The best online Master’s in Entrepreneurship degrees put a spin on the traditional MBA degree, focusing on creating innovative leaders.

Online Mast in EntrepreneurshipNowadays people don’t want to wait to make change happen, but want to create solutions to problems they are passionate about themselves.

A degree in entrepreneurship is ideal for those who wish to be self-initiators in a busy world of startups and small businesses. This degree, although not absolutely a prerequisite to starting one’s own business, sets the foundation for assessing various business risks and incorporating new technology into one’s business strategy.

What kind of Entrepreneurial degree should you get?

The major question people have is: Should I get an MBA or a degree in Entrepreneurship? According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, the main difference between a traditional MBA and a degree in Entrepreneurship is the emphasis on reasoning; MBA programs tend to focus on “causal” reasoning based on logic with a specific goal while Entrepreneurial programs focus on “effective” reasoning that focuses on a variety of end goals. Students should reflect on which reasoning style they resonate more with or which area they would like to grow in before choosing a degree.

In addition, an online degree is ideal for already working professionals or non-traditional students trying to get ahead in their career but who do not have time to physically come to campus during traditional school hours. College Choice lists the 50 Best Online MBA Degrees for 2018 and the 50 Best U.S. Colleges for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

How much money do people make with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship?

The median hourly wage in the U.S. for an experienced entrepreneur is $82.50, while the median salary is $171,610 according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Junior entrepreneurs earn a median hourly wage of $53.18 or $110,610 a year, and starting entrepreneurs earn a median hour wage of $36.07 or $75,030 a year. According to Indeed, the overall average Entrepreneur salary in the U.S. is about $67,516. Although many small business owners may struggle within the first few years compared with managers in already well-established, big companies, the outlook and growth for salary is high.

What can you do with a degree in Entrepreneurship?

Other than starting your own business, those that get a degree in Entrepreneurship can become various managers (sales, marketing, etc.), financial analysts, business consultant, research and developers, etc. Overall, Entrepreneurship degrees teach people how to seize or create new opportunities for themselves. 

What are the requirements for a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship?

There are no specific requirements or national tests that one must complete in order to graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship. Some sample courses include: competitive strategy, technology innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship theory, finances, etc.

What are the best online Master’s in Entrepreneurship degrees?

College Choice has compiled a list of the best online Masters in Entrepreneurship using data from U.S. News & World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics’ IPEDS database, and individual colleges’ websites. Colleges were ranked on a variety of factors such as institutional excellence and student success (ie. graduation rate, predicted salary, institutional reputation, etc.).


Ball State University

College Choice Score: 100.00

Tuition per Credit Hour: $590

Program Website

Ball State University in Muncie, IN, is a nationally recognized university with a highly ranked Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Ball State’s MBA is administered by a business school that is among only 15 percent of business schools accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The MBA faculty rank highest in the state of Indiana for faculty credentials and rate highly among all business school faculties in the nation. With its cost-effective program and flexible online coursework, an MBA at Ball State is set apart.

For those students who are innovative thinkers, who recognize opportunity, and who manage risk well, the Entrepreneurship concentration in the MBA program is a top option. With this concentration students learn how to be innovative and manage projects they create. They also learn where and how to find opportunities in a challenging economy. And, they learn how to manage change and bring novel solutions to customers and businesses.

An MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Ball State requires 24 credit hours of core courses and 9 hours of electives within the concentration. The entrepreneurship classes are taught out of the nationally recognized Entrepreneurship Center, which has been a leader in entrepreneurial education since 1983.


Indiana University

College Choice Score: 88.18

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,330

Program Website

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University has been a leader in business education since the first commercial business course was offered in 1902. Kelley emphasizes a collaborative approach that encourages the creation of value-added partnerships among faculty, students, alumni, other universities and academic units at IU, and with private-sector and not-for-profit organizations.

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MSEI) opens students to opportunities to start their own new business ventures and/or develop corporate innovation within their current companies. The curriculum immerses students in the theories and processes of the entrepreneurial mindset. With an education that focuses on how to introduce new venture concepts, prepare and present business plans to stakeholders or investors, and network with entrepreneurs and innovators, graduates of the program are prepared for success. Students also have the chance to advise a startup or small business in an emerging market through study abroad or a virtual consulting projects.

The MSEI is a 30 credit-hour degree that can be completed in as little as 15 months. While earning the MSEI, a student can opt to add an MBA for a dual degree—adding general management skills to their portfolio in less time than it would take to pursue both degrees alone.


Oklahoma State University

College Choice Score: 82.00

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,044

Program Website

In the Watson Graduate School of Management in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University (OSU), the Online Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Program (MSE) provides a rigorous immersion into the nature of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process. The program is a component of the university-wide entrepreneurship emphasis at Oklahoma State University. It is targeted to students with a passion for entrepreneurship in for-profit, non-profit, military, and public sector contexts.

The MSE consists of 33 credit hours of coursework and practicum, and can be completed in two years. The credit hours consist of 12 credit hours of business foundation core, 18 credit hours of entrepreneurial core, and 3 hours of practicum credit. Students in the Online Master’s in Entrepreneurship Program will be afforded learning opportunities outside of the classroom depending on their circumstance and location. In addition, students have access to the OSU entrepreneurial network.

The faculty of the Spears School of Business is composed of noted scholars, authors, sought-after consultants and practitioners, and caring teachers. Many of the faculty have received outstanding teaching awards and have been recognized for innovative instruction. The faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their publications and leadership positions in professional academic associations.


University of Arizona

College Choice Score: 80.39

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,000

Program Website

The Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in Tucson is a nationally recognized business school with well-respected Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Eller has been building a tradition of excellence since 1913, and has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business since 1948.

The Online MBA program delivers a top ranked program taught by faculty with years of experience delivering quality business education to working professionals. With six starts per year and course content accessible any time, the Online MBA offer both quality and convenience for those working full-time while expanding their educational horizons. Students in the program decide how many courses to take at a time. They can complete the program in as little as fourteen months or as long as four years.

Entrepreneurship is one of six concentrations offered in the Online MBA. It is fulfilled by taking specific electives. Similar to the on-ground MBA programs, concentrations do not appear on diplomas or transcripts. Instead they are self-declared and may be added to résumés. The MBA is completed with 45 credit-hours, 17 of which are electives, allowing entrepreneurial students ample opportunity to prepare for success.


Clarion University of Pennsylvania

College Choice Score: 78.88

Tuition per Credit Hour: $325

Program Website

The major objective of the Master of Business Administration in the College of Business Administration at Clarion University is to provide a basic core of knowledge about various theories, techniques, and practices relating to business administration and problem solving. The College is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Candidates for the MBA degree have opportunity for in-depth study in areas of interest, one of which is entrepreneurship.

At Clarion an MBA with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares students for careers in entrepreneurship, new innovations, venture capital, and similar fields. The program helps students recognize market potential, know how to evaluate and analyze customer needs, and translate those needs into new business opportunities. Students who have completed required foundation courses are able to complete the MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with 36 MBA-level credit-hours: 27 of those being core MBA courses, and 9 focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1867, specializes in preparing students for professional careers. Located in western Pennsylvania with over 5500 students and 100 academic programs, Clarion is an education leader in the state and region. With its robust online degree programs, Clarion is able to extend its educational mission to the wider world.


Fayetteville State University

College Choice Score: 78.40

Tuition per Credit Hour: $402.50

Program Website

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Fayetteville State University (FSU) in Fayetteville, NC, is designed to meet the educational and/or career goals of business professionals, those looking for a career change, and those looking to pursue advanced degrees. The specialization in Entrepreneurship offers the innovative and aspiring student opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills for the generation and analysis of ideas and the managerial decisions necessary to operate a new venture.

The core curriculum consists of 27 credit hours followed by 9 hours to acquire the Entrepreneurship specialization. Students can be assured of the quality of their degree since not only is FSU accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, but also because FSU is committed to quality and equality of educational opportunities.

Fayetteville State University is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina and the second-oldest public institution of higher education in the state. Founded in 1867 as the Howard School for the education of African Americans, today FSU serves a growing student body of over 6,300 and ranks among the nation’s most diverse campus communities. While FSU has continued to grow its enrollment, its distance learning and online programs have extended its accessibility to students away from the Fayetteville campus. In many cases students can join a class online, in real time, or they can watch lectures on their own schedule because FSU records and archives every lecture.


University of North Dakota

College Choice Score: 78.25

Tuition per Credit Hour: $860

Program Website

Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, the University of North Dakota (UND) is the state’s oldest and largest university and the state’s flagship research university. At UND an online education is both convenient and personal. Online students participate in class sessions that are conducted “live” over the Internet. Typically, online classes are held one evening per week for three hours. Online students interact with instructors and other students, both online and on-campus, using Web-conferencing technology. This allows all students to see instructors’ materials at the same time and in the same context, whether sitting in a classroom on the UND campus or at their kitchen table. In this way, class lectures, discussion, and collaboration are conducted in a similar fashion to traditional on-campus classes.

In the fall of 2017, UND unveils a new curriculum for its Master of Business Administration, one of its many online degree programs. This new curriculum has been designed to appeal to students from a variety of industries. It allows students to develop knowledge of advanced business functions, decision-making skills, and an understanding of internal and external factors affecting management of organizations. The social entrepreneurship concentration focuses on using entrepreneurial principles to address existing social problems. Students are provided the diverse academic background needed to succeed as a social entrepreneur, which includes links to business, nonprofit management, political science, and public administration.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania

College Choice Score: 77.88

Tuition per Credit Hour: $542.30

Program Website

West Chester University (WCU) in West Chester, PA has roots dating back to 1812. WCU has evolved into a comprehensive university that excels in teacher education, business, health, natural and social sciences, music and the arts. WCU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a flexible, dynamic curriculum that exposes students to the core business topics relevant to a global business environment, while also presenting options for more specialized knowledge.

WCU’s MBA program offers three graduate level certificates that may be taken independently of the MBA or as a part of the MBA Program. The Entrepreneurship specialization addresses key areas of entrepreneurship including Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Intellectual Property, Business Contract Law, Opportunity Recognition, Industry Analysis, and Target Market Analysis.

Online courses are offered over 8 weeks by the same high quality faculty that teach on campus students. Online courses are asynchronous, which means that there are weekly deadlines and examination windows, but generally no other set time that a student needs to log into the course, allowing students to complete classwork around work and family commitments. In some cases professors may assign students into teams who will need to coordinate their work together.


University of Texas—Dallas

College Choice Score: 76.44

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,403

Program Website

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Naveen Jindal School of Management at University of Texas at Dallas is obtained by completing 53 semester credit hours, consisting of 29 semester credit hours of core courses and 24 semester credit hours of elective courses. The school offers four MBA programs, one of which is the Professional MBA online.

The concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship in the MBA program prepares students for successful business careers in entrepreneurial new ventures, entrepreneurial finance, or innovation-related roles in mature organizations. The concentration allows students to further specialize by pursuing electives in either the new venture focus area or the innovation within the corporation focus area.

The UT Naveen Jindal Dallas School of Management is a leader in the development of online and distance learning programs in graduate management education. Its Professional MBA programs, including the one offered online, are tailored for working professionals. Most students in the online program work full-time and can take up to 72 months to complete the program at their own pace.


Florida Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 75.27

Tuition per Credit Hour: $777

Program Website

The Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Management at Florida Institute of Technology provides students with high-level knowledge in leadership theory, operations management and corporate ventures, as well as core business principles. Through the faculty at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, students explore a variety of management topics, including multinational business policy, e-commerce, risk and conflict management, and leadership and legal responsibility.

This MBA program is offered 100% online and combines academic principles and real-world applications to prepare graduates for leadership or entrepreneurship. An MBA with a Specialization in Management can open up career opportunities such as director of business development, senior management consultant, director of operations, and entrepreneur. MBA programs at Florida Tech typically take two years to complete. They are comprised of twelve courses, with course sessions lasting eight weeks.

Florida Tech was established over 55 years ago and continues to be the only independent, technological university in the Southeast. The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is an accredited member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.


Western Carolina University

College Choice Score: 73.87

Tuition per Credit Hour: $840.69

Program Website

The College of Business at Western Carolina University (WCU) in Cullowhee, NC offers a unique and innovative graduate program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Master of Entrepreneurship (ME) program, designed by seasoned entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs using The National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education published by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, is taught by highly qualified faculty who deliver an integrated curriculum focused on practical applications of entrepreneurial and innovation concepts and skills. Unlike many other programs, all of the courses in WCU’s ME program are entrepreneurship courses and not from other disciplines. Taught completely online, the curriculum allows students to continue working while pursuing their degree.

The school has a two part mission for its ME program. The first part of their mission is to help graduates develop the skills to identify entrepreneurial opportunities that exist and/or develop the skills to create entrepreneurial opportunities. The second part is to develop the self confidence that is required to actually establish and grow entrepreneurial ventures. Self-confidence comes from the mastery of entrepreneurial skills necessary to start a venture, to establish it successfully in a competitive marketplace, to grow the venture effectively, to develop value in the venture, and, ultimately to see it all come to fruition.

The program can be completed in five semesters, with two courses per semester. Each course is eight weeks long and cumulatively move students through all of the vital aspects of success as an entrepreneur. The program is a part of a university founded in 1889 as the westernmost institution in the University of North Carolina system.


Drexel University

College Choice Score: 73.78

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,255

Program Website

The LeBow College of Business at Drexel University has been offering an internationally recognized online Master of Business Administration (MBA) for more than ten years. It incorporates the same coursework and faculty as the face-to-face MBA and features the flexibility of asynchronous online delivery. The program is offered in two online formats.

The Online MBA-Accelerated is a 24-month, part-time, cohorted program, which fosters camaraderie among students, while offering the added benefit of earning the degree anytime and anywhere. The program features an on-campus residency, online mid-point consulting residency course and optional international residency. The Online MBA-Flexible is the same online MBA program with the ability to complete the degree in 3.5 years, when following the recommended lockstep course schedule. If personal or work life demands taking coursework at a lighter pace, this program’s flexibility of 100 percent online delivery is ideal. The program also offers an international residency option.

The concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management prepares the Drexel MBA student to turn problems into opportunities. Students in this concentration learn to challenge conventional wisdom and approach leadership issues with creative solutions based on evidence and sound reasoning. As with all concentrations, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management requires at least nine credit hours of specialized electives within the full 49-credit program.


Walsh University

College Choice Score: 73.23

Tuition per Credit Hour: $665

Program Website

The DeVille School of Business at Walsh University, an independent Catholic university in North Canton, OH, has designed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with the busy student’s work schedule in mind. The program allows for flexible completion time but it can be completed in as little as twelve months. More than being accessible and flexible, the DeVille School of Business community is oriented toward serving the global community through sustainable ethical leadership. The business school is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The MBA requires 36 credit hours of coursework. For a student wanting to specialize in Entrepreneurship, half of those credit hours will focus on courses designed to prepare current and prospective business leaders with the competencies and skills needed to aptly identify and assess problems and create viable and sustainable business opportunities within an entrepreneurial environment. Ultimately, as with all programs in the DeVille School of Business, the MBA in Entrepreneurship aims to prepare graduates to be leaders in service to others through a relevant, global, and integrated business curriculum within a Catholic, practitioner-oriented teaching institution.


University of Florida

College Choice Score: 72.96

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,208

Program Website

The University of Florida’s Master of Business Administration Online Two-Year program is designed for students from any academic background. It is highly recommended for non-business majors and business majors who have been out of school for more than 7 years. Students in this program build a strong foundation in core business areas such as finance, marketing, management, operations, and economics. Once students complete the foundational courses of the MBA degree, they can choose from among four areas of concentration, including Entrepreneurship. The full program can be completed in 27 months.

The Online One-Year program is 32 credits versus the 48 credits in the two year program. UF recognizes the completed core business courses during one’s undergraduate experience, and therefore do not require them to be repeated in this program. As with the two-year program, Entrepreneurship is an concentration option. Both MBA programs are administered by Florida’s widely acclaimed Warrington College of Business.

Both programs require some visits to Florida’s main campus in Gainesville. While the majority of your coursework is completed online, Warrington hosts weekend residencies every four months and a mandatory on-campus orientation for all students. Online lectures, however, are asynchronous, allowing students to view them at their own convenience and schedule. The program operates on a lock-step, cohort based system. A student starts with a group of classmates and goes through the first five terms with this same group of classmates, allowing them to build strong relationships and a powerful network that will last far beyond graduation.


Bellevue University

College Choice Score: 71.55

Tuition per Credit Hour: $545

Program Website

Bellevue University in Bellevue, NE was established in 1966 has since grown and established itself as one of the worldwide leaders in adult education, serving over 13,000 students annually at our its campus—and everywhere online. In 1996 Bellevue became one of the first accredited institutions to offer an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its MBA degree has received specialized accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

At completion of the Master of Business Administration, graduates will have developed a valuable skillset, including communication, critical thinking, and complex problem solving. They will have created a substantive portfolio and be prepared to analyze, design, and implement projects as an influential leader in their organizations. Entrepreneurship is one of several concentrations MBA students may choose to further enhance their degree. The Entrepreneurship Concentration is designed to prepare students to design, launch, and grow new business ventures, either standalone or within an existing corporation.

The Entrepreneurship curriculum emphasizes high-growth ventures as well as socially-oriented ventures. Courses also consider the international dimensions and sustainability of such new ventures. The MBA can be obtained with the successful completion of the 36 credit-hours in the curriculum. The 36 credit-hour Performance MBA equips students to achieve successful business results by developing strong problem-solving, decision-making, team building, and technical skills.


Texas A&M University—Commerce

College Choice Score: 70.75

Tuition per Credit Hour: $980.35

Program Website

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Texas A&M University in Commerce prepares the students for advanced positions that demand analytic and strategic leadership solutions to an interrelated set of economic, ethical, and environmental issues. The program is 30-48 hours in length, depending on the need for foundational coursework and the number of minor hours required. All MBA students are required to take at least six hours of electives. If a student chooses a minor, then all of the elective hours are taken up with courses in the minor area.

At A&M Commerce, the Entrepreneurship minor requires twelve hours, so the demands for this MBA degree are a bit more than a general MBA. But with the courses in management, finance, and marketing specific to small and start-up business, a graduate of an MBA with a minor in Entrepreneurship will be well prepared to make an innovative mark in the world.

A&M Commerce has been educating the students of Northeast Texas since 1889. Located in Commerce, TX, the university is the second largest school in the prestigious Texas A&M University System. And with locations now in downtown Dallas, Corsicana, Mesquite, McKinney, Midlothian, and Rockwall, as well as a strong online presence, A&M Commerce offers numerous flexible and accessible degree programs to students far and wide.


Regent University

College Choice Score: 68.92

Tuition per Credit Hour: $650

Program Website

In less than forty years, Regent University has grown into a leading academic center for Christian thought and action. As it has grown at its campus in Virginia Beach, VA, Regent has also taken steps to grow its reach worldwide with top-ranking online education. Through its School of Business and Leadership, Regent offers an online Master of Business Administration accredited by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Entrepreneurship is an online or on-campus degree that will prepare you to own and operate a business. The program emphasizes the value of change, adaptability, research and planning to expand business. The curriculum for the MBA in Entrepreneurship prepares student to discover effective principles of investment and financing. As well, graduates should be able to develop operations plans and determine appropriate quality improvement strategies for product manufacturing and service delivery. As eventual owners and managers of new or small businesses, graduates also learn to design marketing strategies specific to consumer and market needs nationally and globally.

Regent’s 42-hour MBA program in Entrepreneurship utilizes an 8-week course schedule. Students working full time can take courses part time by concentrating on one course every 8-week session. At that pace, students can still complete the program in a timely manner. If students are interested in full-time study, they can take two courses every 8-week session, which will allow them to complete the program in 16 months.


Southern New Hampshire University

College Choice Score: 68.39

Tuition per Credit Hour: $627

Program Website

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in Manchester, NH is a private, nonprofit institution that is a national leader in online education. Its online Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship prepares students to research, analyze, and develop new business opportunities. Within the rigorous program curriculum, they explore strategies and models for launching and operating consultancy businesses and critically evaluate existing and potential franchise businesses. With coursework designed around practical strategic knowledge and business skills based on sound theory and proven practices being used by today’s best companies and most successful new businesses, budding entrepreneurs, current business owners, and corporate executives are exposed to situations readily applicable to real-world challenges.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship at SNHU runs on a schedule of ten-week terms. Students can complete the program in as few as 15 months, with two courses term. But the online program not only allows for 24/7 access to course material, it also afford the working student the flexibility to work through the program at a more feasible pace. SNHU is an institution accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges, while the MBA program receives additional accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

SNHU was established in 1932 and has been offering an MBA program for more than 40 years, graduating thousands of successful business professionals. In the entrepreneurship MBA online program, students learn from business professionals with specialized experience in their given disciplines. Many are adjunct instructors who currently practice their trades full time and are able to offer timely insight into entrepreneurial ventures.


Samford University

College Choice Score: 68.36

Tuition per Credit Hour: $789

Program Website

The Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL, accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, delivers lifelong education to its students through quality teaching, meaningful scholarship, and servant relationships, imbued by its Christian commitment. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an online program at Borck providing a comprehensive education for expanded managerial roles in a variety of organizations. With a concentration in Entrepreneurship, the MBA at Brock well prepares students success in the world of small business and innovation.

The MBA program at Brock emphasizes cross-disciplinary competence, critical thinking, decision making, effective communication, responsibility, and teamwork—all necessary skills for local and global markets. The program ranges from 39 to 48 credit hours, and students wishing to concentrate in Entrepreneurship must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the foundational business courses.

As a Christian university, Samford fosters academic, career, and ethical competency while encouraging social and civic responsibility and service to others. From its meager beginnings in Marion, Alabama, with only 31 students, Samford is now home to more than 5,000 students on a beautiful Georgian-Colonial style campus in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood, Alabama.


Concordia University Wisconsin

College Choice Score: 68.07

Tuition per Credit Hour: $682

Program Website

Concordia University (CU) Wisconsin has been educating students in mind, body, and spirit for more than 125 years. The university is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Concordia University System. Through Concordia University Online, the school currently educates more than 2,400 active online students, a number that has been rising annually. CU Wisconsin also offers programs in conjunction with the Concordia Ann Arbor campus in Michigan.

Concordia University Online’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. While an MBA is traditionally meant for business students, Concordia’s degree concentrations accommodate students and professionals with experience in health care, public administration, environmental, or engineering backgrounds, among many others. Concordia’s excellent faculty are industry executives and professionals who have firsthand knowledge of what companies need and want in today’s changing corporate world.

Concordia University Online’s MBA concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is suited for students who have ambitious goals and an entrepreneurial attitude. The 100% online MBA program will help students take their innovations and turn them into successful startups. Students learn from faculty with real world experience about issues that matter. Topics include venture capital, intellectual property rights, long-term planning strategy, and much more. Best of all, the flexible program allows students to study at their own pace. The program can be completed with 39 credit hours, 15 of which are concentrated in entrepreneurship coursework.


Northeastern University

College Choice Score: 67.37

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,513

Program Website

At Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business, a seasoned business professional with foundational knowledge can take their career to the next level with an online Master of Business Administration (MBA). Designed for busy executives, the Online MBA immerses students in all areas of business enterprise.The program’s rigorous, experiential curriculum challenges students to put classroom learning to the test and help them connect academic theory to real-world practice.

The program’s 50-credit hour curriculum is divided into two segments: thirteen core courses and five electives. While the core courses intend to strengthen foundational business knowledge, the elective courses enable a student to focus on a particular area of interest. Ambitious and creative students will find the concentration in Innovation Entrepreneurship will prepare them well for success in starting a business or managing a fledgling small business. The Northeaster Online MBA and all of its concentrations are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International.

Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. With a main campus in Boston, MA, and select advanced degrees at graduate campuses in Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto, Northeastern is able to offer degrees at different regions across the continent. And with its highly ranked online programs, the university is accessible from anywhere on the globe.


George Washington University

College Choice Score: 67.06

Tuition per Credit Hour: $1,690

Program Website

The School of Business at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC measures success not just in profits and power, but also in responsibility and its integral role in shaping society. The School of Business was founded in 1928 and has for now nearly 90 years been a leader in the proud traditions of growth, excellence, and innovation.

All of GWU’s Master of Business Administration curricula place great emphasis on core values, providing students with a firm grounding in ethics, leadership, and globalization. The Online MBA program is 55.5 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.

The MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at GWU is unique in these ranking. In order to complete the Entrepreneurship concentration, a student will need to be able to complete a course or two on campus. The bulk of the program, however, is available online. The program is also unique, and warrants inclusion here, because it spotlights the use of entrepreneurship to address social problems and advance peace through free-market enterprise. Instruction combines theory and real-world experiences of entrepreneurs in all organizational settings—large, small, public and private.


City University of Seattle

College Choice Score: 66.03

Tuition per Credit Hour: $495

Program Website

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at City University of Seattle prepares graduates to lead, manage, and grow diverse organizations. The rigorous curriculum prepares students to advance careers with a focus on capitalizing on business trends and opportunities in changing industries, applying a broad range of business theories, disciplines and technology, implementing strategies that promote social connections to your product, and utilizing the diversity in today’s domestic and global businesses.

CityU’s innovative approach to education carries over to the MBA emphasis in Entrepreneurship. This emphasis area enables students to gain knowledge on various aspects of starting a business including funding; vetting the concept; business plan development and presentation; startup marketing; everyday financial issues; risk management; registration of a new business; security issues; bankruptcy; and exit strategies. Students learn what can make their new business ventures or products successful. The curriculum allows for work on one’s own entrepreneurial project while practicing what is learned in classes.

The MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship requires 39 hours of core coursework and 12 hours of concentrated electives in entrepreneurship. City University is an affiliate of the National University System.


Colorado Technical University

College Choice Score: 64.85

Tuition per Credit Hour: $585

Program Website

Colorado Technical University (CTU), with campuses in Aurora and Colorado Springs, offers an online Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree program that is designed to help students prepare for responsibilities related to starting up and running new business ventures.

CTU’s MBA-Entrepreneurship curriculum, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, balances essential business theories with real-world practices. Aligned also to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business standards and National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education, CTU coursework is structured to help students explore new business venture development, operation, funding, growth, challenges and more with an emphasis on case studies.

The program requires 48 credit hours for completion. These include 32 hours of core classes and an additional 16 hours of concentration credits. The core MBA coursework provides a broad foundation of essential business administration concepts, theories and practices. During the last quarter of the program students complete a Management Capstone. This final project allows students to apply the skills learned in both core and entrepreneurship concentration courses to a scenario relevant to their chosen industry.


Brandman University

College Choice Score: 64.70

Tuition per Credit Hour: $620

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Brandman University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship prepares students to make their mark on the world by training them to advance their organizations, whether newly created or years in the making. To help develop well-rounded business experts, Brandman’s program covers core business competencies such as financial reporting, data analysis for decision making, human resource systems, marketing, and organizational dynamics. Students gain valuable insights for business operations while utilizing top ethical standards in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The curriculum of Brandman’s MBA in Entrepreneurship teaches idea generation, assessment, formal business plan writing, financing, resource procurement and management, start-up requirements, and exit strategies. The first segment of the program is the MBA Core consisting of 24–36 credits depending upon course waivers. The second segment of the MBA program consists of 12 credits of the designated entrepreneurship emphasis area.

In 1958, Brandman was established by Chapman University—a prestigious private institution in Orange, California that was founded in 1861 and consistently ranks among the top universities in the country. Eventually the school became a separate accredited institution and expanded to a network of 26 convenient campuses across California. With the addition of online courses, Brandman broadened its ability to provide programs to advance career goals and ignite passions.

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