How to Escape the Economics of Compromise

Have you ever wondered if a simple choice to dedicate yourself could change your life?

If you are motivated to escape the trap of compromises and unfulfillment to create your own success in life then this article is for you.

The Elephant in the Room: Are You Capable and Ready for College?

In the world of education there is a rarely discussed subject that is, in fact, central to your success.

That subject is your ability, often defined as your “experience.”

Stress TestRiddling your road to success will be countless attempts to measure your ability by assigning value to your experience, such as your high school or college GPA (whether you dropped out of either), your social skills, or how well your past employers speak of you.

When applying to college, your only chance to convey the true value of your experience and ability is often limited to a prompted essay with a word limit or a short interview with prompted questions and a time limit.

But these attempts to assign value to your experience miss crucial details.

Dropping out of high school or college may have been the decision you made to help your family. It may have been the decision that ignited your passion, your drive, and willpower.

Quitting a bad job (for reasons your boss would never understand) may be the thing that pushed you into manhood.

Or maybe you have never quit anything in your life. But your “job experience” doesn’t show how you supported your entire family solely on the salary of your two part-time jobs.

Unfortunately to earn success, happiness, and riches—both the material and immaterial—in the land of the free, we as men are forced to face a hard contradiction:

Become your best self and achieve success while avoiding experiences people may label as “value-negative.”

But what might look bad to college admissions could be the very thing that defines your strengths. What schools may perceive as value-negative (dropping out of school or quitting a job), could very well be the thing that makes you capable and motivated to succeed in school.

Escaping the Economics of Compromise

As boys we are told, “You can do anything you want.” But as we get older we are told, “you can do whatever your salary, GPA, or resume allows.”

Success2 cropSlowly but surely we make life circumstances force us to make choices—massive or minute—that limit our possibilities.

Perhaps these circumstances are the financial challenges of an unplanned pregnancy, supporting a family on meager earnings, or managing health problems. Or perhaps they are they are less clear, but just as powerful such as the circumstances of unfulfilled passion or dreams.

But with the development of the internet, the world of education changed forever. And for the first time in human history you can escape your circumstances of compromise and seize the success you crave.

With the internet people began to teach themselves and the world of education had to adapt.

Schools had a new type of student to consider: those who for whatever reason had decided against traditional education or were failed by it, but were motivated and capable to create success in their lives.

The world’s most prestigious universities now offer online degree programs at all levels.

And many schools specialize solely in online education for working adults, placing much less emphasis on the “paper value” of your experience and instead value your determination and motivation.

Creating Your Own Success —> Earning a Degree Online

Your potential salary is strongly correlated with your degree level, like a ladder where the higher the degree level you climb to the higher salaries you find. In the world of online education, the value of your degree—and the salaries you gain access to—can be multiplied by how you make use of your education.

Image 3Many online degree programs are designed so that you can earn your associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even your PhD while working full time.

This allows you to create “double-acceleration” within your career trajectory by simultaneously holding a job and earning money while advancing your level of education.

Learning online also allows you to choose the context of your education. You can choose the format of your course content, the pace at which you progress through coursework, and where you best absorb information from learning and studying. You can choose exactly when, where, and how you learn best—a level of empowerment that can propel you towards success both in the program and beyond.

If you have the willpower to escape the trap of compromises and unfulfillment in order to create your own success in life then use our degree finder to find the program that’s best for you. So that you can leverage the greatest tools of modern education to revolutionize your life.

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At College Choice we cannot change your circumstances for you, but we can help you make the choice that will.

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