How Can My College Help Me Find a Job?

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Students typically look for colleges with good ratings and the programs they want. However, one area that they commonly overlook when choosing an optimal college is career services. While most schools have a career services department, not all of them have as many options as others. Students may know these resources exist but do not use them enough. Reaching out to an adviser or faculty member and asking for help can make a great difference.

Professional References

One of the most useful resources colleges and universities offer is professional references. When attending school online or on campus, students have the opportunity to interact with faculty and build professional relationships. These connections are helpful after graduation for job applications and resumes. Having a professor as a professional reference shows an employer that the student took the time to build a solid professional relationship and was a good student. To an employer, this means a graduate is likely to be a dedicated employee.

Calendars And Organizational Tools

Searching for jobs is a hectic task that requires organization. To stand above other applicants, graduates should know something about each company they apply to. A good organizational tool or calendar application has the ability to hold personal notes, notify students of upcoming interviews and issue reminders for checking back about applications. Use an app to store email addresses, information about different companies, personal notes and interview dates.


The process of job hunting is stressful for any person. It is easy to feel discouraged after being turned down for one or more jobs. When recent graduates experience multiple rejections, they may feel that their hard work was for nothing. However, many people are turned down several times before they find the right job. To deal with the stress of job hunting and rejections without feeling compelled to give up, take advantage of any counseling services offered by the college. Some colleges may offer general counseling or career-related counseling specifically for graduates. This is a good way for students to keep their spirits up.

Interview Coaching

A great resource offered by most colleges is interview coaching. The depth of this feature varies from one college to another. However, most colleges provide at least a coaching or interview counseling service. This teaches students how to excel during an interview and how to arrive prepared. Some schools may have professors or other faculty pose as interviewers to conduct practice interviews. The goal is to help students build the confidence they need for a successful interview.

Resume Help

There are hundreds of free online resources for building resumes. However, not all of these are thorough. They typically provide limited information or only templates for information arrangement. Many colleges have in-depth resources that help students create a resume in several steps. In addition to this, most colleges have professionals who help students edit and improve their resumes and cover letters.

Recruitment Resources

Colleges usually have at least one online recruitment resource. Different academic departments at a school may have additional degree-specific resources. Some schools host career days or job fairs for a variety of corporate positions. It is important to ask an adviser when these take place.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most employment fields are expected to grow over the next decade. Having good references, a solid resume, interview confidence and great organizational skills are vital for finding the right job. For this reason, make sure any chosen school has a good career services department and ample resources.

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