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Helpful College Search Tools

3 Super-Helpful College Search Tools—What They Offer and How They Work When it comes to finding a college and planning for the application process, you’re going to need all the help you can get. From searching for schools to keeping tabs on all of the college prep you’ve already done, college search tools can be […]

Should I Get An Admissions Counselor?

3 Reasons You Need a College Coach of Admissions Counselor When it comes to applying for school, you probably think that you’re on your own, or you’re relying on your guidance counselor for help. Other than that, you’re doing your best in school and extracurricular activities and hoping for the best. But there is a […]

Why You Should Use College Board

3 Reasons to Use College Board  There are a lot of websites out there that will claim to be the best tool for students who are getting a college degree, but few can offer these services as a not-for-profit organization. It’s rarer still to find a website that counts over 6,000 member colleges, universities, and […]

The FAFSA Appeal

The Complete Guide to Getting More Money As FAFSA season rolls forward, we’re committed to helping you navigate the complexities of getting the best financial aid package possible. Here at College Choice, we’re all about trying to demystify and simplify the processes of finding, getting into, paying for, and thriving in college. In a recent […]

What College Should I Go To?

10 Strategies for Narrowing Down Which College is Right for You How do you choose which college to go to when you’ve been accepted to more than a few of your top choices? The answer can seem difficult, but these ten strategies will make it easier. Take your time and go through each one; you’ll […]

Early Action vs Early Decision

3 Reasons Why You Need to Apply Early A student’s senior year in high school is stressful. From trying to finish a high school degree to thinking about what college to apply to, along with the social and personal obligations one has to meet, it can be a pretty chaotic time. But did you know […]