8 Most Affordable Online Database Management Degrees (Bachelors)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer systems and related fields is estimated to grow nearly fifteen percent in the next few years. A key role in information technology includes database administration. We've compiled the most affordable online bachelor degree programs. Though each program below offers concentrations in database management, some schools offer Bachelors of Science in Computer Science while others provide Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or Security. We've been sure to specify below. One thing to note is that the tuition rates listed below reflect only one year (or two terms) of education. Our data comes from the university and colleges' websites as well as nationally recognized publications like U.S. News and World

Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.

2018 Ranking

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University of Maryland

The University of Maryland University College offers an online bachelor’s degree in software development and security. Courses focus on database management, especially as it relates to technological security. Students learn how to design programs, analyze web applications, conduct security tests, and navigate relational databases. For those who are looking for a broader degree in information technology and computer science, but who plan to apply it to database management, this program at the University of Maryland will give you both a foundation and a wide range of experience.

Tuition: $14,970 for non-residents / $8,520 for residents / $7,500 for military


Colorado Technical University

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Colorado Technical University is a for-profit university. They have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Data Management degree that introduces students to database systems, SQL, programming, operating systems, network management, project management, and more. Classes at Colorado Tech commence on a rolling basis, providing flexibility for those prospective students looking to start their studies at a time convenient for their schedules. Graduates of Colorado Tech go on to find work as system engineers, software developers, and system analysts, among others.

Tuition: $14,950


East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI)

East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) is a private, for-profit university based in Virginia Beach. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science with a concentration in Database Programming. Unique to ECPI is their accelerated learning format; classes are year-round, meaning it’s possible to earn the BS in Database Programming degree in as little as two-and-a-half years. Students in this program become proficient in various programming languages; they also learn how to design and script software, program in C, C++, C#, and Java. ECPI is a Stem Jobs approved college.

Tuition: $14,700


Walden University

Walden University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree can be paired with a specialization in database administration and data center operations. The curriculum is comprised of courses that examine database design, performance analysis, security, disaster recovery, and more. Accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission, this program meets the recognized standards of the information technology profession. Additionally, Walden has been deemed by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

Tuition: $14,480


Baker College

Baker College, a private, non-profit college, has thirteen locations throughout Michigan as well an online campus. At Baker you can get a Bachelor of Computer Science in Database Technology degree that will prepare you to work in software development, database administration, and computer programming. Courses cover everything from Java to trigonometry, professional career strategies to computer architecture. Since Baker is a career college, students are enrolled in the Lifetime Employment Services, which provides job searching techniques, resume and cover letter assistance, job interview preparation, relocation tips, and more.

Tuition: $8,640


Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a private, non-profit university with an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies degree with emphasis on database management. Students learn how to write programs, analyze and mine data, and perform database administration responsibilities, such as installation, monitoring, backup, and recovery. Unique to SNHU is their simple application process: just fill it out online and the university will retrieve all the necessary transcripts and complete an official credit evaluation. There’s also no fee to apply. Terms at SNHU are nine weeks long and provide the opportunity to work at your own pace of study.

Tuition: $9,600 / $6,750 for military


Western International University

Western International University is an online school that focuses on business and technology. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management degree that takes approximately three-and-a-half years to complete. The curriculum covers networking, security, data architecture, design, and web technology, preparing the student for a career as a computer and information systems manager, systems analyst, security analyst, or more. Western provides the opportunity for prospective students to take one full-credit course for free before deciding to enroll.

Tuition: $7,500


Liberty University

Liberty University is a private, non-profit Christian university and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College. It is located in Lynchburg, Virginia but boasts a huge online campus of over 100,000 students. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems­­–Database degree that prepares students to become database administrators, analysts, developers, or specialists. The curriculum covers everything from Oracle to web enterprise technologies, and for those students interested in more education after their undergraduate experience, Liberty offers a slew of graduate degrees in business and cyber security.

Tuition: $11,250