Should I Get An Admissions Counselor?

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3 Reasons You Need a College Coach of Admissions Counselor

When it comes to applying for school, you probably think that you’re on your own, or you’re relying on your guidance counselor for help. Other than that, you’re doing your best in school and extracurricular activities and hoping for the best.

But there is a better way: a college coach or admission counselor.

While you might think that a college coach might be a waste of your time, there are three really great reasons for you to consider one while you’re applying to college.

Take a look below and reconsider your options; you might find that a college coach might be the right move for you.

1. Focused Time and Assistance on YOUR Work and Application Process

A college coach’s business depends on how much time and effort they put into you and your application process. They won’t be able to thrive as coaches if they have a reputation for failing students in getting results in the college acceptance situation.

It’s in their best interest to focus solely on you and the results that you need.

College coaches know college test prep, application processes for every kind of college, how to help you craft a personal statement, and even guide you in providing the perfect references.

They will work tirelessly to help you as much as possible to give you a fighting chance to get into your college of choice, and this is all they do. That’s why having a college coach on your side can be one of the best tools for you as an applicant.

2. They can Leverage More Connections Than Your Guidance Counselor

No matter what school you attend, your guidance counselor will not have the same connections that a college coach does.

This is because guidance counselors work in high schools and don’t have the time to network with everyone working in admissions at the college level. They barely have enough time to network with the schools that are in your area.

In contrast, college coaches and admissions counselors expand their reputation by networking with admissions directors and advisers from a variety of schools.

The better the reputation a college coach has, the better chance you have of hiring a coach with the type of connections that you are looking for.

Keep that in mind if you think that your guidance counselor can do the same amount of work as a college coach.

3. They Know the System In and Out and Can Get Results

While you may not realize it, college coaches are like any other coaches: they have the experience, the connections, and the knowledge that you need in order to find and get accepted into the college of your choice.

They are, in fact, highly qualified to do this recruiting work for you. College coaches and admissions counselors can get you the results no one else can.

This is because college coaches live and breathe by the connections they’ve made; this is what they do. They have experience getting students from all academic backgrounds into college and probably know the secrets needed to get a specific school’s attention.

And when it comes to getting into a great school, a college coach is the first, best way to get results; after all, that’s how they make a living.

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