Most Affordable Online Real Estate Degrees

No need for an appraisal here! Launch your career with one of the nation’s most affordable online Bachelor’s in Real Estate degrees.

Most Affordable Online Bachelors in Real EstateAre you passionate about finance and market trends? Are you equally interested in the complex relationship between investment, risk, and analysis? Can you envision yourself brokering deals on beautiful homes for beautiful families?

Then a career in real estate is just for you!

What kind of online Bachelor’s in Real Estate degree should you get?

Though each of these 10 programs provides a foundation in real estate principles, from mortgage banking to investment making, they each vary a bit in emphasis.

For example, while some of these programs are housed under Business Administration programs—an excellent way to cultivate a broad outlook on the market—some stand alone as comprehensive real estate studies programs.

It will come down to best fit for you and your career goals. Whichever program you choose, know that all of these degrees can be completed fully online.

Distance education is an increasingly flexible way to advance your education and career. But it’s also super affordable too, as these programs demonstrate. Be sure to check out College Choice’s Most Affordable Online Colleges and Universities.

How much money do people make with an online Bachelor’s in Real Estate degree?

Because there are many ways to use your real estate degree, there are varying income averages too. But don’t fret, those working in real estate are secured by a lucrative industry.

For example, real estate appraisers make, on average, more than $51,000 a year, and the demand for them is only expanding.

And while property managers make around $57,000 a year, real estate brokers can make nearly $80,000 annually. Which is to say, a degree in real estate is an excellent return on investment.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Real Estate degree?

A degree in real estate will establish you as an expert in the field of property markets, appraisals, and housing trends. This means you’ll graduate ready for an array of careers.

You could become an analyst, working in the elite offices of large estate corporations. Or you could work one-on-one with clients as a broker or salesperson.

As we’ve noted, many of these degrees are paired with broader business programs, so you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of finance, marketing, and sales. This will allow you to widen your career search after graduation. You may instead find yourself as a marketer for an elite real estate firm or a relocation manager for a small housing company.

What are the requirements for an online Bachelor’s in Real Estate degree?

To earn a Bachelor’s in Real Estate, you will first need to complete two full years (approximately 60 credits) of general education classes. This covers your humanities, social science, and math classes.

Once those are out of the way you will leap into business basics, such as economics and management classes. From there you will further specialize in business and real estate. This includes classes such as:

  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Income Property Appraisal
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Market and Investment Analysis
  • And much more

You may even gain some hands-on experience at some of these schools. Internship and capstone projects are often required. We’ve been sure to note which.

What are the most affordable online Bachelor’s in Real Estate degrees?

Though some of these real estate programs are housed in business colleges and others are offered through formal real estate schools, all share one thing in common: they offer the most affordable way to break into the real estate industry.

To find the most affordable online Bachelor’s in Real Estate programs we first found every program in the nation that offers the degree online. We were able to find not only the most affordable but also some of the best ranked real estate programs in the U.S.!

Our figures and information come from the university and colleges’ websites, PayScale, and nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


University of Memphis

Average Net Price: $13,291

School Website


The University of Memphis was founded as a teacher’s college but today is organized into over a dozen schools and colleges. There are an additional array of research centers and institutes as well, that specialize in everything from Egyptian Art to a workforce co-lab. Around 20,000 students attend the University of Memphis.


The Memphis Global learning platform offers a BBA degree that equally emphasizes finance and real estate. This program is accredited by the prestigious AACSB and introduces students to all facets of the real estate world, from mortgage banking to investment, valuation, and property management. Graduates have gone on to become:

  • Sales Agents
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Leasing Agents
  • Relocation Managers
  • And more


The University of Memphis is nationally ranked by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly, and more. The University, in addition to its academic reputation, is also known for its commitment to sustainability, student diversity, and campus traditions.


University of West Georgia

Average Net Price: $14,285

School Website


The University of West Georgia (UWG) is located in Carrollton, just west of Atlanta. It is a public school classified as a vibrant research and doctoral university by Carnegie. With around 13,000 students, UWG is comprised of seven schools and colleges.


At the University of West Georgia you can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Real Estate. This degree is fully online and broad based, covering both commercial and residential real estate as well as sales, marketing, appraising, brokerage, and more. For example, some of the exciting online classes you’ll take include:

  • Income Property Appraisal
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Strategic Management


The Princeton Review consistently names the University of West Georgia as one of the “Best Southeastern Colleges” each year. Similarly, UWG is ranked 7th in the state and is an affiliate of the highly regarded University System of Georgia.


University of Florida

Average Net Price: $14,761

School Website


The University of Florida (UF) is located in Gainesville and is the leading member of the State University System of Florida. In fact, it is the premier research hub for the whole state. There are more than 150 research institutes, centers, labs, and facilities.


UF’s College of Business Administration offers a full Bachelor’s in Real Estate program that readies students for careers in both real estate development and sales. In addition to core classes that cover quantitative business tools, finance, real estate law, and marketing, you will take specialized classes such as:

  • Equity and Capital Markets
  • Professional Selling
  • Environmental Issues for Real Estate
  • Debt and Money Markets


Though known for its academic and research efforts in many areas, UF is notably strong in its business, engineering, law, and medicine programs. It is consistently ranked among the top 50 best universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Likewise, UF is often recognized as one of the more affordable schools in the country.


East Tennessee State University

Average Net Price: $14,915

School Website


Located in Johnson City, East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is home to nearly 15,000 students. It is a public school and one of the largest universities in the state. It is well-regarded for its research contributions in medicine, business, public health, and more.


At ETSU you can earn a Finance Business Administration degree and concentrate in Real Estate. This is an ideal program for students who want a wider understanding of business principles, especially as they relate to finance. Once you complete your general education and business core you will take classes such as:

  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • Principles of Real Estate


ETSU is one of The Princeton’s Review “America’s Best Value Colleges.” It is also praised for its diverse research commitments and has been awarded over $50 million in research funds and grants. Perhaps most unique to the University, though, are its programs and research in Appalachian culture.


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Average Net Price: $16,092

School Website


The Birmingham campus within the wider University of Alabama System (UAB) is a top-of-the-line public research institution. UAB is organized into a dozen academic divisions through which it offers nearly 150 academic programs. Approximately 21,000 students attend UAB.


The online BS in Finance degree at UAB integrates a rigorous business curriculum with real estate investment and analysis strategy. This is a fully online program that offers scholarships and a generous transfer credit policy. And by earning your degree through a business school that is strongly focused on leadership and entrepreneurship, you’ll graduate ready to become a:

  • Budget Analyst
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Purchasing Manager


UAB is consistently ranked among the top 200 best schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and Washington Monthly. On top of its academic prowess, UAB is ranked among the top 20 nationally in federal research and development funding. The Princeton Review includes UAB in its annual listing of “Best Southeastern Colleges.”


Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Average Net Price: $17,972

School Website


Clarion University of Pennsylvania is part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It is a public school located in Clarion with a modest student population of around 4,500. However, Clarion offers dozens of degree programs at all academic levels, from associate to post-master’s.


Clarion offers BS in Business Administration degree with a major in Real Estate. Students can even further specialize through a concentration in legal business studies. Even if you don’t go that route, this program will fully prepare you for a career in investment analysis, property management, brokerage, or appraisal. Some of the classes you’ll take include:

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Market and Investment Analysis
  • Residential Real Estate Appraisal
  • Real Estate Marketing


U.S. News & World Report ranks Clarion regionally as among the top 150 schools in the North. Similarly, the University comes in at 46th when compared to the Top Public Schools. U.S. News also ranks Clarion’s online programs at among the top 100 best in the U.S.


Ashford University

Average Net Price: $18,235

School Website


Ashford University is based in San Diego but offers most its programs and degrees online. Specializing in adult and returning learners, Ashford’s programs are focused on business, health and human services, education, and the liberal arts. Nearly 75,000 students are enrolled in one of Ashford’s 50 academic programs.


This hands-on BA in Real Estate Studies degree from Ashford is fully online and super accelerated. You’ll take one course at a time, each of which is only five weeks long. The curriculum at Ashford stresses business practices as they relate to real estate, including the economic, demographic, and market trends in property value. Some of the classes you’ll take at Ashford include:

  • Real Estate Practice
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment
  • Strategic Management of the Real Estate Enterprise


Because Ashford specializes in distance education, it has a number of innovative resources and services it makes available to its students. For example, students have access to nearly 200 digital textbooks, 24/7 tech support, and free use of Microsoft Office. Ashford is also a known military friendly university.


Purdue University Global - Davenport Campus

Average Net Price: $18,462

School Website


Though Purdue University Global offers most of its academic programs online, it has a number of physical campuses too. And its primary branch is based in Davenport, Iowa. This campus offers career-focused education, working closely with local Iowan employers and community members.


Purdue Global offers a BS in Business Administration degree that can be paired with a concentration in Real Estate. This is the perfect program for those who want to develop business skills such as communication technique and decision-making while also becoming an expert in a range of real estate principles. This include brokerage, mortgage banking, and appraisal. Other reasons to consider Purdue Global include:

  • The opportunity to fast track your MBA
  • A tuition cap that makes the degree affordable, now and always
  • Rolling admissions
  • And more


At Purdue University Global you can try out school before committing! The University offers a three-week trial during which you can get a feel for being back in school without making tuition payments. Classes are also only 10 weeks long, an accelerated model that expedites your graduation date.


Marylhurst University

Average Net Price: $22,854

School Website


Marylhurst University is located just south of Portland in Marylhurst, Oregon. It is one of the state’s oldest colleges and was originally founded as St. Mary’s, a college run by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Today, the University offers an array of bachelor’s degree completion programs to its 800 students.


Marylhurst offers a BS in Real Estate Studies program that prepares students for a range of career opportunities, from management to appraisal, finance to marketing. This program is at once analytical and applied. Meaning, you will gain tangible skill sets in real estate as well as the theoretical mindset to make tough decisions. Some of the classes you’ll take include:

  • Real Estate as a Profession
  • Leveraging Real Estate I and II
  • The Deal: An Analysis of a Real Estate Transaction
  • The Laws and Regulations Governing Real Estate


U.S. News & World Report has consistently included Marylhurst University in its ranking of “America’s Best Colleges” for the last two decades. The University also works closely with Portland Community College and other Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest communities to offer students diverse academic experiences.


Liberty University

Average Net Price: $24,794

School Website


Liberty University is a Christian school located in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is the world’s largest evangelical school of higher education with more than 15,000 on-campus students and another 100,000 enrolled online.


Liberty’s online BS in Business Administration and Finance degree is ideal for those who specifically want to go into financial and market analysis. Indeed, graduates have gone on to become investment bankers, loan officers, real estate brokers, and analysts. Some of the classes you’ll take to complete the Liberty degree include:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business and Economic Forecasting
  • Real Estate
  • Money and the Financial System


Founded by Southern Baptist minister and televangelist Jerry Falwell, Liberty is one of the most religiously oriented and conservative schools in the nation. In fact, the University is ranked among the U.S.’ top 10 most conservative colleges by Young America’s Foundation. In addition to its unique history, Liberty’s reputation is also anchored in its innovative online programs.