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As the world gets smaller through growing technologies, business executives are now in a spot where it’s easier than ever to grow in an international market.

Of course, international business dealings come with their own set of unique challenges, and – if you’re looking to go global – you’ll want a stellar skillset under your suit. Understanding the different laws, financial markets, and cultures around the world can really help your business to thrive. Professionals with these unique understandings will go far in the world of business.

What kind of International Business degree should you get?

A doctoral degree in international business is typically offered as a Doctor of Business Administration degree. These degree programs often focus on topics including international trade laws, international marketing, global leadership, and more. If you already have a master’s degree and relevant work experience, you should look into earning a doctoral degree.

Today, more and more colleges and universities are offering unique online degrees for international business buffs like yourself. And we’ve ranked the overall Best Online Colleges and Universities for your convenience!

How much money do people make with an International Business degree?

Salaries for those with an international business degree can vary as much as the career path you decide to pursue. Of course, just holding this advanced degree will catapult you into a higher salary bracket. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Marketing and Sales Managers can earn upwards of $57,000 per year, while International Marketing Directors can earn more than $82,000 annually. 

Your salary will also be contingent upon the city in which you work, your level of expertise, the skills you bring to the company, and more. If you’re interested in International Financial Management, you may be looking at over $125,000 per year. Understanding international financial markets is a huge asset in today’s growing business environment. 

What can you do with a degree in International Business?

While you can do plenty with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a Ph.D. in International Business will truly open up doors worldwide. You can apply this degree to any industry and occupation you desire! Many graduates go on to pursue international careers in marketing, finance, management, human resources, and more! If you’ve always wanted to work abroad or for a company based in another location, this degree may be ideal for you. 

What are the requirements for a Ph.D. in International Business?

Many of the below programs will require applicants to hold a master’s degree in a related field. Applicants should also have relevant work experience and a global mindset before embarking on a Ph.D. in International Business. Once admitted, most Ph.D. programs require students to complete extensive research, culminating in a dissertation. Other programs may require Ph.D. candidates to attend on-campus residencies for students to network with fellow classmates and professors. 

What are the best International Business degrees? 

Deciding on the best international business degree program can be a tall order given how many colleges offer these programs. From the courses offered to the price, location, and more, there are plenty of factors to consider. Luckily, we’re here to help make your decision a bit easier! The team at College Choice has taken into account not only affordability and potential earnings but the overall strength of each program as well. We use data from the National Center for Education Statistics’ IPEDS database, U.S. News & World Report, and Payscale, as well as individual college websites.


Northcentral University

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: N/A

School Website


Based in San Diego, Northcentral University is an online university, established in the late ‘90s. Distance students can pursue programs in everything from education and health science to psychology and technology. As an online-only university, Northcentral is able to provide excellent resources and assistance to students all over the world. Check out the university’s Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with an International Business specialization.

Program Features

This 60-credit program is offered entirely online and typically takes just under four years to complete. However, all students have up to seven years to complete the program. Students will take a total of 20 courses, some of which may include:

  • Ethics in Business
  • Business Strategy and Innovation
  • International Business Environments
  • International Business Law and Environment
  • International Business Strategic Management

All students in this program must also choose a topic for their dissertation. You will be required to perform comprehensive research, which will lead to a written and oral presentation of your topic. Northcentral University also offers a Dissertation Completion Pathway – or DCP –  for those who have already earned a Ph.D. and would like to complete a dissertation. 


All students at Northcentral University pay the same rate of tuition, regardless of residency. The university charges a Course Materials Fee for each course, but it’s actually a good thing! All students will receive the required materials they’ll need for their courses ahead of time, so there will be no need to go searching for textbooks! 


Walden University

College Choice Score: 99.04

Average Net Price: N/A

School Website


Based in Minneapolis, Walden University is an online-only school with more than 55,000 distance learners enrolled. Walden offers over 80 unique degree programs, and nearly 70% of students receive financial aid to offset tuition costs. Interested in earning an advanced degree? Check out Walden’s Online Doctor of Business Administration in International Business Administration.

Program Features

While this is an online program, all students must attend two, four-day academic residencies. These residencies allow students to meet with faculty members and fellow classmates. Required courses in this 49-credit program may include:

  • Seminar in International Finance
  • Seminar in Multicultural Management
  • Seminar in Global Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice
  • Business Strategy and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Students may transfer in up to 17 credits toward this program. Applicants must hold a master’s degree in a business-related field to be considered for admission into this program. Walden offers start dates every few weeks, so prospective students are encouraged to apply throughout the year.


Walden University offers the same rate of tuition for all students, no matter what state or country they reside in. All students receive a 20% reduction in tuition after completing six years of study and once enrolled in the dissertation or doctoral study phase of this program.. The university also offers online services including academic advisors, a research resource center, and doctoral writing support. 


Liberty University

College Choice Score: 96.16

Average Net Price: $26,954

School Website


With 17 colleges, Liberty University offers a diverse academic catalog with plenty of degrees to choose from. Liberty’s School of Business is home to over ten doctoral degree programs, some of which can be completed entirely online. Interested in international business? Check out Liberty’s online Doctor of Business Administration degree in International Business. 

Program Features

This 60-credit doctoral program can be completed in as little as three years. Students may transfer in up to 15 credits, and courses have no set log in times. Offered through Liberty’s School of Business, required courses may include:

  • Global Financial Markets 
  • Developing Global Markets 
  • Quality Management and Productivity
  • Environment of International Business 
  • Strategic Thinking for Decision-Making

While coursework can be completed on your own schedule, all students will have the chance to meet with their professors and classmates during the first week of a new course. This WebEx meeting allows students to make valuable connections that can help them as they move along the program.


Grand Canyon University

College Choice Score: 95.10

Average Net Price: $20,912

School Website


With over 75,000 students, Grand Canyon is the largest Christian university in the world. Based in Phoenix, Grand Canyon University is home to nine colleges, including the College of Fine Arts & Production and the Colangelo College of Business. Now, the university’s College of Doctoral Studies offers an online Doctor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management.

Program Features

This 60-credit program offers eight-week courses and the option to transfer in up to nine doctoral credits. Required courses may include:

  • The Sustainable Future 
  • Contemporary Business Law 
  • Economics for Business Decisions
  • Emerging Issues in Financial Management  
  • Using Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Additionally, all doctoral students must complete a dissertation to earn their degree. While courses may be completed online, all students must attend up to three, five-day, on-campus residencies. It is during the second residency that students will be expected to present their scholarly work as they progress towards their dissertation.


Graduates of this program often go on to pursue prestigious leadership roles, including CEO, CIO, and more. Grand Canyon University charges a flat rate of $670 per credit, with discounts offered to Active Duty and Active Reserve military members.


University of Southern Mississippi

College Choice Score: 93.02

Average Net Price: $12,506

School Website


Less than two hours from New Orleans, the University of Southern Mississippi is home to over 14,000 students and offers a wide range of academic programs. Southern Miss is known for its research and innovation, and now students can access the same rigorous programs entirely online. Check out the university’s online International Development Doctoral Program. 

Program Features

This 54-credit program is made up of 42 coursework hours and 12 dissertation hours. The following courses may be required:

  • International Development Theory
  • International Law and Organization
  • International Development Statistics
  • The Political Economy of Global Climate Change
  • Comparative International Cultural Development 

Distance learners may also have to attend in-person sessions as part of their doctoral degree requirements. All applicants are required to submit GRE or GMAT scores, as well as their bachelor’s and master’s transcripts. Admitted students from out-of-state will have to pay a slightly higher rate of tuition per credit hour.


The University of Southern Mississippi has been ranked among the Best National Universities by U.S. News & World Report. The university’s online programs are also consistently ranked among the best in the nation. 


University of the Southwest

College Choice Score: 92.79

Average Net Price: $15,723

School Website


Located in the city of Hobbs, NM, University of the Southwest was founded in the 1960s and is home to just over 500 students. While the university is small and offers only a handful of programs, all of its graduate programs are offered entirely online. In fact, interested students may now earn an online Doctor of Business Administration from USW. 

Program Features

With no required residencies, this three-year, part-time online program is ideal for doctoral students unable to travel or commute. Students may transfer in up to 12 credits and choose from one of three areas of specialization, including Strategy and Innovation, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Self-Design. Depending on your track, required courses may include:

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Multicultural Leadership in Global Organizations 
  • Strategic Planning for Sustainable Competitive Advantage 
  • Marketing Strategies: Competing in a Global Environment 

While you’re not required to visit campus at any point, all distance learners will have the option to participate in an on-campus residency. However, you may also complete this requirement via video teleconference. Other perks of this program include no additional textbook fees and a free laptop with your first course.


More than 80% of students at the University of the Southwest receive some form of financial aid. Plus, the university has a “turnkey program price” with no hidden fees. The university has been ranked among the Best Regional Universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report.


California Intercontinental University

College Choice Score: 90.52

Average Net Price: $11,763

School Website


Headquartered in Diamond Bar, CA, this online-only university offers over 20 programs for students to choose from. California Intercontinental University also offers affordable tuition rates, flexible payment plans, and discounted rates for service members. Interested in an advanced degree? Check out the university’s online Doctorate of Business Administration in Global Business and Leadership.

Program Features

This 60-credit doctoral program is ideal for working professionals and business owners. Required courses may include:

  • International Business
  • Global Business Finance
  • Mastering Leadership: Theories and Concepts
  • Business Research Methodology and Quantitative Statistics
  • Organizational Change and Development in Management Systems

In addition to the above courses, two entire semesters will be solely dedicated to working on your dissertation. The program will culminate with a Dissertation Presentation and Oral Defense. Graduates of this program have an easy time moving into leadership roles across a range of industries.


California Intercontinental University is consistently ranked among the best online universities in the country. With affordable tuition and no on-campus residency requirements, students have the flexibility to complete advanced degrees on their own terms. Plus, all students have access to the university’s online writing center, math lab, workshops, and library.


Southern New Hampshire University

College Choice Score: 89.15

Average Net Price: $39,638

School Website


Southern New Hampshire University was founded in the 1930s and now boasts a network of nearly 100,000 online students. With affordable degree options ranging from associate’s to doctoral programs, online students can complete coursework on their own schedules. Now, interested students may pursue an Executive Low-residency Ph.D. in International Business. 

Program Features

While this program isn’t offered entirely online, students will take a hybrid of both online and campus-based courses. This 46-credit program is ideal for busy professionals looking to earn a Ph.D. in three years. Required courses may include:

  • Theories of Globalization
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Seminar in Global Business Strategy
  • Seminar in Multinational Marketing
  • Privatization, Economic Reform, and Globalization in Emerging Markets

This is a cohort program, meaning all students will advance with a set group of peers. This offers not only a community of support but also a great opportunity for networking as you forge global connections.


Southern New Hampshire University does not allow students to transfer credits into this doctoral program. However, SNHU does offer financial aid support as well as scholarships and grants for eligible students. Prospective students may apply for admission in either the spring or fall semesters.


California Miramar University

College Choice Score: 88.63

Average Net Price: $9,910

School Website


Located in California’s sunny San Diego, California Miramar is a relatively small university that was founded in 2005. While the university does not yet boast many degree programs, students interested in international business may find all they need at Miramar. In fact, CMU offers an online Doctor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in International Business Administration.

Program Features

This 66-credit program includes many specialized courses, as well as 12 dissertation preparation courses. New classes begin every eight weeks. Required courses may include:

  • International Business Law
  • Managing Social Responsibility
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Change Management and Process
  • Global Business Strategy: Managing Across Borders and Cultures

All students enrolled in this doctoral program pay the same rate of tuition per unit, regardless of residency. Other areas of specialization within this program include Finance, Marketing, and Strategic Management.


California Miramar University has been ranked among the Top 20 Colleges and Universities by the San Diego Business Journal. Online students have access to the university’s research assistance, 24/7 library access, and more. While the university is still fairly new and growing, CMU’s vision is to increase student enrollment and further reduce tuition rates in the coming years.


Saint Leo University

College Choice Score: 87.83

Average Net Price: $20,552

School Website


Saint Leo University is a Catholic liberal arts school located in Florida, with over 13,000 enrolled students. Home to one of the nation’s oldest distance-learning programs, SLU is an excellent choice for working professionals looking for flexible and affordable degrees. Check out the university’s Doctor of Business Administration Online program with an International Business concentration.

Program Features

This online advanced degree program is made up of 57 credits. Offered through the university’s School of Business, required courses may include:

  • Global Leadership and Ethics
  • Global Perspectives in Human Resource 
  • A History of Applied Management Theory 
  • Organizational Behavior and Social Responsibility
  • Doctoral Success Lab: Resources, Processes and Support 

Students may also choose between a teaching or a consulting track. 


Graduates of Saint Leo University’s online doctoral program have gone on to pursue careers as business teachers, consultants, investment analysts, executive managers, and more. Online learners at Saint Leo receive the same personalized attention one would receive on-campus. Plus, the university offers online resources including academic advising, access to the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library, live online tutoring available 24/7.


Colorado Technical University

College Choice Score: 85.39

Average Net Price: $15,888

School Website


Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado Technical University was founded in 1965 and now enrolls over 20,000 students. Of these students, over 90% are enrolled in one of the university’s online programs. In fact, working professionals can easily earn an advanced degree through CTU’s online portal. Check out the university’s Doctor of Management degree in Global Leadership below.

Program Features

While this program does offer courses that can be completed entirely online, there is a residential symposium component that students must fulfill. With multiple start dates throughout the year, students can earn this doctoral degree in just three years. Required courses in this 100-credit program may include:

  • Leadership in Global Organizations
  • Current Topics in Global Leadership
  • Principles of Research Methods and Design
  • Culture, Values, and Ethics in a Global Environment
  • Trans-Organizational Leadership in Transnational Settings

This program focuses on research and writing, leadership, and change management. In order to graduate, all students must present a final dissertation.


Students at Colorado Technical University can complete degrees up to 30% faster with CTU Fast Track, which lets you earn college credit for what you already know. U.S. News & World Report has ranked CTU’s online program among the best offerings in the nation.