5 Best Bachelor’s In Art And Art History Degrees

Updated August 19, 2022

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Do fine lines, bright colors, and unique textures fascinate you? Does art intrigue you? Consider pursuing it professionally with one of the 5 best art and art history degrees!

The study of art dates way back to ancient times and is more than just some color on canvas. In fact, studying art history can teach you a lot about ancient civilizations and how our society has grown and evolved over time. Bet you didn’t know you could learn so much from a brush stroke! Every artist across every medium has a unique story to tell– now, you can learn more and share this knowledge with an art history degree.

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What kind of art and art history degree should you get?

Now that you’ve made the decision to study art and art history, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what kind of degree to pursue! With so many options, we’re here to help you narrow it down. Of course, you’ll want to choose between an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree depending on your education level and work experience.

Next, you’ll want to decide if you’re more interested in a flexible degree or a more hands-on environment. Many schools now offer online degree programs for distance learners. However, an online degree isn’t right for all students. If an online degree sounds appealing to you, check out our ranking of the Best Online Art and Art History Degrees.

How much money do people make with an art and art history degree?

With a degree in art and art history, your paycheck will be reliant on your level of education, work experience, and your chosen career path. Studying art and art history does not lead to any one set career – in fact, you’ll have loads of cool jobs to choose from!

Museum employees, curators, and archivists make upwards of $47,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, you can earn more depending on the city in which you live and what type of museum or gallery you work in. Plenty of people also go on to become teachers or artists themselves! The good news is that jobs within the art industry are projected to grow 13 percent from now until 2026.

What can you do with a degree in art and art history?

There are so many unique career opportunities for those with a degree in art and art history! From working in beautiful galleries and museums to teaching art in public or private schools, the options are seemingly endless. Popular careers include:

  • Art consultant
  • Exhibit curator
  • Museum marketing
  • Museum fundraiser

There is no single carved path for those who pursue an art and art history degree. Your future is a blank canvas and you have the pencils, paints, and brushes to color any career you could possibly imagine!

What are the requirements for a degree in art and art history?

The requirements for the degree programs on this list vary based on the type of degree you’re pursuing. Many master’s programs will require applicants to submit a portfolio, while undergraduate degrees are less stringent. Many of the below programs require students to complete at least 120-hours and to choose a specific area of concentration. Since this is an arts degree, most will also include a foreign language requirement. Luckily, many art and art history degrees can be tailored to your specific career goals.

What are the best art and art history degrees?

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best art and art history degrees just for you! The best degrees are those that offer fair pricing, flexibility, and convenience. To find the best degrees for you, we look at the best schools in the country based on reputation, student satisfaction, program quality, and return on investment. Then we review the bottom line - how much is this going to cost?

Based on these combined factors, we’ve curated the below list just for you. These not only represent the best art and art history degrees you can get, but also one that will fit your budget. Check out our picks below!

5 Best Bachelor's in Art & Art History

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  1. University of Massachusetts Lowell

    Lowell, MA




    The University of Massachusetts Lowell is a competitive research university that offers degrees at all levels throughout its six campuses. As one of the top schools in the nation, UMass Lowell has spent an estimated $69 million worth of research and development projects. The university is also a highly generous school, offering financial aid to approximately 90 percent of its students and awarding more than $179 million of aid. UMass Lowells Art History degree program is offered through its School of Online and Continuing Education.

    Program Features

    UMass Lowells online Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Art History will give students a comprehensive background of the development of art in societies around the world.

    Ability to choose another concentration Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters Sample Courses: Art Appreciation, American Art, Comparative Arts


    UMass Lowells online Bachelors programs are ranked among the best in the nation according to the U.S. News World Report.

  2. Arizona State University

    Phoenix, AZ




    As the most innovative school in the nation, Arizona State University is a major powerhouse for research and intellectual thought. Not only is ASU known for its excellent achievements, but also for its amazing faculty and classes. The universitys undergraduate Art History degree is offered through Herberger Institute for Design the Arts. This school is the largest comprehensive design and arts school in the country, with more than 5,000 students.

    Program Features

    ASUs online BA in Art History is a comprehensive degree that trains students to understand art using a variety of skills.

    No portfolio required in application School of Art scholarship available Sample Courses: Art from Prehistory Through Middle Ages, Art of Asia, The Art of the Comic


    Popular jobs upon completion of this program include entry-level jobs at places such as art publications or museums.

  3. University of Arizona

    Tucson, AZ




    The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Ariz. Since its founding in 1885, UA has accomplished a variety of things, such as working alongside NASA as a partner institution and serving underprivileged communities. As a premier public research university, UA is among the best universities in the nation according to the U.S. News World Report and the Princeton Review. In order to continue to reach more students, UA offers online programs, with more than 100 degrees available.

    Program Features

    Students interested in pursuing art-related industries should enroll in UAs online Bachelor of General Studies degree with a focus in Arts, Media, and Entertainment.

    $500 per-unit No complicated additional application materials needed Sample Courses: Jazz History, Hip Hop Cinema, Literature and Film


    As students will be exposed to a variety of disciplines throughout this degree, graduates will be prepared to enter several fields.

  4. Lindenwood University

    Saint Charles, MO




    Lindenwood University was founded in 1827 in the heart of St. Charles, Mo. Over 10,000 students are currently enrolled in their 131 degree programs. Located just west of St. Louis, students have all the benefits of a big school in a big city. Its academic opportunities extend to non-traditional adult learners as well, with its many online degree programs where students can take classes on a flexible time schedule.

    Program Features

    An online Art History student at Lindenwood will be exposed to a variety of cultures and will learn to understand art through different contexts.

    39 degree credits required 3-year Fast Track available Sample Courses: Baroque Art, History of Non-Western Art, Two-Dimensional Design


    Excellent students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may be able to get a head start in their graduate degree through the Early Access Graduate Program.

  5. Prescott College

    Prescott, AZ




    Prescott College is a private liberal arts school that was founded in the 60s. Prescott believes in providing all students with a diverse education in order to prepare them to thrive in their communities. The college is known for its sustainability, affordability, and of course its reputable distance learning programs. Prescott has been providing adults with online degrees for over 20 years.

    Program Features

    Through Prescott Colleges distance learning program, students can get their Bachelors in the Arts Humanities.

    Three start dates Hybrid program (Ability to take some on-campus classes) Mentored internship courses


    This program is unique in that it is a limited residency and hybrid program, meaning students will have more opportunities to engage with the campus community.

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