Best Online Master’s in Project Management Degrees

A masters in project management helps prepare students to be effective decision-makers and work in collaborative environments.

Best Online Masters in Project Management

Graduates can work in a range of careers from business settings to project managers and often lead teams through the process of project, from the initial planning of an idea to the implementation, and the completion of a project. Project management hones leadership skills and helps students develop effective communication for working on teams. Many schools offer 100% online programs that assist working professionals, and students who may have personal or professional obligations. Online programs generally are taught by the same faculty members as on-campus courses. Many programs also have shortened or accelerated programs, offered in 8-week or 12-week blocks, which can make coursework more manageable for online students. many programs also prepare students for certifications within the field and connect students to professional organizations and networks through the college.

Who’s going to make sure the construction stays on schedule? When are the new servers going to be delivered? Has the budget been exceeded?

In a situation like this, it’s probably in the company’s best interest to call in a short-term project manager to oversee the exponentially complex details necessary to ensure a smooth transition, uninterrupted service, and continued cash flow. A short-term investment in a good project manager can prevent a lot of headaches.

It’s a quickly growing field of expertise, and the pay can be rewarding if you’re good at what you do and play your cards well. If you’re ready to take your career to a new level and really distinguish yourself from the crowd, it’s probably time to consider a master’s degree in project management. If you’re interested in other online degrees, head over to our ranking of the top online schools.

What Are the Best Online Master’s Degrees in Project Management?

An increasing number of graduate programs in project management are available entirely online, so we have compiled a list of the top 25 online master’s degrees in project management with your needs in mind.

A major consideration for most students is cost, so we have included the average per-credit-hour tuition rate in each ranking. To produce our list, we calculated the tuition cost, the program’s reputation, and graduates’ average starting salary. These factors were drawn from publicly available sources, including U.S. News & World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics, and We combined these factors to produce our College Choice score, which you will find at the beginning of each ranking.

There are some great programs in this list, so happy researching . . . and good luck in your career!

2018 Ranking

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Penn State University World Campus

College Choice Score: 100.00

Average Tuition: $1,025

Program Website

This completely online campus offers a masters in project management that prepares graduates to graduate with an idea of how to run both large-scale and small-scale projects and keep the timeline of a project on track. Penn State University World Campus offers a 30-credit program that is designed to be completed in two years. The program focuses on architecture enterprise, management of supply chains, and offers independent study to students in order to help students pursue their own research project.


Boston University

College Choice Score: 99.75

Average Tuition: $830

Program Website

Boston University offers a master’s of science in project management both on-campus at the Charles River campus and online. This program teaches students how to track the progress of a project and how to work towards the successful planning and completion of a project. The program requires four core courses including instruction in concepts regarding finances, aspects of global supply chains, process for decision making, and the process of innovation.


Georgetown University

College Choice Score: 99.45

Average Tuition: $2,235

Program Website

Offered both online and on-campus, Georgetown has a master of professional studies in project management. This program requires 30 credits for completion and generally takes about two years for students to finish the degree, although some students take five years. The program also students to enter courses during fall, spring, and summer and is geared towards working professionals who are looking for the flexibility of an online program to further their education.


University of Maryland University College

College Choice Score: 99.44

Average Tuition: $1,481

Program Website

The University of Maryland University College offers a management master’s degree with project management specialization. This program requires 36 credits and the university accepts up to six transfer credits from incoming students. Students learn to plan, begin, and finish large scale projects and to work with coaches and become mentors themselves. Students can take courses in-person at the institution or online. The online options offers electronic textbooks and a flexible schedule, which is ideal for students who are working while enrolled in school.


Stevens Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 98.90

Average Tuition: $1,501

Program Website

This college offers a 30-credit online program for students who want to learn the fundamentals of enterprise project management. Stevens Institute of Technology offers a master’s in enterprise project management which is ideal for individuals who want to work on specific long-term projects. Students in this program learn leadership skills that can lead to management roles. Core courses include analytics, leadership development, perspectives on strategies for projects, development of leadership skills, the fundamentals of a project, portfolio creation, and project leadership.


George Washington University

College Choice Score: 98.35

Average Tuition: $1,600

Program Website

Housed within the school of business, George Washington University has a masters of science in project management that is offered online. This program is known for the fusion of project management and general management elements. Faculty in the online program also teach at the college, so students can be assured that they are receiving a quality education. Students also gain access to the resources that George Washington University has to offer, including student connections.


Northeastern University

College Choice Score: 97.68

Average Tuition: $1,513

Program Website

Northeastern University offers a unique online master’s in project management that provides flexibility to online students, especially those who are working professionals or individuals with personal or professional time commitments. The college offers experiential learning and even has a co-op option for online students. This particular master’s in project management is a STEM-designated program, so students can graduate with a solid knowledge of the new and emerging technological processes within the field.


University of Denver

College Choice Score: 97.09

Average Tuition: $1,258

Program Website

For students who are wary of taking the GRE, University of Denver offers an online masters of science in leadership and organizations with a concentration in project management that does not require students to have GRE or GMAT scores. Students can complete the degree 100% online and some can even complete the program in less than 18 months. Each term in the program is 10 weeks long and courses begin in January.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

College Choice Score: 96.88

Average Tuition: $620

Program Website

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers a master’s of science in project management degree that can be completed worldwide via the institutions online campus. Graduate students must build an e-portfolio which benefits students by allowing them to have a compilation of their work once they graduate, a portfolio can help immensely on the job market. Graduates learn to develop as a crucial part of team and develop skills to recruit and train new members of a team.


Western Carolina University

College Choice Score: 95.96

Average Tuition: $841

Program Website

Western Carolina University prides itself as the first university to be accredited by Project Management Institute (PMI). Course credits help students work towards PMI credential through credit hours that count towards certification requirements. The company strives to prepare students for leadership roles and build professionalism for students to be prepared when they enter the job market. Curriculum includes fundamental coursework, selection process for projects, planning guides, project implementation courses, project completion, and advanced project management classes.


Colorado State Global Campus

College Choice Score: 95.77

Average Tuition: $500

Program Website

Colorado State University Global Campus offers a master’s in project management that focuses on the fusion of business and leadership skills, the degree also centers around high-performing organizations. The schools learning outcomes prepare students to plan effectively and act professionally in large organizations. Courses cover project management, the organization of management, and students must complete a capstone project. Coursework prepares students for careers in finance, information technology, healthcare, and government, among others.


Granite State College

College Choice Score: 95.38

Average Tuition: $545

Program Website

This master’s of science in project management at Granite State College is oriented around practice and real-world application. Students learn effective strategies for managing companies, manage workflow and timelines at various companies, evaluate the productivity of a project, and lead a team to project completion. The college offers affordable tuition and students and alumni can meet with college counselors to discuss courses. The university also offers counseling services to students who are not enrolled, but considering Granite State College.


Drexel University

College Choice Score: 94.92

Average Tuition: $572

Program Website

Drexel University offers a completely online project management master’s degree. The online format allows for students to work in a flexible environment which is useful for working professionals. Students must have an undergraduate degree in business or a related concentration to enroll in this master’s program. Drexel promotes it’s interactive online program which allows for students to interact with faculty and peers online. Coursework covers how to manage teams and build a portfolio. Students learn how to complete single projects and work on multiple projects as well.


Florida Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 94.86

Average Tuition: $600

Program Website

Students at Florida Institute of Technology can complete a master’s of science in project management through an online format or via the off-campus sites option. The program has special concentrations as well, including in operations research, information systems, among others. Coursework covers topics such as statistics, economics, and five core courses that students are required to take in order to graduate. Professors who lead the classes all hold doctorate degrees in management, which ensures students will receive a quality education.


Sam Houston State University

College Choice Score: 93.86

Average Tuition: $286

Program Website

This 36-credit hour master’s of science in project management at Sam Houston State University allows students to enroll during fall, spring, and summer semesters. The focus of this degree is around developing the knowledge and abilities of students to prepare graduates for the job market. Students also learn technological skills that keep them up-to-date on the latest software. This course also prepares students for the Project Management Institute certification which certifies individual in project management.


Purdue University

College Choice Score: 93.31

Average Tuition: $775

Program Website

With a rolling admissions process students should consider pursuing an online master’s in science in IT project management from Purdue University. The degree prepares students for a multitude of jobs, including careers as a project manager, automation manager, information technology specialist, computer engineer, and embedded software engineer, among others. This program is 100% online and prepares students to take the exam for Project Management Professional certification. Courses span eight weeks and require 34-credits to completion.


University of Wisconsin Platteville

College Choice Score: 93.18

Average Tuition: $650

Program Website

This 100% online master of science in project management at the University of Wisconsin (UW) – Platteville, is accredited by the Project Management Institute and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The program does not require students who are entering the program to have GRE or GMAT scores. Incoming students and transfer students also have the opportunity to transfer credits for additional credit. UW – Platteville focuses on preparing students to work on complex projects and within teams.


Liberty University

College Choice Score: 93.11

Average Tuition: $565

Program Website

Liberty University offers a 100% online masters of science in project management in the school of business. Most students can complete this program in 1.5 years, with a total of 36 credits. The program focuses on helping students develop as leaders with a Christian perspective. Courses help prepare students for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification and help students develop leadership and organizational skills. The college is also affordable and offers military benefits.


Colorado Technical University

College Choice Score: 92.66

Average Tuition: $585

Program Website

This online master of science in management with a concentration in project management, offered by Colorado Technical University, is based around technology. Coursework prepares students to deal with challenges in the project management industry and learn conflict management skills. The program uses models from the project management industry so students are learning relevant and up-to-date information. Students learn how to predict the time a project may take and how to push for the success of a company or organization.


Bellevue University

College Choice Score: 92.42

Average Tuition: $545

Program Website

A master of project management at Bellevue University is a terminal degree, which means it is the highest degree type within the field. This degree helps graduates earn jobs in consulting, business analysis, and the development of business and corporations. The college aims to help students develop technical skills and combine their skills with communication and leadership skills. Students are counseled and mentored by Bellevue University staff, and gain access to Bellevue’s professional network.