A Management Information Systems degree (or an M.I.S. degree) grants you access to a versatile field of corporate management concerning the effectiveness and success of decision making in a corporate setting.

Best Online Management Information Systems ProgramsMIS examines the interactions and relationships of the powerful forces in the business world. With related business fields such as finance, accounting, marketing, and management, an employee with an M.I.S. degree is vital to any small or large business hoping to grow in a tech-heavy marketplace implementing an information system.

Whether you want to focus on informatics, information systems, e-commerce, computer science, or information technology, getting an M.I.S. degree is practical and interesting.

As an MIS major, you’ll learn the ins and outs of information systems management, and how computer and information systems managers determine technology goals and implement computer systems for organizations.

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In general, IT managers are engaged in problem-solving, planning, organizing, and directing all computer-related undertakings for an organization. These are valuable skills in today’s digitally focused business environment: With a Bachelor’s degree in and five years of work experience, you can earn an average of $131,000 per year in a field that is experiencing a “much faster than average” growth rate. [1]

What are the best online management information systems degrees?

Our College Choice rankings for the best online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Degree Programs are compiled using several significant data sets, including real college freshman surveyed by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA.

These students rated academic quality, monetary aid offerings, and overall cost of education. The survey also examined post-graduation job placement and career satisfaction. These aspects were weighed congruently to other gatherings of data including PayScale.com, U.S. News & World Report, and the National Center for Education Statistics.


Fort Hays State University

College Choice Score: 100

Tuition per Credit Hour: $194.00

Program Website

Fort Hays State University is one of the most nationally recognized universities that excels in online education. The school has topped various best buy and most affordable online school ratings, including one by GetEducated.com. It confers the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems.

The MIS major focuses on leadership in technology and business, a growing field that has many employers seeking working professionals with this background. The courses in this major focus around management systems, research and analysis of those systems, the development of new systems, and how IT and IS have an impact on business and economy. And it’s all done online and in an asynchronous format, allowing students the flexibility to attend class when it is most convenient for them.

This degree requires a total of 124 credit hours, 42 of which come straight from the major. There is also a required practicum and internship. These requirements help build a student into an M.I.S. leader and creates a strong foundation for a fulfilling career or further study. Sample courses include Research and Methodology in Information Systems, Business Intelligence and the Global Economy, and the Data Analysis and Statistics.


Colorado State University Global Campus

College Choice Score: 99.41

Tuition per Credit Hour: $350.00

Program Website

Colorado State University-Global Campus is one of the best online schools in the country. This Global Campus encompasses over 75 undergraduate degrees, all of which are 100 percent online. One if the most popular degrees at CSU is the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.

This online degree is perfect for M.I.S. professionals who need a program that fits their schedule and educational interests. At CSU-Global Campus, students have access to a student advisor that help them keep track of their graduation requirements, set them up with tutors, and more.

The BS-MIS and Business Analytics degree requires 120 total credit hours, a practicum and a capstone project for completion and can be completed in three years of full-time study. Students will find, however, that the school has a generous transfer credit policy, allowing for up to 90 credit hours to be transferred in from a regionally accredited institution. Course samples include Cloud Computing and Big Data, Information Systems Design and Management, and Applying Leadership Principles.


Upper Iowa University

College Choice Score: 98.38

Tuition per Credit Hour: $423.00

Program Website

Upper Iowa University provides the best online education for ambitious working professionals intent on finishing their bachelor’s degree. Through the school’s impressive online portal, students can earn a degree in Management with an emphasis in either Information Technology or Information Systems. It is also one of the most affordable schools on this list.

Students who choose to study through UIU’s online campus will find that their courses are asynchronous and self-paced. This means that students can work ahead or focus on a subject they need more time to master. There are six terms a year, with courses on an eight-week schedule and all programs are preceded by a demo course, which allows the students to experience the online format prior to enrolling.

The Bachelor of Art in Management is a degree that requires at least 120 credits, regardless of the specialization a student chooses. Up to 90 credit hours can be transferred in from another regionally accredited university, ACE or CLEP. Courses include Information Systems and Management, The Management of Business Intelligence, and Statistical Analysis and Design of Web-Based Applications.


Western Kentucky University

College Choice Score: 98.36

Tuition per Credit Hour: $474.00

Program Website

Western Kentucky University knows that working professionals don’t have time to go back to school while they’re working a full-time job. That’s why the university provides students with a strong online degree in an MIS major. The Bachelor of Science in Systems Management is the school’s most popular IT degree through their online portal.

The school provides this unique degree to students who are fond of analytical thinking and systems but who need a little more education. It is geared towards professionals with some work experience in the field and who understand the fundamentals of computer science, technology, and business.

The program focuses on what the school calls “systems perspective.” This is that in-demand skill to understand the minute details of IS and technology and how it applies to the big picture of a business or organization. Students who graduate with this degree will become vital team leaders and project managers in every organization, from a small start-up to a multinational corporation.


Old Dominion University

College Choice Score: 97.99

Tuition per Credit Hour: $345.00

Program Website

Old Dominion University was one of the first institutions on this list to provide students with an online pathway to a management information systems degree. This degree, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information Systems and Technology, is one of the most in-demand degrees at the school.

ODU is the perfect education destination for both new students and working professionals. The school gives students the opportunity to tailor their own degree plan as well as pairing students with an advisor that will keep them on track when it comes to graduation requirements. The school also offers an orientation to online learning, putting students at ease before they begin their journey to completing their degree.

The BSBA-IST program at ODU was designed as both a traditional track and an accelerated track. Students with or without credit hours to transfer in are welcome. Students who do have transfer credits will find that ODU has a very generous transfer policy and will assist in ensuring the student finishes the degree as fast as possible.

This degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for completion. There are requirements for a capstone project or internship. Sample classes include Contemporary Organizations and Management, Statistical Data Analysis in Management Science, and Business Policy and Strategy.


Columbia College

College Choice Score: 97.45

Tuition per Credit Hour: $275.00

Program Website

Columbia College has a burgeoning virtual college, one that continues to grow every academic year. For MIS professionals, this school is the home of the Bachelor of Science in M.I.S., a degree that bridges technology and business in a cohesive manner.

This degree is housed in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Columbia College. It is interdisciplinary in nature and provides a strong liberal arts background while preparing students for a career in M.I.S. or for further education at the graduate level. Courses are taught asynchronously and give working students the chance to excel in education while juggling their professional and personal lives.

This information systems management degree was created by M.I.S. professionals who are Columbia College faculty. This means that students are learning the concepts, innovations, and ideas that are pertinent to the field today, and can also see the changing trends in the industry before they even graduate.

This degree was not designed as an accelerated program, but students are more than welcome to apply for transfer credits, provided those credits come from an accredited university. The degree requires no less than 124 credit hours in total for graduation, including an internship in the final year. Sample courses include Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems, Global Information Systems Management, and Advanced Java Programming.


Bellevue University

College Choice Score: 97.04

Tuition per Credit Hour: $395.00

Program Website

Bellevue University understands the importance and impact that an online education can have to a working professional. That’s why the school has recently released a group of STEM degrees online for new students. Among the offerings is the Bachelor of Science in Management Information System.

Having an online degree that offers the M.I.S. major is a great way for students who have proficiency in M.I.S. and technology, in general, to find a way into the management aspect of a business’ digital life. This degree was created for those professionals who already work in that environment and are interested in advancing their career in that area.

This is an accelerated degree that was created to be completed in as little as 18 months. Therefore, only students with an associate’s degree in an IT-related field are encouraged to apply. Students who have 60 credit hours and the pre-requisite math and science courses are welcome to apply as well.

This degree requires at least 120 total credit hours for graduation. Most students fill the majority of that requirement with transfer credits and focus only on the Major Core and the Kirkpatrick Signature Series Requirements. The latter is a short module that focuses on American business and its relation to global business. Sample courses from the major include Budget and Finance Decisions in IT, Information Security Management, and Managing Innovations in Information Systems.


Florida Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 96.94

Tuition per Credit Hour: $510.00

Program Website

The Florida Institute of Technology has long been the home of online education in Florida. The school was one of the first institutions in the Southern region to adopt an internet portal it remains a top-tier online destination. it confers the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

This school has one of the best online support services for students, with a staff that is specially trained to meet a student’s needs, whether it be advising for a degree plan that meets graduation requirements or help to figure out the school’s online learning management system. And with all courses available on any smart device, students are always just one swipe or click away from their education.

The BSIS from Florida Tech does not have any transfer credit requirement. In fact, this degree was designed to be completed, from start to finish, with Florida Tech. This is because information system and business intelligence courses start a student’s freshman year, easing them into the coursework.

This degree requires 120 credit hours for graduation, including a capstone project and a professional affiliation. Students will also be expected to work in team projects throughout their degree, preparing them for entry-level positions as part of a business or organization’s M.I.S. team. Courses include Global Business Perspectives, Computer Applications for Business, and Business Intelligence Management.


University of the Incarnate Word

College Choice Score: 96.9

Tuition per Credit Hour: $505.00

Program Website

The University of the Incarnate Word is fast becoming a known quantity in the online education space. This school has been renovating their online offerings to better demonstrate how far a virtual classroom can take students. It confers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems, a program that is accredited by the ACBSP.

This degree allows students who are interested in becoming computer and information systems managers the ability to study at their leisure while pursuing their career and busy personal lives. The program taught 100 percent online and asynchronously, is built to be flexible and tailor-made to fit a student’s needs and interests.

While this school does not require students to apply with transfer credits, it is always encouraged that a student check with an enrollment advisor to see if any of the credits they’ve received from another regionally accredited university will be accepted by UIW Online. The degree is open to anyone and can be completed in as little as four years of full-time study.

The BSBA-IS program requires at least 120 credit hours for completion, including a capstone project. Students spend the majority of their coursework in the major and specialization cores, learning about how business and technology now work hand-in-hand. Courses include Theory and Practice of Management, Principles of Financial Management, and Design and Implementation of Databases.


Washington State University

College Choice Score: 96.81

Tuition per Credit Hour: $569.00

Program Website

Washington State University is home to the Global Campus, the online home for the school’s wide array of online degrees. The school is best known for the online STEM programs, including the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. This is considered the largest and most rigorous M.I.S. degree in the Western United States. This program is accredited by the AACSB.

The WSU Global Campus is known for housing a faculty and support staff that is trained in online education services. The faculty is not permitted to teach online courses until they have passed the training to do so, giving students comfort that their instructors understand the difference between teaching on-campus and teaching online. Students also have access to the university’s library resources as well as technical support, so they’re always connected and ready to learn.

This is an accelerated degree program that was created for IT and tech majors. The program does require that a student has at least 30 credit hours from a regionally accredited university in order to be considered. Strong emphasis is put on science and math courses, all of which must have been taken in the past five years to be considered eligible to be transferred.

The BSMIS degree at WSU requires at least 120 credit hours to graduate. Unlike with many other degree programs, it does not require an internship or a capstone project. Sample courses include Enterprise Business Development, Business Programming, and Systems Analysis and Design.


Linfield College

College Choice Score: 96.64

Tuition per Credit Hour: $465.00

Program Website

Students who are looking for an accredited online degree from a trusted institution need to look no further than Linfield College. The school, which has a burgeoning virtual portal, makes the majority of their degrees and courses available online for students. It confers the Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems.

Students with a solid background in computer science, IT, IS, or M.I.S. are welcome to enroll. This is an accelerated program that requires students have a minimum of 30 credit hours to transfer in. This is to ensure that students spend the majority of their time focusing on business, technology and M.I.S. courses.

The online experience from Linfield is the standard for any top-tier online institution. Courses are affordable and taught by a well-respected faculty, there are a variety of library and resource services available online, and the academic advisors have special knowledge of what a degree plan looks like for an online student.

There are 120 credit hours required for graduation. There are no requirements for an internship or a capstone project, making it a great fit for someone who wants a degree but cannot afford to take time off of work for an internship. Sample courses include Networks and Web Application Development, Applied Software Development, and Programming and object Structures.


University of Minnesota—Crookston

College Choice Score: 96.52

Tuition per Credit Hour: $391.00

Program Website

The University of Minnesota at Crookston delivers a strong online education in the STEM field for all students. Its commitment to academic excellence across their programs is nationally recognized as has made them one of the premier schools from which to earn an online degree from. This school confers the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management.

This degree is great for high school students, IT professionals, and second-career students. It is a comprehensive program that covers everything a management information systems degree would need to cover with an extra emphasis on technology. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.

The BSITM at UM-Crookston prepares students for careers as webmasters, technology project managers and application developers. These students sometimes become entrepreneurs or work as part of a larger organization. Some even go back to school to get a master’s degree, thus putting them in the position of becoming M.I.S. leaders.

This degree requires 120 total credit hours for graduation and can reasonably be completed in four years with full-time study. Sample courses include Database Management Systems, Networking Standards and Protocols, and Messaging Systems.


Concordia University St. Paul

College Choice Score: 96.51

Tuition per Credit Hour: $420.00

Program Website

Concordia University at St. Paul is known for its STEM degree programs. The school has endeavored to make these popular programs available online, giving every working professional the chance to study for a better career, all while keeping up with their own schedule. The school confers the Bachelor of Arts in Information and Technology Management.

This is an information system management degree, one that is geared more towards the aspect of management within the technological aspects of a business. It is geared towards students who have a working knowledge of IT, can work well in teams or alone, and understand that business, technology, and management go hand-in-hand.

This is an accelerated program that can be completed in as little as 18 months. Students must come into this program with at least 30 credit hours of completed work from another regionally accredited university. Some math and science requirements are needed, so it’s best to discuss enrolling in the program with an advisor before filling out an application.

This degree requires at least 120 total credit hours for graduation and can be completed in as little as 18 months. Students work in a collaborative cohort model, ensuring that they learn the skills needed to become an asset to any business or organization. Courses include Bridging the IT Business Gap for Innovation, Business Drive Information Systems and Security, and Data Management for Intelligent Business.


Herzing University

College Choice Score: 96.16

Tuition per Credit Hour: $540.00

Program Website

Herzing University knows that skilled technicians, like IT and M.I.S. professionals, are needed to deal with our society’s growing dependence on technology. They’re also needed to keep up with the innovations that seem to come every month. So the school has created a bachelor of Science in Information technology with a Network Management Concentration, a degree that combines information management with technology and business.

This degree is heavily focused on the technical aspects of IT. Computer and Information systems managers often spend a lot of time troubleshooting IT problems, so this degree will only strengthen that skill. A variety of required and elective courses focus on the management skill set, however, ensuring that all students develop the interpersonal and communication skills needed to become expert M.I.S. professionals.

This school does not have any prior education requirements in order to take this degree. That makes it perfect for working professionals who want to advance in their field or would like to change careers and need to do it online in order to make it fit into their busy lives. All courses are asynchronous, making studying easy.

The degree requires 122 minimum credit hours for completion, as well as an internship and a capstone project. The internship and project demonstrate a student’s capacity for the subjects covered in the course work as well as give them valuable work experience they can put on a resume. Sample courses include Directory Services Administration, System Administration Scripting, and Web Server Installation and Administration.


Liberty University

College Choice Score: 95.81

Tuition per Credit Hour: $435.00

Program Website

Liberty University has been the home of online STEM programs for over a decade. This university excels in providing IT and M.I.S. students with undergraduate degrees that will serve as a foundation for a lasting career in the field. This school confers the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

This is the perfect M.I.S. degree for everyone, regardless of background in the IT field. It is a comprehensive and robust program that is taught in an online asynchronous format, giving students a bevy of choices in how and when they learn. And with an excellent faculty trained in the art of online learning and 24/7 technical support, students will feel like the classroom is always open.

This is not an accelerated degree, so it will take more time to complete. There are no requirements for previous educational experience, meaning students can start and finish their degree with LU, all online. However, students who do have transfer credits will be excited to hear that the school has a very generous transfer policy which allows for up to 90 credits to be transferred in.

The BSIS requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation, 30 credit hours of which must be taken at Liberty. There are no projects, externships or capstone projects needed, and the degree even comes with four specializations: Accounting Information Systems, Data Networking, Database, and Information Assurance. Sample courses include Web Architecture and Development, Financial Accounting, and IS Hardware and Software.


Peirce College

College Choice Score: 95.56

Tuition per Credit Hour: $566.00

Program Website

Peirce College thrives in the field of online education, especially as it pertains to undergraduate degrees. The school confers the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with a concentration in Technology Management. It is a degree that is perfect for students who want to advance into leadership roles in the IT field.

The marriage of technology management and IT in this degree makes a flexible MIS major that many students enjoy. The degree, which is available 100 percent online, is tailor-made to allow for flexibility in course choices within the IT field. Working IT professionals who need to finish this degree will find this school to be a great choice.

This is an accelerated degree that was designed solely for students with a background in M.I.S., IT, and IS. As such, the requirements for admission are stringent, and selection is competitive. Only students with at least 45 credit hours of previous education and work experience in the field are accepted.

The BSIT-TM requires 121 total credit hours for completion. There are no capstone projects or experiences needed for graduation, making it perfect for students who already have a busy lifestyle. Courses include Networking Fundamentals, Ethical Management of Information Technology, and Applied Discrete Mathematics.


Franklin University

College Choice Score: 95.56

Tuition per Credit Hour: $484.00

Program Website

Franklin University has put a lot of time in developing strong online programs for working professionals. The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Degree is a shining example of the excellent standards they have created. This degree is perfect for students interested in becoming IT managers who strategize and implement new IS technology.

One of the most exciting features of studying with Franklin is their ability to compartmentalize the educational requirements for their degrees in cores. The school has a fundamental general education core, a professional core, a major core, and university electives. Each area allows a student to focus on one area, making their online schooling a streamlined experience.

Like many other schools on this list, the Franklin BSIS is an accelerated degree program. It requires that students apply for the program with no less than 30 credit hours that were passed with a C or above. In some cases, students may be admitted to the program without this requirement, but will have to make up for while attending the program.

This degree requires 124 credit hours and a capstone project for completion. Sample courses include Information Technology Project Management, Information Systems Architecture and Technology, and Database Management Systems.

This capstone project consists of a written report, an experience shadowing an M.I.S. professional and a written exam. All these parts show the student’s competency both in the classroom and in the real world.


Concordia University, Chicago

College Choice Score: 94.88

Tuition per Credit Hour: $505.00

Program Website

Concordia University at Chicago has a variety of accelerated online undergraduate degrees for working students. One of the degrees that are gaining in popularity is the Bachelor of Science in Management Information System. This degree prepares students for a long and fruitful career as an M.I.S. professional.

Students who choose to pursue a BSMIS often become project managers, programmers, or systems administrators. Sometimes they choose to pursue graduate studies, getting an MSIS degree to become executives in large corporations. Whatever they choose, getting and earning this degree online gives them the freedom that having to study on-campus never could.

This is an accelerated degree program, meaning students apply for the program with at least 30 credit hours. These could be earned at Concordia University Chicago but oftentimes was earned at another accredited university. This ensures that students come into the program and focus only on the major subjects. It also reduces the amount of time they spend studying for the degree.

This degree requires a total of 128 credit hours and a senior project. Courses are taught at a set schedule and also requires a bit of teamwork, which is a great experience, as M.I.S. professionals often work as part of a team. Sample courses include Java and XHMTL Web Design, Systems Approach to Organizational Change, and Information Systems Design.


Golden Gate University

College Choice Score: 94.33

Tuition per Credit Hour: $610.00

Program Website

At Golden Gate University, an online education has no distinction from an on-campus education. This has led busy students to come to the school for their online needs. One of the most popular degrees is the Bachelor of Arts in Management, which offers a concentration in Information Technology. This is a degree designed for working students who wish to further their career in the IT field with an undergraduate degree.

This program was created to be flexible in nature. Students have choices in not only what they choose to study within the management major, such as taking MIS courses along with IT courses, but in how they choose to attend the online school. The degree’s courses are taught asynchronously, giving students the freedom to choose their own study schedule.

This is an accelerated bachelor program which is intended to be completed within three years of part-time study. As such, students are only admitted into the program once they have fulfilled GGU’s general admission requirements for the Core Curriculum. This is around 30 credit hours which can be taken at GGU or another regionally accredited institution.

The Bachelor of Arts in Management – Information Technology requires 123 total credit hours for completion, including 21 credit hours from the major as well as 51 from the concentration and electives. This allows students to further specialize within their concentration to have a better chance to get the career of their dreams. Sample courses include Social Media in Business, Database Administration for Managers, and Project Management.


University of Alabama Birmingham

College Choice Score: 94.08

Tuition per Credit Hour: $667.00

Program Website

Getting an online degree is a breeze at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The school offers the Bachelor of Science in Information System for all students through its online portal, where it has been named one of the best online undergraduate programs by U.S. News and World Report. This degree, which is offered through the Collat School of Business, is accredited by the AACSB.

The BSIS is a technology-centered degree, focusing on how digital systems can help any organization. Some core areas a student will focus on include data, security, networks, and management. And by getting this degree online, students can choose to work while studying, ensuring they never miss a moment of life’s little pleasures.

This degree requires 120 total credit hours for graduation. Students with prior educational experience or an associate’s degree are encouraged to speak to a UAB advisor about the school’s generous transfer policy. Course samples include Social Media & Virtual Communities in Business, Introduction to Database Management Systems, and Management Process and Behavior.

The degree also requires a capstone experience and an experiential learning course. Both of these requirements will help a student not only comprehend and use the newfound skills they’ve been taught, the projects will also give them much-needed experience in real-world settings they can put on their resume.

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