What Are Some Good College Jobs?

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Working while attending college is a good way to help reduce the cost of your education while gaining valuable career experience. However, not all jobs will mesh well with your college schedule. Seek flexible jobs that will allow you to alter your work schedule as you progress through college.

Tutor Fellow Students

Tutoring is a great way to help other students achieve their academic dreams while you earn some extra money. Pick a field that you feel confident in teaching, such as a foreign language or algebra. You can use tutor networks online to advertise your services or post advertisements on bulletin boards around campus. If you’re not yet ready to teach your fellow college students, consider offering your services to high school students instead.


Babysitting is a good way to make money while juggling a changing schedule. If you have any neighbors or family members with young children, offer your babysitting services to them. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can try to use online babysitting networks to get more clients. If you babysit very young children who nap, you’ll even have extra time to study for college while you’re working.

Bookstore Employee

Your campus bookstore is usually staffed by students like yourself. Although these jobs are usually difficult to obtain due to limited openings, the flexible schedules are perfect for students. These jobs usually aren’t stressful, requiring only simple tasks such as ringing up customers or stocking shelves with new products. You’ll also get a chance to socialize with your fellow students while you work.

Part-Time Retail Employment

Part-time employment at traditional workplaces, such as coffee shops or electronics stores, can sometimes work with your college schedule. Look for locations that are close to campus to reduce the time you spend commuting between your job and your classes. If you have trouble finding an opening, consider re-applying during the holiday rush season, when many retail stores need extra employees with flexible hours. During the summer months, you may be able to work for longer hours at retail jobs so that you can earn more money for the next semester.

Freelance Work

Working as a freelancer gives you the opportunity to set your own hours. There are many different paths for freelance work, including writing for magazines, publishing a blog or designing websites. When you’re too busy with schoolwork to meet client deadlines, you can simply stop taking new projects until you have more time.

Office Assistant

Your campus is full of departments that need employees for basic clerical work, including filing, typing and answering phones. Although these jobs may seem tedious, you’ll earn money while keeping a flexible schedule. If you can’t find an opening in your own department, try other departments on campus, including admissions.

Paid Internships

Securing a paid internship is difficult, especially if you’re only just entering college. Paid internships offer many benefits over other flexible jobs, however, including the opportunity to network with employers in your future industry and the ability to gain experience relevant to your degree. Some paid internships even grant you credit towards your degree.

Miscellaneous Opportunities

Keep your eyes open for one-time jobs that will give you some quick cash without a major time investment. For example, a fellow dorm resident may be willing to pay cash for people to help her move to an apartment. A local photographer may need someone to model for some pictures for an afternoon. Check online community boards and advertisements on campus for these types of opportunities.

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