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Online colleges allow Arizona residents to earn a degree while still working or raising a family. Learning management systems use intuitive software, helping recent high school graduates and nontraditional students make the most of their education. Top Arizona online colleges offer distance learners the same support services as on-campus degree-seekers.

Prospective students should consider Arizona’s fastest-growing professions before selecting a program. From 2008-2018, careers in the state’s medical field grew 15-35%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many of the state’s medical and engineering professionals earn more than $120,000 annually. As a result, career growth and salary potential make a college degree a wise financial investment. 

Online colleges’ typical admission requirements include high school or undergraduate transcripts. These schools also accept GED scores from freshman applicants. Some additional requirements may apply, depending on the degree. Incoming students should also submit their FAFSA results and apply for institutional scholarships.


  • Can online colleges be regionally accredited?

    Online colleges need the same regional accreditation as schools that educate students on campus. Please do not consider colleges or universities without this essential accreditation.

  • How much does it cost to get an online degree?

    The answer depends on the students’ school selection. In-state students attending Arizona State University pay approximately $11,000 annually in tuition for the 2020-2021 year.

  • Can you go to college in Arizona for free?

    Numerous programs help in- and out-of-state students reduce or eliminate their tuition burden. Eligibility requirements, such as financial need, differ by program.

  • How many colleges and universities are in Arizona?

    Arizona boasts dozens of accredited four-year colleges and universities. The state also features trade and technical schools for learners preparing for a specific career.

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What Are the Goals of an Online Degree?

Online colleges in Arizona provide students with academic experiences and learning outcomes mirroring those of on-campus degree-seekers. Asynchronous instruction features classes without set times, an advantage for students with an already busy schedule. Online programs also allow out-of-state learners to earn a degree without relocating.

Online colleges offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificates. Students explore many of the same majors and minors as their on-campus peers, such as law, organizational leadership, and general studies. Like on-campus programs, online degrees allow transfer degree-seekers to apply their credit toward a bachelor’s or master’s.

Why Get an Online Degree?

Arizona online colleges educate students who otherwise could not attain a college education. Other advantages include cost savings and numerous degree options.

Asynchronous Learning
Many online colleges in Arizona offer asynchronous programs, so students can view recorded class lectures and materials at their convenience.
Cost Savings
Many schools offer tuition discounts for distance learners. Even if a school charges the same tuition to online and on-campus students, online learners still save money. They do not need to pay for transportation costs, on-campus housing, or a meal plan.
Degree Variety
Top online colleges feature numerous degree options, including administration of justice, graphic information systems technology, and sustainably built environments. Learners not interested in a degree can earn a graduate certificate to advance their career.
Transferable Skills
Earning an online degree hones in-demand transferable skills, such as time management. Potential employers respect candidates able to create and follow a schedule.
Career Advancement
As many employers restrict high-paying positions to degree-holding candidates, students should regard a diploma as a wise financial and career investment.

What Are the Requirements for an Online School?

Although admission requirements for online colleges in Arizona vary, prospective first-time undergraduates generally need a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some schools accept other high school equivalency exams, such as the HiSET or TASC. Applicants submit these materials through their online account.

Students remain in good academic standing by passing all courses and maintaining a satisfactory GPA. Graduation requirements may include selecting a concentration and taking upper-division coursework. Students in some programs complete a capstone course involving an internship or e-portfolio. Internships and portfolios help students hone skills and present their qualifications to prospective employers.

What is Accreditation and Why Does it Matter?

Scholarships for Online Students

Although Arizona online colleges help students save money on a degree, learners further avoid debt with scholarships. Multiple companies and organizations award scholarships exclusively to Arizona residents or online learners. The following scholarships feature 2021 application deadlines and use similar requirements, such as undergraduate transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal essays. Distance Learning Scholarship

Who Can Apply: accepts applications from online undergraduate and graduate degree-seekers biannually. Application requirements include a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA, a 500-word essay, and FAFSA results. Interested students should apply by October 15 or March 15. only accepts mailed applications.
Amount: $1,000

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships

Who Can Apply: Arizona, California, Illinois, and Nevada high school seniors qualify for the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships. Admission requirements include Italian heritage and a minimum 3.2 high school GPA. Two hundred applicants receive the scholarship. The award renews annually as long as degree-seekers remain in good academic standing at their school.
Amount: Up to $2,500

Project Management Institute Phoenix Chapter Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Arizona residents earning a project management degree qualify for the PMI Phoenix Chapter Scholarship. Other admission criteria include official transcripts, a resume, two references, and an essay. Scholarship finalists provide additional materials. PMI uses a May 1 scholarship deadline, and recipients cannot reapply the following year.
Amount: Up to $2,500

Society for Human Resources Management Undergraduate Scholarships

Who Can Apply: SHRM accepts applications from undergraduates majoring in human resources or a related subject. Prospective applicants need a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students submit a current resume, official transcripts, and one recommendation letter by March 3. SHRM issues the scholarships to recipients’ schools.
Amount: $2,500 Undergraduate Distance Learning Degrees Academic Scholarships

Who Can Apply: Associate and bachelor’s degree-seekers attending an accredited online college or university apply to this competitive scholarship. does not restrict the scholarship based on major or state of residence. Current or upcoming college seniors may not apply. Scholarship recipients provide a headshot and brief biographical statement for the website.
Amount: $500

Best Online Colleges in Arizona 2021

  1. Northern Arizona University

    Flagstaff, AZ



    A research-driven public university based in Flagstaff, Arizona, NAU offers fully accredited online degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    NAU provides students with the options to take the traditional online course delivery or opt for a competency-based online degree where they could work at their own pace. The university offers online bachelor's and master's degrees in arts and humanities, business, administration and management, computing and technology, education and counseling, health professions, and social science and criminal justice.

    For transfer students, NAU requires applicants to hold 24 or more transferable credits with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. All freshmen and transfer applicants must also submit all academic transcripts of records and ACT and/or SAT scores and pay a $25 non-refundable application fee. Northern Arizona University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

  2. University of Arizona

    Tucson, AZ



    A public land-grant university located in Tucson, Arizona, UArizona offers online degrees and graduate certificates for students aiming to balance their work and academics.

    UArizona offers online programs in 19 areas of study, including arts and media, business, education, engineering, healthcare, law and public policy, nursing, real estate, social and behavioral sciences, and technology and information sciences. The university also provides students with unlimited access to UArizona's resources, including academic support, career advising, financial aid, and technical support.

    Transfer students without a completed associate degree must submit an official high school or GED transcript listing their graduation date. All interested applicants must create an account at the University of Arizona Online, complete the application form, and submit official transcripts of records from all previously attended colleges and universities. The University of Arizona is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

  3. Arizona State University-Skysong

    Scottsdale, AZ



    A public university based in Scottsdale, Arizona, ASU offers more than 200 online degree programs, as well as online minors for students currently pursuing undergraduate degrees.

    ASU offers online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in different areas of study, including architecture and construction, art and design, business, communication and digital media, computer science and technology, education, engineering, health and wellness, law and criminal justice, liberal arts, management, nursing, psychology, and social and behavioral sciences. ASU also rolls out online non-degree courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    Transfer students with a relatively low GPA can still enroll at ASU through the Earned Admission Track. All freshmen and transfer applicants must complete the online application and pay the $70 application fee. ASU also requires applicants to send in their transcripts of records and request their ACT or SAT scores. Arizona State University-Skysong is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

  4. Arizona Christian University

    Glendale, AZ



    A nonprofit private Christian university located in Glendale, Arizona, ACU offers accredited online degree programs that provide prospective students with affordable and quality online education.

    ACU's wide array of online degree programs consist of areas of study in behavioral health, biblical and theological studies, business administration, child development, Christian ministries, computer programming, elementary and secondary education, family studies, interdisciplinary studies, nonprofit management, and psychology. The university supports online students by providing resources such as counseling services, free tutoring, an online library, and enrollment services.

    ACU requires prospective students to complete the online studies application on the school's official website and submit their official high school transcripts of records or GED scores. Incoming students must hold a minimum of 2.5 unweighted high school GPA. All interested applicants must confirm their status as evangelical believers in the Christian faith. Arizona Christian University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

  5. Prescott College

    Prescott, AZ



    A private liberal arts college based in Prescott, Arizona, Prescott offers flexible and affordable online programs for students pursuing degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and certification levels.

    Prescott offers online degrees in programs like arts and humanities, counseling, education, human development and psychology, social justice and community organizing, sustainability education and leadership, and sustainable food systems. Prescott's online students also benefit from the university's academic resources, including individualized tutoring sessions and intensive career advising.

    For transfer students, Prescott accepts college-level credits with a minimum grade of C or the equivalent from regionally accredited U.S. colleges or universities. Prescott requires all interested applicants to complete the Common App and submit all official transcripts of records, an academic focus essay of two to three pages, and the contact information to a person of reference. Prescott College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

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