Best Secondary Education Degrees

O Captain, my captain! Inspire students with one of the nation’s best Bachelor’s in Secondary Education degrees.

Best Bachelor s in Secondary Education

Are you passionate about middle and high school education? Can you envision yourself collaborating not only with teachers and administration, but precocious and passionate teens? Do you want to learn how to develop a curriculum that inspires life-long learners?

Then a career in secondary education may be just for you!

What kind of Bachelor’s in Secondary Education should you get?

Most secondary education degrees provide a foundation in pedagogy, curriculum, and student development. And most programs, such as those below, build upon this foundation with further specialization in a discipline or subject of your choice, such as social science, math, English, and more.

Though the programs may not vary in terms of the fundamentals, each program is definitively its own. Therefore, you will want to find a program that fits best with your passions and ambitions.

And you may want to consider distance too. Online education is a flexible and affordable way to advance your education and career.

So, be sure to check out College Choice’s Best Online Bachelor’s of Education Degrees.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education?

This degree fully prepares you for work in a high school setting. You will gain the critical and practical skills you’ll need as a student to enter the classroom and change lives.

However, there is still some wiggle room to apply the degree to various titles. For example, a bachelor’s in secondary education degree does not restrict you to just the classroom. You can easily use your education to become a school librarian, a guidance counselor, a curriculum development specialist, or an administrator.

Indeed, the opportunities are endless, especially considering the many kinds of education you can go into across both private and public sectors!

How much money do people make with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education?

It’s no secret that teachers are America’s most underpaid professional. However, that doesn’t mean you’re facing a lifetime of poverty or instability. In fact, while high school teachers make on average $58,030 a year, that number leaps up to $92,510 a year if you go into administration.

The need for high school teachers, administrators, librarians, and counselors is consistent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the average growth rate for secondary education is around 8 percent. So while the education industry is maybe not booming, it is steadily rising.

What are the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education?

Like most traditional bachelor’s programs, you will first complete two years of general education classes. These classes include your humanities, science, math, and language prerequisites. You will also start to dabble in your education major classes too. These courses cover lesson planning, administrative team-building, and classroom management.

From there you will determine your specialization, be it English or mathematics. At least 20 of your required credit hours are allocated toward your specialization.

Finally, you will be required to fulfill the University’s student teaching requirement. You will be in the classroom for at least one semester, assisting the teacher and gaining hands-on experience. We’ve been sure to note each program’s specific requirements.

What are the best Bachelor’s in Secondary Education Degrees?

Though some of these programs are based within large research-driven universities and others within small liberal arts colleges, all 10 share one thing in common: they offer the nation’s best programs for training future teachers.

To determine the 10 best secondary education degrees, we looked exhaustively at every program across the nation. From there we brought in crucial factors such as student retention, which is a sign of student satisfaction. But we also looked at the reputation of each school and its education department.

Finally, we examined early salaries of graduates and tuition rates too. What we found after such extensive research are the nation’s 10 Best Bachelor’s in Secondary Education programs.

Our figures and information come from the university and colleges’ websites, PayScale, and nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


Arizona State University

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: $13,007

School Website


Based in and around Phoenix, Arizona State University is a huge research-driven university. In fact, it boasts the highest designation for research activity as an R1 school. More than 72,000 students attend ASU, enrolled in one of the hundreds of academic and professional degree programs.


ASU offers a BA in English wherein you can concentrate in secondary education. This is a fantastic degree for those who want a broad-based education and for those who want to teach English. Classes will therefore include those on American and British literature as well as:

  • Serving English Language Learners
  • Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
  • Introduction to the Exceptional Learner


Nationally and globally ranked ASU is consistently praised by the likes of Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, and much more. Not only is the University recognized for its excellence in academia and research, but it is considered one of the most affordable universities in the nation. And it has been ranked first among the U.S.’ “Most Innovative Universities.”


University of Wisconsin-Platteville

College Choice Score: 98.06

Average Net Price: $14,341

School Website


A member of the prestigious University of Wisconsin System, the Platteville campus is organized into three colleges plus another five distance education programs. The university offers many degree programs, though specializes in the areas of STEM, education, and business. Around 8,000 combined undergraduate and graduate students attend UW Platteville.


When you earn a BA or BS in Early Adolescence at UW Platteville you will graduate ready to instruct students from the ages of 10 to 21. You can specialize in one of the University’s designated licensure concentrations, which includes everything from geography to economics, earth science, physics, psychology, and much more. Classes include:

  • Educational Media Theory
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Reading, Literacy, and Literature
  • Key Concepts and Characteristics in Middle Level Education


UW Platteville may have the longest history in the nation when it comes to distance education. They first offered flexible learning opportunities to students all the way back in 1978 (not online, of course). And since then they have grown their programs into the highly-ranked online programs they are today.


Appalachian State University

College Choice Score: 94.40

Average Net Price: $10,167

School Website


Appalachian State University is located in Boone, North Carolina and is home to nearly 20,000 students. Though first founded as a teacher’s college, today Appalachian State provides dozens of certification, professional, and academic programs. It is a member of the elite University of North Carolina System.


At Appalachian State University you can earn a BA in Secondary Education with specialization in one of six areas: biology, math, chemistry, English, geology, or physics. All tracks, though, will provide you with a foundation in secondary education principles, from adolescent development to administrative relations. Graduates from Appalachian state have gone on to:

  • Work in public and private high schools
  • Work in community colleges and professional schools
  • Attend graduate school
  • Become administrators


The list of rankings, recognitions, and rewards Appalachian State has to its name is impressive. For example, not only has it been named “College of the Year” by Time Magazine, but The Princeton Review has named it one of “America’s Best Value Colleges.”


Great Basin College

College Choice Score: 93.95

Average Net Price: $11,484

School Website


Great Basin College is a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education. It was first formed as a community college that provided flexible, affordable, and accessible education. Maintaining those commitments today, Great Basin now specializes in technology, business, nursing, and education programs. Around 3,500 students attend this Elko, Nevada institution.


Great Basin College’s BA in Secondary Education program licenses students to become teachers in the state of Nevada. Indeed, while still a student you will work closely with half a dozen rural school districts in the state. You will graduate ready to enter the classrooms of grades 7 through 12, with specialization in one of the following areas:

  • Biological Science
  • Business Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences


Great Basin College is a known leader in innovative education. They provide a notably student-centric approach to learning. And they offer many of their highly regarded degree and certification programs online.


Clemson University

College Choice Score: 93.66

Average Net Price: $17,797

School Website


Clemson University is located in the South Carolinian town of the same name. It is one of the state’s largest universities with more than 22,000 combined undergraduate and graduate students. Clemson is a research-based university with numerous renowned facilities, projects, and labs to its name.


When you earn a BA in Secondary Education from Clemson you will experience a program that emphasizes clinical practice, field experience, and practical application. Which is not to say Clemson doesn’t prepare you in the way of teaching theory and pedagogy. It definitely does, ensuring students graduate with a balanced approach to education. Specialty areas include:

  • English, including both literature and composition
  • Mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus
  • Social Studies, including history, economics, psychology, and sociology


Clemson is ranked 66th nationally by U.S. News & World Report. Likewise, it is ranked 22nd among top public schools. SmartMoney and The Princeton Review praise the University for its return on investment and happiest students, respectively.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

College Choice Score: 93.02

Average Net Price: $16,462

School Website


One of the best schools in the Midwest, the University of Nebraska in Lincoln is the state’s oldest, most prestigious university. As a major site of research development, UNL’s campus is home to several prominent museums, cultural centers, and more. Around 25,000 students attend UNL.


The BS in Secondary Education program at UNL is hard to beat. As a student you will receive professional mentoring while taking classes on student development, teaching theory and pedagogy, literacy, and more. You can also specialize in one of six areas: business, English and language arts, foreign languages, science, math, or the social sciences. Graduates have gone on to become:

  • Middle or high school teachers
  • Community-based youth educators
  • Business or corporate youth educators
  • Youth coaches


UNL is nationally ranked by Forbes, Academic Ranking of World Universities, U.S. News & World Report, and much more. It is a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance and a flagship university. In addition to these academic merits, UNL is also known for its green commitments to campus-wide sustainability.


Fort Hays State University

College Choice Score: 92.88

Average Net Price: $11,993

School Website


Fort Hays State University is located in Hays, Kansas and is home to around 5,200 combined undergraduate and graduate students with another 6,000 studying online. Fort Hays is strong in many areas, but is best known for its degrees in education, business, technology, and the health sciences. Organized into four colleges, Fort Hays offers around 80 academic programs.


When you earn a BS in Secondary Education from Fort Hays State University you will double major in education plus a field of special interest, such as mathematics or language arts. You will also be expected to fill 12 credit hours with student teaching. Fort Hays’ foundational education classes cover:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Educating Exceptional Students
  • Educational Psychology
  • The Secondary School Experience


Fort Hays State University is regionally ranked by U.S. News & World Report. It also boasts some of the best online degrees in the nation. For example, it’s online bachelor programs and its online education degrees are ranked among the top in the nation.


Union Institute & University

College Choice Score: 92.31

Average Net Price: $22,464

School Website


Union Institute and University is primarily based in Cincinnati, Ohio with additional campuses located around the country. Union offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a range of subjects, but it is most known for its innovative distance education programs. A pretty small school, Union Institute and University has only around 1,600 students.


At Union Institute and University, classes start every eight weeks so you can jump in whenever! Their Bachelor’s in Secondary Education can be paired with a specialization in English, science, mathematics, or social science. All tracks, however, prepare you to help adolescents learn, prepare effective lesson plans, and design active learning experiences. You’ll take classes such as:

  • Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education
  • Classroom Management
  • Foundations and Practices in Teaching Reading
  • Educational Assessment


Because of Union Institute and University’s unique emphasis on distance education, the university has become a leader in student-centric, innovative learning models. Indeed, the school was originally founded as the Union for Research and Experimentation in Higher Education.


University of Mississippi

College Choice Score: 90.15

Average Net Price: $14,678

School Website


The University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss, is located in Oxford, Mississippi and is the state’s largest school. Nearly 25,000 students attend Ole Miss, a university known for its strengths in business, education, criminal justice, and psychology. Ole Miss is organized into over a dozen professional schools and colleges.


At Ole Miss you can earn a secondary education degree in English, social studies, math, or in one of three sciences: biology, chemistry, or physics. With the option to study on campus or online, this program is marked by flexibility. In addition to completing a bunch of coursework in your specialty area, you will also take classes such as:

  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Education, Society, and the K-12 Learner
  • Classroom Management and Behavioral Interventions
  • Principles of Education


Hosting a sprawling research university, the Ole Miss campus is dotted with renowned labs, facilities, institutes, and libraries. It is also a member of the SECU Academic Initiative and a globally and nationally ranked university.


University of Alabama Huntsville

College Choice Score: 86.58

Average Net Price: $14,190

School Website


The Huntsville campus within the wider University of Alabama System is organized into eight colleges and schools. Around 9,000 students attend UA Huntsville and are enrolled in one of the University’s 150 academic and professional degree programs.


The University of Alabama in Huntsville offers the most options when it comes to earning a degree in secondary education and specializing. For example, among the ten areas of concentration are those in English language arts, foreign language (Spanish, French, or German), history, math, and much more. Regardless of which track you enroll in, you will take foundational education courses such as:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Classroom and Behavior Management
  • Teaching the Exceptional Child


UA Huntsville’s accolades are many. U.S. News & World Report ranks it as a Tier 1 national university. Similarly, the Carnegie Foundation designates it as a very active research university. The Princeton Review and USA Today rank the university among those of best value.