Best Online Master’s in International Business Degrees

A quality learning experience in the 21st century demands that continuing education be delivered in a variety of broad mediums. Choosing an online route is ideal for those that need the flexibility to work around ever-changing schedules.

Best Online Masters in International Business ProgramsWe continue to live in a fast-paced world that is constantly being updated, especially in the professional business industry. Considering the average age of students entering online master programs is 35, the options must be geared towards working individuals and families.

These programs must be flexible and attainable within a relatively short time frame for success.

Ten years ago, there were only a few nationally recognized accredited online programs available. Today, the list is growing as schools are realizing in order to keep up with the mainstream of today’s business cultures, they need to develop and offer quality online programs.

Given the flexibility of online learning, the possibilities for success are endless. An online master degree with an International Business focus will incorporate worldwide business practices, intercultural awareness, legal studies and global finance. All the while strengthening your ability to think strategically on a global scale.

The International Business concentration will also build on previous casework as well as relevant work experience to give the skills necessary to navigate the world of global commerce.

Most programs can be done full- or part-time. Most can be completed in two years. All the schools listed are AASCB accredited (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). Only the top 5 % are given this rank and it is the gold standard of business school accreditation.

Whatever motivates you to succeed, this list will make the search easier. Know also, that all of these online programs will strengthen your ability to think strategically and increase managerial decision-making.

2018 Ranking

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Arizona State - Carey

College Choice Score: 100

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $1102

Program Website

Arizona State University – Carey is a public school and the online program was founded in 2001. The application deadline for enrollment is June 1. The online master’s program in International Business is ranked very high but with one exception. The program cannot be completed fully online. There is an on campus orientation at the beginning of the program that all students must attend. This promotes face-to-face interaction and sets the stage for an inclusive online environment. There will be case based projects where knowing fellow students is beneficial.

As of 2015, total enrollment was 409 students. There are 30 full times faculty members and 93% of them are tenured or a terminal degree. The same staff teaches both online and on campus classes. Students will need 49 credits to graduate and most complete this in 2 years.

The average GPA for 2015 was 3.23 and the GMAT was 587. Most classes are between 5 and 6 weeks long. Academic advising, live access to a librarian and full technical support and critical writing workshops help to complete the learning experience at Arizona State.


Temple University

College Choice Score: 99.36

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $1245

Program Website

Temple University is a public school with rolling admissions. They are world renowned as to their high quality academics and interactive cutting edge web conferencing. The online master’s program can not be completed fully online. The requirement is that students spend one week on campus where course content is delivered as well as the beginning of professional development and team building.

The program launched back in 2009 with a rolling admission and as of 2015-2016 had 240 students enrolled. The average age of new entrants is 35. The online program is rigorous and requires 48 credits to graduate and is done in 4-week modules.

Students will find a variety of courses designed to expand their professional business knowledge in multi settings. From the very start they are given the current tools and skills that are required.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

College Choice Score: 97.61

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $531

Program Website

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln was founded in 2002 and for the year 2015-2016, enrollment for the online master’s program was at 365 with a median age of 31 for newly enrolled students. You do have the choice between part time and full time. Admission is rolling for U.S residents. A bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA is recommended. Courses are split into 2, 8-week sessions. Most students graduate within 3.5 years. A total of 48 credits are needed to graduate. Their online curriculum is the same as the on campus offerings.

International Business is one of the highest concentrations in demand. Some of the services that are offered include, 24-7 tech support, academic advising. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln also gives a 15 % discount to military personnel. In addition, 94% of the full time faculty has their Ph.D. or terminal degree.


University of North Dakota

College Choice Score: 97.56

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $353

Program Website

University of North Dakota is a public school with rolling admission. The online program was founded in 2008. UND has been recognized as one of the most affordable online programs available. There were 80 students enrolled in 2015

The program can be completed fully online, but there is mandatory interaction among online and campus based students. An important aspect of the online degree is the live classes that are part of the program. These classes are offered during the evening hours one time a week.

Students will strengthen their planning, organizing and business enterprise skills as part of the online program. The International Business concentration does require an additional 3 semester credits which brings the total to 36 for completion. Most students complete the online program within 3 years. There are 16 full time faculty with 12 tenured or tenure tracked. The average age of enrolled students is 32.


University of Tennessee

College Choice Score: 95.24

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $541

Program Website

University of Tennessee is a public school with rolling admission. There were 67 students enrolled as of 2015 with 100% of the new entrants currently employed. All 12 full time faculty are also tenured or tenure tracked. The program can be completed fully online.

The online classes are small which will benefit each student with the most individual attention. A few of the academic choices include critical thinking and using analytical approaches, sales, marketing and global economic trends.

Some of the services offered once enrolled are, academic advising, financial aid, full librarian and technical support just to name a few. Students will need a total of 38 credits to graduate and the courses are taught between 6 and 8 weeks.


Washington State University

College Choice Score: 95.14

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $750

Program Website

Washington State University successful online master’s program includes these fours goals: Global Outlook, Research, Professional Perspectives and Innovation. The program was founded in 2007 and offers full time and part time to students. The enrollment for 2015 – 2106 was 702. The average age of students entering the program is 35, with most students graduating in 2 years.

Washington State stands out from other programs due to the their unique 5, 7 or 16 week sessions. This makes for a very flexible schedule for very busy professionals trying balance family, work and civic responsibilities. This public research university is a pioneer in online education.

The International Business concentration is also ranked very high. Upon graduation, students will assume roles of leadership, responsibility and service. A few of the services offered to students include, mentoring, tech support, advising and tutoring. A total of 32 credits are needed to graduate.


University of Florida - Hough

College Choice Score: 94.34

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $1208

Program Website

University of Florida – Hough is a public school with rolling admission. Of the 424 students enrolled for 2015, 99% of them were currently employed. The online program offered is highly flexible and can be completed anywhere. The students have a dedicated career counselor available to help from start to finish. The average age of the online student is 29.

The program was founded in 1999 and has 21 full time faculty. Students have the opportunity to complete the program in one or two years. The total number of credits needed to graduate is 48. The International Business concentration is highly ranked here. However, the program cannot be completed fully online. There are required quarterly visits to the campus for face-to-face interactions with fellow students. These meetings enhance the high quality learning opportunities as part of the complete program that the University of Florida has to offer.


University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

College Choice Score: 94.04

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $628

Program Website

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the largest graduate business program in the state of Wisconsin. Once a student in the program, you will be able to practice critical thinking skills, the art of negotiation and build on your management skills.

The program was founded in 1998 and enrollment for 2015 – 1026 was 312 students. The university has also been recognized by, “World Commerce Review,” “The Princeton Review, “and “Military Times,” as best remote learning MBA program in North America. The program can also claim all 34-faculty members as tenured or tenured tracked. In addition, they have over 11 years experience teaching online. You will need 36 credits to graduate and most can accomplish this in 2 years.

For an emphasis in International Business, you will have the opportunity to learnadvanced international economics, multinational business finance, global operations management, international management and international marketing.


Ball State

College Choice Score: 93.50

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $579

Program Website

Ball State is a public school with rolling admission. The average age of enrolled students for 2015 was 29. The program has 30 + years experience with online teaching. There were 254 students enrolled in the online program in 2015.

The program can be completed fully online and of the 25 full time faculty, all are tenured or tenured tracked. The faculty also has an average of 10 years teaching online classes. Students will need 30 credits to complete and most are finished within 2 years.

The online format is very flexible with no specific sign up times each week as with other live classes. Academic advising, financial aid, mentoring, technical support and live tutoring are all available once enrolled. Ball State is recognized as a high quality, low cost and very successful online program.


University of South Florida

College Choice Score: 93.02

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $902

Program Website

The University of South Florida – St. Petersburg, online Master’s program centers around flexibility. This allows various backgrounds to benefit from learning online. The classes are small as well as being able to fast track completion of the program.

The International Business concentration is one of the highest in demand at the University of South Florida. The online program was founded in 2010 and currently enrolled 288 students for 2015-2016. The classes run in 8 week sessions with 2 sessions per semester. Most new students graduate within 2 years with a total of 36 credits.

The program prepares students for leadership roles, which includes a respect for sustainability, and environmental stewardship. 85% of students are employed by the time they graduate. The school is rated #1 for online Master programs in Florida for Veterans.