Often called the “language of business,” accounting is an integral aspect to financial literacy in today’s dynamic, globalized business world. Without the brilliant, numbers-oriented minds of accountants, businesses could not thrive or even succeed.
Online Associates in Accounting

Accountants are key members of many industries and sectors, from government nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, from healthcare to education.

They collect important financial data, then translate, analyze, and present that data to the rest of the team. Accountants manage both big-picture projects and the minutiae of the day to day, giving critical consultation on financial issues while also filing budget reports and federal taxes.

Take a look at College Choice’s Best Online Colleges and Universities.

On average, the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree can help you earn anywhere from 25k annually to 60k annually, depending on the job title and responsibilities. Since the associate degree is only a two-year program, this is a pretty big return on investment considering the early average salaries of graduates juxtaposed to the affordable credit hour costs of some programs.

The associate degree is also a convenient option when you cannot commit to the full bachelors. However, if you do decide to transfer those credits to a four-year program, accountants with bachelor degrees earn upwards of 50k in their early years, and some can even earn close to 200k as their careers evolve.

Online programs in accounting are an affordable, accessible, and flexible way to earn an associate degree, especially if you find yourself in a situation that makes going back to school either logistically or financially problematic.

Despite the stigma online colleges once held, they have mostly shed those stereotypes and have increasingly solid reputations, in large part because online programs are developed and taught by the same faculty who teach the traditional, on-campus courses. And in most cases, the diploma looks exactly the same as those garnered by “traditional students,” yet it was obtained at half the price.

What are the Best Associate’s in Accounting Degrees in the Country?

Below are the fifty best online accounting associate programs in the country. While some programs are business heavy in their curricular emphasis and others are strictly accounting driven, they all share one thing in common despite the difference of concentration: They are the best at teaching accounting through an online platform.

Here at College Choice we’ve collated and compared the academic reputation, student satisfaction, affordability, and average annual salary of graduates from online AA/AS in Accounting programs across the country to create a definitive ranking of the nation’s fifty best.

We first chose programs with the most renowned academic reputation and from those pared the list down to those with high retention rates—a reflection of student satisfaction—added those with the most economical accessibility, and finally we included the averages of early career salaries (care of PayScale) to arrive at a list marked by thorough research and extensive data aggregation.

Our figures come from the university and colleges’ websites as well as nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.


University of Alaska-Fairbanks

College Choice Score: 100

Average Tuition: $192.00

Program Website


This fully online Associate of Applied Science degree through the University of Alaska in Fairbanks prepares you for both entry-level and mid-level careers in accounting. You will graduate from this sixty-credit hour program equipped to maintain financial records, prepare tax and other financial statements, oversee payroll, and organize bookkeeping files. What’s great about the University of Alaska program is that you’ll take both accounting and business courses, so you will have a diverse skill set after attaining the degree and while starting (or advancing!) your accounting career.

Program Features

In addition to a core that covers the principles of accounting, the curriculum at Alaska includes classes on customer services, management, income tax, QuickBooks, microcomputer accounting, financial management, fund accounting for nonprofits, and the principles of banking. Graduates from the University of Alaska have gone on to find rewarding work in bookkeeping and they have secured stable employment in an array of sectors, including in small businesses, nonprofit organizations, corporate firms, and government agencies.


With one of the most affordable costs per credit hour plus a wide-ranging curriculum that readies you for all aspects of accounting, the University of Alaska in Fairbanks is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities is a great choice for earning an AAS in Applied Accounting.


Indiana Wesleyan University

College Choice Score: 99.75

Average Tuition: $283.00

Program Website

You can earn an Associate of Science in Accounting degree from Indiana Wesleyan University that is fully online. This program takes approximately twenty-six months to complete and introduces you to foundational business and accounting analysis principles, trends, and issues. Unlike many online programs, including a couple on this list, Indiana Wesleyan is intentionally relational. Students do not study and work in a vacuum. They enter the program as part of close cohort of other students and then rely on those relationships for mutual, academic support. Similarly, students work closely with faculty who share a wealth of business and financial expertise throughout their academic experience.

Because Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christian school, the AS in Accounting curriculum integrates a biblical framework that counsels students through both professional and personals interactions. In addition to cultivating a Christian worldview, Indiana Wesleyan students (online students included) will learn the fundamentals of accounting analytics, effective communication strategies, and management applications in business decision-making. And like many others on our list, this accounting degree from Indiana Wesleyan comes at an extremely affordable cost.

Indiana Wesleyan University, located in Marion, is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Southern New Hampshire University

College Choice Score: 96.75

Average Tuition: $320.00

Program Website

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers an online Associate of Science in Accounting degree that requires sixty completed credit hours of classes. SNHUÍs program gives students an essential foundation in accounting theory and applications, and the program is taught and led by experts in accounting, taxation, and fraud examination. As a SNHU student you will take classes on accounting proper as well as business fundamentals. For example, classes include financial accounting, management, cost analysis, micro and macroeconomics, information technology, statistics, marketing, and human relations in administration.

Whether you want to learn how to create financial records and statements, identify and interpret government tax law, or analyze and communicate key accounting information to internal stakeholders, this program will fully prepare you to enter the work field or to continue your education. And your academic experience will be marked by convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. You can complete the degree at your own pace and attend class whenever it works for you.

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Southern New Hampshire University is a private school that enrolls approximately 3,000 traditional, on-campus students and another 60k students online. Southern New Hampshire University is known for its strong distance education programs as well as its business school and business degrees.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

College Choice Score: 96

Average Tuition: $436.00

Program Website

Through the University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ campus, an online certification in finance is offered to those students who wish to begin or advance their career in accounting. Agricultural finance, income tax, managerial finance, principles of accounting, and intermediate accounting make up this twenty-nine-credit hour certification.

At the University of Minnesota you will gain insight into financial and economic behaviors of micro and macro communities and you will cultivate necessary (and sought after) skills in problem solving and quantitative analysis. Though itÍs not technically a full associate degree, it can still serve you in many of the same ways. Those who have earned this certification have found careers as financial analysts, personal advisors, and as actuaries, among others. And because this program is fully online, you can acquire certification in an efficient, affordable, and flexible manner. Which then, of course, leaves the option for future studies and employment opportunities.

The University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities holds many high rankings, most notably from U.S. New & World Report, and it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Liberty University

College Choice Score: 95.25

Average Tuition: $390.00

Program Website

The most important thing to know about Liberty University is that it is a conservative Christian school that threads its curriculum with biblical and theological perspectives. For some, this may be a turn off and for others it may be a reason to enroll. Or maybe you donÍt have strong feelings one way or another! Aside from its theological history and culture, Liberty University is also known for having one of the biggest and most reputable online education programs in the nation. Included among their many offerings is the Associate of Arts in Accounting degree.

This sixty-credit degree program in accounting equips its students to find jobs in corporate accounting, education, government, non-profit work, public accounting, or to go on and earn a bachelors of science degree (which can also be attained fully online through Liberty). Liberty accounting students will gain insight into financial, managerial, nonprofit, and governmental accounting while learning about taxation, bookkeeping, auditing, and more. Likewise, students develop necessary communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and technology skills, and they learn to analyze ethical accounting and finance problems from a biblical and moral perspective.

Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and it is based in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Keiser University

College Choice Score: 95

Average Tuition: $699.00

Program Website

This online Associate of Arts degree from Keiser University exhaustively covers financial accounting, federal taxation, accounting software, and office applications so students can move directly into entry-level positions as professional accountants upon graduation. And like many of the associate programs on our list, this one equally readies you for advanced study if you wish to earn a Bachelors (or even later, a Masters) degree.

As a Keiser student you will take the following classes, all of which are offered fully online: accounting principles I and II, accounting information for business decisions, integrated accounting, business law, financial management, introduction to marketing, and the principles of taxation. These courses teach students how to identify fundamental accounting and tax concepts and how to prepare subsequent financial statements and documents. Students also develop professional communication skills so they can successfully prepare and present financial plans, and they are able to recognize components of regulatory and ethical accounting practices.

Known for its online delivery of undergraduate and graduate degrees, Keiser University is a private, nonprofit school located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It has been ranked, by Community College Week, as among the best in the nation for colleges with associate degree programs. Keiser is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Milwaukee Area Technical College

College Choice Score: 93.5

Average Tuition: $151.00

Program Website

Through Milwaukee Area Technical College’s (MATC) School of Business students can earn an Associate of Accounting degree fully online. There are a number of reasons why you should consider MATC’s program, one of which is the affordable price tag. The other incentives have to do with specialization and certification. En route to earning the associate degree you can also pick up an Accounting Bookkeeper trainee certificate or an Accounting Assistant technical diploma on the way. Similarly, you can enroll in classes that prepare you to take the QuickBooks Certification Exam or the MS Office Excel Specialist Certification Exam.

Regardless of how you choose to design your academic experience at MATC you can be assured that you will cultivate fundamental accounting skills in a variety of areas: auditing, cost accounting, taxation, payroll, government finance, nonprofit accounting, and computer technology. And thus, MATC students have found work in several industries, including banking, business, government, nonprofit, healthcare, and more.

A two-year vocational-technical school offering day, evening, weekend, and online classes, Milwaukee Area Technical College specializes in its adult and returning learner education programs. Over 25k students attend MATC, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Portland Community College

College Choice Score: 93

Average Tuition: $97.00

Program Website

The opportunities at Portland Community College (PCC) are multitude. You can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree, which readies you for work as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, or an accounting assistant. You can earn just the Accounting Clerk certificate, which prepares you for entry-level positions in bookkeeping. You can earn an Accelerated Accounting Certificate, an Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Certificate, or an Associate of Science transfer degree (if you plan to seek a bachelor degree after your time at PCC).

You may want to connect with the school to determine which program is best for you, but you can be assured that whichever one you enroll in will develop your skills in computerized accounting applications, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication while giving you a sturdy foundation in payroll accounting, law, taxation, and financial management. And all of Portland Community College’s accounting degrees and certification programs can be completed either fully online or mostly online with minimal required campus visits.

The largest community college in Oregon, Portland State University enrolls over 80k students in the greater Portland area and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


Wayne Community College

College Choice Score: 91.75

Average Tuition: $285.00

Program Website

There are two ways to earn official accounting specialist status through Wayne Community College’s online learning platform: by earning an Associate in Accounting degree (that can stand alone but is also easily transferable) or by earning an Accounting and Bookkeeping Certificate in half the time. While the former requires four semesters of study, the latter only requires two semesters, or one year, of full-time study. If you’re not sure how much time you can allocate to school, start with the certificate, as the credits can then later be applied to the full associate degree.

Whichever academic route you head down, Wayne Community College will prepare you to tackle all areas of accounting, from management to finances, accounting software, professional reporting, macro and microeconomics, and the world of business. And at Wayne Community, whether you’re studying online or in the classroom, class sizes are small and students receive individualized attention from professors, who are experts in their accounting fields.

Wayne Community College is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. It serves nearly 15k students, most of whom are distance learning or extension students, and it is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Chemeketa Community College

College Choice Score: 91.5

Average Tuition: $80.00

Program Website

Chemeketa Community College (CCC) Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting degree is for those who envision themselves in business, government, or nonprofit industries. This two-year program can be completed fully online or, if you’re an Oregon native, it can be earned through a hybrid model, in which you take some courses at one of the many Chemeketa campuses. The curriculum is the same, regardless of how and where you take courses, so you can anticipate classes that explore data tracking, financial analysis, systems and organization, business administration, and the many avenues and concepts of accounting proper.

Unique to Chemeketa are the certification programs, which can be earned in half the time as the full associate degree. Chemeketa offers a Tax Preparation Certificate, which provides the necessary eighty hours of course work required to take a state Licensed Tax Preparer test. This is an ideal opportunity for those interested in tax preparation and for those looking to supplement their accounting credentials. Additionally, students can also earn a one-year accounting certificate on their way to achieving the full associate degree. This certification provides specialization and is offered in three areas: administrative accounting, small business accounting, and entry-level governmental accounting.

Located in Oregon’s state capital, Salem, Chemeketa Community College enrolls over 30k students in its many academic programs. It is known, especially, for its Center for Business and Industry, which houses the Small Business Development Center and facilitates business classes and programs that benefit the local community. CCC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


Franklin University

College Choice Score: 91.25

Average Tuition: $172.00

Program Website

As a Franklin University online student earning your Associate in Accounting degree, you will take classes on federal income taxation, cost management, fraud examination, government and nonprofit accounting, auditing, information systems, and financial and managerial accounting. This sixty-four credit hour degree will teach you how to maintain accounting standards, provide financial analyses, find tax-saving opportunities, perform ethical auditory reviews, and assist in bigger-picture financial planning.

There are many reasons to earn your Associate in Accounting degree through Franklin University. Foremost, it has one of the most affordable per-credit-hour costs on our ranking (for being a full, four-year institution). And it allows a generous amount of transfer credits if youÍve already taken your general education classes elsewhere. Finally, Franklin uniquely allows students to schedule their coursework in six, twelve, and fifteen-week blocks, which means you can study and graduate at your own pace.

Franklin University has five campuses spread throughout Indiana and Ohio as well as a large distance learning program that supports its online students. The school is a private and nonprofit institution and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Northcentral Technical College

College Choice Score: 90.75

Average Tuition: $209.00

Program Website

Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow presentations are just some of the business records and financial reports you will learn to make as a Northcentral Technical College (NTC) online student. Their Associate in Accounting degree, offered 100 percent online, covers general accounting as well as other specialized areas of business and finance, such as microcomputers, taxation, cost accounting, and auditing. And like some of the other schools on our list, NTC gives its students an invaluable advantage; students are prepared to take the Accredited Business Accountant exam, the Accreditation in Accountancy exam, and the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User exam.

At an extremely affordable price, through the NTC program you will be able to process financial transactions as you analyze business data to make sound financial decisions. You will be able to prepare individual and business tax accounts, identify internal controls to reduce risks, and you will be set up to find employment in many fields, as an payroll accountant, bookkeeper, or tax accountant.

Based in Wausau, Wisconsin, Northcentral Technical College is a member of the Wisconsin Technical College System. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and it offers over 100 areas of study in business, public safety, agriculture, and technology.


Macomb Community College

College Choice Score: 90.5

Average Tuition: $230.00

Program Website

From Macomb Community College (MCC) you can earn a business certificate in under six months, thus, quickly and economically jumpstarting your career. MCC also offers an online associate degree in accounting that will similarly advance your vocational prospects, whether you intend to be a public accountant or a financial consultant. This program is comprised of classes on business enterprise, computer and information processing principles, management, marketing, business law, and a variety of accounting types, including microcomputer, intermediate, and managerial accounting.

For those who think they may want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the credit hours from this program easily transfer to most colleges and universities that offer the full bachelors in accounting. Otherwise, by just completing the two-year program at Macomb you will be equipped to fulfill the role of loan officer, tax preparer, accounts clerk, bookkeeper, and auditing clerk.

Ranked in the top two percent nationally for the number of associate degrees offered, Macomb Community College is based in the northern suburbs of Detroit. Its certifications, degrees, diplomas, workforce development, and continuing education programs are proffered through the renowned University Center. MCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Mesa Community College

College Choice Score: 90.25

Average Tuition: $215.00

Program Website

Mesa Community College offers an Associate in Business degree that is fully online and allows students to concentrate in accounting. Available through the Business and Information Systems department, this program sets you up to enter directly into the accounting industry or to transfer your credits so you can earn either a bachelor of science in accountancy or finance. Whatever your end goal, this online program from Mesa Community College will help you get there.

Mesa’s online platform is equally supportive, as students have access to online orientations, help centers, tutoring, library resources, video training, and ways to connect with their peers and professors. Through this platform you will take courses that teach you how to cultivate tax return preparation tactics, issue financial statements, make financial forecasts, maintain bookkeeping, and much more. All that to say, this program will instill proficiency in all of accounting’s key fields.

Mesa Community College is located in Mesa, Arizona and offers over 200 degrees and certification programs. MCC is one of the largest providers of transfer students to Arizona State University, so if you’re interested in ASU then you may want to look into starting your education at MCC. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Saint Leo University

College Choice Score: 90

Average Tuition: $520.00

Program Website

Saint Leo University offers an Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree that can be supplemented with a concentration in accounting. This program is perfect for those seeking to allocate their education mostly to business principles but who still desire an emphasis on accounting. Proffered through the School of Business, this program is based in a liberal arts model and therefore equally weighs the importance of critical and independent thinking as it does professional formation.

Courses through Saint Leo’s program explore business law, macro and microeconomics, marketing, management, essential business skills and practices, and the various types of accounting. Though not unique, Saint Leo requires a general education core in addition to the business and accounting course load. What is unique, however, is that Saint Leo allows students to take distinctive classes to fulfill this requirement, classes such as women artists, building a multiracial society, Native American history, and more.

A leading Roman Catholic university based in the Sunshine State, Saint Leo University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Nearly 15k students attend Saint Leo and are enrolled in one of the forty academic programs.


Tulsa Community College

College Choice Score: 88.5

Average Tuition: $326.00

Program Website

Tulsa Community College offers an online Associate in Applied Science in Accounting degree for those who are either already working in the field of accounting or for those who are eager to develop a financial skillset and knowledge base. Through the Tulsa program you can continue working fulltime while taking classes online and at your own pace. You will engage in a curriculum that combines business insight with accounting practicality.

For those who are specifically interested in small business practice, this associate degree may be for you, as youÍll take classes on managing a small business as well as managerial accounting. You can also expect courses that explore computer systems (such as Excel and QuickBooks), income taxation, business law, information systems, and all kinds of accounting types, from financial to cost accounting.

Tulsa Community College serves approximately 30k students each year, helping them attain two-year degrees, pass licensure exams, or enroll in four-year university programs. TCC is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges and is accredited by both the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission.


Albany Technical College

College Choice Score: 88.25

Average Tuition: $89.00

Program Website

Albany Technical College (ATC) offers a 102 credit hour Associate in Accounting degree that can be achieved online. This program takes two years to complete but covers an exhaustive range of accounting topics, concepts, and skills: spreadsheet applications, individual taxation, payroll, the legal environment of business, personal finance, management, document production, and financial accounting. ATC also gives students a lot of flexibility in their choice of electives, allowing students to specialize according to interest and ambition. Some of these electives include business ethics, marketing, leadership formation, and employment law.

Through Albany Technical College’s eLearn program, online students have access to all the same services and resources of the school as well as the flexibility of distance education. ATC students can study full or part-time and at their own convenience. They can also opt to earn just the accounting diploma, which only takes eighteen months to complete. Whether you walk away from ATC with an accounting associate degree or diploma, you are ready to enter the world of income tax preparation, cost accounting, auditing, and public accounting.

Albany Technical College is part of the Technical College System of Georgia. They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and have campuses throughout the Southwest Georgia area.


Atlanta Technical College

College Choice Score: 86.5

Average Tuition: $163.00

Program Website

With an emphasis on today’s technological advances, Atlanta Technical College (ATC) provides an Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting degree that facilitates the academic, technical, and professional knowledge base and skill set that you will need to survive in a competitive, globalized business atmosphere. This five-semester program requires the completion of sixty-seven credit hours, most of which covers database systems, software and hardware technology, payroll, individual taxation, management, and financial accounting, plus a handful of seminars, capstone courses, and electives to choose from.

Like many associate programs on our ranking, ATC requires you complete a general education core. However, only fifteen credits of college algebra, psychology, composition, and the humanities are needed to fulfill that requirement. Meaning, at ATC you will be given a strong academic foundation across disciplines but you wonÍt have to wait a full calendar year (or more!) before diving into introductory and advanced accounting courses.

Part of the Technical College System of Georgia, Atlanta Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. They proffer associate degrees, diplomas, and technical certifications. They enroll approximately 5,000 students and are located in downtown Atlanta.


Surry Community College

College Choice Score: 86.25

Average Tuition: $268.00

Program Website

While developing your critical thinking, ethical decision making, and communications skills at Surry Community College you will gain insight into the world of business law, finance, management, and economics. The Associate of Accounting degree at Surry can be earned 100 percent online and readies graduates for entry-level positions in many types of organizations: accounting firms, small businesses, manufacturing firms, schools, government agencies, and manufacturing firms.

If you’re not ready to commit to the full associate degree then you can begin with the accounting certificate, a seventeen credit course load comprised of classes on financial accounting, business law, principles of managerial accounting, federal income taxes, and introduction to business. After earning the certification, which can help you get a foot in the door of the accounting industry, you will have the opportunity to apply those credits to the associate degree. Regardless, both the accounting certificate and associate degree at Surry Community College are flexible and affordable options.

Also located in North Carolina, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Surry Community College is known for its adult and distance learning education programs. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Saint Mary of the Woods College

College Choice Score: 86

Average Tuition: $496.00

Program Website

Oftentimes, associate degree programs, because they are so concentrated, introduce students to the core curriculum of a subject and do not leave much room for exploration and specialization. However, at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, you can earn an online Associate in Accounting degree that allows you to take electives in auditing, management, research, international accounting, government and non-profit accounting, or business law, among others. All of these can, of course, be paired with the required core, which introduces students to the principles of accounting, marketing, communications, and microeconomics.

Are you interested in bonds, stocks, and trading? This program can help you become a financial analyst, assisting businesses or individuals with investment decisions, keeping track of stocks, and seeking out new investments. Or perhaps you’re great with both numbers and organization. This degree will equally prepare you to become a budget analyst, as you will graduate ready to help companies, organizations, or institutions organize their finances by managing budget reports. Additionally, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods graduates find work in many diverse settings and with many diverse finance teams.

Located in Indiana, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Lenoir Community College

College Choice Score: 85.5

Average Tuition: $268.00

Program Website

At Lenoir Community College you can earn an Associate of Accounting degree that consists of only fifteen credits of general education coursework; the rest of the courses (approximately fifty credits worth) introduce you to the principles of financial, managerial, payroll, and cost accounting. And all of the classes, all sixty-five hours, can be taken online. And as a Lenoir online student you will find you have access to a number of academic resources, such as online academic writing support services, career coaches, a web advisor, tutoring, and much more.

Lenoir’s accounting program is four semesters long. In your first year you will take general education courses, though Lenoir strives to make those as applicable to your degree as possible (for example, to fulfill the math requirement you will take Business Math). Introductions to computers, financial accounting, spreadsheets, and payroll also make up your first year. Then in your second year at Lenoir you will take advanced accounting courses, as well as those covering software applications, taxation, and professional development.

Part of the North Carolina Community College System, Lenoir Community College is located in Kinston, North Carolina and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Foothill College

College Choice Score: 85.25

Average Tuition: $156.00

Program Website

In addition to the number of online accounting classes you will take as a Foothill College student, you will also take classes on tax accounting, business law, QuickBooks, macro and microeconomics, financial statement analysis, fraud examination, payroll, ethics, nonprofit accounting, and small business accounting. Foothill’s program is an Associate of Arts in Accounting degree program that can be completed fully online through the schoolÍs innovative and interactive e-learning platform.

Foothill’s online student community has access to online orientations, tutorials, trainings, academic counseling, registration, and a number of other resource and services. They collaborate closely with accounting professionals and business leaders, and they participate in an academic experience that is similar to the traditional college experience. Online courses have set schedules, weekly deadlines, start dates, and finals weeks. If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible program that mirrors the structure of on-campus learning, Foothill’s program may be an ideal fit for you.

Situated in Los Altos Hills, California, Foothill College is part of the Foothill-De Anza Community College district and is considered one of California’s best community colleges. They offer nearly 80 associate degrees and over one hundred certification programs. Foothill College is accredited by the Commission for Community & Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Champlain College

College Choice Score: 84.75

Average Tuition: $640.00

Program Website

Because of Champlain College’s model—seven-week courses continually offered throughout the year—you can complete this Associate of Science in Accounting degree quickly and at your own convenience. Specially designed for working professionals, this program is an excellent choice for those who are already working in accounting but want formal training and education to advance their career. Furthermore, Champlain has made it easy for its students to continue on to the full bachelors program after graduation, if they so choose. And if students prefer to only earn the Associates then they are well-suited to enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

Champlain students collaborate closely with peers and faculty as well as with dedicated academic advisors who assist online students in managing their coursework. They will also help you decide whether to supplement the degree with additional certification, as Champlain offers this opportunity in three areas: general accounting, advanced accounting, and cost accounting. However you design your academic experience at Champlain, you are guaranteed to graduate with a confident skillset that includes effective communication technique, insight into legal and tax issues, decision-making skills, and a polished ability to analyze and interpret financial information.

Champlain College—a small, private school based in Burlington, Vermont— is well-ranked by U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.


University of Toledo

College Choice Score: 84.5

Average Tuition: $335.00

Program Website

As an online University of Toledo student you will have the privilege to work directly with a success coach and academic advisors, you will have access to cutting-edge technology such as eTutoring and the eLibrary, and you will study under professors who are leaders in their respective fields. Toledo online students also have the opportunity to receive scholarship funding for past credits, making this affordable degree even more affordable.

Toledo’s online accounting program takes two years to complete. In the first year your courses will cover general education (composition, social science, math) as well as business fundamentals (introduction to business, financial accounting, workplace communication, managerial accounting). In your second year you will transition to more advanced accounting and business work, taking classes such as managing in a global economy, intermediate accounting, the legal environment of business, and managing diversity in the workplace. Clearly innovative and interactive, this online Associate in Accounting degree is also thorough, preparing its students for careers in auditing, clerking, accounts receivable, payroll, bookkeeping, and more.

Located in the Northeastern region of Ohio, the University of Toledo is a four-year, public institution and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Northeastern University

College Choice Score: 84.25

Average Tuition: $504.00

Program Website

Whether you decide to attend full or part-time, the online accounting undergraduate certificate program from Northeastern University can be earned in less than one year. Requiring twenty-four credit hours to complete, the curriculum at Northeastern covers financial accounting, managerial accounting, strategic cost analysis, principles of finance, and financial reporting and analysis.

By anchoring its students in a broad base of accounting strategies and techniques, Northeastern helps its students become qualified for work in an array of industries and professions. While earning the certification students will learn how to compile, analyze, and prepare vital business and financial records. They will develop critical communication skills, interpersonal and management skills, and they will learn how to balance both bigger picture projects with detail-oriented projects. And because this program is online, itÍs perfectly tailored for working professionals looking to gain some edge and advantage in a competitive field. You will also have access to all the same resources, research, and services offered through the larger university.

Northeastern University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and its business degrees are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


North Arkansas College

College Choice Score: 84

Average Tuition: $163.00

Program Website

Are you looking for an associate degree in business administration that allows you to concentrate in accounting? Do you need this program to be fully online? North Arkansas College (NAC) has just the program for you. While investigating the concepts, theories, and strategies that drive successful business models, you will also be introduced to modern accounting practices and how they fit into modern business practices. Offered through the Business School (with is accredited by the Council for Business Schools and Programs) NAC’s concentration in accounting stresses proper business ethics while teaching students the tangibles of accounting work: preparing documents, creating financial plans, and analyzing financial data.

North Arkansas College also seeks to instill successful business skills into its students. Communication refinement and presentation tactics, for example, are some of the interpersonal areas students will work on and hone while earning their degree. Graduates, unsurprisingly, have found work as bookkeepers, accounting clerks, posting clerks, credit assistants, business managers, and payroll accountants.

North Arkansas College is a two-year school located in Harrison, Arkansas. They provide educational opportunities to students throughout the state and are known for their health programs and technical degrees. NAC is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Coastline Community College

College Choice Score: 83.75

Average Tuition: $234.00

Program Website

Not only does Coastline Community College (CCC) fully prepare you to sit for the CPA exam by the end of your studies, but you can choose among five areas of concentration to become certified: general accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, advanced accounting, and intermediate accounting. These areas of specialization will help you narrow your vocational aspirations and set you apart in the job market.

The CCC accounting program is offered entirely online, though there is an option to design a hybrid academic experience by combining online coursework with on-campus classes. The curriculum covers everything you need to know to succeed in the field of accounting: financial accounting, managerial accounting, individual taxation, and accounting with QuickBooks. If you see yourself helping managers, investors, and tax authorities make economical financial decisions and investment choices, then one of these accounting certifications is for you.

Accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools, Coastline Community College is a three-campus school based in Garden Grove, Newport, and Fountain Valley, California. They specialize in easily transferable associate degrees and currently have nearly 10k students.


Barton Community College

College Choice Score: 83.25

Average Tuition: $135.00

Program Website

You can become a Technical Accounting Specialist through Barton Community CollegeÍs online degree program. This is a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree that focuses on accounting and payroll and is a great entry point into accounting for non-traditional students. It prepares students to find gainful employment upon degree completion or to transfer into a four-year degree program in business, accounting, or a related field. This sixty-four credit hour degree includes general education coursework but is mostly comprised of business and accounting courses such as business communications, spreadsheet applications, payroll procedures, management, ethics and law, information systems, and much more.

There are many reasons to choose Barton. Classes are small and faculty work closely with students (even those taking coursework online). The diverse curriculum allows graduates to find work in various settings. And, most notable to the Barton program, students participate in a capstone project that gives them hands-on, real-world experience. They carry this experience confidently into the work force, which helps them stand out among the competition and to meet the business and accounting standards set by employers.

Barton Community College is based in Great Bend, Kansas, but serves a number of counties throughout Kansas. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges.


Baker College

College Choice Score: 83

Average Tuition: $250.00

Program Website

Baker College offers an online Associate of Business degree that can be paired with a concentration in accounting. Baker students are introduced to the theory and application of accounting, economics, management, and marketing while they develop skills that are key to workplace success: critical thinking, effective communication, and ethical decision making. Through BakerÍs online education system it is also possible to earn an associate degree in accounting and computer information systems or in accounting and management. So, depending on your career aspirations and interests, you may want to look into one of these programs as well.

Nearly 100 credits of completed course work are required to graduate, which may seem intimidating until you realize that Baker’s exhaustive program sets you up to either finish your bachelor degree in record time or to enter the workforce with tons of experience and industry knowledge. Courses such as technology and society, database applications, and human relations will set you apart from the crowd, while the accounting foundations core ensures your proficiency in business law, micro and macroeconomics, taxation, payroll, and computerized accounting.

Baker College—located in Flint, Michigan—is accredited as a whole by the Higher Learning Commission while its business associate degrees are accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education.


Finger Lakes Community College

College Choice Score: 82.75

Average Tuition: $366.00

Program Website

This Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree from Finger Lakes Community College gives you the opportunity to explore the many areas of accounting so you can become an appraiser, financial analyst, actuary, tax collector, underwriter, or a budget, loan, or bank officer. This degree is fully online and is a perfect choice for those who are less interested in the business end of accounting and who want, instead, to allocate their education to accounting concepts, strategies, and theories.

FLCC teaches its online accounting students, through individualized instruction, to record and compose financial transactions and receipts, analyze and interpret financial data, make sound decisions regarding financial transactions, utilize accounting hardware and software, and communicate persuasively in both oral and written contexts. Finally, FLCC is incredibly affordable for both NY residents and non-residents, but the school also offers scholarships for accounting majors (who meet certain criteria) to alleviate costs even further.

Affiliated with the State University of New York, Finger Lakes Community College’s main campus is based in Hopewell, NY though other branches are pocked throughout the Finger Lakes region. They offer dozens of degree programs in many areas, from business administration to paramedic training. FLCC is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


Herkimer County Community College

College Choice Score: 82.5

Average Tuition: $233.00

Program Website

The Associate of Science in Accounting degree from Herkimer County Community College is perfect for those looking to gain entry into the world of accounting but maybe not interested in transferring those credits to a four-year school. Though it is possible to graduate with the AS and transfer to attain your Bachelors, Herkimer County CC only has transfer agreements with approximately ten New York state schools. So, that’s something to keep in mind. However, this degree will serve you well as it stands alone.

This online program is primarily a business degree with a heavy emphasis on accounting. It gives students hands-on experience through an interactive, skills-based curriculum that combines accounting theory, application, and technology with communication style and interpersonal development. As a Herkimer student you will learn to collect, organize, report, and interpret financial data and you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the global business market, including its trends, demands, and histories. You can also expect to take several humanities courses, as this program is steeped in a liberal arts education model that requires students take literature, writing, math, and American history classes.

Herkimer County is located in New York and is home to Herkimer County Community College, a two-year school that offers associate degrees and certifications in a number of areas. They are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


Western Wyoming Community College

College Choice Score: 82.25

Average Tuition: $286.00

Program Website

Because Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) has a strong relationship with the University of Wyoming (in Laramie) this online Associate in Accounting degree can carry you into the bigger, renowned research university or it can be applied directly to your work experience, helping you find a career in accounting or build on the one you already have. Notably, WWCC teaches students how to manage financial data across many industries and sectors, and at several levels within organizations. This means, upon graduation you can find work as a payroll manager, tax specialist, financial analyst, auditor, personal accounting, bookkeeper, and so much more.

Or if you’re not ready for the full degree program, you can earn a certificate in accounting. This one-year program will introduce you to the basics of accounting theory and application so that you can enter the workforce with specialization and distinction. This certificate, which can also be earned online, requires completing between thirty-three and thirty-four credit hours of business, economics, payroll, bookkeeping, and taxation classes.

Affiliated with the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Western Wyoming Community College is a two-year program based in Rock Springs. They offer dozens of degrees in dozens of areas of study and practice and are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Pamlico Community College

College Choice Score: 80.75

Average Tuition: $268.00

Program Website

Pamlico Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree that can be earned fully online and that was designed to foster success for students in the world of accounting. The curriculum explores the collation, analysis, and communication of essential financial information while targeting other core business topics and issues that are of critical importance to accounting professionals: business law, finance, management, economics, computer applications, ethics, and communications.

Whether you want to work in insurance, banking, healthcare, the local or federal government, sales, law, finance, or manufacturing, the Pamlico program trains its students to apply accounting principles and theories to a range of industries and responsibilities. In addition to learning how to maintain records, prepare tax forms, manage teams, and process data, you will also become proficient in spreadsheet database software, QuickBooks, and in an array of tax preparation softwares. Basically, this degree has it all.

Pamlico Community College is based in Grantsboro, North Carolina. They’re pretty small in terms of academic offerings; there are eleven areas of study in agriculture, business, education, construction, engineering, and health, among others. But they offer several certifications and associate degree programs within each field. Pamlico is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Southwest Virginia Community College

College Choice Score: 80.5

Average Tuition: $314.00

Program Website

At Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC) you can take classes on computer science, business communications, the principles of management, small business management, and customer services in addition to courses covering the fundamentals of accounting, such as auditing, taxation, payroll, and financial analysis. And all of these courses can be completed online. SWCC also requires its students (online included) to participate in a coordinated internship in accounting or a supervised study in accounting. A capstone seminar is also required.

Southwest Virginia Community College graduates have been well prepared for further academic study, as demonstrated by the high standards and curriculum expectations seen in the associate degree programs, and they have found jobs as accountants, tax preparers, payroll clerks, small business managers, accounting technicians, and internal auditors. Many SWCC students have also launched their own businesses, which is further proof of this program’s ability to full train and prepare its students to engage in the global business world.

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Southwest Virginia Community College is located just outside of Richlands, Virginia. Approximately 2,500 students attend SWCC, working toward an associate degree or certification in one of their many disciplines.


Davenport University

College Choice Score: 80

Average Tuition: $633.00

Program Website

Like some of the other schools on our list, Davenport University offers a fully online Associate of Business Administration in Accounting degree through their global education system. This program uniquely blends theory with hands-on learning opportunities. Meaning, students not only learn the theories behind accounting and business philosophies, they also learn how to develop accounting records and prepare financial statements by working on actual case studies.

Classes through Davenport’s accounting program fall into one of three categories: foundations of excellence, foundations of business, and the accounting major core. Foundations of excellence classes prepare the student to succeed in the work field and include courses such as presentation techniques, composition, and diversity in society. The business core is comprised of management, ethics, IT, and marketing courses, and the accounting classes cover federal taxation, payroll, state taxes, finance, and cost accounting. Though exhaustive, Davenport has striven to ensure its students can graduate efficiently and economically.

Davenport University is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is accredited as a whole by the Higher Learning Commission. Additionally, its business associate degrees are accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education.


New England College

College Choice Score: 79.5

Average Tuition: $405.00

Program Website

This 100 percent online AS in Accounting degree gives students a foundation in the areas of taxation, financial reporting, and cost reporting while also allowing students to explore electives that bring in broader perspectives on management and global business trends. This program takes approximately two years to complete and is comprised of fifteen classes, including those covering financial reporting, cost accounting, management accounting, and federal taxation. You are also required to complete a number of general education courses, but you can choose from a unique variety of classes—from sociology to political thought, micro and macroeconomics, and art history—to fulfill that requirement.

Though there is a lot of flexibility and room to design the program according to your passions and interest, this online AS in Accounting degree is primarily for those who want to become actuaries, auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts, or tax examiners. New England College will help you find work in these fields by introducing you to many different types of accounting, those used in management as well as product manufacturing.

Located in Henniker, New Hampshire, New England College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. They are known for their emphasis on experiential learning that builds off its liberal arts foundation.


Blue Ridge Community College

College Choice Score: 79.25

Average Tuition: $367.00

Program Website

Blue Ridge Community College will help you navigate the numbers and data comprising this ever-evolving business world. Their Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree program can be completed online and paves the way for students to become technicians, bookkeepers, and financial analysts. As a BRCC student you will take some unique classes, such as business mathematics, the psychology of personal adjustment, interpersonal dynamics, and writing for business. And all of these are offered as supplements to the core business and accounting fundamental course load.

Blue RidgeÍs online learning platform is markedly interactive and intuitive. The school ensures its online students have access to all the same resources and services as ñtraditionalî students, such as academic advising, tutoring, proctored exams, discussions, financial assistance, and career guidance. If youÍre looking for an online program that is collaborative and community driven, this accounting associate degree from Blue Ridge may be an ideal fit for you.

Blue Ridge Community College is part of the Virginia Community College System and serves students from all over the state, with about 5,000 total enrolled students. They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


University of Northwestern Ohio

College Choice Score: 79

Average Tuition: $275.00

Program Website

At the University of Northwestern Ohio you can earn an associate degree in accounting that can be applied directly to vocational aspirations or you can streamline the program into a full bachelors degree in accounting, through Northwestern Ohio or by transferring the degree to another school. Whichever route you take, this degree is fully online, affordable, and convenient.

The curriculum at Northwestern Ohio was designed by the accounting and business faculty members, who are also financial leaders and experts, and who teach both on campus and through the online, distance education program. This means you will have access to nearly the same education as traditional students. Other incentives for earning your associate degree at Northwestern Ohio include the programÍs innovative blend of applied skills development, managerial formation emphasis, and personalized attention. As a student you can anticipate an exponential growth in leadership, the refinement of communication skills, and to become proficient in a range of technologies. Graduates from Northwestern Ohio have become certified public accountants, payroll accountants, internal auditors, financial analysts, managers, fraud accounts, and much more.

The University of Northwestern Ohio’s business programs are accredited by the Council for Business Schools and Programs.


Daytona State College

College Choice Score: 78.25

Average Tuition: $311.00

Program Website

At Daytona State College you can earn either an associate degree or certification in business administration (with a concentration in accounting), accounting technology, accounting technology management, or accounting technology operations. Though each is different and specifically trains you in its relevant concepts and topics, you will graduate from Daytona able to solve complex business problems by utilizing decision making and critical thinking skills you gained as a student. Similarly, you will be able to identify and discuss legal and ethical issues in tax preparation, financial planning, and in the business environment.

Daytona State strives to fully prepare its students to demonstrate a range of highly sought after skills: compelling communication, an understanding of the global business environment, confidence in emerging technologies, software and hardware product proficiency, and a general foundation in accounting principles and management. Many Daytona students have found rewarding careers in a number of business and accounting related fields, while others have gone on to earn advanced degrees in the same or in a similar field.

Part of the Florida College System, Daytona State College is a public, state school known for its associate degrees. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is home to approximately 20k students.


Penn Foster College

College Choice Score: 75.5

Average Tuition: $79.00

Program Website

One of the most affordable programs on our list, this online accounting degree from Penn Foster College is also markedly convenient, allowing students to study whenever, wherever, and at their own pace. Because this program was especially made for working adults who are busy and balancing many responsibilities, you can create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and obligations.

Four semesters long, the Penn Foster program includes in its first year courses on business orientation, mathematics for business and finance, computer applications, economics, and the principles of management, among some general education courses. Your second year will be comprised of classes covering technical writing, intermediate accounting, business statistics, computer applications in accounting, and financial management. Through this curriculum that combines business and accounting concepts you will graduate prepared to create and maintain financial records while also assessing financial data, applying ethical and legal standards to that analysis, and making best-practices recommendations.

Over a century old, Penn Foster College is a for-profit, private, distance education college. Thus, it is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Penn Foster’s programs allow students to start their education at any time and go at their own pace.


Post University

College Choice Score: 73.5

Average Tuition: $570.00

Program Website

The online AS in Accounting degree through Post University first requires students to complete twenty-seven credits of general education, including classes on college writing, communications, business law, and math and science electives. The major core includes financial accounting, macroeconomics, management, and marketing classes. All of the classes are notably small and even take place in a one-on-one setting too. You will work closely with teachers who have extensive backgrounds in public accounting, corporate income taxation, auditing, and accounting information systems, and you will graduate ready to earn a bachelors degree or pursue CPA and CMA certifications.

As an online Post student your coursework will teach you how to analyze, record, and interpret accounting data. Likewise, you will learn how to create and implement a financial vision no matter the industry you eventually find yourself in—government, media, healthcare, education, or in the corporate business world. But you wonÍt just graduate with a tangible sense of accounting applications; you will have an in-depth understanding of accounting theory that can be used to evaluate real-world business scenarios.

Post University is located in Waterbury, Connecticut and is home to approximately 8,000 students. Their online programs are frequently recognized as among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.


Florida Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 73.25

Average Tuition: $510.00

Program Website

Florida Institute of Technology offers an online Associate of Arts in Accounting degree that emphasizes a liberal arts education while combining practical and theoretical approaches to financial and accounting principles. Through the FTC program you will learn how to estimate the cost of liabilities and equities in real-world scenarios while also exploring bigger picture issues related to globalized business. Because of the liberal arts focus, you can expect an education that equally instills critical thinking as it does hands-on experience.

As a Florida Tech online student you will interact with the university’s innovative e-learning platform and take classes such as business and professional writing, accounting information systems, macro and microeconomics, principles of management, law, statistics, and more. The Florida Tech program takes two years to complete and requires a total of twenty-one classes, which are structured into eight-week course loads. Graduates from this program have gone on to earn a bachelors degree from public and private universities across the country, and they have found work as staff accountants, payroll administrators, audit associations, and data analysts.

Florida Institute of Technology is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Ashworth College

College Choice Score: 72.5

Average Tuition: $216.00

Program Website

When earning your Associate in Accounting degree at Ashworth College you will learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. This fully online program doesn’t leave you stranded though; you will have access to academic support, personalized career guidance, and faculty mentoring through the online learning platform. This program is four semesters long, each of which can be completed in as few as four months. Meaning, you can easily attain this degree in under eighteen months. That makes Ashworth’s accounting program one of the most efficient on our list.

Despite the brevity of the program, Ashworth takes a comprehensive approach to its accounting instruction. Students learn how to maintain financial records, prepare reports, and analyze financial data while also being introduced to the topics and issues affecting global business. You will also have the unique opportunity to take classes on public speaking, the principles of finance, and the social impact of technology, preparing you for a successful career in the business world.

Ashworth College is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. They are a for-profit institution based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia and they offer an array of associate, bachelor, and even masters degrees. Over 50k students are enrolled in one of Ashworth’s programs.


Rasmussen College

College Choice Score: 70

Average Tuition: $310.00

Program Website

Graduates from Rasmussen College’s accounting degree now work for leading companies and organizations in many industries, such as finance and banking, healthcare, insurance, local and state government, property management, and retail and hospitality. ThatÍs because Rasmussen offers a career-focused curriculum that stresses practical, hands-on experience. You will learn how to make sound business decisions while acquiring fundamental and advanced accounting skills, and you will be introduced to industry software and effective communication technique.

One of the most flexible and accommodating schools on our list, Rasmussen allows students to earn an accounting certificate in as few as nine months and the full associate degree in eighteen months. If you do the latter, then you can go on to earn a bachelors degree too (the total amount of time for both programs is only three years). Students can also choose to study completely online or to blend distance study with classroom course work. And all Rasmussen students, regardless of which accounting program they’re in, will be prepared for industry certification exams, including the Certified Management Accounting certification.

Rasmussen College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It is a for-profit, private college with over twenty campuses and a sizeable online learning division. They offer dozens of associate and bachelor degrees in career-centric areas of study.


Colorado Technical University

College Choice Score: 69

Average Tuition: $325.00

Program Website

The ninety-three credit hour Associate of Science in Accounting degree program through Colorado Technical University (CTU) includes a general education core that provides a foundational understanding of many disciplines, from math and science to history and writing. After you complete your core courses you will then take classes on the fundamentals of accounting, including its histories, theories, and applications. These courses cover management, business law, taxation, technology and accounting, career planning, and spreadsheet applications.

Because this program at Colorado Tech places such a large emphasis on general education, you will graduate with a lot of options, with the choice to further your education by transferring all those gen-ed classes to a bachelors program or to find employers seeking one with written and oral communication skills, training in college-level math, and a working knowledge of new technologies. CTU’s program guarantees you can meet these credentials through this online Associate in Accounting degree. Their post-graduate employment demonstrates this, as students have found careers in cost accounting, budget analysis, credit analysis, and management.

Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Colorado Technical University specializes in business, management, and technology degrees, most of which are delivered online.


Purdue University Global

College Choice Score: 67.5

Average Tuition: $371.00

Program Website

Purdue University Global has a reputation for specializing in online degrees, and their Associate of Applied Science in Accounting program is among them. Because they specialize in distance education and online learning, they are well equipped to help students attain a degree through an affordable and convenient process. First, Purdue University Global offers multiple start dates so students have the opportunity to enroll when it best suits them. Second, their online platform is interactive, user-friendly, and relies on advanced technology to provide students with an enhanced academic experience.

As a Purdue Global student earning an Associate of Accounting degree you will learn how to analyze, record, and interpret financial data as well as build, maintain, and operate a computerized accounting system. Additionally, you will learn to prepare payroll forms, financial statements, and tax documents in accordance with federal and state regulations. Upon graduation, you will be ready to find a fulfilling career as a bookkeeper, auditing clerk, payroll professional, or accounting assistant.

U.S. News & World Report often ranks Purdue University Global’s online programs among the top 100 in the country. Nearly all of the 37k students are, indeed, online, earning a degree in business, IT, education, nursing, and law. Purdue University Global is a for-profit school accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Virginia College

College Choice Score: 66.75

Average Tuition: $400.00

Program Website

Virginia College graduates who earned an Accounting Specialist associate degree secured jobs as accounting clerks, accounts payable/receivable specialists, personal income tax preparers, collection clerks, and as professional bookkeepers. Virginia College grads have done so well because the VC programs cover a variety of courses so students can gain a well-rounded education.

This degree is fully online and taught by instructors with professional experience and expertise in the accounting field. They bring their real-world scenarios into the virtual classroom to provide students with insight into the tangibles of the accounting industry. Also important to note about Virginia CollegeÍs program is that there is a special emphasis on the combination of accounting theory and practice with microcomputer and advanced computerized accounting. This further develops the skillsets and knowledge of VA students, preparing them to enter their respective fields after graduation or to go on to seek advanced education.

Virginia College is known for its degrees and certifications in health and medicine, information technology, business, office management, and criminal justice, among others. It is a chain of private, for-profit schools scattered among the Southern states. It is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.


Herzing University

College Choice Score: 65.25

Average Tuition: $340.00

Program Website

Herzing University offers an online Associate in Accounting degree that can be completed in as few as twenty months. The sixty-five credit curriculum is split among general education courses (approximately eighteen credits worth) and the business and accounting core, which includes classes on payroll, taxation, digital business, communications, marketing, business law, project management, microeconomics, and leadership and organizational behavior. As you can see, these courses foster a wide-ranging skillset that stresses management development.

Unique to Herzing’s program are the three credit hours allocated to either an internship or research project. This will give you real-world experience that will set you apart in the job market. From applying industry standard accounting principles to demonstrating a mastery of systems—spreadsheets, databases, and more—you will also leave Herzing able to articulate the organizational, ethical, legal, economic, and operational issues undergirding the accounting industry.

Known for its professional degrees in nursing, technology, business, and healthcare, Herzing University is a private, nonprofit institution. As a whole, the school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its business programs are accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.


University of the Potomac

College Choice Score: 65

Average Tuition: $541.00

Program Website

This two-year online Associate of Science in Accounting degree brings together the convenience of an online degree with the small-class atmosphere of an on-campus, liberal arts program. Students work with expert faculty—who are also accounting professionals—to gain practical knowledge and skills that ready them for a career in accounting.

This sixty-credit hour program helps students recognize the ethical and social responsibilities of accounting professionals while teaching them how to process financial statements fairly using various accounting standards, theories, and techniques. Students also graduate able to prove proficiency in written and oral communications. And since the Potomac program emphasizes collaboration among peers and faculty, as an online student you should still expect to work in teams to organize and assess accounting data and to propose solutions as a unit. On top of your general education course work, you will take eighteen credits of management courses (foundations of business, critical thinking and decision making, economics, business ethics, etc.) plus another twenty-one credits of accounting courses: financial accounting, federal taxes, information systems, payroll, and more.

University of the Potomac is located in the country’s capital and is known for its accounting, business, management, and security degree programs. It is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


Independence University

College Choice Score: 64.25

Average Tuition: $565.00

Program Website

Through Independence University you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management and Accounting degree in as few as twenty months. Completely online, this program has rolling start dates so you can get started on your education, and advancing your career, as soon as possible. And because the accounting program at Independence is formally a business degree, your options upon graduation include industries and roles such management, tech, trade, healthcare, consulting, or even starting your own business!

Independence University will not only teach you the ins and outs of income taxation, business law, database systems, and computerized accounting, it will introduce you to the multifaceted topics of entrepreneurship, management, professional development, and effective communication. The confluence of the technical and the holistic means students graduate able to meet the high standards and expectations of employers in their respective fields. In fact, students have been hired after graduation as bookkeepers, financial clerks, business associates, sales representatives, and auditing clerks.

A strictly online university based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Independence University is a member of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education.

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