How To Craft The Perfect Transition Sentence

Learn to create the perfect transition sentence for your paper. Research papers with a large amount of research and new concepts,

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3 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Transition Sentence

One of the biggest issues a student tackles when learning how to write a research paper is the idea of transition sentences. In papers with a large amount of research and new concepts, these transition phrases can bridge ideas and summaries together to keep the paper interesting; they will also help the paper read well, which is a benefit for any student whose final grade depends on the paper. Below are three tips you can use to create the perfect transition sentence for your paper. Or, you can check out of maxed-out tutorial on college writing: How to Write a Research Paper... And Get an A+. While you may not need all three, there are sure to be some ideas laid out for you that may come in handy. Refer to this article as often as needed when writing your paper; you’re sure to see that these tips will help you create your best paper yet.

1. Use Sentence Structure to Connect Two Ideas

Transitions can be used within sentence structure to connect two ideas as well as give a good flow to a paper. By using a transition phrase or word, you can create a smooth passage from one idea to a similar idea, all within one paragraph. You can also use sentence structure to connect a supporting idea to the main idea. This is usually done within research papers as a way to connect an idea from a previous paragraph to a new idea that you’re introducing into the next paragraph. Because research papers rely on supporting ideas that help support the main thesis, transition phrases help readers connect the two while going through your paper. The best way to utilize transition sentences is in the topic sentence of a paragraph. This is usually the first sentence in a paragraph that introduces a new idea. Try using different transition phrases throughout your paper so it feels fresh and keeps the reader hooked.

2. Restate the Idea of the Previous Sentence Differently by Adding on to It

Transition sentences are a great way for you to continue to restate an idea by adding supporting evidence in an accompanying sentence or paragraph. In fact, many research papers are held together with transition sentences because it shows that a writer has an ample amount of information to give to the reader on any given subject. As has been shown above, using transition phrases and sentences can help bridge the main idea to supporting evidence. Use them often to keep sentences short and concise while continuing to add important information to your paragraphs throughout your paper.

3. Use a Variety of “Transition Words”

Transition words are very much like transition phrases; they often either support an idea within a given paragraph or differentiate two similar ideas. They are perfect for research papers, as using them will strengthen your argument by providing your reader with examples of a supporting idea, showing that there are several studies or reports that state the same thing. Words such as “again,” “also,” and “equally” are some of the transition words you could use in this situation. Transition words can also be used in summaries and conclusions. You will use these quite often when preparing your closing remarks because they bring together previously stated facts into one sentence. Some examples of conclusion transition words include “overall,” “ordinarily,” and “altogether.” By using transition words throughout your paper, you’ll create a readable piece of work that keeps your reader hooked until the conclusion. Try to use them throughout your paper to restate or summarize concepts and to pull two ideas together; your reader will thank you.

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