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Are you weighing the pros and cons of graduate school, but overwhelmed by the decision? On the one hand, a master’s degree can help you earn a $12,000 yearly premium, as those with graduate degrees, on average, make around $68k annually (while those with just a bachelor’s make $56k). But on the other hand, the average tuition of a national university has risen 179% since the mid 90s. 

The trends are clear and unwavering—attending graduate school is increasingly and exponentially expensive.

But don’t fret. It doesn’t actually have to be.

Online education is one of the most affordable, accessible, and flexible ways to earn an advanced degree. Having completely shed the stigma it once held, studying online is now recognized as an equal to traditional education—because most schools deliver the same content online, through the same faculty, as they do in the classroom.

Plus, the diploma looks identical to those earned by more “traditional” students. And most importantly, online degrees can be earned at a fraction of the cost of on-campus programs. 

Many of the best online schools have committed to making graduate study an affordable option for their students, regardless of their students’ current financial, work, or family situation. Below are the fifty most affordable online graduate degrees in the country. The tuition rates at these colleges and universities make advanced education (and, therefore, an enhanced career) a possibility for almost anyone who desires it. Some of these schools even offer additional financial aid by way of scholarships, fellowships, and loans.

What are the Most Affordable Graduate Schools in the Country?

The fifty college and universities below range in size and specialty—some are elite universities committed to advancing research in the STEM fields while others are liberal arts colleges focused on interdisciplinary education—but they share one thing in common: the lowest cost per credit hour for online graduate education.

Not only are these the most affordable online graduate degrees in the country, some of these schools are also the best, with regional, national, and global rankings. So whether you want to study Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University or Veterinary Medicine at Mizzou, or get your MBA at Penn State, the schools below have something for everyone at an affordable rate.

Our information comes from PayScale, U.S. News & World Report, U.S. Department of Education, and the universities and colleges’ websites.

See our rankings methodology page.

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