The world of business is fast-paced and volatile, but insanely rewarding—in more ways than one. An online MBA in Finance puts you smack-dab in the center of that world.

Best Online MBA in Finance Degrees

Getting your MBA is the obvious next step for anyone aiming high in the business sector. But adding a specialization like finance to your degree gives you even more of an edge to land your dream job. Since you’ll be earning this degree online, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in the meantime. Ready to get started?

What kind of online MBA in finance degree should you get?

Finding the best online program for your needs is not always easy. For one, there’s so many schools to choose from! An easy way to start whittling down schools is to consider your own schedule out of this list of 15 programs.

If you’re hoping to stay at your full-time job, then you should consider the flexible, part-time programs at schools like Carnegie Mellon or Lehigh University.

If you’re ready to jump in full-force and finish your degree as soon as possible, then maybe look into University of North Carolina or Touro University.

We should mention that we also have a list of the Best Online Colleges and Universities if you’re interested in a different program.

How much money do people make with an online MBA in finance?

Since finance deals in the world of money, it just makes sense that you’d be making some money too, right? Right! According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average income for a financial analyst is $81,760. Moving up the ladder, financial managers earn salaries closer to $121,000 per year.

The stock market might seem volatile, but it’s not going anywhere soon. The employment rate for financial analysts is expected to increase by 12% between now and 2024.

What can you do with an online MBA in finance?

Working in finance is all about anticipating trends and pouncing on opportunities. The beauty of the job is that you can do that in pretty much any work setting.

Some MBA graduates jump right into the stock market floor and try their hand at trading. Others work as financial consultants and travel the world. Financial analysts work one-on-one with CEOs to make the best financial decisions for their company.  

Here’s the bottom line: if you know how to make smart decisions when it comes to money, the world is your oyster with an MBA on your resume! Pick your favorite organization and send in an application!

What are the requirements for an online MBA in finance?

Not all the schools on our list have the same admission requirements. For example, some require you to take the GMAT or GRE (and get a certain threshold score) before applying, but others, like Touro University, don’t bother with that. Some schools require that you have 1-2 years of work experience in a business-related job. But others prefer that you come from a background that’s not in business.

Basically, the best thing you can do to prepare for an MBA program is to make sure you know the basics. Know who you are and what you want. Take advantage of diverse opportunities like volunteer work or a second language. Business is all about leveraging experience. A diverse resume, along with a solid GPA, will go a long way.  

What are the best online MBA degrees in accounting?

Here at College Choice, we’ve analyzed the numbers, and settled on the top 15 online MBA programs in finance in the nation. We’ve factored in not only the quality of the education, but also the affordability, the return on investment, and the wider reputation of each school.

Our methodology comes straight from the minds of our data nerds, along with some help from US News & World Report and A world of big money and big adventure awaits. An online MBA in Finance might just be the ticket there.


Arizona State University-Tempe

College Choice Score: 100

Average Net Price: $13,007

School Website


Topping our list as the #1 online MBA in Finance, Arizona State University is a public research university with branches throughout the state. With over 72,000 students enrolled, it is one of the largest universities in the nation. Its online branch accounts for nearly one-third of its enrolled population.

Program Highlights

ASU’s online MBA program is first on our list for its overall affordability, its reputation, and its unique opportunities. The 49-credit-hour program is designed around 5-week classes, which you take one class at a time. Some of the highlight finance courses include:

  • Financial Performance Reporting
  • Statistics for Managers
  • Finance: The Art of Managing Resources


The Princeton Review agreed with us at College Choice, and named Arizona State University the #1 online MBA program in the country. We share the same opinion with US News & World Report, who named it the #3 school for online graduate business programs. All signs point to ASU being the top choice!


University of Florida

College Choice Score: 99.27

Average Net Price: $14,761

School Website


University of Florida’s main campus is located in Gainesville and educates over 54,000 students each year. The public research university has been lauded by US News & World Report as the 9th best public university in the nation. Even more, the Hough Graduate School of Business ranks 37th in the country.

Program Highlights

The online MBA program at University of Florida splits into two tracks: the two-year program and the one-year program. Regardless of the track, students specialize in one of four areas, one of which is Finance. After the one-week immersion class on the Gainesville campus, students attend courses entirely online. Some highlight classes include:

  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance
  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance
  • Introduction to Real Estate


Whether you’re attending the MBA program online or in person, the University of Florida offers a unique opportunity through the Global Immersion Experience. Students venture on a 7-10 day trip around the world in places like Argentina, China, Finland and more, to learn about global business.


North Carolina State University at Raleigh

College Choice Score: 97.33

Average Net Price: $13,066

School Website


One of the three corners of the “Research Triangle” (with Duke University and UNC), North Carolina State University is a stronghold for academic research. Based in Raleigh, it also holds the distinction of being the largest university in the state. NC State offers 104 master’s degrees, one of which is the online MBA in Finance.

Program Highlights

This online MBA program truly caters to you. You can launch out on the Accelerated or Flexible track, depending on your life outside of school. Though the program is fully online, you’ll also get the chance to meet your cohort in two, 3-day residencies on campus. Some of the classes you’ll take related to the Finance focus are:

  • Financial Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Financial Management of Corporations
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • International Finance


The entire online system at NC State uses top-of-the-line technology to meet the needs of their students. The WolfWare Advantage is a comprehensive online educational toolkit that each student can access throughout their MBA degree.


Lehigh University

College Choice Score: 96.84

Average Net Price: $27,478

School Website


Considered one of the “Hidden Ivies,” Lehigh University is a small school that makes a big splash. It is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has a long history of producing Fulbright Fellows, Pulitzer Prize winners, and more. The College of Business and Economics is one of four colleges at Lehigh University.

Program Highlights

The Lehigh Flex MBA program is offered 100 percent online. This 36-credit-hour program can be completed in as quickly as two years, though some students opt in to the part-time, 72-month pace. Lehigh students who complete the finance concentration have gone on to find work in some of the following areas:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Stock Market Trading


Classroom LIVE is Lehigh University’s online web-based learning tool. Students can view lectures in real-time from the comfort of their home. Even more, the technology platform allows for integrated discussion boards, web-conferencing, and video messaging.


University of Massachusetts – Amherst

College Choice Score: 96.63

Average Net Price: $20,093

School Website


The University of Massachusetts enrolls 73,000 students throughout its five campuses. UMass Amherst, which offers the online MBA in Finance, is the flagship school in the system. The school is a big contender in the world of academic research, working with a $200 million budget.

Program Highlights

The Isenberg School of Management is home to the online MBA program. You can choose between the Online MBA or the Part-time MBA, which combines online and in-person courses. Both tracks are fully supported with online technology. Beyond the core business classes, you’ll take 9 credits in finance-related courses. Some of these include:

  • International Finance
  • Personal Finance: Cash Management
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Negotiations Theory & Practice


Besides being the largest and one of the oldest universities in the state, the University of Massachusetts also holds the recognition as the #1 public university in New England by the Times Higher Education. The Isenberg School of Management ranks 75th in the country.


Benedictine University

College Choice Score: 96.00

Average Net Price: $20,017

School Website


Nestled in the suburbs of Chicago, Benedictine University is a Roman Catholic university that found its beginnings in 1887. Though it enrolls only about 5,000 students, it is highly regarded in the wider region. Benedictine’s MBA program is the 4th largest in Chicago.

Program Highlights

The online MBA in Finance at Benedictine University blends together the tools of finance and management to give you a knockout resume post-graduation. With the accelerated MBA, you can finish up your degree in just a year. Some of the core finance courses you’ll take are:

  • Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and Financial Analysis
  • Equities Securities Analysis


Benedictine University has been consistently named one of “America’s Top Colleges” by Forbes. The virtual career center at Benedictine gives online students the resources they need to prepare resumes, find job openings, and land a solid career in finance.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

College Choice Score: 95.06

Average Net Price: $10,077

School Website


Another branch of the “Research Triangle,” the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill started its legacy in research in 1795. This makes it one of the oldest public universities in the country. Of its 29,000 students, around 10,700 of them are graduate students, attending both online and in-person.

Program Highlights

The online MBA program at UNC gives students the choice to specialize in Corporate Finance, among other areas. Among other things, the program features Virtual Company Information Sessions, which lets students talk directly to executives and alumni. This fast-paced curriculum includes classes like:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Finance and Investments
  • Derivatives
  • Taxes and Business Strategy


US News & World Report named UNC #5 in the country for top public colleges. Even more, the Kenan-Flagler Business School’s MBA program at UNC was named 16th best in the United States. MBA students have gone on to work for J.P Morgan, Bank of America, PWC, and more.


Northeastern University

College Choice Score: 93.68

Average Net Price: $29,998

School Website


A private research university that features a cooperative educational model, Northeastern University is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its liberal arts curriculum weaves together experiential learning, study abroad programs, and co-ops that even online students can enjoy.

Program Highlights

The online MBA at Northeastern University features a 50-credit-hour curriculum that incorporates core business classes with five electives in a concentration area. Finance is one of the eight concentrations. Some of the electives you’ll choose from are:

  • International Finance Management
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Valuation and Value Creation
  • Financial Strategy


Even though you’ll complete your MBA completely online, Northeastern University gives you the chance to travel abroad and apply your finance skills to the real world. You can learn about economic development in China, or study how to leverage country brands in Peru and Chile.


Babson College

College Choice Score: 91.69

Average Net Price: $27,453

School Website


A private school specifically designed to educate in business, Babson College lives up to it’s nickname of the “Entrepreneur’s College.” All of the faculty members at Babson are either currently successful business owners, or have previously started, bought, or sold a business. You’ll learn from the source!

Program Highlights

Babson College’s MBA is a blended program that combines online learning with in-person sessions. You’ll work through the program with a cohort and maintain a tight network of fellow business learners. In the Finance concentration you’ll take 12 credits out of lengthy list of electives, some of which include:

  • Financing and Valuing Sustainability
  • Finance for New Ventures
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Derivatives: Theory and Practice


Because of Babson College’s focus on business, it’s a no-brainer that it regularly gets acknowledged as the #1 college for entrepreneurship. The MBA program has held the #1 spot on US News & World Report’s listings for the last twenty years.


Carnegie Mellon University

College Choice Score: 90.64

Average Net Price: $35,250

School Website


A shining point of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University was founded in the early 1900s as a breeding ground for technology and the sciences.

Program Highlights

The online MBA program at Carnegie Mellon is designed for working adults who are ready to jump in head-first into the world of business. The first year, students gain a baseline understanding of management fundamentals. Next, they specialize in a focus area, one of which is Finance. Some highlight finance courses include:

  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Global Economics
  • Statistical Decision Making
  • Investment Analysis


If you’re worried about being isolated from peers with online learning, Carnegie Mellon has a fix. They feature Access Weekend classes in which you can come on campus and interact with fellow students and your instructors. This is a great way to fully integrate the knowledge you’re learning at home.


George Washington University

College Choice Score: 88.38

Average Net Price: $39,562

School Website


A touchstone of our nation’s capitol, George Washington University is a private research institution that was founded in 1821. Perhaps because of this rich history, GWU has one of the most vibrant student life political programs. The George Washington School of Business houses close to 2,000 graduate students.

Program Highlights

The George Washington University online MBA program features six concentrations, among them Finance. In addition to their self-paced online work, students virtually attend a one-hour lecture per week that is broadcasted live. Some of the finance-focused courses include:

  • Financial Markets
  • Data Analysis and Decisions
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managing Human Capital


The online MBA program also features a 4-day Business and Society Residency course that is completed on the Washington D.C. campus. This gives students a chance to meet their instructors, and make connections with their peers—exploring the city is a perk, too!


Washington State University

College Choice Score: 85.87

Average Net Price: $17,815

School Website


Heading over to the west coast, Washington State University is a large, public research institution that enrolls close to 30,000 students across its many platforms. WSU Online was founded in 2012 as a way to reach students around the world, and it currently hosts over 3,000 online students.

Program Highlights

The Carson College of Business hosts WSU’s online MBA program. All students begin with the MBA Online Foundation Courses, which includes basics in accounting, marketing, management, and business law. Then, you can branch out into a concentration, like Finance, for example. Some of the featured finance courses are:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Theory
  • International Finance
  • Interest Rates and Finance Markets


Washington State University has enjoyed some recognitions for its international business program; it was recently ranked 19th in the country. A number of the online MBA students take advantage of the study abroad program, which sends you on a 10-day tour of the economies of Asia.


University of Maryland-College Park

College Choice Score: 82.79

Average Net Price: $15,757

School Website


Another powerhouse on the east coast, the University of Maryland—College Park holds a strong academic presence. It is located between Washington DC and Maryland. For this reason, the university encourages students to take advantage of research opportunities and partnerships with federal programs and agencies in Washington DC.

Program Highlights

The Smith Online MBA is a fast-paced, highly supportive program that gets students their MBA degrees in just 24 months. You can specialize in six areas—Finance being one of them—all the while having the supportive network of over 60,000 alumni of the program worldwide. Some highlight classes include:

  • Capital Markets
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Corporate Finance


Ranked as the #9 best online MBA by US News & World Report, it’s clear we’re not the only ones taking notice. On a larger scale, the Robert H. Smith Business School of Business ranks 47th in the nation among other graduate schools in business. It’s central location alone makes it a school to consider.


Touro University Worldwide

College Choice Score: 82.56

Average Net Price: $10,572

School Website


A non-profit higher education system that delivers primarily online degrees, Touro University Worldwide enrolls over 20,000 students globally. Touro University’s School of Business currently offers six online master’s degree programs in business, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Program Highlights

Unique to the online MBA program at Touro University, students are not required to take the GMAT or GRE before being admitted. Full-time students typically finish the 36-credit-hour program in one year. The Finance concentration for this degree covers some of these areas:

  • Financial Budgeting
  • Financial Investments
  • Capital Markets


Since Touro University mostly works through the online educational system, it has a solid understanding of what it takes to educate and support students through the online format. It holds an impressive 92 percent retention rate for all graduate programs and an 88 percent graduation rate for online graduate programs.


Johns Hopkins University

College Choice Score: 82.45

Average Net Price: $27,352

School Website


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins University is a private research university. It is recognized widely as being the first research university in the United States. The Carey Business School houses both the full-time Global MBA as well as the more flexible online MBA. It enrolls around 2,000 business students each year.

Program Highlights

The Flexible MBA program at John Hopkins University typically takes about 2.5 years to complete. The curriculum requires 54 credit hours in total, which includes a concentration are in Financial Business. Students have gone on to work for World Bank, Dell, Lockheed Martin, and more. Some highlight courses include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics For Decision Making


Johns Hopkins University receives consistent accolades—maintaining a top 10 spot as one of the “Best Universities,” and a top 20 spot in international rankings. Business students come out on top, too; 93% of 2016 MBA graduates were employed six months after graduation.

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