Economics is a multidisciplinary field involving statistics, finance and other fields, in addition to economics. An economist studies trends and predicts future ones, through analyzing data. This is just one career for a graduate of an economics program at the master’s level. Others include economist, statistician, business analyst, economic loss specialist and many others.

Ranking Methodology

The five factors that define the ranking system for the 10 best online master’s degrees in economics programs are as follows:

  • Payscale early career grad salary – average yearly salary for graduates of a master’s program at a given college.
  • In-state tuition — covers program “affordability.”
  • All distance education ratio — shows adaptation of grad students to distance programs, including online degrees.
  • Some distance education ratio — shows what ratio of grad students not in distance/ online education programs are at least taking distance courses (including online courses).
  • Grad student to student ratio — loosely covers the commitment the college has to grad students overall.

The ranking is weighted most heavily towards the Payscale salary value (50% of a scaled range of available salary figures), with the in-state tuition being the second strongest ranking factor.


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