This college ranking supplements our best value master’s in finance ranking by focusing strictly on online and hybrid master’s degrees in finance programs.

This ranking is based on a candidates list of just under 50 colleges listed in as offering a “graduate” finance program in this topic (including master’s, doctorate and/or graduate certificate).

Ranking Methodology

Factors for this ranking system of 15 of the best online master’s degrees in finance programs are the same as for the “traditional” programs version (linked above) and are as follows:

  • In-state tuition — covers “affordability”
  • Grad student to student ratio — loosely covers the commitment the college has to grad students overall.
  • All distance education ratio — shows adaptation of grad students to distance programs, including online degrees.
  • Some distance education ratio — shows what ratio of grad students not in distance/ online education programs are at least taking distance courses (including online courses).

The ranking is weighted most heavily towards the affordability factor.

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