Online Management Degree Guide

Online Management Degree Guide

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Individuals with a passion for empowering, motivating, and delegating often thrive in management positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment for managers to grow 5% from 2019-2029. Additionally, management professionals earn a median annual salary of $105,660, according to the BLS.

Managers typically focus on one industry or aspect of a business. For example, graduates of online management programs can work as marketing managers, administrative services managers, and compensation and benefits managers. Many management degrees offer concentration options to prepare learners for specialized roles.

Most management programs require essays, tests, and an internship. Students who pursue an online management degree often continue working while in school. This guide explores the benefits of pursuing an affordable management degree, along with professional organizations and scholarships for students in the field.

What degree is best for management?

A bachelor's in management qualifies holders for many entry-level positions. However, some organizations require graduates to complete a few years of on-the-job experience before becoming a manager.

What careers can I get with a management degree?

Graduates of online management programs can obtain leadership positions in nonprofits, corporations, and small businesses. Graduates can even work their way up to top-level executive positions, such as CEO.

What is the most in-demand business degree?

The BLS projects many management positions to grow at an above-average pace. However, demand varies by position. For example, the BLS projects employment for construction managers to grow 8% from 2019-2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.

How do I start a career in management?

Many aspiring managers begin by earning a bachelor's degree. After graduation, individuals often gain experience in entry-level positions before pursuing management roles. Professionals may further improve their marketability by earning a master's degree.

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Individuals pursuing a management degree learn how to lead teams and contribute to a business's overall success. Degree-seekers prepare to facilitate employees' professional development, make ethical business decisions, use strategic analysis, and execute projects.

Online management programs typically require practical and theory-based courses. Curricula often explore principles of marketing, leadership theories, and strategic planning. However, exact courses vary based on the student's concentration area. For example, individuals studying construction management also learn about safety codes, and human resources programs cover topics such as talent requisition.

Why Get a Management Degree?

While pursuing an online management degree requires time and financial investments, the increased earning potential can offset the cost. The list below highlights a few common reasons for individuals to pursue an online management degree.

Increase Earning Potential
According to the BLS, most managers earn higher median salaries than coordinators or assistants in the same field. For example, public relations and fundraising managers earn a median salary of $116,180 per year, while public relations specialists earn a median annual salary of only $61,150.
Qualify for Promotions
While many professionals begin in entry-level positions and work their way up to management roles, this can take many years. A management degree prepares employees with the necessary skills that can lead to promotions.
Enjoy Scheduling Flexibility
Since online management programs typically offer flexible scheduling options, distance learners often work while earning their degree. This allows management students to gain practical experience.
Save Money on Tuition and Fees
Students pursuing an online management degree often pay lower tuition rates than on-campus students. Additionally, most schools waive campus fees for distance learners.
Gain a Deeper Understanding
While individuals can develop technical skills while working in management roles, students in online management programs explore the theories behind management practices.

What Are the Requirements for a Management Degree?

Students in online management programs gain academic knowledge and practical experience. Management students often partner with local businesses to create strategic management plans. Additionally, many management majors develop connections to local businesses through internships and capstone projects.

Management courses typically follow a lecture-based format and require essays and multiple-choice tests. Curricula often culminate with a thesis or portfolio project during the final semester. While completing a thesis, students conduct research and fill a gap in industry knowledge. Learners may also create a digital or physical portfolio comprising their academic and internship projects.

To access additional learning opportunities and career resources, management students can join professional organizations. Many professional associations offer discounted membership rates for students. These organizations often host webinars, networking sessions, and informational conferences. The following list features three professional organizations for students in online management programs.

This organization connects management professionals with continuing learning opportunities. AMA also offers a free student e-membership. Student members can access a digital quarterly management publication, job readiness webcasts, and a skills assessment. Student members also receive discounts on seminars.

Project management professionals and students can join this organization. PMI offers a discounted student membership, which provides access to more than 1,000 free tools and templates. The organization hosts events to encourage networking among members.

SHRM offers member benefits including in-person and virtual group training and a digital library with on-demand resources. Student members receive a discounted membership rate and opportunities to network with human resource professionals.

Scholarships for Management Students

Even students pursuing an affordable management degree can benefit from scholarships. General scholarships are often the most competitive. Management students can improve their chance of earning an award by focusing on scholarships reserved for students with leadership experience. The list below highlights two scholarships for management majors.

Coca-Cola Scholars Program

Who Can Apply: This scholarship program supports learners who demonstrate leadership within their school and community. Graduating high school seniors can apply, and recipients must attend an accredited college. Applicants must not be related to a Coca-Cola employee.

Amount: $20,000

James W. Lewis Global Leader Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The National Society of High School Scholars offers two scholarships each year to students who demonstrate leadership and management skills. Candidates may qualify through volunteer work, community engagement, or a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Applicants must submit a 500- to 800-word essay, an academic resume, and a recommendation from an educator.

Amount: $5,000

Most Affordable Online Management Degrees 2021

  1. Eastern New Mexico University - Main Campus

    Portales, NM



    Based in Portales, Eastern New Mexico University's bachelor of business administration in management is the perfect degree for motivated individuals. It aims to provide students with a comprehension of the principles, practices, and processes of managing people and organizations.

    Learners can complete the management course online, with the online curriculum reflecting the on-campus program's curriculum. Recorded lectures help students connect to their teachers and peers. Tools like Mediasite increase student participation and encourage collaboration. Class schedules are flexible, and learners receive help and advice from their professors and classmates.

    Plenty of career opportunities abide after completing the program. The school offers resources to help students earn their degrees as efficiently as possible. Learners receive online tutoring with the flexibility to match their schedule. The Golden Success Student Center provides access to books, journals, and online databases.

  2. Southeastern Oklahoma State University

    Durant, OK



    The bachelor of business administration in management from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant prepares students for careers in management by developing their planning, leadership, and organization skills. This program builds a strong foundation in all facets of business management.

    The course includes 124 credits. Standard tuition costs $285 per credit. Program length depends on how many credits a student takes per term. The John Massey School of Business offers the program and its accreditation comes from The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    Graduates can manage organizational operations and resources effectively while developing the necessary interpersonal skills. These degree-holders are prepared for any managerial responsibility.

  3. Florida International University

    Miami, FL



    Students who want to manage people, lead a company, or get involved in formulating business strategy may consider a bachelor of business administration in management from Florida International University in Miami. Learners may choose a general management degree or pursue a specialty in entrepreneurship, leadership and change management, or green management.

    The course entails 120 credit hours and holds accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    This course teaches enrollees about the functions of financial markets and institutions, and to examine their impacts on businesses. Students also learn advanced concepts, such as the time value of money, and how to apply these concepts to capital budgeting and other facets of business.

  4. University of Louisiana at Monroe

    Monroe, LA



    The bachelor of business administration in management degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe provides students with a personalized management study. Learners build managerial knowledge to balance their general business education. The course suits anyone who wants to develop the skills to effectively manage a business across a broad spectrum of careers and jobs.

    This degree requires 120 credits, including general and major course requirements. The course costs $400 per credit, including mandated fees and tuition. Online learners still follow the traditional semester schedule.

    ULM's management program permits flexibility in career choice and helps students qualify for positions in all types of organizations. Managers are necessary for all facets of business, including human resources, supply chain, sales and retail, logistics and distribution, and general operations.

  5. Florida Atlantic University

    Boca Raton, FL



    A bachelor of business administration in management from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton prepares students for managerial positions and career advancement opportunities in an array of industries. Management is crucial for success in a fast-changing global business environment. Students develop a solid foundation in macro and microeconomics, information systems, human resources, financial analytics, and business law.

    Learners must finish 60 credits, meet the foreign language admission requirement, and obtain a minimum 2.5 GPA in pre-business foundation courses. Students should also complete all intellectual foundation program course requirements. The full degree entails 120 credits.

    This course prepares future business leaders to overcome challenges to the global business environment. Degree completion equips students for careers in the fields such as accounting, economics, communications, human resources, marketing, insurance, and professional development.

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