Best Online Real Estate Degrees

A job in real estate is more than just buying and selling homes – it is also closely intertwined with the field of finance.

Best Online Bachelors in Real Estate DegreeA Bachelor’s in Real Estate is a perfect first step for those who wish to become professionals in this highly competitive, entrepreneurial industry. This general-practice degree will not only encompass basic Real Estate theory, but also cover basic business and accounting theories. In addition, many programs also feature internships to give undergraduates a peek into what a real estate agent might experience.

Upon completion of a Bachelor’s in Real Estate, many students will be ready to take the real estate licensure or other licensure tests in the state they wish to practice.

What kind of Real Estate degree should you get?

An online degree is ideal for those who may already be working full-time, or who wish to obtain their degree while not being too restricted by traditional class schedules and times. While some programs may be 100 percent online, others may be hybrid-structured, meaning that students will be required to come to class some of the time. Furthermore, some online classes work either synchronously or asynchronously, with an asynchronous time schedule allowing students to log on at their own pace and not at a specific class time.

There are also many types of bachelor’s degrees one can get. A general Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Real Estate are more general, liberal arts programs that usually primarily focus on the disciplines directly related to real estate.

On the other hand, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Finance with concentrations in Real Estate will require students to take most of their core classes in business or either finance, with specific real estate electives.

If you are interested in other online degrees, College Choice has broken down the Best Online Colleges and Universities.

How much money do people make with a degree in Real Estate?

In 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that real estate agents made an average annual salary of $53,140. However, this average salary must further be broken down based on location of practice and years of experience.

For example, the average New York real estate made an average annual salary of $90,710 in 2013, but the average salaries in Missouri, Idaho, and Tennessee were only $34,570 to $40,800. Regarding experience, those who have 16 years or more experience made the highest income, with the average being $78,850.

Most real estate agents work under brokers or real estate agency firms. The majority of these careers are referral and commission-based, meaning agents must be able to actively seek out their own clients and business, keeping up to date on market trends. The standard real estate commission ranges from three to seven percent, and that commission is typically split between the agent and the company they work for.

What can you do with a degree in Real Estate?

Other than being a real estate agent, those with a degree in Real Estate have the ability to apply to other job positions, such as: Investment Adviser, Financial Analyst, Insurance Broker, Asset Manager, Building Inspector, Mortgage Analyst, Real Estate Broker, and Real Estate Attorney. Of course, some of these job titles will require additional licenses and perhaps a master’s degree.

Those working in the field of real estate can expect to be proficient in problem-solving, have excellent communication, time management, and strong IT skills. Successful workers should also have basic skills in math and be up-to-date on economic trends.

What are the requirements for a degree in Real Estate?

Just like any other bachelor’s degree, admission into this program requires a high school diploma, with grades ideally a 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. Test scores (ACT and SAT), extracurricular activities, and types of classes taken will be taken under consideration during the admission process. In general, no other specific action is required.

For some schools, admission into the specific real estate program is not guaranteed until junior year. For these programs, students will be advised on which specific classes to take to meet the requirements of the program and how many credit hours they need.

What are the best online Bachelor’s in Real Estate?

College Choice has ranked the ten best online Bachelor’s in Real Estate, looking at a number of factors such as institutional excellence and overall student success. Institutional excellence is defined as a school’s graduation rate, overall reputation, and student-to-faculty ratio.

Student success is defined as expected early career salary for graduates, average student indebtedness, freshman retention rate, and financial aid given. Data was collected using the National Center for Education Statistics’ IPEDS database, individual college websites, Payscale, and the U.S. News and World Report.

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.


New York University

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: $35,147

School Website


New York University was founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, a man who served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Gallatin wanted to establish an institution of higher education to accommodate the fast-growing city for all people, and not just the elite. NYU has indeed accomplished that, with its current number of students exceeding 50,000 across its 17 colleges that offer both online and traditional degrees.

Program Features

NYU’s online BS in Real Estate program prepares students to understand the real estate market, using a strong liberal arts and business foundation for its studies.

  • Hybrid Program: both on-campus and online courses are taken
  • Sample Courses: Real Estate Law, Market Analysis in Real Estate, Comparative Real Estate Markets in a Global Perspective, etc.
  • Connected with the Schack Institute of Real Estate


Students will have the opportunity to partake in internships in the city that relate to different fields of real estate. During these programs, students will conduct research, visit historic sites, study regional infrastructure, etc.


University of Central Florida

College Choice Score: 91.77

Average Net Price: $14,761

School Website


Established in 1963, the University of Central Florida is one of the largest universities in the country, with over 66,000 enrolled students. UCF’s large campus is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, with 46 percent of its student population made up of minorities. UCF also strives to offer the best undergraduate education in the state. In keeping with this effort, the university has offered online degrees for over 20 years. Students can receive a high-quality, flexible education on their own time.

Program Features

UCF’s online Bachelor’s in Real Estate is offered through the College of Business’s Department of Finance. Students will learn about the business side of real estate in order to enter into the competitive field.

  • Sample Courses: Supply Chain and Operations Management, Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation, Real Estate Development, etc.
  • 20-hour weekly financial internship program available for juniors and seniors
  • Prepares students for the state appraisal and mortgage brokerage licenses


The U.S. News & World Report has ranked UCF’s College of Business among the top business programs provider in 2018.


University of West Georgia

College Choice Score: 91.55

Average Net Price: $14,285

School Website


The University of West Georgia was founded in 1906 as an agricultural and mechanical school. Today the university offers 88 degree programs, in addition to online distance learning degrees. UWG encourages all students to “Go West,” meaning that the possibilities are endless and that innovation and high achievement should always be at the forefront of the university. Today UWG is the sixth largest public university in the nation, with an economic impact of $564 million. It was also ranked among the top colleges and universities of 2018 according to the U.S. News & World Report.

Program Features

UWG’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Real Estate prepares students for the various careers within the field of real estate such as appraising, brokerage, mortgage banking, etc.

  • Up to 80% of classes can be taken online
  • Sample Courses: Real Estate Appraisal, Income Property Appraise, Real Estate Principles, Strategic Management, etc.
  • Mentorship program with the Richards College of Business


UWG’s online courses are among the most affordable of its kind. Out-of-state students are charged the same tuition as in-state residents.


University of Alabama at Birmingham

College Choice Score: 88.19

Average Net Price: $16,092

School Website


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a public research university known for its world class education and health care. Established in 1966, the university is dedicated to providing higher education to a diverse number of students, particularly non-traditional students through its extensive online programs. UAB’s Collat School of Business, which offers its online professional degrees, had its programs ranked among the best online undergraduate business degrees in 2017 by the U.S. News & World Report.

Program Features

UAB’s online BS in Finance focuses on a variety of topics, such as: financial analysis, portfolio management, and real estate investment.

  • 100% online
  • Sample Courses: Cost Accounting, Equity Portfolio Management, Basic Marketing, Management Processes and Behavior, etc.
  • Scholarships available for qualifying students


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the finance field is expected to experience a growth of 14.3 percent through the year 2022. This degree is a great first step for students to branch out in their career.


Clarion University of Pennsylvania

College Choice Score: 87.92

Average Net Price: $17,972

School Website


Clarion University of Pennsylvania began as a small seminary school in 1867. In 1928, the school became an official college, despite the surrounding economic issues at the time. During the mid-20th century, Clarion experienced rapid growth, reaching an enrollment of over 5,000 by the late 70’s. Today, Clarion has over 100 academic programs, both offered on-campus and online. The SR Education Group has ranked Clarion’s online programs among the best for value.

Program Features

Clarion’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Real Estate combines hands-on community experiences with general real estate knowledge to prepare students for career and/or education advancement.

  • Sample Courses: Real Estate Law, Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage, Residential Real Estate Appraisal, etc.
  • Skill Outcomes: solve value-of-money problems, appraise property, develop population models, and understand real estate principles and practices


Graduates will satisfy the educational requirements for the salesperson’s and broker’s licenses in the state of Pennsylvania.


University of Memphis

College Choice Score: 87.11

Average Net Price: $13,291

School Website


The University of Memphis is a metropolitan research institution whose mission is to increase research and scholarly activity through the incorporation of new technology and innovation with higher education. Founded in 1909, the university was originally founded as the West Tennessee State Normal School and went through a series of institutional changes until it gained university status in 1957. Its blue and gray school colors are said to represent the opposing Civil War, in recognition of how the country was reunified after the war.

Program Features

U of M’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Real Estate teaches the necessary analytical and business skills needed for the field of real estate.

  • Sample Courses: Cases in Financial Planning, Stock Portfolio Management, Internship in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, etc.
  • Future Careers: banking, real estate development, government, mortgage banking, etc.


Students can be eligible for the Professional Real Estate Certificate through U of M’s Fogelman College of Business & Economics. Students must complete a total of 18 units, consisting of five classes in real estate and one in finance.


Liberty University

College Choice Score: 86.57

Average Net Price: $24,794

School Website


Liberty University is a private Christian school that has its roots with the Baptist Church. It is the largest private, nonprofit university and the nation, as well as the largest university in the state of Virginia. Combining strong Christian values with its excellent academic curriculum, Liberty aims to create educated, Christian citizens who will have a global impact. Since 1985, Liberty has also offered online programs, providing access to education for people around the country.

Program Features

Liberty’s online BS in Finance is an all-encompassing major that goes over the major areas of the financial industry. This major also touches on real estate principles.

  • Sample Courses: Real Estate, Money and the Financial System, Business and Economic Forecasting, etc.
  • Internship program for junior and seniors
  • Accredited by the Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


Some future job titles include: loan officer, entrepreneur, real estate agent/broker, investment banker, etc.


Purdue University Global

College Choice Score: 86.31

Average Net Price: $18,462

School Website


Stanley H. Kaplan was an educational entrepreneur who expanded educational opportunities via tutoring services. Kaplan University, which became Purdue University Gobal in 2018, is a primarily distance learning, for-profit institution that offers degrees both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Purdue University Global offers over 180 online programs that are all taught by experienced professionals using the latest technology and delivery methods.

Program Features

Purdue’s online BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate is ideal for those who wish to apply for a role in management. All graduates will be prepared to enter into the competitive business environment.

  • Tuition cap, meaning that students only pay a fixed amount, saving up to 33 percent off the total cost of tuition
  • Three start dates
  • 180-credit program


For interested students, there is a MBA fast track program that consist of eight undergraduate courses that allow students to waive certain courses during their MBA program. This allows for a faster program completion time.


East Tennessee State University

College Choice Score: 84.14

Average Net Price: $14,915

School Website


East Tennessee State University is a public university that is located in Johnson City. Its mission is to provide a student-centered, liberal arts community to the community. At ETSU, commitment to teaching comes first. ETSU currently operates 11 colleges and schools, which both offer traditional on-campus and online programs. ETSU was also listed as a best value college by The Princeton Review.

Program Features

ETSU’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance with a Real Estate concentration focuses on developing strong problem-solving skills to be successful in the world of finance.

  • Sample Courses: Quantitative Methods for Business, Decision Science, Principles of Investment, Capital Budgeting, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Challenge where students manage active stock portfolio
  • Eligible students able to take the CFA exam


ETSU offers five scholarships for students to take the Level 1 CFA exam. Interested students should register before the appropriate deadlines.


Ashford University

College Choice Score: 80.52

Average Net Price: $18,235

School Website


Ashford University is a primarily online institution that was founded in 1918. All online classes are asynchronous, meaning that students can log into their coursework and complete it on their own time. All students have access to online support 24/7 and can expect to receive high-quality instruction from experienced professors. At Ashford, new coursework officially begins every Tuesday, allowing working professionals even more flexibility.

Program Features

Ashford’s online BA in Real Estate Studies is an ideal program for busy students who want to get a start in their career in real estate.

  • 5-week courses
  • Sample Courses: Property Management, Principles of Marketing, Management for Organizations, Personal & Organizational Ethics, etc.
  • Business scholarships available


Completion of this program is a good first step for students who wish to pursue licensure. Future careers upon graduation include: Escrow Officer, Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Adjuster, Real Estate Investment Analyst, etc.