Childhood Education.

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