Most Affordable Online Information Systems Security Degrees

Are you passionate about the integration of technology and security? Do you envision yourself as a leader driving teams to create safer, more reliable software programs?

Most Affordable Information Systems Security Degrees

Then a career in information systems security is just for you!

Explore a new career with one of the nation’s Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security Degrees.

What kind of online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree should you get?

Though each of these five programs below ensure you graduate with a sturdy foundation in network systems and security, they all vary just a bit in scope and emphasis.

For example, while some of these programs focus on the business aspects of security others underscore homeland security implications.

Whichever program best suits you and your career goals, just know that all of these degrees can be completed fully online.

Distance education is a flexible, affordable way to advance career. So be sure to check out College Choice’s Most Affordable Online Colleges and Universities.

How much money do people make with an online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree?

A degree in information systems security is a lucrative career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives an average salary for Information Security Analysts that tops $95,000 a year.

And PayScale notes that Certified Information Systems Security Professionals can make as much as $157,800 a year.

When you combine these averages with the tuition rates below it becomes clear that a degree in information systems security is an excellent return on investment.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree?

A degree in information systems security can be applied to numerous tech and business industries. You will work diligently to plan and implement security measures that protect your organization’s computer networks and systems.

Because of the importance of this work, companies of all stripes will be eager to recruit you. In fact, graduates from the programs below have gone on to become:

  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • IT Support Specialists
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner
  • And much more

What are the requirements for an online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree?

To earn a Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security you will first need to complete two full years of general education classes. But once you’ve finished these you can start to explore business and tech through your core major courses.

Then, further along in the program you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of secure networks through formal specializations, certifications, and electives. You may use this time to take on more business classes, if you’re entrepreneurially minded. Or you may want to further study security at the national level.

Finally, some schools require capstone projects or internships in order to graduate. These are a great way to get some real-world experience. We’ve been sure to note which programs have which requirements.

What are the most affordable online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degrees?

Though some of these information systems security degrees are offered through business schools and others through Christian universities, all share one thing in common: they offer the most affordable way to hack into the tech security industry.

To find the Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security programs we first found every program in the nation that offers the degree online. We looked at crucial factors in addition to tuition rates, such as scholarship and grant opportunities, financial aid packages, and military benefits.

What we found are the, hands down, most affordable programs nationwide.

Our figures and information come from the university and colleges’ websites, PayScale, and nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report. The Net tuition information comes from The National Center for Education Statistics, which factors in expected fees and financial aid for the previous academic year.

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


American Public University

Average Net Tuition: $6,300

School Website


The American Public University System is a private, online-based school. It is comprised of a military university and a traditional university, both of which are based in West Virginia and Virginia. Around 85,000 students attend APUS system wide.


American Public University offers an online BS in Information Systems Security that is equal parts educational theory and technical skill building. You’ll explore everything from information assurance to network design and engineering. You’ll also gain an comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals. And at APU there are more than half a dozen ways to specialize, including in:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Digital Forensics
  • Homeland Security


With APUS affiliation with the US Military and its military campus it comes as no surprise that APU is one of the nation’s most veteran friendly universities. APU takes part in the Yellow Ribbon program, and it provides textbooks at no cost to active duty and veterans. Even tuition rates are lower!


Liberty University

Average Net Tuition: $8,217

School Website


Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, VA. It is one of the largest religious universities in the world, and it is certainly home to the largest online learning platform. Nearly 100,000 students are enrolled in Liberty’s online courses.


Liberty’s online BS in Information Systems degree can be paired with a specialization in Information Assurance. At Liberty you will learn how to interpret and build data systems. You will also build a foundation in information technology, cybersecurity, and business. This trifecta prepares you for a number of career opportunities. Housed in the business school, you will take  classes such as:

  • Business Law
  • Web Architecture and Development
  • Business Data Communication Systems
  • IS Project Management


Liberty is not only of the world’s largest Christian schools; it is one of the nation’s most conservative schools. Founded by televangelist Jerry Falwell, Liberty boasts a very conservative, religious-based approach to education.


Purdue University

Average Net Tuition: $10,128

School Website


Based in West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University is a flagship school. It is research-driven and highly renowned for its STEM programs. Approximately 40,000 students are enrolled in one of Purdue’s 200 academic and professional development programs.


Purdue’s Global Campus offers a BS in Information Technology degree wherein you can concentrate in Information Security and Assurance. This is an ideal program for those who want a broad tech-based education that covers everything from best IT practices to IT environments. A sampling of Purdue classes include:

  • Information Security and Assurance
  • Network Administration
  • Programming and Software Development
  • IT Management


Purdue is on our list for good reason. Not only is tuition affordable, but there are many ways to save. Purdue offers grants and financial aid opportunities. It also cuts costs if you have prior military experience, prior credits, or are an international student.


Colorado Technical University

Average Net Tuition: $13,393

School Website


Colorado Technical University specializes in business, management, and technology degrees. It serves students across many degree levels and primarily online. In fact, more than 90 percent of CTU’s 23,000 students are distance learners.


CTU offers a BS in Cyber Security degree with an emphasis on Computer Systems Security. This is the perfect program for those students who want to allocate most of their education toward security and safety. In addition to core courses that cover network security, risk management, and software assurance, you will also get to explore niche areas of security through electives such as:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering Methods
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management


For several years in a row U.S. News & World Report has ranked CTU’s online Bachelor programs among the best in the US. Even more, this program specifically is recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. And the curriculum meets the high standards set by CompTIA Security.


Lewis University

Average Net Tuition: $14,310

School Website


Lewis University is a Roman Catholic school located in Romeoville, IL. Nearly 7,000 students attend Lewis and are enrolled in one of the University’s 80 undergraduate programs. Lewis is organized into five colleges, through which it offers degrees in business, education, nursing, technology, and the arts and sciences.


Lewis’s BS in Information Security and Risk Management degree is offered through an accelerated program. This means that while you will still study from a distance through a flexible program, you will take classes at a clip. But Lewis doesn’t skimp on quality. Some of the classes you’ll take as a Lewis student include:

  • IT Operations Security
  • IT Law, Investigations, and Ethics
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Computer Forensics and Data Discovery


Lewis fully prepares its students for a wide range of industry certifications. Whether you want to become a Certified Ethical Hacker, a Certified Information Systems Auditor, an AccessData Certified Forensics Examiner, among many other opportunities, Lewis helps you get there.