From the Adirondack Mountains to the concrete jungles, New York State is a fascinating place. It has major cities like New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, and the state capital, Albany.

The state has some of the best business schools with top-rated MBA programs in the world. College Choice has narrowed down the options to the top ten Master of Business Administration programs in the Empire State and the Best Online MBA Degrees in New York.

The U.S. Department of Labor records a substantial increase in employment for professional and business services in New York State. [1] If you are worried about paying a $60,000 annual tuition for your MBA, the economy suggests that you will get a job in your area of study. Three of the top 10 highest paying jobs in New York require an MBA degree. [2]  Alumni from College Choice’s top two schools in New York average salaries at $104,000 following graduation (first five years). [3]

New York is a very diverse state, and New York City is the capital of the World. More Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in NYC than any other city, and it has a myriad of media, financial, and advertising sources. [4] While earning your MBA in New York, you will have opportunities to work with some of the top companies in the world during your program as an intern and when you graduate as an employee.

Because internationalism is endemic to the state, many of New York’s business school focus on global business. The global focus gives MBA-students broader perspectives on business that goes beyond the particularity of New York State. With an MBA from a top business school in New York, you will be prepared to lead organizations throughout the world.


Columbia University

College Choice Score: 100

Tuition: $68,792

Program Website

The Columbia Business School at Columbia University is located in Morning Side Heights in New York City. Columbia’s MBA program is College Choice’s top-ranked program for the entire state of New York. At Columbia Business School you will be connected to world-renowned faculty who continually bring innovative ideas to the business industry. The school offers the MBA and Executive MBA degrees.

With a Columbia MBA your career options will be limitless. Columbia MBA degree holders make the highest amount of money in New York (tied with Cornell University) following graduation. The average starting salaries for Columbia MBAs is $104,000!

Students from across the world flock to New York City for internships, jobs, and networking opportunities. Imagine studying at an Ivy-league business school located in one of the largest business industries in the world. Columbia Business School’s prime location gives you access to some of the top business leaders, innovators and organizations in the nation and on the globe.


Cornell University

College Choice Score: 92.98

Tuition: $61,584

Program Website

Cornell University is a premiere, Ivy-league school in Ithaca, New York. Johnson (Cornell’s business school) believes in quality over quantity. The school is very selective in its admissions process so that it can foster a close-knit, dynamic educational community. Johnson Cornell University’s acceptance rate is at 29%. On average, grads of Cornell’s MBA program make approximately $104,000 a year following graduation.

Cornell has a Two-Year MBA and a One-Year MBA program in Ithaca. If you want to get your MBA from Cornell and learn in New York City, Cornell has the perfect MBA program for you. The MBA “re-engineered” is offered through Cornell Tech and allows you to study at Cornell’s New York City campus. At Cornell you get the best of both worlds.

The Cornell MBA is offered beyond Ithaca, New York City, and New York State. For example the Cornell Executive MBA Americas is an Executive MBA program with locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America. The school also offers the Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA program in Mandarin and English.


New York University

College Choice Score: 85.67

Tuition: $66,588

Program Website

Founded in 1900, New York University’s Stern School of Business is one of the oldest business schools in the world. NYU Stern is located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The school’s central local in downtown Manhattan allows students to study closely with the world’s top business leaders and companies.

Stern’s MBA curriculum gives you flexibility to take classes that reflect your interests.   While some business schools allow you to choose one or two MBA specializations, NYU allows up to three specializations from 20 plus options. If you want to study abroad you can participate in Stern’s Doing Business in… (DBi) program which allows you to study or one to two weeks in a different country.

You should attend NYU Stern if you want to be a successful business leader.  The school has a proven track record of success among graduates. More than 300 companies employ grads from Stern School of Business.


University of Rochester

College Choice Score: 69.90

Tuition: $46,000

Program Website

If you are going to get a Master of Business Administration degree, then you should get it from one of the world’s best business schools. The University of Rochester Simon Business School will give you the skills  you need to be a premier business leader.

Simon trains MBA students to be top business leaders through its “analytic, economics-based curriculum.” Students also enjoy great coach and mentoring by Simon’s distinguished faculty members. The school’s Full-Time MBA program is a two-year program with eleven concentrations.

Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Corporate Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing are the five most popular MBA concentrations at Simon. These concentrations lead to careers in Consulting, Finance and Marketing. Business Systems Consulting, Computers and Information Systems, Health Sciences Management, International Management, Operations Management, and Public Accounting are other MBA specializations that allow students to navigate more career paths.


Fordham University

College Choice Score: 55.31

Tuition: $47,850

Program Website

At Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, you can earn an MBA with some of the nation’s top researchers and scholars. The school has 127 full-time faculty members. You will learn from over 100 adjunct faculty who are New York City’s finest working executives.

The Full-Time MBA program at Fordham will prepare you to deliver immediate value to organizations, be a leader, offer a global perspective, and have ethical success. Although the classes take place on campus, the school claims that New York City is the school’s campus. As a Fordham MBA student you can expect to learn in and from one of the best business cities in the world.

What kind of job can your Fordham MBA get you? Just look at the many opportunities that Fordham MBA grads have now. They are working at Barclays, Bank of China, Goldman Sachs, HBO, MTV, the NBA, and with many other organizations.


Baruch College

College Choice Score: 54.17

Tuition: $14,900

Program Website

Baruch College is part of the City University of New York (CUNY). Zicklin School of Business is Baruch’s business school. Zicklin is an AACSB accredited school. At Zicklin, you can get a competitive MBA degree at a tuition cost that is less expensive than most business schools.

Zicklin offers the Full-Time MBA, Flexible MBA, and Joint JD/MBA programs. Full-Time MBA students are carefully selected into a cohort. The Flexible MBA Program gives students time and flexibility to complete their degree while the Full-Time MBA is more time-sensitive. The program is ranked among the best by U.S. News and World Report.

The school has eight academic centers that cultivate students’ professional skills in the real world. Business Case Competitions, the Center for the Study of Business and Government, Weissman Center for International Business, and Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity are some of the Zicklin’s academic centers.


University at Buffalo

College Choice Score: 48.98

Tuition: $18,246

Program Website

The University at Buffalo School of Management is part of the State University of New York (SUNY). The school’s mission is “to advance the practice of management in a global context, through scholarly research, education, and professional and community service.” At Buffalo, innovation, professional conduct, efficiency, entrepreneurship, and growth are central.

Buffalo’s MBA program is a synthesis of required courses and electives that fit your aspirations. You can be confident that you will get a holistic MBA education at Buffalo. Corporate recruiters, alumni, faculty members, staff, and experts carefully develop the MBA curriculum.

Major institutions consistently rank the School of Management at the University at Buffalo. Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, Forbes, and U.S. News and World Report have given stellar reviews of the Buffalo MBA. The school is also an AACSB International accredited institution. The University at Buffalo School of Management is one of 725 schools out of 16,000 schools that are AACSB-accredited.


Rochester Institute of Technology

College Choice Score: 48.85

Tuition: $41,804

Program Website

Saunders College of Business is Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) business school. Saunders College of Business was founded in 1952. RIT Saunders has flexible options for students who want to pursue the MBA degree.  The school offers the Traditional MBA, Accelerated 4+1 MBA, Fast-Track MBA, Part-time MBA, Accounting MBA, Executive MBA, and Online Executive MBA.

Saunders’ Traditional MBA has three main parts. First, students take 11 foundational courses. Next, students choose one of 10 MBA concentrations. However, Saunders allows MBA students to choose a focus that gives them more flexibility. The third part of the MBA program is comprised of electives that are outside of the students’ concentration area.

There are over 13 student clubs and organizations at RIT Saunders. Student organizations at Saunders support MBA students disproportionately represented in the business industry. Among the 13 organizations, there is the Next Generation of Accountants (NGA), Saunders Multicultural Business Association, and Women in Business (WIB).


University at Albany

College Choice Score: 47.06

Tuition: $12,634

Program Website

The University at Albany School of Business is in the capital of New York. The school is the first school to be AACSB-accredited institution on the graduate and undergraduate levels. Along with many of the University at Albany’s high rankings for its MBA program, the Princeton Review has named Albany’s MBA as one of the top ten programs with opportunity for women.

SUNY Albany School of Business provides high quality business education in order to develop “technologically sophisticated, ethical, and globally-oriented leaders.”   At the University at Albany School of Business you will be earning your MBA in a context that values diversity and global citizenship, entrepreneurship, innovation, and ethical conduct.

Albany’s career services has everything you need to advance your MBA into a job. The office helps with networking, career counseling, mock interviews and more. A&E Television Networks, Enterprise, Katz Media, and Moody’s are some of the companies that have given MBA students at the University at Albany jobs and internship opportunities.


Hofstra University

College Choice Score: 45.17

Tuition: $30,432

Program Website

Hofstra University’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business is located in Hempstead, New York. The school is about 25 miles from New York City on Long Island. At Hofstra you will be able to study in an environment away from the city, but close enough to network with major companies and business executives.

Zarb School of Business is an ideal place to earn your MBA. Zarb’s MBA programs have been named among the best by Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report. The school has a number of MBA dual degrees and concentrations. Zarb also offers an accelerated hybrid MBA program in Manhattan for working professionals.

There are approximately 15 MBA concentrations at Hofstra Zarb. You can also supplement your MBA with an advanced graduate certificate in the areas of Accounting, Corporate Finance, General Management, Human Resources Management, and more.

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