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What kind of web design degree should you get?

Though most web development degrees will provide a solid foundation in programming and design basics, those on our list vary in emphasis and application. For example, a degree could combine both web design and engineering. Another could give its students a business education that incorporates web design.

Though the programs vary, just be sure the school’s curriculum reflects your interests and passions. And you may want to consider online learning too. However, online education is not only a flexible way to advance your education and career, but it’s affordable too.

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How much money do people make with a Web Design degree?

With a Bachelor’s in Web Design degree in hand you are pretty much guaranteed work in a diverse range of fields and settings. The need for someone who can develop, launch, and manage a successful web presence continues to rise.

In fact, it’s projected that demand for web developers will rise another 27 percent in the next few years. That number is way above the national average. And the work is not just stable, but lucrative. Web developers make, on average, over $70,000 each year.

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What are the requirements for a web design degree?

Like most traditional bachelor’s programs, you will first have to complete a couple years of general education courses, or transfer them over if you’ve already finished them. Once those are completed you can dive into your core web design and development classes.

An undergraduate degree in web design brings together numerous disciplines and concepts. But generally, for each program here it’s expected you will take classes on programming, graphic design, software, and architecture.

You may also have the opportunity to specialize, in web communication, media studies, consumer trends, and more. Finally, some programs require hands-on experience by way of internships.


What are the best web design degrees?

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Though some of these programs are housed under engineering schools and still others within their business colleges, all ten share one thing in common: they offer the nation’s best Web Design degrees.

To narrow down the ten best web design degrees we looked at every program across the nation offering such a program. From there we factored in additional factors, such as student retention, which is a sign of student satisfaction. Finally, we examined early salaries of graduates and tuition rates too. What we found after such extensive research are the nation’s top 10 Best BS in Web Design programs.

Our figures and information come from the university and colleges’ websites, PayScale, and nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.


See our rankings methodology page.

  1. University of California-San Diego

    La Jolla, CA




    The University of California system is huge and hugely renowned. The San Diego member is no different. Over 35,000 students attend this highly ranked and recognized research university. UC San Diego is organized into six colleges, two professional schools, plus another three graduate schools.


    Pair this one-year certification in Graphic & Web Design with any bachelors degree and you’ll be on your way to a rewarding design career. UC San Diego’s certification program provides comprehensive training in web design and graphic arts. You’ll gain full knowledge of industry technologies and software while developing your own projects and portfolios. Courses include:

    • Visual Communications in Design
    • Digital Photography
    • Digital Publication
    • Web Programming


    The National Science Foundation recently recognized UC San Diego for its research development and funding. Not surprising then, alumni and faculty of the university have won dozens of Nobel Prizes, National Medals of Science, MacArthur Fellowship, Pulitzers, and more.

  2. Purdue University

    Hammond, IN




    Purdue is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It offers more than 200 academic programs across all degree levels, including professional degrees. Though Purdue is a highly regarded university with many well-ranked departments, its known strengths are in business, engineering, English, and science.


    The web design degree from Purdue makes its students experts in human computer interface, theory and design, programming, and much more. Throughout your time at Purdue you will become savvy in key software programming while also developing and designing your own final web product. This STEM-centric degree sets you up to become a:

    • User Interface Designer
    • Web Developer
    • Database Administrator
    • Web Architect


    A flagship university, Purdue is a member of the Big Ten Conference. It has one of the nation’s largest international student population and is incredibly well-ranked. U.S. News & World Report places it 60th among all national universities and colleges.

  3. Brigham Young University-Idaho

    Rexburg, ID




    Perhaps most known for its affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young (BYU) is also a huge private university. BYU is located in Rexburg, Idaho and offers a liberal arts education to its 18k students. Almost 99 percent of students are Mormons.


    BYU’s Web Design and Development program examines the intersections of internet and emerging technology, business, entertainment, and education. It also emphasizes a faith-based approach, including theology and church history in its curriculum. Brigham encourages its students to specialize in one of the three areas:

    • Web Design General
    • Web Development
    • Web Communication and Business


    Brigham Young is ranked 10th among all its regional universities and colleges by U.S. News & World Report. Because most of its campus population are identified Mormons, many take a hiatus from academia to serve as missionaries.

  4. Tulane University

    New Orleans, LA




    Tulane University is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is known to be the best university, as well as the most selective, in the state. Though founded as a medical college, and still maintaining those affiliations, Tulane now offers dozens of degree programs, across all subjects and disciplines, to its 14k students.


    Tulane offers a BA in Digital Design degree that readies you for a career in either an independent or in-house setting. This broad curriculum means you’ll graduate able to find work in many diverse fields. After completing your general education classes, Tulane provides a foundation in web design through courses such as:

    • Digital Illustration
    • Animation I and II
    • Digital Portfolio
    • Graphic Design


    Tulane is a member of the Association of American Universities. Its alumni and faculty have become U.S. Senators, Marshall scholars, Fulbright winners, and more. ARWU, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and Washington Monthly all rank Tulane nationally.

  5. Santa Clara University

    Santa Clara, CA




    A private Jesuit school, Santa Clara University is located in the Californian town of the same name. It is organized into six colleges, through which it offers degrees at all levels. Around 8k combined undergraduate and graduate students attend Santa Clara.


    Santa Clara provides a unique opportunity for those desiring a web design degree: a BS in Web Design and Engineering. This balanced program gives students the option to find work in diverse engineering fields upon graduation. Therefore, in addition to classes on web information, usability, and programming, you’ll also take:

    • Introduction to Engineering
    • Abstract Data Types and Data Structures
    • Computer Networks
    • Software Engineering


    Known for being a top producer of Fulbright Scholars, Santa Clara has also graduated numerous governors, congressmen, Pulitzer Prize winners, even Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Santa Clara is ranked 64th among all national universities by U.S. News & World Report.

  6. California College San Diego

    San Marcos, CA




    California College San Diego (CCSD) is a private college known for its healthcare, business management, computer networking, and computer science programs. It was founded as a health sciences college, but now offers a number of degrees to its small student population of 1,300.


    At CCSD you’ll learn everything from web programming to graphic design, digital imaging, and entrepreneurship. The Bachelors of Web Design and Development program takes between 30 and 36 months to complete and can be earned entirely online. At CCSD you’ll take a number of foundational web development and design classes and graduate ready to become:

    • Information Design Consultant
    • Mobile Application Designer
    • E-Learning Designer
    • Consumer Electronics Developer


    CCSD is one of only a few schools affiliated with the Center for Excellence in Higher Education. They have a reputation for serving returning and adult learners, and they connect with Stevens-Henager College to provide online education opportunities.

  7. Utah Valley University

    Orem, UT




    Utah Valley University (UVU) is located Orem, Utah and is home to nearly 40k students. This large, public university offers approximately 150 academic programs, including advanced degrees, certifications, and diplomas.


    Utah Valley University offers a BS in Design and Development degree that comes with a unique emphasis. Students specialize in app development for mobile devices. Graduates from UVU have applied this distinctive degree to a number of diverse job roles and settings, from healthcare to education. UVU’s classes cover:

    • Introduction to Scripting
    • Principles of Web Languages
    • Web Content Management
    • Rich Internet Application Development


    Of all the degrees offered through UVU, the university is most known for its strengths in education, business, nursing, computer science, and social work. UVU students have solidified the university’s reputation, winning national competitions in business at the SkillsUSA contest and the American Marketing Association.

  8. Dakota State University

    Madison, SD




    Based in Madison, South Dakota, Dakota State University (DSU) is a public school. It’s a relatively small university with around 4k students. And it is organized into four closely-knit colleges in business and information technology, cyber science, education, and the arts and sciences.


    Though not a full undergraduate program, DSU’s Multimedia/Web Design minor can be applied to any business, technology, or engineering degree. This is a fantastic option for those who want an education in web design, but also want to largely focus on another discipline or subject. DSU classes include:

    • 2D Design on Computers I and II
    • Computer Graphic Effects I and II
    • Media Studies
    • Writing for Networked Environments


    Dakota State University is a technology-centric school. It requires its students use tablets, integrates computer programming into the curriculums, and has even brought virtual reality headsets into the classroom.

  9. Youngstown State University

    Youngstown, OH




    Based in the Ohioan town of the same name, Youngstown State University (YSU) is a research university. Around 15k students attend YSU, most of whom are undergraduates. Indeed, campus is comprised of six undergraduate colleges plus the School of Graduate Studies.


    Youngstown State University also offers a minor, in multimedia and web design, that can be applied to any major. This is an ideal way to supplement your primary focus, whether that’s in computer science or liberal arts. Through the YSU program you’ll learn how to integrate animation, video, and sound to create a persuasive digital project. Coursework covers:

    • Multimedia Technology
    • Multimedia Authoring
    • Client-Side Scripting Techniques
    • Computer Technology for Digital Image Processing


    YSU is home to several research programs and centers that have earned national acclaim. Many of them are also designated as a Center of Excellence, including the International Business center, among others.

  10. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

    Oshkosh, WI




    The Oshkosh campus in the wider University of Wisconsin system offers degrees at all levels to its 14k students. Though UW Oshkosh was founded as a teacher’s training school, today it offers academic and professional programs in dozens of fields and subjects.


    UW Oshkosh offers a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Web Management that combines best online practices with development and design. This is a very interdisciplinary degree, so be prepared for classes on business, technology, and media. For example, a small sampling of UW Oshkosh classes includes:

    • Creating the Digital Future
    • Writing for the Media
    • Essentials of Information Systems
    • Internet Platform Management


    UW Oshkosh boasts many highly unique recognitions. For example, it has won over 30 Outstanding Delegation awards at the National Model United Nations. It’s also one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in the state of Wisconsin.

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